Best Halo 2 Levels

This is a list I made of my favorite levels of my favorite game.
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1 Metropolis

Not to confuse people with the Anime movie. This is the mission where you fight your way through a big covenant force to take down the huge scarab causing all sorts of havoc. You start off with a tank where you kill everything in sight. Eventually, though try to make the best you can with all the vehicles you come across knowing you will need them. Once you have the best weapons at your disposal it's time to board the scarab and take down all that pilot the beast itself.

This is a great level in the city of new Mombasa. It feels sort of like halo 3 ODST except without a giant scarab. I love the scarab, it's way better than the ones on the other halos. I just wish the scarab would have a weaker weapon that it could use to shoot at you with but it's still a great level.

2 Gravemind

This may surprise some but I actually like this level a lot. The hardest mission ever? No contest. Just something about it though makes this level cool. The civil war breaking down between the Elites and the Brutes was interesting to see in the gameplay sequence. Especially towards the end with the cool music inserted in which you must find a way to live to get past the locked door. They pull out every single force here. Chief knew he was in a fight all by himself. Little would he know he got set up when the flood makes their way to High Charity.

3 The Great Journey

The final mission in the game ends on a high note. Arbiter settles the score with Tartarus once and for all. Once again you fight your way through many Brutes trying to stop you. You also realize that this is the only time you ally yourself with Hunters. Sadly they didn't join forces in Halo 3 for whatever reason. After busting your way on top of a pillar. You are greeted by Sgt. Johnson who isn't taken captive and controlling a scarab. There's an easier way though of getting in the control room without fighting the last remaining brutes by carefully doing an infamous glitch. Tartarus being the final boss is very fitting seeing everything else that was thrown at you was alright or wasn't exactly done right. Still, it was the right call to have it end like this set up for the final battle in the next game of the trilogy.

4 Delta Halo

After defeating the covenants' big superweapon in Mombasa. You follow them through a portal to the next halo ring. You are to stop the prophet of Regret as he was cited to have an icon of his own. In the midst of it all, you have a cool opening of dropping down your pod and making noise with a rocket launcher for your troubles. This one also tests your sniping skills at one point with Jackels. Not as bad as the other levels though as the placement of enemies isn't as unforgiving to have a trial and error towards. At the very end of this section, you have a fight with three high guard elites before being greeted with a hologram of Regret.

5 Quarantine Zone

This level is really amazing. You have to push through walls of flood and you get to drive a tank for a lot of it. The last part on the gondola is awesome (until all the humans die). Overall my favorite level, for now.

The fact that it is so chaotic, and the amazing track featuring Steve Vai blaring in the background, makes this level amazing! Not to mention the arbiter is super awesome.

6 Cairo Station

Cool throwback to how things started with the original game. For a first mission, they throw almost every elite type right away. You also find out you can dual-wield weapons for more ammo. The choice is yours how you wanna dive headfirst. Towards the end, you have to disable a bomb guarding with all elites. If your able to get past that you get the best cutscene in the entire game of how awesome master chief is taking chances like this was epic.

You just leave an award ceremony and then go to war. I like when you get outside and have to kill the guys guarding the door to the MAC gun. Then you fight piles of guys guarding a bomb. Which you disarm and then fire at the covenant cruiser that dropped it their.

7 The Arbiter

This is an alright first mission to play as an elite (The Arbiter) for the first time was a cool idea at the time to see. This part of chasing a heretic has you following a phantom with a banshee as support for the latter portion.

This level introduces the arbiter (thel vadamee) who recently was sentenced to be hung by his entrails but instead beacame the arbiter to go on a suicide mission which he survives. Anyway the level is pretty good, you get to fly in a banshee and kill lots of heretic banshees.

8 Outskirts

Great opening cutscene where immediately has you interested in this new Covenant superweapon that took down your pelican down. The part most didn't like too much was the defend this area section against endless waves of Covenant forces making their way down. Once the Hunters came down the coast was clear... until you got owned by the jackal snipers things get intense. Watch your head at all times on this level. This and Regret will make you rage with these snipers let me tell you.

This is a great level, I love the ending when you go through the tunnels past groups of buggers and little bases along the way. Then you drive up to a shadow that you have to kill, then theirs another shadow, and another (I think theirs 7 total).

9 Uprising

This level is just so important to the story. It shows the beginning of the great schism and shows the brute starting to murder the elites. I love the outside part when you get to drive the ghost down the river. It's just a really great level

Uprising is not that bad it's just. If you know how to use Arbiter the right way. You can easily get past the hard parts of the level. You manage to link back up with Rtas. Convincing him that the Brutes were never to be trusted.

10 Regret

The longest level is also one of the hardest too. Regret could have been a memorable cool enduring experience, but it's just not. You fight through a never-ending tunnel of Gondola rides, Jackel snipers with pinpoint accuracy, & the high-ranked elite guards with swords all having you taken out in front of Regret. No wonder at the ending cutscene Chiefs runs for his life. I would too after that act of torment you went through use to take down one of the 3 prophets.

I love when you get to kill regret and ride on the gondola to the place where he's hiding. Then watching master chief jump into a lake and get picked up by the gravemind.

The Contenders
11 High Charity

The terrifying experience that is High Charity, has the player fight or flee from horde after horde of flood.
With a couple of eerie, bird-like notes playing once a few minutes making up the entire soundtrack to the level, along with the now fully exposed howls of the parasites, makes for a heart-stopping chapter that has the player staring down charging flood, or trying to find a way to sneak past the undead, lest a scream from a Combat Form alert the local horde.

12 The Oracle

At the least, The Oracle had a boss fight that had something to the Heretic leader unlike the fight with Regret which was a joke. Most of the level though is super tedious where your suppose to do. You have to take down a majority of the flood to proceed after the chase to the Heretic leader first.

13 Sacred Icon
14 The Heretic
15 Armory
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