Top 10 Strongest Dragons in Dragon City

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1 Hexed Vampire Dragon

This dragon beat my best dragons once. ( My dragons are hard to beat.) It has a attack that with one use will hit various other times, I think about 7 times? Each attack took over 20000 damage on my dragons. Nuts man.

This dragon has destroyed my dragons a couple times now it is also really cool.

I think powerful

2 Prideful Vampire Dragon
3 Elements Dragon

I've got a fully trained level 30, 3 gold star elements dragon and it's been my favourite dragon since I started playing the game. Its got a good range of attacks to deal with any kind of dragon. Its only flaw is when its against strong metal dragons as its weak against metal and doesn't hit critical on any metal drag. This is why you need a strong metal dragon in your 3 drags to defeat any metal drag that wipes your elements dragon out. Its also weak against war attacks but! Elements water attack will wipe out any war dragon in one hit! My element dragon has never been one hit by a critical attack it dies in 2 Critical hits unlike most dragons. All in all it should be in your top 3 drags.

Why is this number 2? Let's take the pure example, it can't be criticalled at all, but this dragon can be criticalled by a total of I think around 65 dragons, usually the war and metal type, the attacks of this dragon are ok, but there are way more lot better attacks out there from a lot of dragons, and also considering this is a 3 element of the most basic elements of the game, this dragon in reality is really bad. Especially since there are 4 elements with war and pure elements in the 4 elements it's self. This was voted by the 10% of dragon city level 5s who have barely even reached the nature dragon, since this dragon is given to you free at the beginning of the game if you connect to Facebook. This dragon is actually really bad. Good for the ten percent of noobs who don't know what best dragons mean, bad for when you level up and get access to better 4 element dragons or even the pure dragon invincible to any attack.

The elements dragon is by far my most powerful. I am level 20 (almost 21) and I can beat my friend a lot of the time. She is level 24 with many powerful dragons (some of which she has bought with gems) and I can still beat her. My elements dragon is level 15 (I couldn't beat her at level 14 and below.) She has three silver stars and soon to be one gold. Best dragon yet!

I like the ELEMENTS DRAGON. It is so powerful more than the legendary dragon!. Sometimes it loses but it's my hero! When I got that dragon I did not feed it but when my friend said it's so awesome and powerful, I started to feed it! Until leve2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 and then level0! Please vote this!

4 High Voodoo Vampire Dragon

I mean like if this guy can scare the cramp out of a heroic titan this guy has to be good cause if you want to get rid a of titan this dragon is the one you want.

Of course the king of vampire dragons is invincible , he earned his title on this list

5 Pure Dragon

The only dragon which beat All The dragons in dragon city is the one and only single element PURE DRAGON. Actually it cannot hit critical to all dragons but with its fireball basic attack it can show critical hit to WATER and ICE elements. At level 20 it has the second highest xp. It can critical hit WATER and ICE elements with damage up to 11,000+. The wise thing to do is to keep the PURE DRAGON in the first place in the dragon attack list and it can defeat all the other 3 dragons with one shot for each dragon with same level. We should not just train something instead on fireball attack because it can critical hit WATER and ICE.

So the best thing to do is to keep the pure dragon in the first position of the strongest dragons.

Its got to be the Pure Sea. The Sea Element Crits more dragons than ANY other individual element in the game (3) the rest either Crit 2 types, 1, or none. Not JUST that either, while Sea Element was shown mucho favor Critting other Elements, it also gains Over Powered Hype and yet even more edge offensively from the fact that it only projects a "weak" attack on 1 Element while all the rest (Legendary being the exception.. ) are weak against at least 2 Elements, how convenient right? But wait, there's more! Lets look at two of the 3 elements that sea dragons Crit. War and Fire. What!?! Are you flipping kidding me? Not only do Dragons with Sea as their defensive element already get the nod offensively, but they get it against 2 of the top3 most used types? Yep. When heading into battle blindly and want to use a dragon that gives you the best odds of winning, take a level respective, trained Pure Sea with you, more often than not, you'll beat all 3 of your opponants dragons without ever ...more

Pure dragon is not only a very strong combat dragon but its great outside of the combat world! It produces tons of gold, and it's a great breeding tool, eg: as somebody mentioned, the pure sea dragon is the strongest, how do you get it? Pure Dragon, or pure flame Pure Dragon etc. Check out one of the top players drag team, pure dragon is his main weapon!

Pure Dragon is the strongest.
None others can beat it. The advantages of having pure dragon:
1. Pure Dragon of Level 4 can produce 8 times more gold than metal dragon of level 7
2. Pure dragon is weakness of all dragons' breed except Legendary and Pure and it has no weakness.

6 Blood God Vampire Dragon

It can deal damage to all opponents which can be useful for breaking titan or corrupted shields, dealing critical damage to dragons with the light or metal elements as their defensive element or just using it normally. It can also heal all allies. Also it's cool.

This guy has to be my favorite vampire dragon it is so cool the vamparic battle between this dragon and the sinful I have to see it.

I have it and it's a god

It just so good

7 Usurper Vampire Dragon

This guy is not that good against my dragons but hey he is a vampire cut him some slack

8 Greedy Vampire Dragon

Wow this dude must be rich cause if he is this greedy he must be rich

9 High Guardian Dragon

This was my first heroic dragon and it literally beats up so many dragons. It can be critical hitted by dragons with primal elements but there isn't a lot of dragons that have that element.

It is currently my best dragon and my favorite dragon (along with the Blood God Vampire Dragon).

It can also obliterate dragons with the wind element as their defensive element like High Typhoon Dragon and Dual Parliament Dragon.

It's amazing.

I have one and it just smashes, haven't lost a single battle with it. The only time I have a dragon die now is when it's a league battle and it forces me to use a dragon other than my High Guardian.
It's typing means it's strong against nature, metal and light. It's pure type also means that if fighting say, an electric or nature or something, it can use a pure attack to deal a high damaging, non-critical attack. Also because of its pure typing it has no weaknesses.
It's perfect.

High guardian dragon should be the best dragon on dragon city. It can't be critically hit at all but yet can critical hit flame, metal, nature, war, and light. None of it's trained attacks have a base damage below 1200. It can do Pure light (base damage 1500), Icy Wind ( base damage 1200), Electro Ball (base damage 1200), and Black Hole (base damage 1350). I have one that has three gold stars and is level 25. It can do 15k+ damage.

I had a level 20 elements dragon with 3 gold stars and I was fighting a high guardian dragon level 15. The High Guardian had 5000 more health than me and 2000 more attack damage than me. It smashed my entire team in all 3 tries.

10 Dracon Dragon

I have this dragon and I use it as a back up for my team which is rempitium wolf dragon, the new divine heroic one, and the High Master karma dragon. It can one shot a bunch of dragons while they barely do any damage to him.

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11 Apocalypse Dragon

This dragon can crit nearly anything. If you add a Supersonic to the team, you'll have full coverage. Add a Millenium or some other four element of your choice and you have a perfect team. I suggest not having two dragons with the same first element (Abyss & Promethium for example) at the same time in case of weaknesses.

With the exception of terra and flame, it can critical hit every other element (with the exception of pure and legendary of course) and it can train the strongest dark and light attacks, as well as the second strongest flame and ice attacks the game has to offer.

Apocalypse dragon is my favorite. But I am informing you, Apocalypse, Millenium, Abyss and Mirage can take down 8 elements, Supersonic and Forge can take down 7, and Promethium can only take down 5, which is upseting.

Takes a hell lot of time to breed though, and even more time to hatch. Worth it in the long run but still.

12 Double Terra Dragon

I have a double terra dragon on level 8, I think, and even though he's not on a very high level, Ben (his name) is EXTREMELY useful and can do lots of damage. I love Ben, 'cause he's so adorable yet powerful!

I am on level 96 in dragon city and I have a double terra dragon on level 9 and he kicks a lot of dragons butts!
Go double terra dragons
By the way he's name is happy!

Double terra sucks for combat he only has ONE ELEMent. I could easily beat it with a metal or war attack from my high tension drag or my pure metal

The double terra dragon is an awesome dragon at level 15 he has over 900 battle points he is the best fighter in dragon city!

13 Gluttonous Vampire Dragon
14 Wind Dragon

Approximately equivalent with Legendary. Have a 35 level 3 gold stars with all attacks improved and never lost a fight 1 on 1. Aurora borealis 3 gold is pure damage on other legends (second only to Legend spell), plus Deus Sword is the most powerful physical attack.

Cool, but not stronger than my 1 star abyss. I don't have it though. I just know it's weaker.

It is so cool and I love it so much.

Best dragon in the world

15 Soccer Dragon

Soccer dragon is I believe the most powerful and well train soccer player. I've never seen a soccer player that good!
Well he is a dragon! He's the best dragon because he's I think the longest living dragon in dragon city probably!
He's the #1 dragon he is mostly repellent and not attackable with a lot of powers like... I've never had a soccer dragon before but I Google it so know a lot about the soccer dragon.

If you read this thanks for reading and ill see you next time!

Although I would concede that soccer dragons are fairly powerful for their level, they are common dragons with common attacks and common battle statistics. They're nice but they're nothing compared to the legacy dragon.

I love the soccer dragon so does my brother because he's wearing a Barcelona shirt and me and my brother are soccer fans. My brothers been teling me soccer dragon is the best and I thought the alien dragon was the best but I was so :3. Screw me but I don't care. So if you read this bye. thanks guys for reading!

I don't have a soccer dragon but I fought one in battle and it took 3 WHOLE DRAGONS to defeat it!

16 Supersonic Dragon

My team: Super sonic (SonicThe hedgehog), Apocalypse and Chainmale. I'm trying. to get more of the 4 Elements dragons as for, after the appearance of the supersonic dragon, they have been my favourite. My Super sonic is level 20 3 silver and ha15,000+ HP and it's attack (not critical) is 7,000-7,500. When it is critical it is 14,000-15,000 so imagine when it's fully levelled and 3 gold. My favourite is Super sonic dragon because it's a four element dragon, it's my best, and it's sonic the hedgehog. P.s Sonic the hedgehog and Ezio Auditore are my favourite video game characters.

Just be sure all improved attacks are upgraded (big difference). I just got one a week ago, and it's 28 level 2 bronze - and already blasts level 40. Imagine on level 40 with 3 gold stars.

Awesome dragon, especially 3 gold stars and all trained attack, this dragon will kill most other dragons.

This should be higher on the scale. It has attacks that crit almost every element. It has a metal attack which is important for beating the element dragon.

17 Cool Fire Dragon

I totally agree with the person that thought they were awesome that person must be really smart. And anybody who says they are the worst well I hate to break it to you but you're the worst too.

I think that it should be on top because it can beat any dragon even if it is 4element dragon or ancient world dragon or any legendary or pure dragon etc... I am saying this after using many ancient,legendary,pure and all the epic dragons...

Cool fire is among the best for it's common rating but that's just it, it is a common rating and it's battle and health stats reflect this fact. Go with the Legacy Dragon instead.

Cool fire dragon is most worst dragon in dragon city because of it's fuel and ability and even his body colour is worst and nobody like it.. The most best dragons are Soccer dragon and Legendary dragon

18 High Fenrir Dragon

Another advantage that the Legacy has over the Fenrir is that it has a much higher base damage than the Fenrir's attacks do. The Legacy takes no skill to kill, you just use legend spell until the enemies are dead. The only weakness to the legendary is other legendaries and that's also it's greatest strength because it can crit them back. When it comes down to simple base damage and power, the legacy, crystal, and a couple other legendaries are just as powerful and dangerous as the fenrir.

Extremely powerful but still not that difficult to defeat with the legendary dragons like Legacy. One of the biggest factors is the dragon's star level and most of the ones you run into won't have a very high one. Fenrir is also really difficult to obtain but really not much if any better than the legacy dragon.

High Fenrir is the 2nd most overpowered Dragon in the game! Being the 2nd most powerful Heroic dragon, losing to the Nuclear Dragon (the nuclear dragon is from a pure, and it can't be crit), it's a Heroic with just too much health. Just getting this dragon along with Nuclear Dragon will make my head blow!

It should definitely make it into the top three. By comparison of dragons on it's same level, and same rank, it has more health. Sometimes, it can take out all three dragons. Although it is weak to fire and metal, it can get critical hits on primary flame element dragons

19 Envious Vampire Dragon

He's vampire family. He's also nature

20 Drainbow Dragon

It looks strong also beautiful in my opinion it has great power and if you feed it to level 30 it will be in great use.

Yeah...Drainbow Dragon is one of the strongest dragons in the game. It can beat a heroic dragon.

I have this dragon too but I need to level up drainbow dragon to level 15.
Right now I have Ludo (Durikuru dragon) on level 15.

It also looks cool

21 Armadillo Dragon

I have 2 of these dragons level 20 and 25 3 gold stars and they are AMAZING. A level 25 armadillo against a level 35 elements dragon 1 shot it. Against pure and legend dragons they do 10k per hit and receive about 8k and have 20k health. So they tank 3 shots and 2 or 3 shot even the toughest dragons. If you go first you can take out a level 30 high comet dragon.

Honestly he is the best metal dragon in my opinion. He's my 2nd fave dragon alongside elements dragon. He's a big brawler, very strong when trained to 3 gold stars hits hard and lots of hitpoints. Only weakness is metal but he is also strong against metal dragons, so if you get the first hit, you'll be okay.

It was really good at first because it has Terra at first and Metall and what else do you need. But now I have better dragons than this because he is not awesome just good.

Of Course, I love the armadillo because he looks so strong and I defeated the legendary dragon, so legendary is not the strongest.

22 Blue Dragon

With its combination of three elements it becomes one of the most challenging battle of the dragons in dragon city to defeat this dragon but it can be killed only by abyss, mirage, apocalypse, and pure dragons only.

He is the best.He had defeated three legendary dragon alone.He is level 15 but he defeated his three opponents of level 20.

Makes it's enemies to cinders with flame, sea and metal attacks

I have blue dragon at level 20 and it never looses, 30 level dragons have less health as compared to mine!
Best dragon

23 Cosmic Detonation Dragon

Because I like it

24 Millennium Dragon

This can critical hite 8 different types, so most of the time it can critical hit. It can be trained with the strongest war and metal element attacks, and the second strongest terra and sea element attacks. Also the strongest war attack is the strongest elemental attack of them all. It is actually the best element for attacking after the legendary element, but legendary can only critical hit a legendary, and war can critical hit sea and terra.

The Millennium Dragon's coverage is so close to being the best possible in the game and its coverage is indeed the best in the game. If that weren't enough, it's a Category 5 Dragon that packs a serious punch with Astro Hit. This dragon really deserves to be higher on the list.

I think this is the best 4 elent dragons and its available for every one at some point of the game. I respect opinions but I think whoever prefers a coolfire or soccer dragon is just saying that because they are in the early stages od the game.

There Are you just 16 dragons that can critical hit the Millennium without being critical hit themselves!

25 Kaiju Dragon

Kaiju has to be the best. He deals a lot of dmg, and my double gold star kaiju can kill a level 20 legendary in 2 hits. It has a lot of hp to start with. And when it's a level 15 triple gold star, it's already at a wopping 10,000 hp.

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