Top Ten Mario Kart 7 Songs

The top ten best Mario Kart 7 songs. This list was particularly fun to make as this is my favourite Mario Kart game and I have a lot of nostalgia for the songs in this game so with that being said here is the list.
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1 Rainbow Road

Most people will agree this is the best Rainbow Road ever as it feels really like an adventure, an epilouge to the greatest Mario Kart game of all time with its climatic and adventurous music, and the fast that you race on not just rainbows, but also saturn's rings and the moon. And the last lap. It's truly a final battle and the music completely defines it. It's a somewhat remix on N64 Rainbow Road but with its own added melody as well. Just look at the image to this music and don't tell me it doesn't look interesting. However..., I don't think it's the best Rainbow Road theme or course. My favourite is actually the GCN one (the music was godly there compared to here ironically), or it is a tie between the two courses. Point is, the soundtrack is amazing.

2 Neo Bowser City

Aah, Koopa City. I have talked a lot about how much I am in love with this particular song and it's not without reason. It somewhat bothers me how no one seems to remember it. I mean everyone knows of Electrodrome and this music is basically that level awesome except ten times more underrated. It fills you with determination, adventure and courage and is so catchy. Just..., HOW is this song so underrated again? I really need to know. There's almost no song better than this in Mario. The remix in Mario Kart 8 was just awesome as well if not maybe just a tad worse but it's no big difference.

3 Single Player Menu Medley

The nostalgia always hits me so hard whenever I play this song. Still remember when I got it back in easter of 2013. One of the best easters ever. When I found out I had gotten a 3DS and this game, it all was just so amazing. The following days were a blast. This wasn't my first Mario Kart, that was Mario Kart Wii I had gotten less than a year before, but this is certainly my favourite of all time and this song, is probably in the top five favourite Mario Kart songs ever. Best Main Menu theme ever. It's calm, it's happy, it knows how to be nostalgic to those who grew up with this game, it's the type of music that fills you with satisfaction and determination, enough said. The dark yet amazing colours in the game in the main menu, just so awesome. Only Double Dash and Wii have Mario Kart main menu themes that are almost on the same tier as this song. But this song is the best. One of the best of all time.

4 Music Park

This course is pherhaps the most acclaimed one in the game along with Rainbow Road and not without reason. I love it as well. And it's because of the concept. Like you're racing on a damn melody motorway (get over it americans, Melody Motorway is the correct and most accurate name) with everything related to music. Speakers, drums, pianos, xylophones, bouncing notes. Heck, even the music sounds so "musically" (no pun intended). Like how can one not like this song? There's also a remix in Mario Kart 8 but I thought it was slightly ruined. This is better.

5 Bowser's Castle

This Bowser's Castle theme is unlike any other. While most other Bowser's Castle themes are either energetic (SNES, GBA), calm and creepy (N64, GCN, DS) or chaotic (Wii, Wii U), this thing is completely different. I mean it could somewhat be classified as chaotic but I wouldn't go that far. This soundtrack always gives me goosebumps because this sounds almost as the world is coming to an end and and you're quickly having to venture through the castle to save the world. It's true, look this song up. It's so badass I can't describe it without it being somewhat inaccurate. Amazing.

6 Cheep Cheep Lagoon

This is the definitive Mario Kart song that resembles Freddi Fish 3. Cheep Cheep Beach too but not nearly to the extent that this song reaches. Like seriously, as someone who grew up and love the Humongous Entertainment games and especially the Freddi Fish games (and ESPECIALLY 1, 3 and 4), this song hits me with a different type of nostalgia from the menu theme or airship fortress. A much older nostalgia thanks to that awesome melody with these steel drums. Needs top three.

7 Wuhu Loop / Maka Wuhu

This song fills you with lots of determination and fits so well the tracks of Wuhu Island. Although the american names for these tracks suck unfortunately. Like what the heck does "maka" mean? Off-topic though because this song is really great. Another nostalgia-filling song and it can mean both the start of an adventure, and the epilouge of an adventure, in my opinion with makes it quite a unique track. Wuhu Island Loop is like the beginning when it's daytime and a new adventure. And with Wuhu Mountain Loop it becomes even better when it's sunset and you're racing up the mountain with the amazing colours, and the Star Cup, adventure is over. Such a great song.

8 Shy Guy Bazaar

This is a very unique take on a Mario Kart, not just course but even the soundtrack. This course is set in an arab market resembling Aladdin a lot and it's got everything to make it feel like it like the architecture, aestethics, and of course the music. Such a unique and nostalgic song. Then again the entire Mushroom Cup is nostalgic to me. Those voices in the background make this song especially soothing.

9 Title Screen

This song is a similar case to the single player menu medley in which it fills you with lots of nostalgia although to a lesser extent in my opinion. It's such a happy and satisfying song although it appears people think this song sounds very basic. Well to an extent I do to with is why it's lower than the menu theme but I still really love it.

10 Toad Circuit / Mario Circuit

Yes, I know Toad Circuit is one of the most basic tracks in the Mario Kart series but I have lot of nostalgia for it and part of it is the super nostalgic music. Yes it does sound a bit basic I suppose but it's incredibly shoothing, nice and nostalgic. It really fits as a circuit theme because it's not uninteresting and it's the start of a new adventure, which Mario Kart 7 was for me when I first got it. Really underrated music track honestly in my opinion.

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11 Koopa Cape
12 Kalimari Desert
13 Rock Rock Mountain
14 Coconut Mall
15 Download Play Menu
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