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1 Tails and Cosmo

This ship would have to be the best ship ever to come out of Sonic the hedgehog, it is the best ship ever written and Cosmo is one of the best characters anybody could ever ask for because she was made to be with Tails just as much as Cream was.

This ship is truly OTP and proves that making Tails a simp and a playa is the biggest and dumbest mistake anybody would ever make.

I can only accept Cream and Cosmo as lovers for Tails with the strongest one being Cosmo and in a universe where Cosmo doesn't exist, Tails can be with Cream and Cream alone.

Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee eat your hearts out, because you lot are truly dumb.

Bloody hell, I don't seem to understand why it was ranked so low. I mean Cosmo gave her life to let the others live, including Tails. Isn't that enough to express her love for him. And all the agony he had to go through once she died. Tails did not have enough strength to cope with such an occurrence. BY THE WAY; Tails made the promise that he would let nothing hurt her (which is a bloody tall order) and Cosmo made the promise that she would return and always be by his side. Rethink things and revisit and revisit. Trust, a promise for life and two hearts that were meant to be embroidered together. Is that not love?

Why isn't this number one? This is the only couple that actually worked out and was great, until Sega decided to get rid of Cosmo by making her perform a sacrifice. I know it was for a good cause, but couldn't they have changed it for the sake of this couple? Tails claims his love for Cosmo in the Japanese Dub of Sonic X when Cosmo is about to die, and it's heart-breaking.
I wish Cosmo didn't die, because now there will never be any other girl more perfect for Tails. The current one he has (which is Zooey), honestly sucks in my eyes. They only interacted for one episode, ONE. They only got as far as a hand touch, so yes, this couple isn't good.

Taismo is 100% awesome and it always will be, Taismo is just that awesome.
Why not?
Its 100% better than Sonamy in every way possible, also I completely despise Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee because the only character I care about is Tails and Cosmo... nobody else comes to mind besides Zooey, that is all.

2 Sonic and Amy

This ship is alright, it just isn't good enough to be canon despite still being canon.
It's better left the way it is.
Also, Tails and Sonic Pals and Gotta Go Fast have made things even worse with their stupid ideas.
- Adam C. Evers

I would say stuff, but everything is already explained. Amy is so sweet. In the Archie Comics, Sonic and Sally were together, but Amy helped them out anyway because all she wants is for Sonic to be happy. In Sonic Boom, Sonic got all defensive when Knuckles suggested that Amy might be setting up for a date (Episode Fuzzy Puppy Buddies). How cute is that? And Amy's whole purpose for creation was to be Sonic's love interest. This isn't canon, but in 1992 Sonic the Hedgehog manga, Eimi (Amy) and Nikki/Sonic were a couple, thus the creation of Amy. Don't forget their color schemes! Blue and Pink... Male and Female... Totally work!

I'm not one of those people who wants to see Sonic and Amy as a couple. Don't get me wrong, I would love to see them together, but I'm perfectly fine with them the way they are now. Sonic is a unique character because he's so simple and doesn't have a back story. Also, he doesn't have the time for a relationship. He'd rather have fun. Putting him in a relationship with Amy would be a dream come true, but it would also ruin what is so unique about the character. I love this idea and both characters, but I'm fine with them as they are.

I think Sonamy is actually realistic, because not all couples are for real perfect from the start. Tails and Cosmo may have clicked easily, but Sonic and Amy need some time. Amy obviously has big feelings for Sonic and at times we can see Sonic does have something for Amy, but here's the thing: Sonic isn't good with feelings. He's proved this multiple times already. I'm guessing he does have feelings for
Amy, they just aren't as strong or as clear to him. I do think the fan brats are out of control, but I do think they could turn into something really special.

3 Sonic and Blaze

Blaze is a great partner for Sonic. She's dependable, independent yet she is even better with a team, talented, and even tactful. She's beautiful, strong, lithe and flexible. She's the perfect partner for Sonic., Blaze can be just as cocky as Sonic, if not more so.. She's not that different from Sonic. In spin-offs such as the Riders and Olympics series, Blaze is shown to have become far more confident. Nearly all of her lines involve her bragging about how awesome she is, and she doesn't take losing well... Not unlike Sonic, one of the main influences behind her Character Development. They have excellent chemistry.

Blaze is a great partner for Sonic, maybe even the best. She can be just as cocky as Sonic, if not more so.. She's not that different from Sonic. In spin-offs such as the Riders and Olympics series, Blaze is shown to have become far more confident. Nearly all of her lines involve her bragging about how awesome she is, and she doesn't take losing well... Not unlike Sonic, one of the main influences behind her character development. She's dependable, independent yet she's even better with a team. Talented, and even tactful, She's beautiful, strong, lithe, and flexible. She'' as fast as she's intelligent. She's the perfect partner for Sonic. She has great chemistry with Sonic.

I love this ship! Sonic taught Blaze that it's okay to rely on friends, and that it's okay to open up. Sonic teaches her that she shouldn't make everything solely her responsibility, and that she "shouldn't put the world on her shoulders alone." They both have great speed and strength, they rival each other, bringing out that sense of achievement when one would impress the other. Plus, Blaze had even ONLY showed up to his birthday only for HIM. She went out of her comfort zone just to support Sonic. They are both independent, they wouldn't get in each others way either. Blaze enjoys adventure, and so does Sonic. Blaze would let Sonic continue his adventuring days and wouldn't cling onto him and make him settle down. Blaze is independent enough to take care of herself and her kingdom. Plus it's cute seeing Sonic get Blaze out of her comfort zone and interact with others! At the end of Sonic Rush, with Sonic and Blaze holding hands with each other as they depart, you can see Blaze ...more

This wouldn't work out for two reasons. One, Blaze was originally created to be a female Sonic from another dimension, which would make it kind of weird if they were together. Two, they're similar personalities would make it hard for them to accept and open up to each other in the endgame. The stubborn and independent mindset of "I can tackle this all on my own" would drive a wedge between the two of them and would make it hard for them to ask help from each other. They also probably would try to be better then the other, as they both are competitive and unwilling to accept failure.

4 Shadow and Rouge

I personally don't ship them, but I'm not really against them hooking up in the end. Rouge seems to be the type to flirt with anyone, and Shadow can be cold and distant at times.

But together, they seem kinda open with one another. It could be seen as really good friends, and that's fine. And in Sonic 06, I can see the spark of intimacy between them.

They're like the outcast of the school, both having characteristics that wouldn't let them hang with the crowd. But they don't need to, they have each other.

Take it as romance or friendship. They'll still be really swell with each other.

I'm gonna be honest about this; this is my favorite ship. The dynamic is what I love the most. They're both serious, even though Rouge tends to be a little more on the playful side. She and Shadow would balance one another out, which would be nice to see.

This couple is amazing! They side, fight, and help each other together! A lot of people may think they are only work partners and nothing more. But they don't consider the scenes SEGA left for us.

One, Shadow always protects Rouge. He loves her as much as he did with Maria, as shown in Sonic Adventure 2, where Rouge was captured and he rescued her - He thought of Maria's death while at it, and realized he couldn't let that happen to the bat either.

Two, Shadow is one of the only few people Rouge cares about. When the ebony hedgehog was in an unconscious state in Sonic X, Rouge was deeply concerned for him, as Eggman even concluded, "I don't believe it! You're worried about Shadow, aren't you?! "

Three, in Sonic 06, after Omega warned Shadow he was to hunt him in the future, Rouge promised the poor hedgehog she would remain by his side, even if the whole world was against him.

Four, once Rouge released Shadow from the stasis pod, she had accidentally awoken ...more

I think this ship has some canon potential... Even if they're "just friends", you still cannot deny that Shadouge is hinted many times throughout the series. Why do so many people think it is a crime to ship Shadow with Rouge (who he is of legal adult age and the two interacted towards each other many times, not to mention that Rouge is a flirt), yet it's perfectly okay to ship Cream with Tails when both of those characters are too young yet Tails and Cream never shown any feelings towards each other in any of the games, comics or shows? I smell hypocrisy...

5 Sonic and Tails

Ooooh boy.. People are gonna get mad at me for this, but I can't see this one. My biggest issue is that once Sonic is 18, Tails would be only ten- this is pedophilia, even if it is fiction.

My other issue is relatively minor, but it's just something that I have a problem with with best friends to lovers ships in general-- sometimes, I just wanna see best friends stay as best friends.

Other than that, I have no issue with this ship. It could be cute-- if Tails was the right age for it.

These two have so much chemistry together, it makes me so sad that this will probably never be canon. I'm begging for any type of canon ship with these two, no matter what media type it's in.

This gets way too much hate. Tails has always admired Sonic and follows him everywhere, whereas Sonic treats him as one of his closest partners. There are so many different scenarios that could lead them into a romantic relationship, and I know it'll never be canon, but I can dream…

Tails and Sonic Pals and Gotta Go Fast have completely destroyed the unbreakable bond which was their team up in the games and the morons ruined it, they ruined every single bit about it.
Friendship is a lie...

6 Tails and Cream

They're both down to earth characters that share similar values, often trying to slow down their more headstrong "older siblings", with a softer and more heartfelt personality. Both trying to make peace with others and avoid conflict. And both almost blind with optimism. Despite them having different perspectives from their backgrounds (A girl who spends her time with flowers and baking; A boy who learned about mechanics and planes.)

Cream is said to be curious and eager to learn, so she would be able to appreciate miles, as he takes his time to teach/show her things that opens the world for her. Tails would also appreciate her because there really aren't many characters willing to understand/listen him.

Really it depends on how you view them, as there are reasons why this ship could not work. From Tails' Meta Era personality (Look at Sonic Lost world and Forces), or Cream's patronizing attitude and inconsiderate tendencies.

I like to think of them as more humble, ...more

I love this ship, this ship is 100% number one in my books, but Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee ruined it.
Besides, Tail Twister and Speedy Blue did a much better job at it than those retards could ever do.

The only two ships I truly care about as a Sonic fan are Taismo and Taiream, those are the only ships that matter to me.
Taiream is sweet and innocent and of course, I love hybrids.
Taismo offers the same thing but more, its between these two hands down.

Oh year this is happening, this is the purest of gold; the greatest of treasures, the greatest Sonic ship ever.
Taismo maybe my OTP, but Taiream is number one.
Taiream is my go to ship.

7 Silver and Blaze

People often say this couple doesn't work out because 1: Silver is from the future, and Blaze is from a different dimension (and since Sonic 06 was removed from the timeline, they don't know each other) and 2: Their personality contrast wouldn't work out. The distance and difference between the two is actually what I like about that pairing. Silver is the emotional one, Blaze is the rational one. Even in Sonic 06, that's what keeps them together. Given that they both kinda freely go between worlds/timelines respectively, they can probably work something out to still be together. Keeping a distance relationship is a pretty good show of love (and I doubt Blaze really gets to date anyone in her own world. She's royalty, her parents are probably saving her for an arranged marriage to gain political power. Monarchy sucks).

Also, in the DS version of Sonic Colors, it shows that they both seem somewhat familiar with each other, and they're seen talking to each other at the end of ...more

Blaze is Shadows girl. I ship them the same reason people ship Shrek and Fiona. Shadow is scary on the surface, but is truly broken, and mistreated at heart. Blaze is also quite serious, but she is friendlier than Shadow. I overall like the idea of Silver being the son of Shadow and Blaze from the future. I first heard that concept in a reply to a comment of a work I read on AO3, in which the guy spoiled for me when I thought something else was gonna happen. Shadaze for the win, with Silver as the son.

I like Silver and Blaze a lot, though it needs a whole lot more development for it to happen.
First of all, in the Japanese guide, Blaze is shown to see Silver as a little brother. Ok? That's how Katara saw Aang at first and how Starfire saw Robin. Things can change. Besides, Sega was always hinting at it. Secondly, Silver and Blaze work well together. Thirdly, Silver was one of the only people who really understood Blaze. This ship deserves more recognition

This is actually amazing. I know most of sonic 06 is put canon, but they are just so precious and cute. Silver is naive and sometimes pretty stupid (I love him though) and Blaze knows how to keep him in check. They are sort of like a forbidden love. Silver is from the future, and Blaze is from a different universe, both of their homes are under their protection. I love this ship more than anything!

8 Shadow and Amy

Okay, so I do like this one, but for the dynamic that Amy and Shadow could have. They really could be good together, but at the same time, my quarrel lies within the age difference. She's 12, and Shadow is 18, which would make it pedophilia- even if it is fiction.

In Sonic Heroes Team Dark and Team Rose never fought.
Shadow also made promise to Amy in Sonic Adventure 2 and she was the only one of the few characters who saw Shadow cry. (The tear drop is barely visible)
And when Amy hugged Shadow on accident Shadow did nothing bad to Amy and in the game Shadow the Hedgehog Amy says "Shadow, I'm so glad you're here! "
If you help Amy on a mission in Shadows game shadow will say this.
"I arrived at the doctor's castle, and I ran into Amy. She was looking for Cream, who was missing...I didn't have any reason to help her, but since I was looking for the doctor anyway...I figured... ---Anyway, I've wasted enough time already. I need to track down the Doctor at once."
Also Shadow is one of the few who has not shown any dislike towards Amy.

I like Knuxouge, because I think shadow and rouge have more of a bro-sis sort of thing going.

So, I really didn't like this ship for a while. I mean, I didn't mind it, it just never really made sense. But then I kinda started realizing some important things about their relationship and realized they would go unite nicely together.

Ok so number 1 in Sonic Adventure 2, AMY is the one to trigger Shadows memory of Maria, which then leads him to good side. Amy did that, when no one else could. I like that about them. Rouge never encouraged him to do good. Amy actually had a legit and effect on him

Number 2, I kinda believe the theory that

Silver is their kid. If you think about it, it's true! In the black night, Silver is represented as by a character who is actually the SON of shadows character, and The character that represents Amy is actually the lover of Shadows character. was basically saying Silver is their kid, which makes sense considering their ...more

Amy and shadow are really nice with each other, I love them, I don't really like sonamy because sonic rejects Amy, while she's being kind with him. (A bit too much adoration)

9 Shadow and Blaze

Love these two together! I think their independent and strong personalities compliment each other well. They both seem to be somewhat of a loner, and struggle to share their emotions. They have a fair bit of common ground to bond over. Their camaraderie in the Sonic Universe comics is ace!

Both serious, levelheaded (until provoked), determined, strong, and lonely souls. Shadow didn't trust anyone after his best friend died, and Blaze barely had any friends (besides Silver, who she thinks of as a brother, I might add) because they thought she was weird. The two would make a fantastic couple. I want a game about the two of them.

These two characters personalities intertwine so perfectly that it's impossible for me to not agree with this pairing. Though they never interact in the games that doesn't mean that it should just be thrown to the side as a fake pairing. This pairing it perfectly legitimate and has a reliable fan base to keep it going.

I think this is such a great couple... Blaze and Shadow would be perfect! It's a shame they've never gotten to really interact in the games. In the Archie comics, however, they have to work together and it's great! This is my favorite sonic couple!

10 Vanilla and Vector

They're a couple that have passed their teen years, and are mature enough to decide who they want to spend time with.

I also like the idea of how they'll bounce off each other, as this is a case of balance between differences and similarities.

One is a loud mouth, who boasts about any amount of gain he's got, working for a poor detective agency, and at times, appearing to be a money grubbing maniac.

The other is a soft spoken mother, who never really speaks up more than she needs to, living comfortably in her little home.

Yet, I think its possible for them to work:

Despite making a fool of himself, Vector has standards. There's jobs he wouldn't go for, payments he would willingly not take. He seems to have a standard, or a code he follows. He's loyal and knows when to keep his mouth shut and listen. He's even a believer of god in Knuckle's Chaotix, how wouldn't he have a code?

He also very caring, as he's show to do his job for free if his ...more

I adore this couple! It's been my OTP for a long time and I think that they're cute together! Vector seems to care a lot about Vanilla and Cream and I just hope that Vanilla gives him the chance to be her boyfriend.

Now a few of you might say that Vector and the rest of the Chaotix beat up Cream to get Cheese in Sonic Heroes, but honestly, it wasn't even their fault in the first place. All vector wanted to do was ask Amy a question and Amy, being the bitch that she is, immediately assumes that Vector wants to go on a date with her. Also, if you really think about it, Eggman was the one who told them to do that and we all know how persuasive he can be and really Espio was the one who told Cream to hand over Cheese.

Another thing that I can explain is when Vector takes Cream and Cheese (and Cosmo) home to their mother in Galactic Gumshoes. It looked to me like something that an overprotective father would do for his daughter and I just found that absolutely adorable, it ...more

I love these two together (with Cream and Cheese). The only sad thing about this relationship is Vanilla's voice actor in the English Dub of Sonic X, I would've liked it better if Emily Mortimer (voice of Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle) voiced Vanilla.

I really love this couple, a lot. I like how Vector acts like a second father to Cream. Vector is the perfect father for Cream, I also loved seeing Vector and Vanilla together in Sonic X.

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11 Knuckles and Rouge

The most CONSISTENT, TWO-SIDED ship with ACTUAL ROMANTIC hints in the entire franchise. Games, anime, comics. It's everywhere and it's flipping canon. Both of their official Sega profiles even said so. Their chemistry in SA2 is WAY obvious. They literally have an almost-kiss moment. Even one of Knuckle's theme songs in the game is him singing about his crush-in-denial. It's very clear what message the writers were trying to send with these two. Sonic Team clearly ships it. Even Sonic himself has teased Knuckles and Rouge about their obvious feelings for each other. You KNOW it's canon when an in-universe character (the flipping titular character of the franchise, no less!) acknowledges it! Shadouge shippers are in serious denial and need to stop whining. I mean, even when I was a HARDCORE Shadouge shipper, I STILL acknowledged Knuxouge was DEFINITELY a thing and was cool with both ships. Because you cannot deny Knuckles and Rouge have a thing for each other.

This ship is actually amazing and hilarious because they get on each other's nerves like a legitimate couple. It's two sided, though they don't admit it, they work great together. They are both tough and strong, and just look so fantastic together. Shadow and Rouge is nice, but they are more like partners in crime. In sonic x, rouge and knuckles are constantly by each other's side. This ship deserves more recognition.

This pairing is painfully one-sided in Rouge's part. Knuckles may tolerate and even like her at times, but he is never really shown to reciprocate her feelings. Rouge makes Knuckles look like a fool constantly, and he isn't dumb. It's really cringey watching her flirt with him in Sonic X, further making Knuckles flustered and seeming idiotic when he isn't. Besides, they are RIVALS.
It's very overrated in my opinion, I'd prefer to see Shadouge than this.

Oh please. They are perfect together! Rouge was made literally so she could oppose Knuckles! It's like Catwoman and Batman. Besides, they're virtually the same. They're both the strong one, the're both the hedgehog's right hand man (or woman), and they're both obsessed with the Emerald. I, for one, supposed Knuckles and Rouge!

12 Jet and Wave

Ya, best one. Also, they should just fire Storm, after all, he is the one getting in the way of their relationship. For example, Jet and Wave were in their ship talking, then Storm storms in and tells them that e got defeated. At least Storm isn't in the Rio 2016 Olympics, but Jet and Wave aren't in the same sport together.

It's a nice couple, really. But I just found out they are brothers and sisters! Siblings, people! If you guys don't believe me, search it up.

Jet is 14,Meanwhile Wave is the same age as Rouge: 18.

People don't forget about the others!

13 Tails and Marine

This ship often has Tails becoming her snack despite their close friendship but, it isn't as bad as Creails/Taiream that has Cream murdering Tails in the name of love.
That isn't really canon but, it still fits the Itchy and Scratchy idea - I'll go and sit in the corner now, sorry...

I think they are just cute together. She sails and he flies. Don't you know opposites are cute if they are opposite enough? That may sound crazy but it is true. She has pointy ears and so does he. They both have adorable bushy tails.

How is this so low? It should be way higher. Tails and Marine are so beautiful together. They have almost the same interests, and their colors match perfectly together. Marine is beautiful and shy and Tails is shy and quite handsome, when you think about it. They go tgether so great and were meant tobe together.

My favorite weird couple! Marine seems to be the only thing that can tame the evil
Of Tails Doll and they nice couple. I got this couple from watching Sonic Paradox on
YouTube where Tails Doll and Marine came from on.

14 Scourge and Fiona

I beg you! Think about it! Fiona and Scourge? That makes just as little sense as Sonic and Sally. Sorry. Scourge and Fiona do not go together! I prefer Scourge and Rosy. They are both hedgehogs and fit together perfectly. Even the character. They're both crazy. Fiona is a Fox and She and Scourge makes no sense as a couple

The baddies gotta be together.

15 Ray and Marine

Not a good couple. They never even met. Tails on the other hand, Marine met him, but she never met Ray anywhere.

They never even met. Tails is a better choice for Marine than Ray.

I think that one's okay.

It's a good couple

16 Sonic and Shadow

This ship is my ligit everything. It makes me happy to see this and should be canon. It's beautifully gay, and so adorable. Enemies to lovers is one of the most popular ways for ships to get together. So many like Adrienette, Jilly, Snowbaz, and those are just off the top of my head. Sega I beg you (and I know there's others who agree) please, make this canon, or at lease semi.

I love this couple for many reasons, but the main one is, that they are rivals. That's what I like. The hero isn't supposed to fall for the villain, but Sonic falls for Shadow or Shadow falls for Sonic. The fact that they are rivals just makes their love that much cuter. They love bickering but when it comes down to it, they actually are friends. SEGA is actually leaving Sonadow hints here and there. Sonic heroes, Sonic adevnture 2, Sonic boom rise of lyric and shattered crystal and then the show as well. Face it guys, Sonadow is love, Sonadow is life

I ship this all the way! This is an adorable ship! I don't really care what y'all have to say about my opinion because everyone thinks differently. So y'all have to deal with me like this k? Good! Well, let me just say this is adorable and I am always wondering what the rest of Sonic's friends with think about them (I like drama). And so yeah, this ship is cute and I think they are adorable together!

Dude. What's wrong with rivals' attraction to each other? They're our favorite hedgehogs (not meaning for Silver to be left out) but COME ON. Don't go around hating every couple that's not your OTP. I accept every couple, and Sonadow just so happens to be my favorite.

17 Knuckles and Sonia

Come on! Sonia obviously likes him, and it's overall just the one of the most forgotten couples out there.

In Sonic Boom, Knuckles plays the piano. In Underground, Sonia plays the keyboard. This could work.

18 Knuckles and Shade

Awesome couple, plus I liked the Echidna Rush move.

Much better choice for Knuckles than Rouge.

I like this couple

19 Bunnie and Antoine

They may be very cute (like all other Sonic characters), but Antoine D. Coolette needs to try being together forever w/ Princess Daisy of Sarasa Land (especially in Western Canada) & look up to her as an older sister like Miles "Tails" Prower did during the Vancouver 2010 Olympics.

They are perfect for each other, and they are so sweet and romantic, in a good way. I love the moments they have.

This ship was shown in the comics and Bunnie and Antonio get together! They are one of the few canon ships.

I know nothing about this, but they're married, so I voted for it.

20 Charmy and Cream

Well I just think that they are really good friends, their the same age and I think that it's better then all the other ships with the chaotix.

Sorry but, I don't like this ship...

They are both so underrated!

I don't like this ship...

21 Shadow and Maria

Friendship wise this works otherwise the writing ruins it because Maria shouldn't comeback canon wise, fanon wise yes canon wise no.
Just accept it and move on.

I actually don't agree with this, but not because I'm some sick fan girl who obsessed over shadamy and things of that nature. I don't agree with this, because I don't believe Shadow loved Maria that way. Oh, I do believe he loved her, more than anything. But I don't believe they would have held hands and talked about how they have feelings for each other. They are best friends, with a deep bond. And even when Shadow wasn't sure Maria was even a real part of his life, or just a memory placed into his mind, he still always kept her in mind. Shadow doesn't love Maria like a girlfriend, he loves her more than that. He loves her like she's the only person in the world.

This couple makes me sick! Maria is a human shadow is a hedgehog bestiality is gross, I'm going to do a little role play ok here's a moron and what they think,

stupid person: aww this is so cute! I love this couple.

Me: I don't like this couple because Maria is a human and shadow is a hedgehog bestiality is gross.

Stupid person: but they love each other!

Me: Maria is dead.

Stupid person: but in the fan fiction I'm reading Maria didn't die!

Me: that's fan fiction SEGA in tend Maria to be shadows best friend and to show the lost and pain in shadow's life when she die.

Stupid person: but he's sad about her death that proves that they were in love!

Me: no it doesn't who wouldn't be sad if they best friend died?

Stupid person: shut up! You don't know what you're talking about!

Me: SEGA isn't going to bring Maria back they only made her to show you what happened in shadow's life.

And that is why I hate this couple.

I love Shadaria a lot, even though I know it will never happen. Guys, let's face it, Shadow loved Maria. His whole,life he's been consumed with trauma surrounding her death. Maria was the only one who knew how to communicate with Shadow.
And to those of you who are say that people who ship Shadow and Maria and not Sonic and Elise. Better get this straight: 1. Sonic 06 was deleted from the timeline, 2. Elise was a whiny baby in which there was no chance for Sonic to return feelings to her.
This ship is fantastic, but now that Maria is gone I ship Shadouge.

22 Tails and Amy

This isn't likely to happen anytime soon but it might seeing that the fans like the idea of it, it does dive into the characters relationships pretty well despite the fact that Amy loves Sonic not Tails.
I'm not against this ship and it could have happened instead of Tails and Mina getting together but at the same time, she's better off being with the one she loves.
- Adam C. Evers

Shadails is more likely to happen while this is mostly a wannabe ship, heck, Shadails is also a wannabe ship but, it still works friendship wise - Tails and Amy and Shadow and Tails make perfect sense as a friendship pairing than a true love story but it still works just not as a couple.
This ship kinda has a chance low and as much as I like the idea of Shadails, it is more of a best frenemies story idea.
Don't judge me...

My favorite ship, not popular though.

She likes him as a friend...

23 Silver and Amy

Er.. This is sorta pedophilia, given that Amy isn't even -alive- during the years that Silver is alive. If they were actually around the same age, this one could be cute, if it was given some development.

Adorable! Amy was Silver's first friend they are both jolly, friendly, helpful, and cheerful - Does that not sound good?!

I don't know I like this couple but it just my big brother like this couple. So I follow him..

Silver and Amy is a very cute and an adorable couple! I don't know who wouldn't like it!

24 Shrek and Blaze

Shrek is not sonic

25 Tikal and Shadow

Would be nice if Tikal came back. She's a lot like Maria, which means maybe but this is actually kinda weird.

It is an okay couple but they never met, so they don't have romantic attractions to each other. But I do find it like 20% a cute couple

Opposites attract. I hope Tikal is in new games and that Shadow and her interact.

I honestly prefer Knuxikal. They are more similar, and Shadow's got other business.

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