Top 10 Saddest Deaths in Video Games


These are a selection of the saddest deaths in gaming, which had you crying the most? Please be sure to include the name of the game the death occurs in.
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1 Lee Everett - The Walking Dead Video Game Lee Everett is the main character of the first season of The Walking Dead video game. Lee is the player character in the first season of the game, appearing in five episodes.

I know this game is fairly recent, and it's incredibly underrated, but after developing as a character, you know Lee was amazing, who'd do anything to protect the 8 year old Clementine. So, when he was bitten, I thought that you cut of the arm, then he wouldn't die (just like Rick Grimes in the comic series). Unfortunately, it didn't work out like that. So, with just you and Clementine, and Lee's half zombified, you have the decision of whether letting Clemmy shoot you or leave you. Either way, it's a deeply saddening scene, and in which many Youtubers that played the game cried at this scene, like myself. Not bad for game of the year.

If you played this game, and didn't shed at least one tear in this scene you are a psychopath. Not one single video game has ever made me cry harder than this one. Over the game I loved Lee Everett, he was a likable character, and for most people, Clementine was too. I cried my eyes out after this scene, a thick stream of tears was down my face. For those of you that don't know, Lee is bitten in the last few minutes of episode four, and in episode five he has to save Clementine half zombified. After he gets Clementine back, he will soon die and turn into a walker and Clementine has to make a difficult decision: Either leave Lee to become a zombie, or shoot him to end his misery there. No matter what decision you mak this scene is guaranteed to make you cry. It is the saddest death by far.

This death is truly devastating, and I'm scarred from it. Lee's death wasn't a sacrifice, but it was something much more. His death may have been in a jewellery store with the only witness being Clem, but Clem is the reason this is so heartbreaking. Having to convince someone you cherish as a daughter, who you protected to the best of your abilities to either kill you or leave you kills me inside each time I watch the final scene. Telling her you miss her, and to keep her hair short makes you see how deep the bond is between these two. The thing that digs even dipper is that nothing can prevent it. Despite being a game about choice, Lee's death ends up being inevitable. Well played Tell Tale. You executed the final scene incredibly.

Death is supposed to be a relief, but not for Lee. He did everything he could to protect Clem, the only person left for him in the entire world, and now he was leaving this little girl who needed him, loved him and looked up to him in a world where you don't know if the next day you will open your eyes as a human or as a monster. It wasn't his death that was the real tragedy, it was leaving behind Clem unprotected, open to the roughness of that horrific world and I could feel everything Lee was feeling; like it was me who was on that floor breathing my last air. Like I was letting down Clem and I had caused her more harm than good; now she had to deal with another loss and all of this was for no good. Maybe it would've been better for her if she stayed in her treehouse until she met her faith. At least that way she didn't have to experience many many horrific things like seeing her parents as walkers or killing the only person left for her in that chaos. That's what makes Lee's death ...more

2 John Marston - Red Dead Redemption John Marston is a central character and the main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare. He is portrayed by Rob Wiethoff.

This game has probably the best story of any video game and the best voice acted game ever with the best dialogue. The story in this game is way better than Grand Theft Auto 5. Due to Red Dead's great characterization it was devastating when John Marston died after he went from "bad guy" to "good guy" and also to good father. This was also exemplified by all the previous experiences and all John went through. And after he's dead your left with his son and wife but soon after his wife dies too. And after that you kind of feel really lonely. Awesome game; it by far has my favorite story.

I remember Red Dead.
It was the game that showed me that the world isn't all good, even in video games.
After hours upon hours of working for your life back as John Marston, you begin to like him. To sympathise with him. So when government men show up at the Marston ranch, you figure you can gun them down and get out in one piece.
But John knows that it isn't going to happen. So he tells his wife and child to leave, and turns to accept his fate. This is when you realize that John will die. The impending doom makes it all the more sad as John is shot to death.
Saddest death in a video game ever.

A pain in the ass, and when I talk about pain I know what I'm talking about. This was my feeling. This feeling of powerlessness, when we shoot all the soldiers we still hope that somebody will help us at the end... Surely the saddest death I've seen in a video game. But at least we can have our vengeance with his son, but I'm still disappointed to have to switch with Jack.

I think a death of a character in a videogame has never affected me so much as John's death did. I mean, all he did to redeem himself was in vain. All he wanted was to have a good, peaceful life, and all of that was taken from him. And to see his wife crying over his body... Damn, it's so sad.

Well, the guy is a legend though. He managed to shoot and kill a lot of guys seconds before he died...

3 Sarah - The Last of Us

Everything from Troy Baker's and Hana Hayes performance to the visual design, the soundtrack, and the script pulls this scene together perfectly. Joel's mourning had a quietness to it. He doesn't scream or yell. He holds his daughter, pleading, before he breaks out in tears. That simplicity makes this death extremely effective. Then there's the way she died. She was shot for virtually no reason other than caution and the military not wanting to take any risks. Even the man who pulled the trigger was extremely reluctant to do so. Joel gets up after Tommy shoots the soldier, and they hear sobbing. They, and by extension, we know exactly what it is. Sarah is in pain, more pain than a lot of us can imagine. A lot of characters who get shot either survive or die strong, no tears, maybe a grunt here or there. But Sarah is a child, and we are reminded of that fact when we hear her sobbing. And when everything goes quiet, we can't help but weep with Joel. It's easily one of the most ...more

This really shouldn't have much going for it. The second we know Sarah is Joel's daughter we all know that she's practically already dead. It's just the way the apocalypse tropes work. I could almost count the number of lines she has before she dies in my head. You've literally known this character for less than 20 minutes by the time she dies... So why is it so effective.
Naughty Dog executes this scene and the buildup so well. You hear the chemistry she has with her father. By playing as her, you as a player experience the shock and disbelief she holds. Hearing Joel talking from the backseat further cements the drive to get her to safety.
Then there's the death itself. As she bleeds out, she's gasping, crying in agony. This performance alone would be enough to drive some to tears at the tragic sight. It goes further with Joel's reaction. The clenched fists, every little detail in his expression... Even now thinking of the line "Don't do this to me baby" makes me ...more

I'm not a very emotional person when it comes to anything really (with the exception of Toy Story 3), but my lord this scene was heavy. I literally sat there, controller in my hands, crying like a baby. Why? Because it's so damn powerful and grounded and just... human. With Lee Everett you have zombification. With John Marston you have a heroic last stand. Sarah doesn't get either of those. Everything about this scene - the atmosphere, the music, the performances - all of these details combined make this, in my opinion, the saddest death scene in a video game.

I can't believe this isn't number one honestly. I have never felt more responsible for the safekeeping of a video character in my life. I truly felt like it was my fault that Sarah died, and that she truly was my daughter, and that we truly did have memories together. Weird to think, but true.
Also, that look she gave you when she was dying beneath your eyes. It's like she was shocked that you could have let something so terrible happen to her. Having three sisters and all of them being "Daddy's little girl", I knew how heart-wrenching the whole thing was.

4 Dominic Santiago - Gears of War 3

The fact that Soap beats Dom on this list confuses me. I don't know anyone that cried when Soap died, I don't even know anyone that cried when John Marston died. My best friend still gets sad when you mention Dom in Gears of War. He actually had to stop playing when Dom died because he started crying. John died because he was a criminal, Soap died because he was betrayed. Dom died because he was a soldier tired of fighting an endless war that he not only didn't see it ever ending, but he also had no reason left for him to continue fighting after his wife died. So, Dom sacrificed himself so maybe his best friend could make it out alive.

Dom Santiago was by far my favourite character in gears of war, his story about what happened to his wife and children was so touching. Dom's final moments saw him saving delta squad, his friends. As someone who has a stiff upper lip to video games I don't cry or get emotional to the loss of a character, but my god I wept in that scene. Combined with Dom calling out to Maria, Marcus calling out for Dom to stop and "mad world" playing in the background, anyone who wouldn't shed a tear could not possibly be human. RIP Dom Santiago

It wasn't that I had grown particularly close to Dom, or even thought this game was anything fantastic, but the way that Dom's death was presented, the situation, and his attitude, not to mention something he had found earlier in the game (won't spoil) as well as... Well, pretty much everything about this scene... Just so sad. So... Down to earth and touching. I don't cry during games, they just don't get me emotional... But this one made me the closest I have ever been.

Fact: Gears of War 3 was the final entry. Fact: People Die. Fact: I never felt bad about people in video games dying. However, I liked Dom Santiago. The fact his family was destroyed by The infestation of Locust on Sera felt personal and relatable. He was a beautiful example on the toll war takes on a family man. Broken and descending in losing his mind, Dom sacrificed himself, not only for The Team, but so he could be with his family.

5 Soap MacTavish - Modern Warfare 3

I was jumping out my chair in rage and tears. The man that you have played with and fought with throughout three of the most epic games in history finally bites the preverbial bullet that he should have been killed by countless of battles ago. Nobody who has ever played this game and witnessed this tragic death will ever forget the reaction that his loyal comrade, mentor, and badass Capt. Price had after he watched this hero bleed out on a table in front of his eyes. Soap you are the epidemy of amazing

The thing that really made it sad for me was how Price reacted. We had come to know Price as this calm, cool, collected leader, and then when the person you played as for two games died, he breaks down, screaming, voice cracking, barely even flinching when the bullets fly through the window: he really changed in that scene.

Easily the saddest moment in video games history. I did see it coming, but his death gave me goosebumps anyways. And Price's reaction is, well... priceless. #2 would be Ghost's and Roach's death because I didn't see that one coming in a million years. It was totally unexpected. I felt great when I stabbed Shepard in the eye.

Yeah... I could not sleep at night that day... he was the hero of modern warfare series, and I was going to cry for him. He shot Zakhaev, and threw a kife in shepherd's eye and saved price's life for two times (in Call of Duty 4 modern warfare by shooting zakhaev and his two bodyguards, and in modern warfare 2 by killing shepherd when he was trying to kill price).

6 Ghost - Modern Warfare 2

Been awhile since I played the game but, he was with you the whole time, covering you, saving your life, then we get to that helicopter and I get shot. My face was full of hatred of betrayal, Funny thing is though Ghost reacted like 3 seconds later, like I think he could've moved a bit faster than that. I freaked out when the gasoline was poured on me. Killing Shepard was my only priority after that.

No words to say...
It made me speechless...
Whenever I recollect the last scene from this game...
Its very emotional...
It shows us the truth of life...
Teaches great values... To never give up, even if the situation are against you...
You can't run from it...
If you have to live... You have to kill!

I wish I would have been there in real life. I would have wasted m last bit of energy just to pull the gun from Shepherd, kill him, me and Ghost could jack the helicopter, we would kill the pilots, and me and Ghost could ride of to kill Makarov.

I get this is not the saddest death in video game history, but seriously Soap at #3? I didn't find soaps death as sad. I cried for like 10 minutes when ghost and roach died. This death is very sad and deserves to be higher than soap

7 Aerith - Final Fantasy VII

The thing about Aerith's death in Final Fantasy VII is that you know it's coming, so you make sure to use Aerith and interact with her as much as you can before she dies. Then when the time comes, despite you knowing it's coming, it's absolutely heartbreaking because you spent so much time with her. Complete with a gut-wrenching stab right through her torso and the emotional "Aerith's Theme" playing in the background, and you have the saddest video game death ever.

"This can't be real! "
"Aeris will no long talk, no longer laugh... cry... or get angry."

There were some extremely long epic games but the masterpiece of what FF7 is, gives you the ability to attach to characters and rip it away just how death is actually experienced. Aeris' childhood, her time with Cloud, Cloud's reaction, Sephiroth's smug face and your hatred for him. This is all followed up by the most lackadaisical boss fights I've ever limped through. Watching this sequence brings back that feeling I once had.

Her death deserves to be number 1. Just seeing the scene makes you feel moved. But when you realize her true role in the story, it makes you feel so sad that you actually feel depressed... Especially if you play Crisis Core, Aerith was the last person Zack thought of before he died...
Aerith truely loved Zack, and Cloud only because she could see Zack in him. When you listen to her theme, you really notice the sadness in her heart, what saddens you too, laugh out loud. :)

Most touching and iconic death in video games ever! I never played another game that moved me like FF7 did.

Aerith holds a special place in my heart. I was eight and had to watch one of my favorite characters die, my parents had me pause the game. I was already crying when they told me that my grandmother had died of her Lou Gehrig disease. Aerith and her death are entwined with my grandmother and will always be the saddest death in video game history to me.

8 Claus - Mother 3

Mother 3 has a lesson to tell and does so in the most sorrowful way possible. Not so much the deaths themselves, but the meaning surrounding it. Flint's reaction to Hinawa's death is sure to wrench at your gut, and if you battle your way to the very end, your greeted with an incredibly climactic and emotional battle with your own brother. The developer was clearly relentless, because even after the longest battle in the game, your brother still ends up dead, and your faced with a decision to either give the world fresh life or simply end it. Then the world ends. Do you really want to know why Mother 3 isn't available in English? The translators couldn't see the text through their own tears.

A sad scene from an even sadder game. Mother 3 has a theme to its, plot, but it is dealt in the saddest manner possible. Imagine a family of four. Hinawa, the mother; Claus, and Lucas, the two sons; and Flint, the father; and bony, the dog. Hinawa dies early on from what is supposed to be a peaceful creature, and Claus goes insane setting out to kill Porky for his mother's death, porky kills him, resurrects him, and then brainwashes him into being his right hand man. Flint spends the rest of his life looking for Claus, and placing flowers on Hinawa's grave. Lucas, and Bony become the heroes, trapping porky forever in a glass dome, and then Lucas spends the rest of the game trying to get Claus to remember who he is, who relentlessly beats Lucas almost to death, and then he finally does remember, and kills himself. Then everything Lucas fights for goes to hell when the world ends. The ending to this game is a kick in the balls.

How is this not at least in the top ten? This game has more death mention than the American Civil War. Its very dark. Chapter 1: Your Mother dies from a normally friendly creature and your brother tries to kill the creature that killed his mother and dies. Chapter 3: You are playing as Salsa, a monkey, that is getting electrocuted every time he makes a mistake. Chapter 6: You find out that your brother has been reborn as a cyborg and is being controlled by Porky Minch (The main villain of the game). Your dead mother convinces him that he knows Lucas and he recognizes what he has done and KILLS HIMSELF to reunite with his dead mother. If that is not sad, than nothing is.

It's from MOTHER 3. What else do you want?

An explanation?

OK. Let's begin. When Hinawa dies, Claus goes insane, Lucas is traumatised and Flint becomes unaware of the outside world. Claus dies trying to get revenge on the creature that killed his mother, and Flint spends the next three years searching for him. Claus is brainwashed by The Pigmask Army and commands them. The two twins race for the seven needles and in the battle for the last one, Lucas and Flint realise that the commander is Claus. Lucas is unable to fight him, and Claus nearly kills his brother, but the ghost of Hinawa comes and tells them to stop fighting. Claus becomes uneasy, regains his memory and...

Kills himself.

Mother 3 isn't a game.
It's a how long until you cry.

9 Joker - Batman: Arkham City

When I saw joker die I wasnt in tears exactly. I was in more than tears. I was in pain at the sight of seeing one of the best villains of history dying and in that night I couldn't sleep at all seeing my favorite villain die. I wanted to cry that night but I guess it was just the shock

I have known joker when the first time he was publicly show as the "crown prince of crime" and I never really expected him to die. But still, him of all (bad) people are gonna be the one I'll remember to lookout for when you're gonna laugh

This is a moment that I will never forget. Joker may have been evil, but he was the only person who really knew Batman. In the end, he was Batman's arch nemesis, but he was also Batman's best friend. Other than Alfred

When you finish Arkham City there is not sense of victory. Just a feeling of total emptiness that summarizes the darkness of batman. Even worse if you complete Harley Quins revenge.

10 Mordin Solus - Mass Effect 3

The scene where he died is just gut wrenching. As he hums shielding himself from the explosions, the slight smile he gets when he finishes the fix and releases the cure, then a look of sadness that passes over him right before he dies, and then the peace and tranquility of the cure falling over Tuchanka. Just such a perfect scene to make things get a little misty.

You got so attached to Mordin by playing ME2, and he gave his life as an act of heroism to make amends to his mistake, as he finally realizes the Genophage was wrong. He was one of the best characters of Mass Effect, and I think it's safe to say that whoever played this at heart shed a couple tears when this guy died.

He was by far my favorite character in the whole series. Kind and compassionate he died a hero. His death was the first and only time I have ever cried while playing a game and I have played the last of us and telltale's the walking dead.

By far the most epic death not only in the Mass effect trilogy but gaming in generap. Most deaths we see are "shot/stabbed/blown up" etc.

Whereas the death of Mordin is coupled with sacrifice, too many times weve seen someone dive infront of a bullet to save a life, but this is on a more epic scale. Sacrifice to save a race who are indeed a threat, undoing a mistake he made. Epic

The Contenders
11 Noble 6 - Halo Reach

No video game scene has ever made me cry. But this came closest. When I began halo reach, I assumed it would end with the covenant retreating and reach surviving. But when I saw noble 5 die, and the covenant armada come out of slipspace, I knew, it was the beginning of the end. And then death after death occurred, then I played Pillar Of Autumn, when noble 6 stayed behind, I could not prepare myself for what came next. Lone Wolf. The first cutscene, reach in ruins the covenant everywhere, and noble 6 looking out over everything. I could not finish the game the first time. "Spartans never die, they are just missing in action"

After seeing the rest of your squad go down, you're left all alone on the desolate surface of Reach as the Covenant burn all around you. What makes this death particularly sad is the fact that the game lets you customize Noble 6, to really let you become the character. In the end, you're left to die all alone. There's no escape, no cavalry, no happy ending, just a silver lining that you're too dead to enjoy.

I always loved Noble-6's death as it shows how the covenant had took Reach and that he had no way of getting off it. Bing given control to kill hordes of Elites made all the other characters deaths worthwhile. You were able to take revenge for them. I especially loved the ending scene in which it shows Noble's helmet and gives the speech saying how he played a vital role in them finding HALO.

Noble 6, no, the entire Noble Team's death was so tragic. From the moment you saw the helmet in the beginning, you knew it wasn't going to end well. You and Noble Team do everything they can to prevent Reach from falling, but one by one, each and every single one of you gets picked off, until only 6 is left, lonely on a destroyed Reach, and make one final stand, leading up to that shot in the beginning. "Objective: Survive"

12 Piers Nivans - Resident Evil 6

Piers Nivans was suppose to take over for Chris as the leader unfortunately fate had other plans, out of the the selflessness of his heart he allows Chris to escape choosing to remain behind R.I. P Piers.

Piers is about to kill himself for Chris's life and all Chris wants to do is scream at Piers.

Saddest scene in the whole RE series.. I cried a lot.. Piers sacrifice for Chris..

"Dammit Piers, that's an order! " Chris's reaction is absolutely heartbreaking.

13 Tidus - Final Fantasy X Tidus is the main protagonist of Final Fantasy X, a role-playing video game developed by Square Enix.

Final fantasy X is the only game to have ever made me cry. Tidus had gone from being some angsty, cocky, spoilt celebrity to someone who given up his life for the greater good. I had developed an emotional bond with him, I had saw him transform into the man he became, and when I saw him disappear, I couldn't help but to cry.

14 Arthur Morgan - Red Dead Redemption 2 Arthur Morgan is the central character and main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2. He is portrayed by Roger Clark.

He is my favorite video game character ever, his path from heartless outlaw to sacrificing him self for his as he would say brother John marston. I usually think it's weird when people cry over sad shows or movies, but I was in tears when he died truly an amazing story but he deserved to die an old man with Mary

Arthur Morgan's death is probably the saddest death in gaming history, yet It feels good in a way since Arthur dies honorably saving and helping John and his family escape for a better life (let's be honest here, the good ending is unquestionably the best one) and ultimately obtaining redemption for his criminal past. What makes it even sadder is seeing Arthur, after finding out that he only had a few months to live, try to help others around him and do good things however he could to right his past wrongs before his passing.

Man, oh, man.
I don't think I've cried so hard from a fictional death.
Spending 70+ hours as this guy, doing right when it mattered, committing crimes to supply his "family" with the essentials. All of which is thrown away in the end.

In the beginning of Red Dead Redemption 2 we see him as a seemingly disgruntled, uncaring, unlovable outlaw. Which is far from the truth. Over the course of the game and several deaths of those close to him we see that he's looking out for literally everyone in the gang. Maybe not Micah, but whatever.

Eventually he reaches a crossroad in his life. Does he wish to pursue this lifestyle or make the best of the time he has left - borrowed time that is. As it is revealed he contracted TB from a poor, indebted but pure-hearted man. The diagnosis being the final push motivating him to become a better man.

Arthur comes to realize that the gang's dissolution is inevitable and attempts to free others of the burden that is being in the ...more

Arthur in the most part of the game seemed pretty invincible yet he died. Made me cry. Plus the music wasn't helping at all. Towards the ending, players know that his death is inevitable, yet it got me as bad as one not expected. That scene in the moonlight is arguably the saddest one. After Arthur's death, I did not want to complete the epilogue because I wasn't used to roaming in RDR2 world without him.

15 Zack Fair - Crisis Core Zack Fair is a fictional character first introduced as a non-player character in the 1997 role-playing video game Final Fantasy VII by Square Enix, and subsequently expanded upon in the metaseries Compilation of Final Fantasy VII.

For several years I refused to look at the game because I already knew what was going to happen since I already played the original since I was a kid... I eventually gave in and took a look at the walkthroughs on YouTube. Seeing how great his personality was made me feel sad just looking at him, and dread the ending more than I had earlier. And then the ending came. I cried, and still cry just thinking about it. First saw it about five years ago and I finally was able to get the game earlier this year, but stopped once I got to Aerith's church because I felt like I was going through everything too fast... the ending is drawing near once again, and the further I go, the heavier the weight in my chest becomes...

Zack Fair deserves to be number 1 or at least above above 5. He was and continues to be my favorite final fantasy character. Throughout the story he never betrays his morals no matter how much it hurts him psychologically and physically. After years of experimentation on him does he care about revenge, no he just wants to get to Aerith. He dies smiling knowing he protected his friend, which he could have left and lived. When you finish the game you feel as if you've lost a friend, especially if you're 9 (I cried). And no Zack you didn't become a hero, you've been a hero...

The thing about Crisis Core is that you never feel like you've beaten this game. You know his death is coming, but yet you play and you fight anyway; part of you not accepting that it ends with his death. In the end, no matter what, the game FORCES you to loose. I couldn't function as a human for days after I finished the game. All I did was writhe around on the floor for a few days, unable to even form a coherent thought. To this day I can't hear the name without getting a lump in my throat. Zack died a hero, and to this day he's my favorite character of all time. He should be #1

At first I was like " I won't cry. His death is none of my concern, its just a video game". Then in the end he said "Hey would you say I became a hero? " that's when I noticed tears were spilling down my eyes. His death is even more sad when you think listening with the "Price Of Freedom". The thing is at the end I didn't want him to die. Its just not fair. He is the best ever. After I finish Crisis Core, I'm just heartbroken and I didn't even feel a tingle of happiness that the game was over.

16 Lunafreya Nox Fleuret - Final Fantasy 15
17 The Boss - Metal Gear Solid 3

Have never felt worse about killing a character in a video game. The strength of the relationship between Snake and The Boss is discussed constantly throughout the game, a combination of a relationship between two comrades, and a (figurative) mother and a son. The fact that the game forces you to pull the trigger yourself when she's lying on the ground, almost comforting Snake makes it worse.

Even before the final twist, which makes the gut punch even worse, it would still top the list.

I admit, Big Boss's death is sad, but he died normally. Well, almost normally, because of that virus. But I think in the original MGS3, you were forced to shoot The Boss. At the end of MGS3 HD, it was kinda like Fox's death, couldn't shoot her. In fact, her death is one of the few that made me tear up. She was a true patriot, even though she is considered a traitor and a monster.

By the time you finally understand her, you have to kill her. When you literally have to pull the trigger after the battle, it is just devastating!

Best ending ever because it forces you to pull the trigger and bear the weight of your actions knowing everyone will spit on her grave.

18 Detective David Tapp - Saw (The Video Game)
19 Luis Sera - Resident Evil 4

Even though he didn't appear that much, he was still an important character and his sudden death was so unexpected that it brought tears to my eyes.

I posted this when it was below 106. Now I found it on 37 when I came back to this site thank you fans of re 4 and welcome.

Death was sad, but not as sad as people describe it to be. RE4 was a good game.

He and leon were best friends and unfortunately he had to say goodbye to him

20 Jack - BioShock

But he didn't die... Except the ending where all the little sisters you bring to the surface are all at your death bed.

21 Commander Shepard - Mass Effect 3 Commander Shepard is the player character in BioWare's Mass Effect game series: Mass Effect, Mass Effect 2, and Mass Effect 3.

He/she has the saddest death ever. Not just because Shepard was dead but because I would never find out if they ever got to have little blue children with liara. Putting in well over 100 hours with all these characters made the story seem real and with shepards death it was over. Watching shepard sacrifice himself while in his last moments thought of all the people near to him just gave me so many feels.

After playing through countless hours across three games you become commander Shepard. When he dies a part of you dies with him (or her). This is the only time I have ever came close to crying at the end of a game. This is way too low on the charts, #1 in my mind.

22 Xion - Kingdom Hearts 358/2 days

Xion is the saddest character in all of Kingdom Hearts because she's the only one that's completely forgotten. Only Roxas and Axel know about her and once Roxas and Xion are gone, everyone remembers Roxas but forgets Xion. She sacrifices her life to wake up Sora and no one remembers her. Her fate is definitely the worst one of everyone. Also her theme is my absolute favorite!

I cried HARD not only for the death, but the fact that Roxas had to kill one of his only best friends. His sadness is one of the huge things that really struck me. With the "fact" that Nobodies have no emotion, I cried more when Roxas started to cry. But I can admit... Xion's death was a beautiful death because she died in the arms of her best friend and she faded into light.

She not only sacrificed herself to save those she cared about along with someone she didn't even know, but did so knowing that it would mean giving up her existence and everyone would forget her.

The worst part about Xion's death is by far the fact that she didn't even flinch as she lay dying. She accepted it, went along, and left Roxas with no memory whatsoever. What she did for the sake of good...

23 Agro - Shadow of the Colossus

The death here in this list are so sad.. Because at the end you really begin to love the characters. But I had to choose Agro who made me cry. Because you go for 10 minutes in the calm, a huge gate opens with Your sword, and then you can't do anything and you really did not Expect what happens. When you realize, a beautiful sad music arrives, and for this horse who always wanted to help, you have to continue, not anymore for your girl, but know for your horse, and you feel there is nothing left of the soul of your hero after this. he was your only companion and friend, like the one who was there for you not to loose your mind. And he is gone... Now you look above at the last colossus and... He will pay for this..

I must say I am shocked that Argo is not higher on this list (technically Argo doesn't die so she doesn't qualify but whatever. When Argo fell to her supposed death in Shadow was one of the saddest video game moments I've ever encountered. With other video game deaths there are always other characters the main character can turn to, but Argo was all that Wander had. She was your sole companion throughout the journey. With other big deaths like Aerith, you still had other companions. It was shocking and sad, but not as sad as losing Argo.

Whilst you were all caught up in your senseless (even though for the right reasons) killing of these 16 ancient creatures who never wronged you in any way whatsoever, it was apparent from the very beginning that Agro wanted no part of it but only aided you out of love to you. When Agro (SPOILER ALERT) sacrificed herself to save you, that brought me to tears. Agro didn't deserve any of this. And it was your fault, MY fault, that she died.

This death of a beloved character really got to me... but the bit that made me cry even more was when you saw her limping over to Mono...

24 Papyrus - Undertale Papyrus is a character from the 2015 game Undertale, made by Toby Fox. He is the Younger brother of Sans the skeleton, royal guard in training, and a sentry in the town of Snowdin. Opposite to his brother, papyrus is active, loud, and full of himself; but in an endearing way. Papyrus means to become a full-fledged member of the guard by capturing a human to please his superior. A lover of puzzles and spaghetti, Papyrus provides much of the games comic relief and is a key character in the plot of the game.

Not really a sad death if you go Genocide route but is sad to see how he believed in you till his very end.

Well... that's not what I expected... but you can do a little better! I believe in you!

If you kill papyrus you are a monster.

Saddest gaming death he was a nice skeleton boi, sad to see him die because of frisk

25 Nicole Brennan - Dead Space

It must really suck to be Issac Clark survive being torn to pieces by Necromorphs only to learn your girlfriend has been dead the whole time.

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