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1 Nightmare

Nightmare's one of my favorite characters. But why the hell isn't Talim on here? Talim kicks ass just as much as Nightmare.

He can be the best character in the right hands with all his cheap shots and his design from Soul caliber 2 kicks ass.

He has a massive sword that can demolish and eat every soul. He can also kill Kratos no problem.

He is the logo of the development team. Can't' get more definitive than that.

2 Talim

Talim's speed combined with her elbow blades are strong and fierce. And if that doesn't grab your attention then her unique fighting style combined with somersaults acrobatics, and kicks are the perfect mix for unpredictability against her foes. But above all her humble nature really stands out among the cast to me. As others would see as weakness, Talim's sweetness and kindness is of her strongest weapons."Conflict lies within you" Talim SC2

The character design, personality, and fighting style are aces across the board. She's one of the few cutesy female characters that completely avoids that "sexy" school girl ditz trope, nor do the creators fall into the sexy "exotic" trope. Rather, her soft-spoken and innocent nature are compounded by resilience, compassion, and strength.

She would also take the position eventually, but after receiving a fragment of the cursed sword, Soul Edge, and sensing its malicious impact on humanity, she decides to travel the world so she could return it to its rightful place and restore balance to the world.

The youthful priestess was initially created to add variety to the current selection of fighters, a selfless, young girl, something that the creators felt that the series lacked.

3 Kilik

Best character in the entire game. His long range and short range strike always are tricky, hard to dodge, and effective. I can sweep through the game with him! Too bad they had to replace his style with crappy Xiba is Soul Calibur 5...

Kilik needs to get his rod back or at least get his old fighting style back. Because Kilik as a mimic character is unacceptable.

His moves are so fluid and pro, can beat almost anyone with this badass muthalicka!

Good moves, easy to learn, good range, kind fast and probably do Xianghua!

4 Taki Taki, known as the Hunter of Darkness, is a fictional character in the Soulcalibur series of historical fantasy fighting games by Namco.

I have yet to find someone who can beat me when I play with Taki. She is way too quick. I can easily take down nightmare, most of the time people can't even land a hit.

Taki is fast and agile. She got preaty good combos and can dismember you in seconds, fast, effective and gracefully. B-e-a-utiful! Bring a tear to your eye.

Taki is very fast and really fun to play. Very easy to defeat especially slower oponents, I.E. Siegfired, Zasalamel, Nightmare, Inferno.

The most badass ninja in video games history!

5 Yoshimitsu

The best love his sword

6 Sophitia

Kilik? Nightmare? Cervantes? Favorites really? Talk about button mashing idiots who think the easiest/OP characters to use are the best. Sophitia is a general good character to use- she's not simple to use but not that complicated either- she has some major advantages but also major disadvantages. Her fighting style is very fun and unique. Her fighting style is probably 25% of the reason why she's my favorite, most of it is this: she is the most caring and admirable character in the game, shes very strong and independent but also kind and gentle- she fights for her children and would go anything for them. Her storyline in soulcalibur 4 proves the lengths she'll go to in order to protect her child, even if it means turning against everything she knows and sacrificing her life..

She has the best story line that carries over to V with her kids continuing it. She is beautiful, brave, strong, and dedicated. Sophitia may have a primitive weapon (a sword & shield), but her style is unique and powerful.

She absolutely incredible! One of the first original soul caliber fighters. She is one of the original female fighters. She elegant gorgeous and very religious, and she is also very powerful!

Sophitia is one to use. She has great combos and a good backstory. Why did they remove Sophitia in soul caliber 5? I don't know but she is back for more in the 6th one.

7 Ivy Isabella Valentine, commonly called Ivy, is a fictional character in the Soulcalibur series of video games.

Duh! Ivy. Even with some screwed up physical changes, she was such an original all along. She looks sinister but is actually very heroic and tragic (maybe a tragic anti-hero). Early Ivy was awesome. Don't mess with perfection! Also her early Player 2 outfits and fighting style were very cool. Besides Ivy I really liked playing as Voldo and Yoshimitsu. I guess the strange ones are more fun?

Ivy is the best. I mastered her from soul calibur 2 to 5 and broken destiny. Since she was my favorite because once she hits you she start to take your life until its empty, you can't dodge her attack even in rolling. Besides. She has many unblockable attacks and almost all of it are useful in her combos. A bit hard to master but when you do, you'll probably gonna love her.

She punishes like no one other! Her moves are sickening, her whipblade is a very uncommon and beautiful weapon, and she a strong female with a strong story of life. Ivy is my obsession since SC2, and I hope she's not gonna be erased from the series like they did with Taki and Sophitia (I didn't care, never like none of 'em).

Once you figure her out, you'll impress everyone else who hasn't given her a chance. Has been a favorite of mine since soul calibur 2!

8 Amy

While Amy lacks power and reach, her combos and speed are incredibly powerful. Once she gets "in the zone" and gains momentum while attacking with combos, you've basically lost.

She's quick, can string combos and won't let you get off of the floor. She's not a power house like nightmare but can easily avoid one and counter strike. Besides who couldn't love those curls

Her moves are quick and have a large range. She has a very interesting bio and personality. She is probaly my main character.

And also my favorite her..

9 Voldo Voldo is a fictional character in the Soul series of video games. Created by Namco's Project Soul division, he first appeared in Soul Edge, and later in all games of the Soulcalibur series with the exception of Soulcalibur Legends.

What makes Voldo a great character is his disturbing almost slave-like appearance and odd behavior (Which includes hissing, grunting, and groaning). Different stances with odd moves make Voldo super unpredictable and explosive. And although difficult to play with, a mastered Voldo player is almost impossible to defeat!

He may be creepy but he sure knows how to fight! His story is somewhat sad and disturbing but it's not about your past, it's about fighting! And Voldo is hands down the BEST Soul Calibur character in history! Not to mention one of the best fighting characters from any series!

You've gotta love him. Definitely the most masculine character in the history of Video Gaming.

When you get your offense started stopping him is almost impossible in the right hands.

10 Mitsurugi

Simple and easy to grasp. This guy and nightmare are simply dynamite.

Remember his name. Mitsurugi.

He is a tank. His ring out move is over powered and his A, B runs through everything. I love this guy I used him to beat Inferno AND NIGHTMARE on hard.

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11 Tira

Tira is by far the best character in every way possible. She is really strong and fast and has an unbalanced personality which is awesome in my opinion. She loves to kill like Jeff the killer. She should be the main villain in all of soul caliber out with Nightmare in with Tira!

Tira is my favorite. Her fighting style is unique as she wields a ring blade, and she uses special acrobatic skills as well as two different personalities to choose her opponents demise.

She is my favorite characters because she kills you in an instant and has very cool outfits and the most dangerous and unique weapon of all the characters!

Tira rocks. If you are not very good with her, you won't know but she is a really good character. You don't know where she is going to hit you next.

12 Cervantes

By far the best fighter in the whole series! Who the hell is Nightmare #1!?!? Because Cervantes can destroy him any time of the day

Best villain ever and the original holder of soul edge!

You shall become a part of my power. Super Epic.

Welcome to combo hell!

13 Seong Mi-na

Why Is Seong Mi-na so low? She's one of the original eight and was the original longsword user, better than Kilik for sure.

Love her attitude

14 Siegfried

Number 16 what he deserves higher! At least 5!

15 Cassandra

Um, how come Cassandra isn't higher up? She's always my main, she is brilliant! You can kill your oponent in 3 moves using her, AND she is sexy.

Awesome moveset (s). Fun to play as. Her beautiful look made me feel in love with her. She's my "waifu", hehe.

She's quick and tough

Sexy and sexy

16 The Apprentice (Starkiller)

He is strong as darth vader and fast as yoda so how mutch better can it be

17 Raphael

The vampire that wields a sword. Too good to be true. Raphael balances his speed and power. He has one of the fastest charging unblockables.

His grab and thrust move has got me more ring outs than all the other characters combined...

This guy is awesome! Plus he's French, which means he's both badass, lovely and charming.

I love his personality in SC, especially In SC II with that voice. (English).

18 Lizardman

He is half lizard, half human! And in Soul Calibur V, he had ' wings and fire breath! That is ' awesome!

He is half lizard, and half human now that is just boss!

19 Viola
20 Link Link refers to several different incarnations of the same protagonist of Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda series.

When I was 10, I was at GameStop looking for a game for the GameCube. When I saw Soul Calibur II's Boxart featuring Link, in 8 seconds I got the game. And it was WORTH IT. Link wields the Master Sword, the blade of evil's bane. It is powerful, and is used in many of Link's attacks. However, close combat is FAR from his only coverage. He also has the Boomerang as a projectile, a bunch of Bombs for mid-range combat (Bomb to the crotch! ), and the Hero's Bow that shoots arrows for rapid, long range projectiles. And, most notably, he's so much fun to play as. He's so powerful and fun to use, I forgot I could play as other characters for 3 months when I first got Soul Calibur II! He's so great!

Love link he's fun

21 Astaroth

This guy was created by Ares the god of war to be one of the best fighters ever, how is he so low on the list, he is awesome.

To me he might just be the best grappler in fighting games. He's one of the most badass characters in the series by far.

22 Maxi

Maxi is awesome he's really fast. Has deadly grapples and amazing kicks. People should try playing as him, lots of people don't even bother trying out new characters but they should. Maxi is easy to play ass the moves can be pulled off easly and if you get the hang of him maxi can be as deadly as hell and the style of fighting is great for custom charaters.

Maxi is one of the best characters the SC series created. Much like the rest of the SC 1 cast his move set is fluid, fun, and lethal.

At some point in time I have picked up every character in the SC 2 and 4 games as those are the two I've owned. By this I mean I have gone into practice, learned their move set decently well, and played with them in story mode or whatever. Maxi was one of the most difficult for me to learn. Unlike other characters I had trouble figuring out that I just gave up on because I was uninterested (Ivy, Voldo), I stuck with it for Maxi. Ivy and V are great characters but the more I used them the less interested I became, realizing I didn't personally like their style. Maxi, though, I really enjoyed playing with. He is fast and strong, and can do cool acro-batcrazy flips (I realize this can be said for many of the characters), but what really intrigued me was his fluidity. Once you start to get his stances down and all the combos that go with them you can ...more

This guy is the holy grail for button mashers everywhere, just spam random buttons and you open up a can of whoopass!

The most awesome soul calibur character ever. Once you sort out his combos he is unstoppable

23 Zasalamel

The scythe is really cool, actually the coolest weapon of all, great range, good kicks, great back grab, and his quotes are great

Long and close combat master, I wonder how he's not even in the top 5

24 Yun-Seong
25 Darth Vader Darth Vader is a Star Wars character and the main antagonist of the first three original Star Wars films and the main protagonist of the Star Wars prequel trilogy under his original name Anakin Skywalker. He had been trained as a Jedi but defected to the Sith lord and Galactic Chancellor Palpatine. more.
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