Best Halo 2 Levels

This is a list I made of my favorite levels of my favorite game.
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1 Metropolis

This is a great level in the city of new Mombasa. It feels sort of like halo 3 ODST except without a giant scarab. I love the scarab, it's way better than the ones on the other halos. I just wish the scarab would have a weaker weapon that it could use to shoot at you with but it's still a great level.

Love the scarab so much. Just wish it was more interactive and maybe be able to shoot at you with it's 2 mini guns. I also love the part on the bridge

2 Gravemind

This level is probably the longest halo level (while high charity the second part to this battle is probably the shortest). I like watching the elites and brutes fight each other and just watch. Sometimes I'd be right near a brute an elite shooting at each other and they wouldn't even look at me. One time I killed a brute in front of an elite and the elite congratulated me but then started shooting at me. Overall a good level.

Great stage! This is where you try to hunt down Truth but fail anyway. So much happens: Rescue marines, fight brutes for the first time ever, Elites fight brutes, brutes kill grunts, covenant civil war and some sweet music

I love how you get to see inside the covenant civil war. Also there is a huge weapons variety.

It just is. EPIC

3 Delta Halo

This level is pretty good. Lots of warthog driving and stopping at a few covenant bases and destroying them on your path to victory.

This level is great

4 The Great Journey

This was a very short, but amazing level! The beginning sequence in the Wraith is amazing, and when Halo 2 Anniversary graphics are turned on, the remastered music that plays in the background made me feel powerful and I could take on the world with a single tank. The fighting on the inside of the facility is a blast too!

This level is just so awesome. You push through so much brute armor. Fight some brutes with hunters assistance and then get to the scarab. Then you have to take down the brute air support (as well as some wraiths and a few specters). Finally you have to take down Tartarus in an epic duel of strength (and sniper support).

5 Quarantine Zone

This level is really amazing. You have to push through walls of flood and you get to drive a tank for a lot of it. The last part on the gondola is awesome (until all the humans die). Overall my favorite level, for now.

The fact that it is so chaotic, and the amazing track featuring Steve Vai blaring in the background, makes this level amazing! Not to mention the arbiter is super awesome.

A great level that has so much awesomeness I just really wish there were humans to fight as well as flood that would make the best level no matter what

6 Cairo Station

You just leave an award ceremony and then go to war. I like when you get outside and have to kill the guys guarding the door to the MAC gun. Then you fight piles of guys guarding a bomb. Which you disarm and then fire at the covenant cruiser that dropped it their.

Great intro to the game

7 Uprising

This level is just so important to the story. It shows the beginning of the great schism and shows the brute starting to murder the elites. I love the outside part when you get to drive the ghost down the river. It's just a really great level

8 The Arbiter

This level introduces the arbiter (thel vadamee) who recently was sentenced to be hung by his entrails but instead beacame the arbiter to go on a suicide mission which he survives. Anyway the level is pretty good, you get to fly in a banshee and kill lots of heretic banshees.

9 Outskirts

This is a great level, I love the ending when you go through the tunnels past groups of buggers and little bases along the way. Then you drive up to a shadow that you have to kill, then theirs another shadow, and another (I think theirs 7 total).

Awesome level! There are so many different ways to do a parkour run-through of the first part of Old Mombasa!

Best level of the series!


10 The Heretic
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11 High Charity

The terrifying experience that is High Charity, has the player fight or flee from horde after horde of flood.
With a couple of eerie, bird-like notes playing once a few minutes making up the entire soundtrack to the level, along with the now fully exposed howls of the parasites, makes for a heart-stopping chapter that has the player staring down charging flood, or trying to find a way to sneak past the undead, lest a scream from a Combat Form alert the local horde.

12 Regret

I love when you get to kill regret and ride on the gondola to the place where he's hiding. Then watching master chief jump into a lake and get picked up by the gravemind.

Killing regret is so fun. Halo 2 anniversary makes the end sequence amazing!

13 The Oracle
14 Sacred Icon
15 Armory
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