Top Ten Mario Kart DS Songs

The best songs in Mario Kart DS. With that being said here is the list.
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1 Waluigi Pinball / Wario Stadium

Everyone knows of this one. It's the most iconic song in the game and it really like truly started the Waluigi fame with the pinball course. But don't forget that it's used in Wario Stadium as well, even though it doesn't fit as well there. That's probably also why people don't like the Wario Stadium remix in Mario Kart 8 because "they want it to sound more like pinball". This is though a truly badass and catchy theme and it really captures the spirit of Waluigi If you say Waluigi has no personality, TO BAD WAALUIGI TIME! Listen to this theme, it truly symbolizes Waluigi's personality.

2 Airship Fortress

Honestly, Airship Fortress and Luigi's Mansion are among my two favourite songs in the entire mario franchise. Maybe not among the best songs of all time in general, but definitely in terms of mario. These two songs awaken the most nostalgia out of any other Mario Kart song excluding Wario's Gold Mine and maybe some songs in Mario Kart 7. This is because these were retro tracks in Mario Kart 7, my favourite Mario Kart game and at the time I got the game I was heavily into spookyand adventurous music and these two courses have it and they have left lots of nostalgia on me. This one in particular is just downright amazing and the main reason Airship Fortress is my favourite Mario Kart DS course. This song is what you get when you combine horror, adventure, epicness and rescue mission. One of the best combinations ever and to think a Mario game would use it is just amazing too. That melody just nails at being great. On top of that, the setting of this course helped it make me love it too because of the airship in a dark sky high up and those bullet / banzai bills. At the time I considered these enemies actually to be scary and it helped the music further get its identity. Top 1 easily. Best song ever in Mario Kart almost.

3 Luigi's Mansion

Man, I surely wrote a long comment on Airship Fortress, I doubt such a long comment will be made by me again on a song item except maybe this one. Speaking of Airship Fortress, that song and Luigi's Mansion, as I said on that item, are among the most nostalgia-filling Mario Kart songs ever in my opinion only topped by Wario's Gold Mine and maybe some Mario Kart 7 songs and it had to do with their spooky combined with adventurous. In a nutshell though, Airship Fortress focused more on the adventurous and epic theme while Luigi's Mansion more on the spooky theme. Yet again, the combination is great. The nostalgia always hits me when I play the course and this music plays. It really captures the spookiness and the course itself helped me love the music. I love the dark green colours and the walking trees and all that stuff. Definitely a top two contender in my opinion.

4 Shroom Ridge

Even though Luigi's Mansion is an underrated track, it's not as underrated as this masterpiece. I consider this course to be in the top five most underrated mario kart courses of all time and it's not without good reason. The setting of this reminds me so much of my trips to Norway due to the mountainous setting, forested background and a road in the mountain. Heck even the music is nostalgic. Not just that, but NATURALLY nostalgic. Like even if you never palyed Mario Kart DS in your life, this song will make you feel nostalgic. It's like you've gone through a crazy adventure, and it's now over. That's what this song is like. Just amazing. The top five of the list are the only ones recieving the title.

5 Delfino Square

This is the definitive coastal and harbour theme in Mario Kart. As a course based on Delfino Plaza from Super Mario Sunshine, it nails in every aspect including the music, which while different from your usual Super Mario Sunshine tune, is still very great. It gives you a feeling of that your adventure is like soon about to be over, when looking from a Mario Kart Wii perspective where it's the second-to-last course in the Banana Cup which when you're new to the game, looks like the last cup in the game. Aah good times.

6 Cheep Cheep Beach

This is another incredibly underrated Mario Kart course. It has everything you'd ask for in a beach course. A forest, a boardwalk, rock structurs and the beach. And the music..., those steel drums are amazing and so tropical. They are incredibly reminding me of Freddi Fish 3 with its tropical setting and steel drums. Great song.

7 GBA Sky Garden

Normally I do not put anything related to retro courses in lists about modern mario kart games because they really are not from that game, but this song is not only so good, but it's also literally the only retro song in the entire game that surpasses the original and becomes amazing (N64 Choco Mountain was surprisingly good too but for me it only stayed on the same level as the original). Just listen to this. The original was epic and all but this is at least twice as epic and by that I mean very! I could literally imagine this song playing while fighting the last boss in a game, say a mario game actually, even if it's not like that climatic.

8 Tick Tock Clock

Now, this needs to be said because this song is quite overrated. It didn't even make my top five which most likely comes as a suprise to most people. Also, "original"? Lol no, it's taken directly from Super Mario 64. Not an original act. That's not to say I do not like it, because this is one of the catchiest songs in the game. It truly captures the time and clock spirit. However it sounds a bit too mono which is why I strongly prefer the Wii U remix.

9 Title Screen

One of my favourite title screen themes of all time in terms of Mario Kart. Only Mario Kart 7 I suppose has a better theme but this surely nailed it as well. It's so up-beat and motivational and knows how to be nostalgic to its players who grew up with it in the late 2000s. I personally first played the game ten years later in 2015 but that hasn't stopped me from finding this song quite nostalgic and great.

This one make me think of a one time or so when I, for so much I do not now, a couple of times per week at learst

10 Desert Hills

Desert Hills from what I've seen is one of the least liked Mario Kart courses ever because of its boring and plain athmosphere, and even the music. Well to be frank, I actually enjoy this course and the music. Especially the music. It's got this happy go lucky theme mixed with a sign of adventure and calmness. I really like it honestly even if it's not awesome or anything.

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11 GCN Mushroom Bridge
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