Hardest Levels On Call of Duty 4

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1 One Shot, One Kill

After the first checkpoint of the final scene, get an RPD and stake out the area by the fence and bumper cars. You can thin the herd quickly. Line up two drop lines, and you also get the ground-spawning arrivals.

Try and get out a little in front of the bumper car in the grass. You can fall back to the shed and eventually jump up on the bumper car rink to get behind it. If you thin them out, you can just slide along the edge of the rink, getting better shots and much more time to hit them.

By the time the RPD has run dry, you can still hold out with an MP5. Wait a bit when the chopper lands, but it seems the more you kill, the fewer are left. You can quote me on that last one.

2 Mile High Club

"Mile High Club" is a bonus campaign level of Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. This epilogue mission is unrelated to the storyline of the game's campaign. To play the bonus mission, the player must complete the mission "Game Over" and watch the credits until the end, or quit the credits and go to the Mission Select menu. This level can also be unlocked by a cheat code.

Easily the hardest level on Veteran. This level was so hard that when it originally came out, Major Nelson made a video of someone beating it just to prove that it could be done. It took five tries for the pro gamer in the video (who had already beaten it) to beat it again.

3 No Fighting in the War Room

This level is so hard on Veteran! It makes all others seem stupidly easy in comparison. I hate countdowns on Veteran. You need time to do it slowly.

1. No Fighting in the War Room
2. Heat
3. One Shot, One Kill
4. Hunted
5. Mile High Club

The rest of the levels are easy and are impossible to die on. No Fighting in the War Room is very difficult on Veteran. I finished the game on Veteran in two days, and it was my first COD game. If you want a challenge, play Legendary Halo. BAZINGA!

4 Heat

It is virtually impossible for me to do on Veteran. The bit I find difficult about the mission is the part where you have to back down the hill again. When you use an airstrike to clear an area full of enemies, they just keep piling in again. You pop your head around a corner, and you've got enemies already shooting at you.

Heat is quite hard. I have never played it on Veteran, though. And no, you do not complete No Fighting in the War Room on Veteran without problems. No way, dude!

I've done every level on Veteran with ease, including No Fighting, Mile High, and One Shot One Kill. The first time around, this gave me the most trouble. I almost rage quit.

5 Safehouse

Going through each house feels impossible without getting mowed down by bullets in seconds. I came close to chucking my controller at the TV.

Non-stop flow of enemies. If you end up triggering enemies in two houses at once, you're done for. You need to spam the helicopter when possible and use a shotgun for clearing enemies in houses as they pre-fire.

6 Hunted

That helicopter was one of the most frustrating things in the whole game.

7 Charlie Don't Surf

God, I hate this mission, especially on Veteran. The only two strategies that seem to work at the computer room section are to either bait the enemies and run back to the last room to wait out and let the AI do the work or sprint to the right corner of the room, toss a well-timed grenade, and hope it hits all of the guys going out the door. Then spray down the others and wait in the next room until the AI regroups with you.

The TV room is easily the hardest part in Charlie Don't Surf. Even on Regular, I still died a few times.

8 Shock and Awe
9 Ultimatum

Yes, I literally die and die and die. McMillan or whatever seems to do nothing. It's all because he wanted to be cool. SMH.

10 All In
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11 All Ghillied Up
12 Game Over
13 The Coup

I always die at the end, even on Recruit.

14 The Sins of the Father
15 War Pig

One of the hardest in the game without cover, getting RPG'd or getting sneaked from behind.

16 Crew Expendable
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