Full-fledged List Analysis: Reasons to Hate Princess Peach/Daisy

NuMetalManiak With a whopping 277 items on this heavily opinionated list, what can we find? A whole lot of nothing good that's what.

1. Gasp and Cry Over Everything: And right from the first item, this list is already bad. Must be a reason why a Reasons why this list is terrible list was made too. I never see either of these characters cry in their games. They yell for help, but don't really cry.
2. Princess Peach Gets Kidnapped Frequently: That's true, but what's with the awful Amy Rose comparison.
3. Stereotypical Brats: Much like the person who made this list. They don't seem bratty to me.
4. Princess Peach likes to get kidnapped: No real proof of this. All conspiracy.
5. "Oh, Did I Win?": Oh, so you hate her winning speech in SSBM because you got bested by a player who is really good at it, huh.
6. Annoying Voices: Boohoo, mute your volume if you don't like hearing it. Or stop playing with your friend who is really good at Peach.
7. Peach is Like a Douchebag: Literally no proof of this.
8. Peach is Pretty Overrated: These comments are just dreadful to read.
9. They Don't Rule Their Kingdom, the King Does: And this is a problem? Admittingly, you don't see much of a king in Mario games, only SMB3 has it, but there's several kings there.
10. The Kissing: Uh, so? Mario (or even Luigi) go through ALL THOSE WORLDS and you get offended over a well-deserved kiss?
11. Princess Peach Is A Rip Of Disney Princess Aurora: A Rip of, okay then. Not gonna bother with this.
12. Peach's Attitude: Your overhating attitude is worse.
13. Babyish Looks: Gee, you must be real edgy hating on everything that's cute.
14. Peach Is Lazy: You haters went to great lengths to put 277 items on this list that are all just hate speeches, and somehow, that's NOT lazy. I think you guys can do some actual productive things instead.
15. Nothing Daisy Says Is True: If that's the case then "Hi, I'm Daisy!" in MK:DD means that that's not really Daisy then.
16. Princess Peach is Unbelievably Overrated: More like Unbelievably OverHATED.
17. Way Too Girly: IS THIS A PROBLEM. Why must you want tomboyish princesses when most are girly anyways.
18. Daisy Is Unneeded: This item is unneeded. Daisy doesn't exist as of item #15.
19. We Get Princess Peach More than Princess Daisy: But this is because Daisy doesn't exist as of item #15.
20. No Fighting Skills: May I remind you there are Peach experts in Smash that can beat players who play DK, Mario, or Bowser pretty easily.
21. Daisy Isn't Blonde: Well Peach is. Your point?
22. Princess Peach is Just Acting Helpless: You have no proof of this.
23. No Interest In Anything: You have no interest in anything except hating on a fictional female character.
24. Peach Has a Retarded Ponytail!: And this is a retarded comment! Have a nice day!
25. Peach Holds Too Many Grudges With an Ungrateful Attitude: Why is Qryzx the only smart commenter in these sections.
26. Peach Broke Donkey Kong's Bones After Being Kidnapped By Him!: These comments make me want to throw up.
27. Sonic & Daisy Never Stay Together Forever: Are you serious? CROSS-SHIPS?
28. Daisy Never Wears Her Hair Up: Uh so? Daisy still doesn't exist.
29. Daisy is Clumsy: So something that doesn't exist is considered clumsy
30. Princess Daisy's Bikini Pictures: What are these comments? Why do you want crossover characters?
31. Peach Threatens to Force Anyone/Everyone to Remember Her Birthday: So according to Qryzx, every one of these haters are getting all this from Game Theory. Which basically is a stupid Youtube conspiracy channel anyways.
32. Peach Hates her Job as a Heroine!: Her job is princess, not heroine.
33. Peach has a fit over the Vancouver 2010 Olympics!: This long comment is UNBELIEVABLE. 30 likes?
34. Peach & Daisy Never Have Male Rivals: Should they?
35. Princess Peach Growls A Lot!: Is she an actual dog.
36. Sam Kelly Wouldn`t Voice Princess Daisy like Jen Taylor & Kate Fleming Do!: Why so obsessed with voice actors?
37. Peach Wears a Ponytail When Daisy & Rosalina Have Their Hair Down: Why do you care so much about women's hair?
38. Peach & Daisy's Habit of Wearing Dresses for (Almost) Nothing: Why...forget it.
39. Peach's Rivalry with Amy Rose: Amy wasn't even introduced to the Sonic series until Sonic CD. Why is there a rivalry anyways.
40. Pink Gold Peach's Voice: Is this about Pink Gold Peach or Peach?
41. Their Fake "Best Friends Forever" Relationship: I just don't
42. They Didn't Perform "Next to You" With Pac-man: I agree with the first comment. NOBODY CARES.
43. Daisy Isn't a Very Major Mario Character: We regret to inform you, hater, that Daisy doesn't exist.
44. Their Rivalries With Female Crossover Characters: You created these rivalries in the first place.
45. Daisy, Because of Her Facially Childlike, Orange & Yellow Attributes, Looks Obsessed With Sulfur: These people are 3 years old.
46. Their Boobs Are Small: Trust me, bigger is not always better.
47. Peach Disrespected Oogtar Now That She Is Blonde: Who the heck is Oogtar and why should I care?
48. Peach's Self-proclaimed Character: Character. CHARACTER.
49. Peach (Instead of Daisy) Appeared In Every Super Mario 3D Installment: This is about both characters, not one.
50. Peach is Unneeded: We have an inter-list rivalry going on here.
51. Daisy Isn't Featured in Archie Comics: So what?
52. Daisy isn't Featured in Annoying Orange: Why do you want to crossover characters into other franchises?
53. Daisy's Fury: Sounds awesome.
54. Princess Peach Always Needs Help: Have you even played Paper Mario? Peach is HELPING MARIO in that game.
55. Daisy's Manipulative Behavior: I see no evidence of this. Then again, #15 applies.
56. Daisy is a Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend of Luigi: It was stated this was the case because it's a beta couple. Get over it.
57. Daisy Is Not Over 6 Feet Tall: #15, Daisy does not exist foot lettuce.
58. Peach Has a Very Aggressive Attitude: Is she as aggressive as Bowser?
59. Mario & Daisy Look Like Older Brother & Younger Sister: No they don't.
60. Princess Peach Acts Like She Can't Stop Getting Kidnapped, When Really, She Can!: No Bowser just finds better ways to do it.
61. They're Never Real!: Neither is your hate.
62. Daisy Is Considered Average Height, But Really, She Is Moderately Tall: The last thing you want in your Daisy burger is someone's foot fungus, but as it turns out, that might be what you get.
63. Peach is Girlish for Nothing: And you care why.
64. Peach's Aggressive Game Appearances: So that would include all of the classic games where she barely has any role besides damsel, okay.
65. Princess Peach Mocks Mickey Mouse & Dixie Kong: STOP CROSSING OVER.
66. They Both Have (Barely) the Hourglass Figure (unlike Rosalina).: The parantheses are confusing.
67. Peach Hates Camping: I hate camping too. Campers always ruin multiplayer FPSs.
68. They Need to Stick With All the Male Sonic the Hedgehog Characters: There's no way this is a legitimate reason.
69. Daisy's Current Voice Is Moderately Too Inappropriate For Those Under 9 Years of Age: "Moderately too inappropriate"
70. Peach's Infantile Excuses Not To Have To Win: You are so focused on something no one cares about.
71. Peach's Bossiness: The haters tend to be considerably bossier.
72. Daisy's Habit of Wearing Dresses Rather than Just Two-Pieces: YOU HAVE NO CONTROL OVER HOW SHE DRESSES.
73. Peach had to team up with Amy Rose & Princess Daisy: Geez did all of you play Mario & Sonic games and have opinions just because of those?
74. She hates Sonic the Hedgehog: I swear that's how all of this happened.
75. Peach's antisocial personality disorder (which is much worse than Mario's): Um, are you psychiatrists or something.
76. Peach hates Austin Mahone: Literally who.
77. Peach Complains about Vacations: I bet you complain about vacations too.
78. Their Disobedience: Well, there is some disobedience that could be involved. But Bowser takes Peach inside her castle.
79. Peach Wouldn't Let her Hair Grow Longer or Get Shorter: Stop being obsessed with hair.
80. Princess Peach's Constant Ranting: What is with TheTopTens and Olympics-related crap?
81. The Pictures of Princess Peach's Bum & Thong In SSX On Tour for the Nintendo Gamecube, Created by EA Sports Big!: OH MY GOSH! AN SJW MOMENT! REEEE!
82. Peach's Modesty: This is a good thing
83. Peach's Ass Jiggled In 2 Games: You people are so FOCUSED.
84. Daisy Doesn't Get Kidnapped by Diddy Kong: Is this a bad thing?
85. Daisy Is Barely In Ray William Johnson's Your Favorite Martian Franchise: Youtubers, Olympics, can I go to space?
86. Princess Peach's Angry Face With Fangs & Bossiness: Fangs? FANGS?
87. Princess Daisy Barely Sings: A 4channer uploaded anonymously to the site showcasing his feet in a plastic bin of Daisy.
88. They Barely Go With Male Crossover Characters: That's good.
89. She Resembles Crabby Children from Popular Book Company: Who's she?
90. Peach Appears In Every Mario Sports Game: Is this a problem?
91. How They Dressed In Vancouver, British Columbia: And who cares about Vancouver.
92. Peach's Temper Being Much More Infantile Than Donald Duck's: I think you all are being infantile.
93. Daisy Didn't Appear In the Super Mario Sunshine Series or Even the Super Mario Galaxy Series: You guys are lucky Daisy appears in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Now shut up.
94. Their Skin is Sometimes Tanned: BIG DEAL.
95. Daisy Has a Round Face: HAHAHAHA who cares.
96. Their Estrogen: I bet you all didn't know what Estrogen was but looked it up just to hate on them more.
97. Daisy's Rivalry with Larry Koopa: This is the lettuce you eat at Burger Daisy
98. Daisy Strongly Resembles a Barbie Character: Admittingly, he had shoes on, but that's even worse.
99. Peach Strongly Resembles an Archie Comics Character: Many characters resemble others. Your point?
100. Peach Makes People See Her: It's called being a public figure.
101. Peach Never Lets People See Princess Daisy: Um, no.
102. Peach's Strict Rules: Well none of you are Mario so.
103. Peach's Sadness Always Turns Into Furious Anger: I'm just cringing at these comments.
104. Peach's Catfights Towards Amy Rose: I never see this.
105. Peach's Pear Figure in The Super Mario Bros. Super Show: Why do you care about body figures?
106. The Makers of G-Mod Wouldn't Stop Using Princess Peach's Modern High Voice: Where are you getting all this from?
107. Peach Acts Like a Little Girl: But she is a girl. So what?
108. Instead of Daisy, Peach Appeared in the Your Favorite Martian Franchise: Is this about who now?
109. Peach Appears as a Character Who Bosses Amy Rose Around!: Maybe I don't bother playing the Mario & Sonic games because I knew this would happen causing so much unneeded hatred.
110. Peach is Ungrateful with no Sportsmanship: You haters are more ungrateful.
111. Peach's Abusive Treatment to Almost ALL Crossover Characters: WHO ACTUALLY SEES THIS HAPPEN IN GAMES.
112. Peach's freak-outs & short temper in the anime movie: Wow, and a movie too.
113. Peach angrily waits rather than take chances on anything: "angrily waits"
114. Daisy's masculinity: It exists?
115. Daisy Wasn't Featured In the SNES: Maybe they didn't think of her at the time, much like Rosalina.
116. Daisy Didn't Appear On the GBA: I actually believe she did.
117. Princess Daisy Didn't Appear in Comics: Comics are stupid.
118. Daisy's Butt & Hips Look Small: Goodness, shut up.
119. Princess Peach's Attitude in Yakuman DS: Alright show of hands. Who's heard of this? *crickets chirp*.
120. When We Play As Peach, She Doesn't Care for Winning: Why do you care about not caring?
121. Peach Thinks She Is Short But She Is Actually Tall: How and what.
122. Daisy Won't Be Together Forever With Mario: Why do you want her to be with him.
123. Daisy's Smarter Than Peach: What list am I on?
124. Daisy is Less Famous Than Peach: This is true. And it's not necessarily a bad thing.
125. Peach's Design In SSBM: It's okay.
126. Daisy wants to be a Disney princess: DO YOU HAVE PROOF OF THIS.
127. Peach's hair wouldn't be brown, red or auburn: It doesn't matter stop listing stupid reasons.
128. Daisy Is a Vegetarian: Who writes these comments? Who LIKES these comments?
129. They Have Long Legs: Many women do. It's okay.
130. Daisy's Teeth Being Exposed In Mario Party 8: Oh geez, now people are paying attention to teeth.
131. She Isn't Playable In SSB: Who is "she"?
132. Their Pear Figures in Sonic Riders: Are they actually in that game?
133. They Taunt a Lot: No, the players playing as them can use their taunts, stupid.
134. Both Are (Subtly) Taller Than Luigi: Holy crap, so much nitpicking on physical features.
135. Peach's Manipulative Behavior: Another manipulative behavior item, move along, kids, nothing to see here.
136. What Would Happen to Them if They Took Steroids: This is a completely irrelevant item.
137. Ray William Johnson Doesn't Really Care about Princess Daisy: Why do you care about what RWJ thinks.
138. Daisy Can Do Anything Better than Princess Peach: I thought this list was about hating both.
139. Daisy is Slow: Well Peach is slow in SSBM, but what's the point.
140. They Don't Expose Their Bangs: This list is getting to fetish-y for my liking.
141. Peach didn't really want her own game: How do you know this? She's a fictional character, how would she not want this?
142. Peach Abuses her Baby Self: I have not seen any game that does this.
143. Peach Doesn't Want to be Partners with Princess Daisy: They've been partners, shut up.
144. Peach Refuses to Compete with Princess Daisy: There's most likely nothing stopping players from doing this.
145. Daisy Would Have an Awkward Ponytail: God, shut up about hair.
146. Daisy Didn't Bother to Appear in Archie Comics: First not featured, now "didn't bother to appear". Less credible by the second.
147. Daisy's Brothers: No one knows about any brothers.
148. Daisy Didn't Bother to Appear in Archie Comics Spinoffs: Again, "didn't bother to appear"
149. Peach's Anger Issues in Super Mario Adventures: You people are really digging deep for excuses.
150. Nothing Peach Says is True: What's 15 * 10? 150! Good job kids!
151. Daisy's Shorts in Games Such as Toadstool Tour: You're the one getting triggered by mere shorts.
152. Their Artwork by Sigurd Hosenfeld: Who and why should I care.
153. They Never Were Confirmed to be Able to Jump as High as the Mario Bros.: That's true but that's fine.
154. Peach Has Babyish Fits When People Forget her Date: I've never seen this.
155. They Don't Wear Clothes Realistically: Of course they don't. They're fictional characters.
156. Daisy is a Sea Captain: I don't see any proof of this.
157. Peach Has Bad Jumps for Her Tall Height: She is a good horizontal jumper but a lame vertical jumper.
158. Daisy Hates Knuckles: I'm pretty sure that Sonic News Network article is a fake.
159. Daisy Wasn't in Sonic X: Uh, not putting in Mario characters in a Sonic show isn't really what I would consider a reason.
160. Daisy's a Winner: YOU'RE WINNER
161. Daisy Was Kidnapped by Tatanga Instead of Wart: Wait, you WANT Wart to kidnap her?
162. Peach Isn't Independent: Pretty sure she is. Again, there's no sign of Mushroom Kingdom's king.
163. Peach Lets a Herself Die: "Lets a Herself" okay. Only the player controls her actions.
164. Peach's Designs With Round Faces: Faces, hair, shorts, legs, body shapes. You're all secretly fans of her. I swear.
165. Peach Started the Olympics Much Later Than Daisy: NO ONE CARES.
166. Princess Peach Went to British Columbia: What's important about British Columbia anyways?
167. Daisy Doesn't Swear: None of Nintendo-licensed characters swear.
168. Peach Couldn't Do Well Compared to Every Other Mario Character: She does fine.
169. They Don't Drink: Dude, these characters are aimed for children. Of course they don't drink.
170. They're Obsessed With Female Crossover Characters: No, you're obsessed with crossover characters.
171. Peach is Gay: I don't think so.
172. They Appear with Taller, Thicker Bodies than Most Sonic Characters: That's how they were originally created.
173. They're Young: Not a valid reason.
174. Daisy Insults People When They Lose: Well this is problematic.
175. Peach Prefers (mostly) Childish Stuff Better than More Mature Stuff: There's a good balance in this sometimes.
176. Peach has Too many Heart figures: That's how girly figures work.
177. Peach Appears In More Stuff Than Daisy & Rosalina: That's because she was created first.
178. Peach Is Always a Reluctant Coward: No proof. And why do you assume she takes steroids?
179. Peach Always Wears a Dress in Tennis: Well what do you consider appropriate then?
180. Daisy Hung With Amy Rose: Hung. HUNG.
181. Peach & Daisy Barely Have Brothers: What is this about brothers? Where are these princes?
182. Peach Hates Adult Content: Nintendo characters are not made to be about "adult content"
183. Peach Never Survives: She wouldn't exist, then.
184. They're Mindless: Oh, the irony.
185. They Don't Act Their Age: Oh, the subtle, subtle irony.
186. Peach Doesn't Work Hard: You do realize that the stats in SMB2 aren't indicative of her floating ability, right?
187. They Always Hang Around With Girls: Why do you want them to hang around guys so much.
188. Daisy Isn't as Muscular as She Appears: I do NOT want to see a completely ripped princess, no thank you.
189. They Stalk People Angrily: I think you stalk these characters too much given your horrific hatred of them.
190. Peach's Laugh: I actually rarely if at all hear it.
191. Princess Peach Wears Dresses: So?
192. Peach Fakes Excitement: You have no proof.
193. Peach Takes Steroids: You have no proof.
194. Peach Likes to Fight Everybody Nice: You have no proof.
195. Daisy is Slightly Underrated: Is this a bad thing?
196. Daisy Hates Miles "Tails" Prower: Where is your fake proof?
197. They Don't Turn Male: Literally the only genderbend item so far. It's also not a valid reason.
198. Peach and Daisy aren't tomboys when Rosalina looks like one: Um, no.
199. The Humor of Princess Peach: The humor. What.
200. Princess Peach Breaks Promises With Princess Daisy: Where.
201. Peach Rips Off Daisy: How.
202. Princess Peach Is Like Princess Rapunzel: When.
203. They're Bossy: You're bossy.
204. They Don't Hang With the Male Sonic the Hedgehog Characters.: You literally want them to. No one else does.
205. Princess Daisy Wasn't In SSB for Nintendo 3Ds!: You do know there's a palette swap to change Peach to Daisy.
206. Princess Peach Doesn't Win Gold Often at Anything: Aw, you're sad now.
207. They Don't Know How to Stay In One Place: Now that I will actually agree with.
208. Daisy is Always Stronger Than Peach: WHERE IS THINE PROOF!
209. They Have No Technique: Pfff
210. Nintendo Ruins the Characters: Nintendo spoils the fans, more likely.
211. They Are Both Part of Girls' Teams: Stop sjw-ing games.
212. They Go On Girls' Trips: Please.
213. They Don't Have High Power: Well a princess isn't as powerful as a king or queen. Give it time.
214. Peach Replaced Rosalina Throughout Mario Kart DS & Mario & Sonic at the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympic Games: Was Rosalina even a character when Mario Kart DS came out?
215. Daisy Didn't Come Back to Greater Vancouver: Stop, get some help.
216. Peach's Hair Is Yellow: You mean blonde.
217. They Say Peach Is Better Than Daisy: OH BOO HOO
218. Peach Betrays People: Where and what evidence do you present.
219. Peach is a Self-Proclaimed Girlfriend of Mario: It's a fan-preferred couple.
220. They Usually Ditch Each Other: They can't always be together all the time.
221. Princess Daisy Doesn't Have High Power/Stamina/Speed Despite Her Tomboyish Traits: Good lord, too much focus on stats.
222. Princess Daisy is Not in Death Battle: She has no need to be.
223. Peach & Daisy's Short Tempers: You all have shorter tempers.
224. Peach & Daisy Are Cowards: I bet you are all actually cowards behind your little phones or computers.
225. Peach is Very Corny: As if your jokes are any less corny.
226. Peach Appears in Many More Installments Than Daisy: Again, nothing wrong with this when she was created first.
227. Peach is Worse than Chris Thorndyke: They are both humans.
228. She Lets Herself Get Into Terrible Situations: Well this is actually true.
229. Their Faces: "Look how punchable they really are" Really? I bet your face is even more punchable.
230. Their Catfights Toward Each Other: No evidence of this.
231. They Don't Want To Improve: Neither do you. Just grow up. It's simple.
232. They Snivel: This whole list is bound to make people snivel, sniveling in pure cringe in how BAD it is.
233. Peach Holds Every Grudge To Everyone: You hold an even bigger grudge towards a fictional character so what's your point.
234. They Quarrel: Everyone has quarreled at least once, I bet.
235. Princess Peach Cried Way More Times Than Chris Thorndyke: I have seen Peach cry a total of zero times in the games I've played.
236. Peach Appeared in More Games Than Even the Oldest of Female Gaming Characters: Yeah, so?
237. They Kick Instead of Punch: Well they got the LEGS and they know how to use them.
238. Princess Daisy is Cut from Super Smash Bros. 4: Well, rejoice as she is in Ultimate.
239. Daisy is Short: Yeah it really doesn't matter.
240. Peach & Daisy Talk Back to Each Other: Bet you kids talk back to your parents every dinner.
241. Peach Replaces Spots: Who is Spots.
242. Too Fat: Nope. Completely false. Stop fanficing this.
243. Peach got kidnapped by Bowser & Daisy got kidnapped by Tatanga: These may be true, but this item isn't a reason.
244. "Hi, I'm Daisy!": Okay that gets grating, but I'm surprised this isn't in the Top 10.
245. "Help Me, Mario!": Yeah, well, it is not something you hear every other time.
246. Princess Peach does not have a lower voice than Princess Daisy when they are in the same game: So?
247. Peach & Daisy refuse to win gold: Everyone in an Olympic game has to strive for the best, which is usually gold.
248. Their 2-D Appearances: "Ew, I want to see 3d boobies" then go play some visual novel on the Wii or something.
249. Princess Daisy not being in The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3: BIG DEAL.
250. Their habit of figure skating: It's called a hobby, not a habit.
251. Princess Daisy is not in Super Mario RPG: Was she created when it came out?
252. Princess Peach is the cause of the universe's end in Super Mario Galaxy: I haven't played the game so I don't know this.
253. Princess Peach should be voiced by Leslie Swan in other same game whereas Princess Daisy is voiced by Jen Taylor: WHO CARES ABOUT VOICE ACTORS.
254. Princess Peach was in Wreck-It Ralph: Yeah, so Mario isn't in it either, I guess. They got some Fix-it Felix guy though.
255. People like to think Peach is awesome and Daisy is not beautiful: More like you people are more obsessed with these two then most others are.
257. Princess Peach Threatens People Everywhere: Where is your proof.
258. Princess Peach Has Ridiculous Blond Hair!: You already said that a long while back ago.
259. They ruined all Mario Kart games older than Super Circuit: Was Daisy even in the ones before Double Dash?
260. They're Completely Miscast: Well I think one is. But why should I even care?
261. Daisy is lazy: This just in, every princess ever is a lazy oaf.
262. Daisy's aggressive appearances: This also just in, every princess is surprisingly aggressive, moreso than Bowser.
263. Daisy's self proclaimed personality: Stop using self-proclaimed, you don't understand that term.
264. Daisy's bossiness: This also just in, bossiness is a quality of female fictional characters and must be hated for that.
265. Daisy Betrays People: And also betraying people. But without a lot of backing evidence.
266. Daisy Likes to Fight Everyone Nice: As well as "fighting everyone nice", a term never heard of anywhere else.
267. Daisy Has Too Many Flower Figures: Flowers are fine.
268. Daisy Doesn't Work Hard: This also just in yet again, princesses don't work hard and somehow that's a bad thing.
269. Daisy is Always a Reluctant Coward: The princesses will also always be naturally cowards at everything.
270. Daisy Isn't Independent: All of my news channel headlines have died now. Great.
271. Daisy Doesn't Really Want Her Own Game: Many of these items just replace "Peach" with "Daisy" Now that's laziness.
272. Daisy Doesn't Want to Be a Heroine: See?
273. Daisy Angrily Waits Rather Than Take Chances On Anything: Again, also "angrily waits"
274. Peach is Smarter Than Daisy: As if anyone cares.
275. Daisy Acts Like a Little Girl: The people who add and comment and like these are little girls.
276. Daisy is Ungrateful With No Sportsmanship: Ungrateful little girls.
277. Princess Daisy is a Rip Off of Ariel: No she's not.

This is it folks, worst list on the entire site. It's complete with bulls**t reasons that aren't reasons, duplicate reasons for one princess after the other one is done, loads of awful comments, many pertaining to shows, the Mario & Sonic Olympic games, crossovers with other franchises, random items involving Sonic X for whatever reason, cringey comments that SOMEHOW get likes, and just overall hate for things that really don't deserve this kind of hatred in the first place. I don't think there's a list worse than this.


Oh wow. Nintendo Fanbase is really trying to be worse than the Sonic one. - iliekpiez

Are you going to do a RPG review of Super Mario RPG Legend of the Seven Stars? - iliekpiez

It's gonna be my 110th RPG so expect it in two years or something - NuMetalManiak

277 items?... - visitor

I know right? Peach never replaced nor stole the spotlight from people, ESPECIALLY not Pauline, because was she even liked back then? Also, there isn't any proof Daisy never wanted a game. The list was repetitive, filler-filled, stupid, full of inaccurate "facts", filled with opinionated crap, etc.
I am thankful you added this post, and am glad you let people leave comments. - Qryzx

I agree - Yoshidude