Top Ten League of Legends Tank Champions

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1 Rammus

Combine Thornmail with his passive and his w, and most ad champs will kill themselves by attacking you. add in boots of swiftness and his powerball wil go so fast Sonic the hedgehog will blush.

Those boots with his Q basically make it impossible to run from him.

The only real way to stop a jungle Rammus is to take his red or blue early, otherwise he will outdo everything you can.

His q also lets him get raptors and those lil rock dudes early, granting extra gold before needing to recall.

Great at soaking up damage while returning it with W. Not to mention his ultimate does huge aoe damage and his a can disrupt team fights perfectly or be used to chase down and kill single targets that have tried to escape. No one escapes the rammus.

2 Volibear

This guy's passive is the best. With his passive up, you will be literally OP in the early game.

His passive and his W can let him build full tank and make a hard damage.

Passive rules! With heal he is the strongest!

3 Amumu

Great for harassing enemy champs, especially if you know how to gank as him. Boost his speed, jack up his health, armor, and mana, and give him sunfire cape, and they won't survive. Pump levels into Bandage Toss and Tantrum to get the most use out of him.

Just an awesome tank with great abilities so overpowered in teamfights!

4 Shen

Pure tank, hands down. Only Shen and Rammus have taunts and that ability makes a pure tank!

I've been playing shen toplane for the past 100 games and the only champion that could win againts me on lane was Darius. Shen is very stong in 1v1, after lvl3 you can beat almost anyone expect Nautilius. Using your passives well and its gg.

5 Galio

Tips say not to even try to double him! Enough said!

6 Cho'Gath

Yes, with his skills dealing magic damage, and he's feast is a one hitting beast, this makes him a extremly hard to kill champion. He can have 10k health if fed and late game, and have 300 defense too. And since he deals so much damage too, when you see him, no matter what you use, you're dead. AP or AD.

Cho'Gath is a low risk, high reward champion that can deal tons of damage as a tank, or take a lot of hits building full AP. Start with a rod of ages, use the spikes to farm like no tomorrow, and get your stacks. Beyond that, do whatever you want.

7 Nautilus

Tons of mass and CC. Literally a brick wall that the enemy has to go through if they want to reach your team in a fight.

Don't spam shield early. Needs few items to become just a waste of time to focus. Can put out tons of
damage as well.

Nautilus has the most CC of any character in the game, and is an all around great tank. You can play him support, jungle, top, and even mid as seen in the LPL and LCK.

8 Maokai

So tanky atm at full build and his ult he can easily dive not 1, 2 but 3 turrets deep and survive and he can also stay on top of the enemy carry with his twisted advance which is also a good way to initiate a fight. His ult is also just amazing in teamfights and he is one of the best tanks not only in the competitive scene but also in the game. Late game he is almost unkillable.

Super tanky, amazing at crowd control and can easily take anyone 1v1. Also, he can be a great support since his abilities can stun and slow enemies.

9 Alistar

He can tank for days with no problem, has a sustain and built in sunfire, lets not forget the dmg reduction on his ult.

10 Zac

Zac is looked down a bit too much. First off, yes, he isn't the easiest of champions to use. His armor isn't too bad either. His E best move a jungler could have since it is an awesome gank tool from the fog of war. His W deal percentage of max health which is also pretty sweet. I build my Zac with Rylai's to gain a bit of AP so his W does 10% of their health. His Q I max last since it is his weakest move, still has great AoE. I love using his ultimate when enemy is attacking ally turret they just bounce in. He is good because all of his attacks are AoE. I build to about 5.06k health and with Lulu's ultimate I got a shock seeing his size. (ChoGath is still larger though)

The Contenders
11 Renekton

He is the best tank ever with his heatlh regen and no mana.
He can easily harass with his E. Buy his for instant win!

Renekton has the most spam able abilities ever.

He is great early game and does tons of damage.

12 Taric

Guys, Taric has 2nd skill making op champions vulnerable plus his stun

13 Shyvana

Combines up to 7% max health damage per hit + tankiness.
Also is a dragon. Which is cool.

Has a great ult that can be OP near the end of the game if fury charges quick enough, making all other abilities OP

14 Malphite

Best tank out there. Once leveled up, seismic shard does incredible amounts on champions such as Ashe, Miss Fortune, and any other attack based champion.

Unstoppable Force is perfect for team fights, and spamming seismic shard is great for chases. All round tank.

A real tank with some killer AP dmg. Might be the best team fight champ, and definitely has one of the best engages in the game.

15 Garen

Good mobility, And while being tanky, he can also do ton of damage due to his true Damage against Villains.
Putting pressure on the enemy teams most precious champions.

Heals in seconds, does pretty good damage. Finisher ult, for tanks who don't want to die at the end.

W passive plus scaling equals tanky plus damage. Bushmaster is best.

16 Dr. Mundo

Who is the best tank in the game? Mundo
Who deserves to be number 1? Mundo

Insane Sustain. Mundo go where he please

Build his hp, let his passive do the rest.

17 Teemo

Teemo is by far the strongest tank. No other champion compares to his global taunt that taunts everyone during teamfights. It's like shen, and basically every good aspect of every other champion, put together into an awesome temfighting, dps, tank, mage, assassin, stealth, carry.

Teemo is the strongest tank in the game and can out tank anybody.

18 Singed

His ult is very powerful all around. Who doesn't like a steroid that gives you massive definitely stats and health and mana regen? His w and e are excellent for defending your carries and he can kill people by running away, combine that with his kit and you have the ultimate tank!

His kit is beautifully designed and completely unique. Great at causing madness.

Can tank five enemies at once with an hitter by his side to kill them all.

19 Leona

A tank that can 1v1 the enemy adc and walks off like nothing happened. She can get the most amount of armor and mr possible in the game due to her W and she has 3 stuns.

Nice tank when played nicely with good coordination much of a setter.

So much stun which can be a big difference under allied turrets.

20 Thresh

Thresh is by far the strongest champion in the game if the player can use him the game is already won.

21 Poppy

The combination of her shield passive along with her W scaling and max health damage on Q makes her exceptionally viable.

Fun to play but difficult if can't maneuver around skillshots and hooks. Would personally rate number 1.

Combined with passive and courage of the collosses an infinite shield. Good passive on w.

22 Sion

Very op my favorite tank and capital underrated, I also second on garden jaravan and Warwick although he is not a tank but he is the most op on the list.

Free Shield up to level OVER 9000! and with the new S7 Masteries he's even tankier.
10 Years of CC and a passive that stacks Health... any more reasons needed?

He can soak up a huge amount of damage while still applying his cc capabilities. He is the best Champion to play with in my opinion

23 Tahm Kench

He is so overpowered, he quite literally cannot die because of grey health and being able to eat allies and other champions are op.

Broken if you just run a spirit visage into a warmogs or sunfire cape.

Tahm kench is very strong and have much hp so I recommend this champ

24 Nasus

If you let nasus do ANYTHING! Farm kill jungle support, he will murder you. 1v1ing a nasus that's not dueling that's suicide.

25 Sejuani

Op passive she is a lategame queen get Righteous glory, and banshee's veil for an unstoppable gank, she also does 20% max health damige to champs she shatters meaning deleet tank. Her passive is also amazing giving you 100% bonus armour an Mt meaning 750 armour is easy to get that's about 88% reduced damage

Mobility, more HP = more Damage output.
Lots of HP&Armor and HP&M. Res items to build acordingly to situation.

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