Top 10 Best Mario Kart: Super Circuit Songs

The top ten songs in Mario Kart: Super Circuit. With that being said, here is the list.
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1 Rainbow Road

If you ask me, Mario Kart: Super Circuit is one of the most underrated games of all time. (Maybe I should add this opinion to my unpopular opinions list.) It has the third-best soundtrack in the series, which says quite a lot. When people claim that the Game Boy Advance doesn't have great sound, this game, along with Mega Man Zero 3 and Mario and Luigi: Superstar Saga, proves that it's not entirely true. The Rainbow Road of Super Circuit is not only my second-favorite track in the game, but it also has extremely catchy music that rivals a lot of the Rainbow Road songs.

2 Sunset Wilds

Sunset Wilds is the only desert course in the entire Mario Kart series with a pretty epic song. This is my favorite course in the game due to the great music, background, and the whole day-night cycle. The song sounds incredibly epic, combining elements of the Western genre and a feeling as if you're racing in the late afternoon or evening. It was incredibly close to being my number-one pick, but I still think Rainbow Road is just slightly better.

Sunset Wilds is my favorite track in Super Circuit, and I absolutely want this track to be remade in HD. I'd like it to receive the same treatment as Cheese Land and Ribbon Road in order to look less flat. While it's not my favorite music in the game, it is pretty joyful and fits very well.

3 Cheese Land

This is probably the most upbeat theme among the songs in this game, at least in my opinion. The melody just sounds really happy and fun. It's nothing serious. It's somewhat paradise-like. It's hard to describe what this song is like, but that should sum up how I feel about it.

4 Sky Garden

Sky Garden boasts a rather epic soundtrack. Interestingly, it's one of only three tracks in the game, along with Sunset Wilds and Rainbow Road, that can be described as epic. This track features a great melody that fills you with determination (reference somewhat intended). It's well-suited as a third course in a cup, even though it is actually the second course in the Lightning Cup. Intriguingly, this soundtrack is the only one among the DS remixes that surpasses the original. It earns 4th place for these reasons.

5 Snow Land

This is definitely the happiest and most "Christmassy" of these songs. For those who criticize the name as unoriginal, take a look at Cheese Land. It's just as unoriginal. Anyway, the song is incredibly cheerful. It perfectly captures the feeling of walking around in the snow on a December day. It's a great one.

This track features the most happy-go-lucky winter music in the series. It's another track that would make for a cool remake.

6 Ribbon Road

The music for Ribbon Road fits the track incredibly well. I can easily imagine being tiny in someone's playroom, racing around to this tune. Although the MK8 remix fell short, the original soundtrack combines happiness with a touch of mystery. While it may not be in the top five, it's certainly in the top six. A great song overall.

The track is pretty decent overall, but it doesn't make my top 10 for this game.

7 Bowser Castle

Normally, while I love the Bowser's Castle tracks themselves, they often have music that prioritizes ambiance over making the music more upbeat. The Bowser Castles of Super Circuit are not the best tracks of the series or even the game. However, after Mario Kart 8, they have the best Bowser Castle theme in the series. It's epic, upbeat, and even has some ambiance.

It's so good that it's my third favorite music in the game. All the remixes from the other games are worse than it, except for 7, which is good because it's more loyal to the original. Maybe this music is really good thanks to the limitations of the GBA? Who knows?

8 Yoshi Desert

Yoshi Desert is one of the two desert tracks in this game, the other one being Sunset Wilds. While the latter has a setting resembling Arizona and the Western United States a bit, Yoshi Desert went straight for Egypt. There are pyramids, sphinxes, and even the music sounds Egyptian. It's so mysterious and adventurous. Definitely worthy of this list!

Pretty good desert theme, but Sunset Wilds is a bit better.

9 Shy Guy Beach / Cheep Cheep Island

This song is a hybrid between mystery and calmness. It's like you're on a beach on a very calm day, but there's a sense of adventure and mystery at the same time, and it doesn't feel completely safe. That's what the courses in this game are also like. Shy Guy Beach is a chill beach, but with a pirate ship lurking in the background. Cheep Cheep Island is a small, calm archipelago in the sunset, with giant Boss Basses everywhere. Yeah, it fits. And the song is pretty good.

Not my favorite, honestly. However, it is pretty relaxing.

10 Lakeside Park

This is another relatively Western theme, although maybe a bit less so. You know it's pretty much a mix between Western and lakeside racing. It's incredibly adventurous and interesting, and the beat is amazing. What else can I say about it? It's simply a great song.

Very good. I want a remake of this track eventually.

The Contenders
11 Title Theme

The best title theme in the series, by far! Like Sky Garden, I shed a tear when I hear this song sometimes because of the pure joy that comes from this song.

12 Credits
13 Snes Donut Plains
14 Snes Ghost Valley
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