Top 10 Splatoon Specials

This list will include specials from Splatoon 2 as well.
The Top Ten
1 Kraken

No need to explain. This special pretty much makes you invincible.

2 Baller

Basically the Kraken, but not as good and it doesn't look as cool. At least you can explode when the special is up to try and get extra damage in. It takes two hits to kill an opponent through bumping into them.

3 Inkstrike

Use one of these on a Splat Zone and you'll pretty much instantly take it. And it looks pretty cool to boot.

4 Killer Wail
5 Bomb Rush/Bomb Launcher

I merged these two since they're pretty much the same thing. Like Tenta Missiles, I've saved so many Splat Zone matches by popping this baby. Using this in the last few seconds of a Turf War can be just enough to take the lead.

6 Bubbler

Invincibility for about 4 seconds. And you can spread it onto your teammates.

7 Splashdown

Lacking a better tenth spot, I'm putting Splashdown here. This weapon is a big middle finger to spawn campers. Super Jump to a teammate who's in danger and activate this while you're in the air. The enemy won't have enough time to react, and they're dead.

Splashdown is amazing for when you're in the midst of combat, you're in over your head, and you need to clear the area a little to get your bearings.

8 Inkzooka

You can fire a bunch of one hit kill ink tornadoes for six seconds! They move crazy fast, and the only thing that has more range than this is an E-Liter.

9 Tenta Missiles

Although they're not good for getting kills, they can distract the enemy from the objective, allowing your team to swoop in. I've saved so many Splat Zone matches by launching them at the enemies, causing them to run away and letting my team come in to retake the Zone.

You don't want to shoot Tentas in the middle of combat, but they're good for inking territory and shooting at large groups of players.

10 Ink Armor

While this lasts longer than Bubbler (8 seconds), it only protects the user from 30 damage before breaking. However, it's still a very good special, since many pro Splatoon 2 teams have at least one weapon with Ink Armor as a special.

The Contenders
11 Sting Ray

Hear me out on this, because I actually think this is a good special. Like Tenta Missiles, it's not that great for getting kills (but it is very possible) but more to scatter your opponents and stop them from playing the objective.

This lasts longer than Killer Wail, you can stop firing to adjust your aim, and you can turn while using this. Plus, this special kicks some serious butt in Salmon Run. Try using it when there's a bunch of Flyfish around. Or on the Mothership. Or on the fireflies event where there's a bunch of angry Chums and Goldies rushing towards you.

12 Booyah Bomb

Amazing! You get 400 extra hp, which means you have 499.9 hp. You float in the air and booyah to charge a giant nuke, and only the baller can protect you from it.

Very powerful, with a huge range.

13 Ink Storm
14 Ultra Stamp

These specials are all OP! I love them!

Lets you go on a deadly rampage.

15 Echolocator
16 Inkjet
17 Bubble Blower
18 Zipcaster
19 Big Bubbler
20 Killer Wail 5.1

Great at tracking down enemies.

21 Crab Tank
22 Wave Breaker
23 Tacticooler
24 Trizooka
25 Kraken Royale
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