Top Ten Best Shooting Games of All Time

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1 Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

This game is straightforwardly good quality. The graphics, story and action is full of blast. Call of Duty is the one best leading shooting in this globe. Maybe I can say this game is the best exploit game ever.

Story of the game is good, and its action are awesome to play, this game always need a top position only, Call of Duty is the best action game ever.

Awesome gaming quality. The best graphics for its era. The best storyline ever what beats black ops 2 by a mile. The best shooter you can get. I would recommend this game to anyone. 11/10

2 Call of Duty: Black Ops II

I think this is a very good game it is one of the best first person shooters that offers a lot of game content and is worth every penny maybe even more. It's a very good game in my opinion and in a lot of my friends so I would recommend you buy this game that's what my friends did and I thank them for telling me to buy it so that's why I'm telling you who Evers reading this. It's the multiplayer gameplay that makes it so good if you don't have it get it as fast as you can as you will be happy when you do

This game rocks get it now before you can't so go now go! Go!

I like this game, good story and, it's a good game oke!

3 Doom

An amazing game that can keep even the most refined of FPS gamers up for hours on end, doing all the maps and exploring all the secrets, and considering there are 4 episodes to Ultimate Doom, then you have its add-on expansion Doom II + its added-on campaign No Rest For The Living. And then, Doom 3 was pretty decent in my opinion, but in my opinion, the Doom FPS series is the greatest shootout game of all time, it put them on the map and it was a revolutionary game that set the groundwork for the future, but it has stood the test of time, and is still being played 20 years later.

How is this number 6? And Call of Duty is above this masterpiece? Most people who voted on this list are probably little kids who have only played Call of Duty.

Call of Duty is above this? Nah man Doom will always be above every game, this is just some stupid list where most users are little kids, or teens.

4 Halo 3

Great game. Thank bungie, 343 industries and Microsoft for creating it. I just love the halo games and the companies for making it. Col graphics and combat that is for halo 4 mostly and 3. And I've got halo ce (combat Evolved), the very first halo game I've got since 1st grade. I kept playing it and I got Attached to it. And that's how I'm a number one halo fan. Even my dad's attached to it and he said to my uncle you'd get addicted to it (which right now I am) when I was playing in his xbox 360 kinect, he had halo 3. And my computer is busted and I don't have any gaming console. I was so impatient to wait to wait for the 3 to load up cus I wanted to play it knowing that it'd be the coolest halo I've ever played in my relatives console.

Halo revolutionized the gaming industry and without the halo franchise all the call of duty's would be crappy. I'm a big time nerd on Xbox and I like them all I am a 3k on Gamebattles so I have played them all and honestly there isn't a better game.

5 Counter-Strike: Source

Best Video Game Ever!
I think this game should be at the top of the list.
Great graphics all around and its multiplayer section is just spectacular...

In my opinion, this is the best 'cause I haven't played any other game! No Need To! This is really good.

Should be way above any of these other games. Just read the history of CS:S and you will agree. Best selling FPS title. Enough said.

6 Golden Eye 007

The father of all shooters and should easily be number 1
Began an era of shooters.

How can it be below World at War and Halo 4?

Loved this game as a kid.

7 Halo 4

Great story, Stunning graphics, and amazing gameplay. This is one to play!

Deserves to be played once by all Call of Duty lovers. Please try master chief

Pretty good game with amazing graphics.

8 Halo: Combat Evolved

This will always be the best shooting fps. Everything After copied this formula and started the big online team matches

This game is 19 spots too low.

Oh all Call of Duty lovers please try halo series, and fell the power of master chief

9 Left 4 Dead 2

Most fun game in the world! I love this piece of art!

Very nice game. I finished very hardly

This is ah nice game

10 Call of Duty: World at War

I have world at war. The graphics are incredible.
It is very gory and it is awesome. World at war is one of my favorite Call of Duty's. It really feels like you are in war. But the best part, ZOMBIES!

Awesome Fantastic and Excellent Game. I end this Game 4 Time. The Graphics are best. Game Play is Also Awesome.

Great Nazi zombie mode. Should be above cod:4. Cod:4 is terrible compared to world at war and mw2. Best call of duty yet.

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11 Gradius

My first shooting game. Love it!

12 Grand Theft Auto IV

There is nothing better than another life in a game vision (we are also selling oculust rift's at my website for this game). Shortly nothing can beat this game!

Love this game, I want it but I don't have the right console, I played it at my friends place and its awesome.

This game has limitless possibilities. You can do preaty much anything. The most realisic game ever made, no doubt about it.

13 Call of Duty: Black Ops

I love Call of Duty black ops. Zombies are my favoite. My cousins uncle was one of the creators of it. Graphics are insane. I have all the zombies maps. Nice work to the creators of black ops.

I love this game because I always play black ops zombies because... Well I just love it.Call of Duty black ops is SICK so everyone buy it, ITS AMAZING.

This should be number two no doubt about it. Easily one of the best games ever

14 Metroid Prime 2: Echoes
15 Star Soldier
16 Metroid Prime 3: Corruption
17 R-Type
18 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

It shows, how can a game beat the best. The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4 was the best game, and when Modern Warfare 2 was released, it beated not just MW1, but all of the existing games too. And till nowadays stayed the best Call of Duty game ever created. Perfect music, unbeatable felling, when you play it. Why would we want more, if it's satisfying?

How is this 14? It is the best Call of Duty ever made, yet it isn't one of the best shooters? Makes no sense.

I like the game very much especially its multiplayer rocks...

19 Resident Evil 4

This game is better than all the games above it and is not only the best shooter game but one of the best games of all time.

20 Metroid Prime

Number 22 are you having a laugh!? The most atmospheric videogame ever. Not the best overall shooter but this game had it all. It was challenging the story was huge (Unlike most on this list) the music was second to none, and it also felt like a platformer adventure game at the same time as been a shooter. Roll on Metroid Prime 4.

21 Gears of War
22 Darius
23 BioShock

It is the greatest, and most original shooter ever made. Halo is way overrated

Screw all you Call of Duty lovers this is true first person shooter

24 Star Wars Battlefront II

This is a great classic!

25 Parodius
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