Top Ten PC Strategy Games of All Time

In what game do you like to lead your civilization to victory?
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1 Age of Empires

Age of Empires has lovable villagers too. I did not expect it to be so accurate to the past. The timeline and records seem to hint at truth, which is impressive. The game is very desirable. You can see the Phoenicians, who flourished alongside the Hittites, the Minoans, the Sumerians, and the Babylonians, who used a writing language called cuneiform in that time. Interesting to say the least, very good work on that!

2 Starcraft

Starcraft, despite needing new civilizations to be more like Age of Empires, is still a nice game. The graphics are good, and the units are commendable. The technology tree is fine too.

All the people who voted for Age of Empires must play Starcraft again. To vote for "Age of," you must have missed Starcraft, or you were not even born at that time.

The depth and complexity of this game are amazing and are only visible if you play on!

3 Civilization V

By far the best strategy game ever made. Interactive, thought-provoking, and extremely inclusive, especially with the new expansion packs. Brave New World really makes this game a powerhouse.

Those who don't know Civilization were born under a rock. It's a simple, fun game. I've been a follower of it for ages.

4 Rome: Total War

Sure, it has its quirks, but it still holds up over time. It is an amazing game, and even though I have beaten it countless times, I can still spend hours playing it. I have about 457 hours on the Steam version right now.

How are Shogun 2 and Empire ahead of this? Rome: Total War changed strategy gaming. For its time and even now, it is the best strategy game of all time.

Even after 11 years, this game is just as fun as it was back then. The graphics may not be great anymore, but the gameplay is still amazing. I've been addicted since '04.

5 UFO: Enemy Unknown

This is an all-time classic. I cannot believe it's not even on the list.

6 Empire Earth
7 Heroes of Might and Magic IV

I have played this game for about 12 years, and I'm still not fed up with it!

8 Total War: Shogun 2
9 Warcraft III
10 Ground Control II
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11 Company of Heroes
12 Rise of Nations

One of the mighty civilizations before and after Jesus Christ is Iran (Persia). But it does not exist in this game. That's horrible and ridiculous.

There are Nubians and Bantu, but Great Persia, along with Xerxes and Cyrus, are barbarians. So ridiculous, isn't it? It's horrible. I think they are enemies with Persia... Oh my God.

This is my favorite strategy game ever made! Thank you for giving me the privilege to experience such an amazing game!

13 Napoleon: Total War
14 Sins of a Solar Empire
15 Command & Conquer: Red Alert
16 Majesty
17 Command & Conquer: Generals

Best game ever. Too bad about all the people using maphacks and cheats. Zero Hour was the bomb!

Generals should be in the top ten because it was the last Command & Conquer that was good.

18 Age of Mythology

This game was my childhood. I loved this game, and it really introduced me to mythology. The campaign was amazing and epic. Every god was fun to play. Amazing music. I need to play this again.

All I can say is great game. It is the best game related to mythology, and I love it.

19 Heroes of Might and Magic III
20 Civilization IV

This game, particularly Beyond the Sword, is fantastic. And I have played so many strategy games.

21 Empire: Total War

It's a great game provided you have the expansion pack. Good naval warfare as well. It might have extended into the modern era as well.

22 Heroes of Might and Magic II
23 Stronghold: Crusader

Best strategic game ever.

I thought it was the #1 strategy game before loading this page. Isn't it really the best? Addictive gameplay and massive online battles should make this number one. This is old but awesome.

24 Galactic Civilizations II
25 Starcraft II

Because it's Starcraft II. It appeared as a three-part game and continues the great story of its legendary predecessor, Starcraft.

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