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1 Tails and Cosmos

Taismo is 100% awesome and it always will be, Taismo is just that awesome.
Why not?
Its 100% better than Sonamy in every way possible, also I completely despise Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee because the only character I care about is Tails and Cosmo... nobody else comes to mind besides Zooey, that is all.

This is my OTP, this is gold.
Tails and Springtrap on the other hand, Springtrap could pass himself off as Tails's human counterpart if he was a killer in R.L. Stine's Fear Street series.
Remember that bread slicer kill, if Tails or Springtrap were serial killers they'd 100% do that to their victims despite it being more along the lines of Springtrap's thing not Tails's.
Sorry, I couldn't resist.

Taismo is clearly number one in my books but, Sonamy is kinda forceful when it comes to their fans and the fandom around it.
Taismo on the other hand really shows love at its finest.
Also the writers clearly showed that the two were in love way before the lake scene that housed Amy's love potion.
Why did Cream and Chris like the idea of Sonamy happening through fake love?
Heck, the two of them should have been angry at her for that and wasn't Chris the one who wanted Sonic to stay - Amy should have been angry at him for keeping "her" Sonic away from her, why was Chris let off with a warning like Cream was in Sonic Heroes.
Most fans say that they were only in love after the lake scene but, watch it again and you'll see that the two fell in love way before the scene even happened.
Remember the plane scenes and that one scene that took place before the lake, those scenes revealed their love for each other way before the scene came to be and by the sound of things - the ...more

WOW, a two-sided ship with actual moments and REAL feelings? It's almost too good to be true.
Luckily, it's not. Tails x Cosmo is the best ship around, if you ask me. Tails and Cosmo have always had a thing, and I've never been one of those "love at first sight kinda gals" but this ship is truly beautiful. Tails is just a little kid and he tired to fight
Shadow, someone who's way older and more powerful than him—JUST FOR COSMO! I think Sonamy is nice, but it isn't as developed. I know Cream x Tails might be cute, but this is truly number one. Cosmo may have died, but before she dies she literally says to Tails that she loves him and he's in tears. Besides, Tails has always been a little more mature for his age, and Cream just seems a bit too young for him, if you know what I mean.


2 Sonic and Amy

I think Sonamy is actually realistic, because not all couples are for real perfect from the start. Tails and Cosmo may have clicked easily, but Sonic and Amy need some time. Amy obviously has big feelings for Sonic and at times we can see Sonic does have something for Amy, but here's the thing: Sonic isn't good with feelings. He's proved this multiple times already. I'm guessing he does have feelings for
Amy, they just aren't as strong or as clear to him. I do think the fan brats are out of control, but I do think they could turn into something really special.

Say all you want about Sonamy (literally—go ahead, this fanbase is so toxic I could care less) but this ship is a billion times better than Sonally or Shadamy. Sonic and Amy have grown in relationship, and Sega has given us way to many hints for us to deny that this will be endgame. Though it will probably end up only semi canon, like Knuxouge, I find it spectacular. Amy has matured a lot over the past games, and I love their relationship arc. In the IDW comics, Amy and Sonic have a lot of moments—and the Archie comics have nothing to do with Sonic, so Sonally shouldn't even be in the picture anymore at this point. But I love Sonamy with all my heart, and I really would love to see where it goes in the future.

This ship just feels forced as if we're forcing them together, I don't like it.
It was completely one sided which is bad in more ways than one because it isn't true love, true love is the key to every ship and I can't see it here.
Not yet anyway...

Stop hating on this! The only ship that is better is Taismo. It may be one sided at first, but in sonic boom Amy and sonic have lots of moments. Amy can be obsessive but sonic can be obnoxious. They are both flawed and that's why they are perfect for each other. Each help each other in their own way. Sonic gets his ideas from Amy and Amy feels inspired when around him. And besides, no couple is perfect right form the start. Feelings develop over time.

3 Sonic and Tails

Tails and Sonic Pals and Gotta Go Fast have completely destroyed the unbreakable bond which was their team up in the games and the morons ruined it, they ruined every single bit about it.
Friendship is a lie...

There is no other ship that has more Canon Fodder than this ship. They're almost always together, and a few times, Tails has blushed in Sonic's presence. Whenever Tails is in trouble, who does he always hope saves him? Sonic! This needs to be a thing.

Ok who ever keeps saying "ew! " and other stuff to all the homosexual ones needs to bite his tongue, maybe that will show him, but as for the match up I think it's better than any other.. I mean really sonamy? Not likely but tails and sonic are amazing together!

Sonic x Rosalina (of the Comet Observatory) would work, too.

The couples would be great, especially in Western Canada.

4 Knuckles and Rouge

This ship is actually amazing and hilarious because they get on each other's nerves like a legitimate couple. It's two sided, though they don't admit it, they work great together. They are both tough and strong, and just look so fantastic together. Shadow and Rouge is nice, but they are more like partners in crime. In sonic x, rouge and knuckles are constantly by each other's side. This ship deserves more recognition.

The most CONSISTENT, TWO-SIDED ship with ACTUAL ROMANTIC hints in the entire franchise. Games, anime, comics. It's everywhere and it's flipping canon. Both of their official Sega profiles even said so. Their chemistry in SA2 is WAY obvious. They literally have an almost-kiss moment. Even one of Knuckle's theme songs in the game is him singing about his crush-in-denial. It's very clear what message the writers were trying to send with these two. Sonic Team clearly ships it. Even Sonic himself has teased Knuckles and Rouge about their obvious feelings for each other. You KNOW it's canon when an in-universe character (the flipping titular character of the franchise, no less!) acknowledges it! Shadouge shippers are in serious denial and need to stop whining. I mean, even when I was a HARDCORE Shadouge shipper, I STILL acknowledged Knuxouge was DEFINITELY a thing and was cool with both ships. Because you cannot deny Knuckles and Rouge have a thing for each other.

This pairing is painfully one-sided in Rouge's part. Knuckles may tolerate and even like her at times, but he is never really shown to reciprocate her feelings. Rouge makes Knuckles look like a fool constantly, and he isn't dumb. It's really cringey watching her flirt with him in Sonic X, further making Knuckles flustered and seeming idiotic when he isn't. Besides, they are RIVALS.
It's very overrated in my opinion, I'd prefer to see Shadouge than this.

here's one of my favorite scenes involving them:
Rouge: "Oh, and there's just one more thing."
Knuckles: "What's that?"
Rouge: "I hope we share a cell."
Knuckles: "You're batty!"

I was laughing so much. they seem perfect.

5 Sonic and Blaze

It makes a lot of sense. Sonic has always had an unusual admiration for Blaze. In the IDW comics (which are canon, I might add), Sonic says: "You know I'm always happy to see you--" Wha-? That's the sweetest thing I've ever heard from Sonic!
Both are fast, strong, and agile. Blaze can keep up with Sonic, and keep him in check. Many say they are too alike. That's not true. Blaze is mature, calm, and closed-off. Sonic is rash, cocky, and outgoing.
In Sonic Rush, while the two are in super form, they hold hands for a few seconds before being pulled apart.
It's impossible not to ship them!

Blaze is a great partner for Sonic. She's dependable, independent yet she is even better with a team, talented, and even tactful. She's beautiful, strong, lithe and flexible. She's the perfect partner for Sonic., Blaze can be just as cocky as Sonic, if not more so.. She's not that different from Sonic. In spin-offs such as the Riders and Olympics series, Blaze is shown to have become far more confident. Nearly all of her lines involve her bragging about how awesome she is, and she doesn't take losing well... Not unlike Sonic, one of the main influences behind her Character Development. They have excellent chemistry.

I love this ship! Sonic taught Blaze that it's okay to rely on friends, and that it's okay to open up. Sonic teaches her that she shouldn't make everything solely her responsibility, and that she "shouldn't put the world on her shoulders alone." They both have great speed and strength, they rival each other, bringing out that sense of achievement when one would impress the other. Plus, Blaze had even ONLY showed up to his birthday only for HIM. She went out of her comfort zone just to support Sonic. They are both independent, they wouldn't get in each others way either. Blaze enjoys adventure, and so does Sonic. Blaze would let Sonic continue his adventuring days and wouldn't cling onto him and make him settle down. Blaze is independent enough to take care of herself and her kingdom. Plus it's cute seeing Sonic get Blaze out of her comfort zone and interact with others! At the end of Sonic Rush, with Sonic and Blaze holding hands with each other as they depart, you can see Blaze ...more

This wouldn't work out for two reasons. One, Blaze was originally created to be a female Sonic from another dimension, which would make it kind of weird if they were together. Two, they're similar personalities would make it hard for them to accept and open up to each other in the endgame. The stubborn and independent mindset of "I can tackle this all on my own" would drive a wedge between the two of them and would make it hard for them to ask help from each other. They also probably would try to be better then the other, as they both are competitive and unwilling to accept failure.

6 Shadow and Rouge

This couple is amazing! They side, fight, and help each other together! A lot of people may think they are only work partners and nothing more. But they don't consider the scenes SEGA left for us.

One, Shadow always protects Rouge. He loves her as much as he did with Maria, as shown in Sonic Adventure 2, where Rouge was captured and he rescued her - He thought of Maria's death while at it, and realized he couldn't let that happen to the bat either.

Two, Shadow is one of the only few people Rouge cares about. When the ebony hedgehog was in an unconscious state in Sonic X, Rouge was deeply concerned for him, as Eggman even concluded, "I don't believe it! You're worried about Shadow, aren't you?! "

Three, in Sonic 06, after Omega warned Shadow he was to hunt him in the future, Rouge promised the poor hedgehog she would remain by his side, even if the whole world was against him.

Four, once Rouge released Shadow from the stasis pod, she had accidentally awoken ...more

The most complex relationship in the series is between these two stunning characters. Both have trust issues, big egos, distorted egos, and mega-spy material, and they click like that. Knuxouge has little to no evidence of any romantic feelings. Rouge flirts with Kncukles for the master emeralds

I think this ship has some canon potential... Even if they're "just friends", you still cannot deny that Shadouge is hinted many times throughout the series. Why do so many people think it is a crime to ship Shadow with Rouge (who he is of legal adult age and the two interacted towards each other many times, not to mention that Rouge is a flirt), yet it's perfectly okay to ship Cream with Tails when both of those characters are too young yet Tails and Cream never shown any feelings towards each other in any of the games, comics or shows? I smell hypocrisy...

Can I please add something?
In the IDW comics (which are canon) Shadow is infected by the metal virus and goes missing. Rouge doesn't know this but asks Amy later on where he is. When Any responds saying he's still missing Rouge is on the verge of tears
This ship is beautiful

7 Shadow and Blaze

Both serious, levelheaded (until provoked), determined, strong, and lonely souls. Shadow didn't trust anyone after his best friend died, and Blaze barely had any friends (besides Silver, who she thinks of as a brother, I might add) because they thought she was weird. The two would make a fantastic couple. I want a game about the two of them.

Even though they don't really have that many moments, they would be pretty much perfect for each other. Their personalities are very alike. Both Blaze and Shadow had to learn this ok to have help and make some friends.

These two characters personalities intertwine so perfectly that it's impossible for me to not agree with this pairing. Though they never interact in the games that doesn't mean that it should just be thrown to the side as a fake pairing. This pairing it perfectly legitimate and has a reliable fan base to keep it going.

I think this is such a great couple... Blaze and Shadow would be perfect! It's a shame they've never gotten to really interact in the games. In the Archie comics, however, they have to work together and it's great! This is my favorite sonic couple!

8 Shadow and Amy

Excuse me, but how the heck is this below Shadouge? Shadow and Rouge have absolutely no feelings for each other (Rouge has a crush on Knuckles).
Many say this overrated and doesn't make any sense, but I think this will be endgame. Shadow is the possible relative of Silver, which is a huge hint to Shadamy. A bat and a hedgehog CANNOT make a hedgehog.
Shadamy fans are shamed for being deluded fangirls, but we are not! Amy is the one who turned Shadow to the good side in SA2. Amy is the one who puts the most faith in Shadow.
Sonic doesn't love Amy, and one day, Amy will learn that. Shadamy IS possible, and there's no denying that.

I like Knuxouge, because I think shadow and rouge have more of a bro-sis sort of thing going.

So, I really didn't like this ship for a while. I mean, I didn't mind it, it just never really made sense. But then I kinda started realizing some important things about their relationship and realized they would go unite nicely together.

Ok so number 1 in Sonic Adventure 2, AMY is the one to trigger Shadows memory of Maria, which then leads him to good side. Amy did that, when no one else could. I like that about them. Rouge never encouraged him to do good. Amy actually had a legit and effect on him

Number 2, I kinda believe the theory that

Silver is their kid. If you think about it, it's true! In the black night, Silver is represented as by a character who is actually the SON of shadows character, and The character that represents Amy is actually the lover of Shadows character. was basically saying Silver is their kid, which makes sense considering their ...more

In Sonic Heroes Team Dark and Team Rose never fought.
Shadow also made promise to Amy in Sonic Adventure 2 and she was the only one of the few characters who saw Shadow cry. (The tear drop is barely visible)
And when Amy hugged Shadow on accident Shadow did nothing bad to Amy and in the game Shadow the Hedgehog Amy says "Shadow, I'm so glad you're here! "
If you help Amy on a mission in Shadows game shadow will say this.
"I arrived at the doctor's castle, and I ran into Amy. She was looking for Cream, who was missing...I didn't have any reason to help her, but since I was looking for the doctor anyway...I figured... ---Anyway, I've wasted enough time already. I need to track down the Doctor at once."
Also Shadow is one of the few who has not shown any dislike towards Amy.

You know, ship Sonamy is normal because Amy has a crush on Sonic but, in the same time Sonic has a crush on Sally. Sonally is corfimed in the comic so why not Shadamy?
Shadow is the classic guy that lives in bad memories and regrets, Amy is the opposite, she lives the present and she wants to become more than what she is.
She is the lightness and he is the darkness. I hope there will be many more scenes of them two, both in the cartoon and in the comics.
In the end, if you don't like this couple it's ok; but don't say that the fans of this couple are idiots!

9 Tails and Cream

I actually liked this ship, it wasn't really that bad and I still saw them as a cute couple despite the fact that Cream is a complete jerk in the fanon and a sweetheart in the main canon if you know what I mean.
I don't know it just makes the bread slicer death scene from Fear Street less scary when you imagine Cream in the place of Kate, it is scary and sickening yes but, I don't like the fanon version of Cream.
UwU Cream should so die in a scene like that, it'll just bring a smile to my face to see that happen to her.

This ship should have gotten the number two spot because like Taismo the two of them are pretty cute together, if Taismo doesn't happen then this should.
I still hate Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast, Charmy Bee and Launny for ruining it for me low - I'm still 100% salty about that and I'm dying for revenge, I want them to face the errors of their actions one way or another...

Did anyone else notice the interactions these two had in the Archie Comics, after the Genesis Wave happened. Tails seemed to blush while Cream was admiring the Chaos Emerald he found, and later, during his fight with Honey the Cat, she was very worried and freaked out when he lost. This seems like the only continuity where they were implied to have feelings for each other, and I felt it was a wasted opportunity. If they ever revive this series, I hope they explore this more.

Tails and Sonic Pals, Emerald Masters, Gotta Go Fast and Charmy Bee have ruined this ship for me alongside Launny but, I still like it.
In fact, the UwU universe has ruined everything for me.
10/10 - Weak...

10 Silver and Blaze

I like Silver and Blaze a lot, though it needs a whole lot more development for it to happen.
First of all, in the Japanese guide, Blaze is shown to see Silver as a little brother. Ok? That's how Katara saw Aang at first and how Starfire saw Robin. Things can change. Besides, Sega was always hinting at it. Secondly, Silver and Blaze work well together. Thirdly, Silver was one of the only people who really understood Blaze. This ship deserves more recognition

People often say this couple doesn't work out because 1: Silver is from the future, and Blaze is from a different dimension (and since Sonic 06 was removed from the timeline, they don't know each other) and 2: Their personality contrast wouldn't work out. The distance and difference between the two is actually what I like about that pairing. Silver is the emotional one, Blaze is the rational one. Even in Sonic 06, that's what keeps them together. Given that they both kinda freely go between worlds/timelines respectively, they can probably work something out to still be together. Keeping a distance relationship is a pretty good show of love (and I doubt Blaze really gets to date anyone in her own world. She's royalty, her parents are probably saving her for an arranged marriage to gain political power. Monarchy sucks).

Also, in the DS version of Sonic Colors, it shows that they both seem somewhat familiar with each other, and they're seen talking to each other at the end of ...more

This is actually amazing. I know most of sonic 06 is put canon, but they are just so precious and cute. Silver is naive and sometimes pretty stupid (I love him though) and Blaze knows how to keep him in check. They are sort of like a forbidden love. Silver is from the future, and Blaze is from a different universe, both of their homes are under their protection. I love this ship more than anything!

They both were from the future and silver is so shy about telling blaze but you can see it in sonic 06. Blaze even at the end of sonic 06 say, "you are so naive Silver, but that's why I like you..." so blaze loves silver.

The Contenders
11 Tails and Mina

Only for Skye and Melody, I love Skye as a character - he is amazing and hopefully canon to the main canon, he is Tails's son after all.
Heck, can you imagine him being born with Cosmo or even Cream as his mother.
That'll be pretty sweet.
Sky Prower for the win...

Skye Prower is one of my favorite characters.

Oh yes I love those two together!

They're awesome and super underrated
They look cute together and have chemistry and the two cutest children in the franchise

12 Vector and Vanilla

I adore this couple! It's been my OTP for a long time and I think that they're cute together! Vector seems to care a lot about Vanilla and Cream and I just hope that Vanilla gives him the chance to be her boyfriend.

Now a few of you might say that Vector and the rest of the Chaotix beat up Cream to get Cheese in Sonic Heroes, but honestly, it wasn't even their fault in the first place. All vector wanted to do was ask Amy a question and Amy, being the bitch that she is, immediately assumes that Vector wants to go on a date with her. Also, if you really think about it, Eggman was the one who told them to do that and we all know how persuasive he can be and really Espio was the one who told Cream to hand over Cheese.

Another thing that I can explain is when Vector takes Cream and Cheese (and Cosmo) home to their mother in Galactic Gumshoes. It looked to me like something that an overprotective father would do for his daughter and I just found that absolutely adorable, it ...more

I love these two together (with Cream and Cheese). The only sad thing about this relationship is Vanilla's voice actor in the English Dub of Sonic X, I would've liked it better if Emily Mortimer (voice of Sophie Hatter from Howl's Moving Castle) voiced Vanilla.

I really love this couple, a lot. I like how Vector acts like a second father to Cream. Vector is the perfect father for Cream, I also loved seeing Vector and Vanilla together in Sonic X.

No no no Vector is not dating Cream's mom that's weird.

13 Jet and Wave

Ya, best one. Also, they should just fire Storm, after all, he is the one getting in the way of their relationship. For example, Jet and Wave were in their ship talking, then Storm storms in and tells them that e got defeated. At least Storm isn't in the Rio 2016 Olympics, but Jet and Wave aren't in the same sport together.

It's a nice couple, really. But I just found out they are brothers and sisters! Siblings, people! If you guys don't believe me, search it up.

Jet is 14,Meanwhile Wave is the same age as Rouge: 18.

People don't forget about the others!

14 Scourge and Fiona

I beg you! Think about it! Fiona and Scourge? That makes just as little sense as Sonic and Sally. Sorry. Scourge and Fiona do not go together! I prefer Scourge and Rosy. They are both hedgehogs and fit together perfectly. Even the character. They're both crazy. Fiona is a Fox and She and Scourge makes no sense as a couple

The baddies gotta be together.

15 Knuckles and Tikal

Tikal is like the female version of Amy to knuckles but at the same time they are probably too much alike.

Did you know that Tikal is knuckles ancestor from 3,000 years ago? So they are related.

16 Tails and Marine

This ship often has Tails becoming her snack despite their close friendship but, it isn't as bad as Creails/Taiream that has Cream murdering Tails in the name of love.
That isn't really canon but, it still fits the Itchy and Scratchy idea - I'll go and sit in the corner now, sorry...

How is this so low? It should be way higher. Tails and Marine are so beautiful together. They have almost the same interests, and their colors match perfectly together. Marine is beautiful and shy and Tails is shy and quite handsome, when you think about it. They go tgether so great and were meant tobe together.

How about Marine the Raccoon x Yoshi?

Marine the Raccoon puts her big, bulbous thigh up Yoshi's giant, bulbous nose w/ eggs & snot overflowing.

This couple is awesome. Much better idea than to pair Tails with Cream or Marine with Ray, that's for sure.

17 Tails Doll and Marine

My favorite weird couple! Marine seems to be the only thing that can tame the evil
Of Tails Doll and they nice couple. I got this couple from watching Sonic Paradox on
YouTube where Tails Doll and Marine came from on.

Marine having a Tails... doll would be funny.

I don't get this couple

Makes no sense.

18 Ray and Marine

Not a good couple. They never even met. Tails on the other hand, Marine met him, but she never met Ray anywhere.

It's a good couple

The second cute

19 Silver and Amy

Adorable! Amy was Silver's first friend they are both jolly, friendly, helpful, and cheerful - Does that not sound good?!

I don't know I like this couple but it just my big brother like this couple. So I follow him..

This is my favorite couple they are so cute!

I think this would be good if Silver wasn't in love with Blaze, and Amy wasn't in love with Sonic

20 Charmy and Cream

They are both so underrated!

I don't like this ship...

21 Tails and Amy

Shadails is more likely to happen while this is mostly a wannabe ship, heck, Shadails is also a wannabe ship but, it still works friendship wise - Tails and Amy and Shadow and Tails make perfect sense as a friendship pairing than a true love story but it still works just not as a couple.
This ship kinda has a chance low and as much as I like the idea of Shadails, it is more of a best frenemies story idea.
Don't judge me...

She likes him as a friend...

This would never happen...

22 Shrek and Blaze

Shrek is not sonic

23 Tikal and Shadow

Would be nice if Tikal came back. She's a lot like Maria, which means maybe but this is actually kinda weird.

I honestly prefer Knuxikal. They are more similar, and Shadow's got other business.

Guys, Tikal is dead.

24 Espio and Nicole

Just read the comics. They are SO in love

They're cute so I ship it.

25 Tails Doll and Cream Doll

Who's cream doll? It sounds ugly. by the way I hate cream that's why I said it sounds ugly.

This is a Creepypasta pairing.

Tails and cream make sense so why not tails doll and cream doll

Makes no sense.

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