Top 10 Tips to Win at Monopoly

Monopoly is a classic board game involving buying properties and trying to bankrupt the other players. It can take a long time but it can be fun if you know what you’re doing. Here’s some tips to help you win and not go bankrupt.
The Top Ten
1 Buy as much property as you can

The most obvious piece of advice: Yes, buy everything you possibly can. Even if it's Baltic, Electric Company, Illinois, and two railroads, it's something. The more you have, the more likely you are to get revenue from others.

You don't have to hang onto them either but just get some assets at the beginning while you can.

Obviously, you can get a huge advantage by doing this.

2 If it’s later in the game stay in jail

If it's early on, you want to get out of jail ASAP because you need to be buying properties before others buy them first. However, once people start putting up houses, jail actually isn't a bad place to be as you can still collect rent and you won't have to pay anyone for rent.

Depends on what part of the game you're in.

Yes, you lose no money by doing that.

3 Know the most commonly landed on spaces

Outside of Go to Jail, the most commonly landed-on spaces are Illinois Ave, B&O Railroad, and GO, the Orange properties. By knowing which areas are more likely to get landed on, you can target these areas. Another tidbit is that on average, you are most likely to roll a 6, 7, or 8 with the two dice.

So, you're going to go around the board in about five turns on average. So keep that in consideration as well.

4 Go for the orange properties

Statistically, Orange properties get a lot of traffic. They're the most likely place you land after getting out of jail. Considering how many ways you can get into jail, it's a pretty good value to go ahead and buy.

5 Go for the 2nd set of properties on each side

Typically, the second set of properties on each side are the more valuable ones, especially as you progress around the board. If you can, always try to get them since they usually have more traffic as well.

6 If you have a monopoly, build 3 houses on each property

If you do get a monopoly, start building houses quickly. But don't add more than three. That's supposedly the best way to maximize profits with the amount of money you spend on houses. Three is the magic number.

Don't go for four or a hotel unless you have lower-end monopolies.

7 If you have lower income properties, cause a housing shortage

There are only so many houses available to be built, so once they're gone, they're gone. Even if you have purple or light blue, you can snag 10-15 houses on one side alone. That's 2-3 houses per property.

By doing this, you're keeping your opponents who have higher value monopolies more manageable for everyone else in terms of rent, especially Boardwalk and Park Place.

8 Don’t be afraid to negotiate / make trades

To win in this game, you have to have some monopolies, and getting them can be pretty difficult. That's where trades come in. Don't be afraid to make some deals with other players as obtaining monopolies otherwise would be near impossible. Just beware.

Don't accept every trade proposal. Consider them carefully. These can have monumental impacts, especially if someone gets a monopoly. Just as a general rule of thumb, don't trade a property to give an opponent a monopoly if you don't get one in return.

9 Don’t be afraid to buy railroads and utilities

These are a pretty mixed bag. You either love them or hate them. Utilities are practically worthless since there are only two and you rarely get much money off them, but if you have both, they're a little more useful. Railroads can be pretty valuable, especially if you have three or four of them. Any less and you aren't getting much out of them.

Railroads are definitely valuable, especially since they're on every side of the board. You could potentially get 200 dollars in rent if you have all four.

10 Know the cards

By knowing the Community Chests and Chance cards, you can have a general idea of what situations you might get. By knowing what cards do what, you can have a general idea what you might be getting.

You can keep track of certain cards as well since they get placed on the bottom of the pile.

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