Best Call of Duty: Black Ops Multiplayer Maps

The newest installation to the series, with some decent maps, whats your fave?
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1 Nuketown

Nuketown is great, I like how small it is. Your always at a constant batte. The people that can't hardly ever get a kill will get a kill at this map. Firing range and Summit are as well great, but by far the best is Nuketown. Black ops 2 and MW4 will never make a map this great.. Tge only better map is Rust from MW2 witch is the best call of duty ever!

I love this! What I do I go I go upstairs and go by the window and snipe people but I put a claymore and camera by the door so if someone sneaks up on me I instantly blow them up and plant another claymore. Do this and youll get lots of points!

This map has been getting all the attention and has been loved since the release of Black Ops. It is smaller than any other map, but more action packed. It's a Nuclear Ground fore testing nukes, bombs and etc.

Nuketown is the heart of CQB. The map was colorful, fast, and overall fun. If you got bored, you could shoot the manicans! This map is in the heart of many Call of Duty fans and should be. Most popular map for sure!

2 Firing Range

This map is a great and somewhat difficult map. It is great for domination. This map is a Military practice facility

Small but a lot more variety than nuketown. Great flow for combat while not have too big of choke points.

To me this map should be number 1 because this is the best map of all games I have played

So good, just like Nuketown, they remade it in BO2. Can stand up to any Call of Duty map

3 Summit

Best map for Search and Destroy. Its good for ninja defusing Just go to th A bomb and lie down where the grass is and people will just walk pass you but you need ghost pro

Nuketown is best for friends and summit is best for multiplayer.

Better than nuke town for online but not for bots

Best of all cods in my opinion!

4 Grid

Grid is an excellent combination of nuke town, and Havana (two of my favorite maps). The central area makes for awesome head to head combat, while the fields and buildings suit those who have a less aggressive fighting style. My favorite guns on this map are the famas, and the MP5K. Also provides MANY structures to aid Semtex warfare. Overall one of the best maps.


Probably the best map for everything all around. There are some brilliant camping spots and amazing buildings to go in. Assault rifles are the best on this map. Only downside is that chopper gunners and gunship aren't as effective as there are too many buildings.

WMD has a great combination of snipers spots and places for campers... it allows nice strategies for teams but also for free 4 all which is something I love... Nuketown, Firing Range and Hanoi are good too.

WMD makes a lot of fun to play and the frosty looking is very awesome it is very cool big sized

6 Jungle

Jungle is far the best out of all the choices! Lots of rocks to hide behind and lots of places to go to. This map is just brilliant when it comes to a Free For All match.

This map is a very good friend of mine. Once playing in this map you could never stop loving it. I love it. This map is a river valley, or jungle, located in Vietnam

Like the map, but hate the campers playing in this map. I hate campers in any map, just run around and shoot like a real man

My favorite map. Large and complex. Nuketown is overrated. This is my favorite map of ANY Call of Duty.

7 Launch

A sweet map making room for any type of combat. Close middle and far. I like playing this with the uzi. Should be in the to ten.

I'm good to kill people

8 Radiation

Longer and more intense games

Just love it so much fun

9 Stadium

The perfect map, go with a AR, a Sniper or a Shotgun, you can make your fun. Especially nice on SOD

10 Havana

Favorite by far! Always vote this map and play it with friends, hope they remake it in black ops 2! I would buy it!

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11 Cracked

I do not see why lots and lots of people hate on his map. This is an extraordinary map. It is basically a couple of streets located in Vietnam, as well as the jungle. There are also torn up buildings.

I like the multiple alleys and streetways on this map. Not to mention, the atmosphere gives a sense of choas and commotion as you travel through torn down buildings and ascend the demolished streets.

Amazing map. I'm not one for overtly expressing my ego but almost every time I am placed on this map I always get my maximum killstreak. Accommodates almost every kind of primary weapon, (use of shotgun is ill-advised). Rape mode initiates the minute you get a SR71 Blackbird. Favourite Call of Duty map from my favourite Call of Duty.

My dads favorite map.

12 Villa

Stay outta the fatal funnel!

13 Hotel

Absolutely amazing when you are sending claymore a down the elevators and exploding everybody.

14 Hazard

Great sniping map, not my favorite but definitely up there. Deserves to be in the top 10 for sure.

15 Array

Brilliant map completely huge. Good for all types of weapons except shotguns. Easy to get good kill streaks. I would recommend you to use the g11 or commando as well as the Aug.

The best search and destroy map of all time

God damn I hate this map

This map have everything one of my favourite maps of all time it looks so amazing and it is so big good for long range fights and you can go on a higher position what I loved a lot and there is some close range passed action in the Satellite station just love it and hate it that there isn't a remake in black ops2 hat it that there put courtyard back another cool snow map had they bring back there are just downhill and frost and I like them too because snow maps are just amazing but array is simply the best of all

16 Drive-In
17 Zoo
18 Hanoi
19 Convoy

Incredible map, beautiful design, multiple hiding spots for Hide and seek.

20 Crisis
21 Kowloon

Now look is best dlc map ever there even is a zipline

This is for me an favela in black ops style set on Asian rooftoop with rainy and an big city is such a great idea

22 Berlin Wall

Certain buildings could be hid in and using an m72 law you could have some right laughs. Come on darlings vote this map up.

Lots of ways to turn your opponents around and hit them when they are lost, great map

Darlings this map was legendary. Hiding in buildings and using m72 laws was so fun.

23 Hangar 18

I love this map, a lot of places to snipe and rush

24 Silo

It is one of my favorite maps because it's big and has lots of detail

25 Stockpile
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