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Add your favourite flash games here! Please only games, which means you get to do something in the flash. If you insert a play button it doesn't count as a game!
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1 World's Hardest Game

Whoever created this is a genius.

2 Super Smash Flash 2

This is the best flash game ever. I t needs to be number one. It's a super combo of all of the best heroes fighting each other super smash bros. Brawl style. Look it up on Armor Games and you'll see what I mean.

This is my favorite flash game. I will still love it even though Master Hand's boss fight is extremely disappointing. Also, it's free!

This is definitely the best flash game. It plays like the actual Smash Bros. games and it's FREE.

3 Siegius

This game is uniquely amazing from any other flash game I have seen so far. The art style behind the character designs of this game is already much different from other flash games, and then there is the game itself. Siegius fits the most in the Real-Time Strategy genre, which is rare for flash games already. The way the RTS is executed is different from other RTS games I know, which sets it apart even more. The way it works is like the army-building of the game Age of War, where you send fighters from one side of the screen and they proceed to the other side to fight the opposing army and base, but the fighting field is presented much differently. Rather than a strict 2D linear plane, it has the kind of 3D set similar to that of Castle Crashers: which is best described as a unique cross between linear 2D and a 3D top-down view. This makes it so you now place fighters in different areas an a 3D plane rather than strictly on a 2D line, making a field that is expansive and can fighters appear in all sorts of different places, making the game much more strategic. All this makes Siegius truly different from any other flash game I have seen, and I have seen a whole lot of flash games.

4 The Several Journeys of Reemus

I think I've already said everything I like about this game. It's a great adventure to play the series; seeing the protagonist develop through each adventure he takes really draws you in his story, and the whole world he inhabits is wildly creative.

5 Epic Battle Fantasy 3

I think Epic Battle Fantasy 3 was my favorite in the whole EBF series. This is the one that made the series go from good to great. It implemented a whole new mechanic to the games: a free-roaming mechanic. Now you could wander and explore a whole world from a top-down view, and you could pick and engage the creatures you fought on your own now. On top of that new gameplay mechanic, the game had a even bigger story to its campaign with actual "chapters" and dialogue to follow on, adding much more depth to the overall lore of the EBF series. This was the game that sparked the evolution of the Epic Battle Fantasy games we have now, and I love EBF 3 for that.

6 Epic Battle Fantasy 4

Once again, I loved this EBF game. It is for the same reasons I love the other EBF games, and more. Each of these games do share the same overall story, but they each have their own story within themselves, if that makes sense. To better explain it, its like a book series: each book shares and builds up on a over-arching story, but they each have their own kind of story written within them (I hope this explanation helps you understand it better). Anyway, each story from each of the EBF games are always fun and engaging to follow, it really draws in the player from start to finish.

7 Super Mario 63

Excellent game over 30 shine sprites, lots of levels, great gameplay, simply the greatest flash game ever! And it's not even finished!

I grew up playing this game. It's such a shame Flash Player had to end. I wanted to play this beauty over and over again.

Simply the greatest, fullest, and most fun flash game ever.

8 Ultimate Flash Sonic

This games fun.The cheat code to unlock everything is 595313131313131.Its 593 than 31 six times.

9 Age of War

Its said that this was one of the first strategy-defense flash game and popularized that genre greatly in the flash world. I can certainly see why.

10 Adventure Story

This was a sort-of spinoff of the Epic Battle Fantasy games made by the same creator, and it was a spinoff done right. It bases itself off those games, but takes them in a different approach. Now instead of a turn-based role-playing, it became a adventure platformer. Its nature was similar to a mario game, with its individual story playing out in a similar fashion, but it was in its own unique way. Even though Adventure Story was individually different from the Epic Battle Fantasy games, it still felt just like an EBF game. It took elements from the EBF series and remade them in a way that was different, but still retained the same kind of feel. You could still tell what the things were from the EBF series if though they were altered in Adventure Story. That, my guys, is how you do a spin-off game right.

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11 The Impossible Quiz 1

I spent an hour trying to figure it out until I had to use cheats. Best flash game ever.

The 102nd question is the worst. Sometimes the squares just randomly spawn on you.

12 Tower of Doom

Just like its predecessor Age of War, this is another great defense game with a whole new take on the defense mechanic.

13 Dino Run

Being another highly popular flash game, Dino Run was retro gaming at its finest. The gameplay is insanely fun and addicting and there are plenty of unlockables to keep you hooked. There is also a multiplayer version and a spin-off on Steam.

I can't believe this is not on the list. Dino run is a very unique game and an excellent survival game.

14 Bloons Tower Defense 5

I think this is more than just a flash game it this point. You can now get this on Steam apparently..

Dude this has to be in the top tens...

So addictive plus there is now a multiplayer version which is really intense

15 Bullet Heaven

Just like Adventure Story, this was a spin-off game of Epic Battle Fantasy that really differed from it, but still managed to retain the same feel is it at the same time, which I believe is the right way to make a spin-off game. Bullet Heaven implemented the elements of the EBF series into a action, running shoot n' dodge kind of game controlled from a bird's eye view (similar to Bullet Hell, actually). All the mobs, spells, characters, places, actions, and all the other things from the EBF games are remade in ways that feel like it makes senses for for it; I dunno its hard to explain, but its amazing how they can be so differently made, yet feel familiar to how they were in EBF.

16 Crush the Castle

Best game for destroying castles and things, the physics is satisfying.

17 Territory War
18 Platform Racing 2

This is the beginning of power to the player. We have the option to create the stages we want and play them with our friends. Makes a person get excited about it's coming sequel!

Fantastic game, one of my all time favorites. Being able to level up, race with friends and create your own maps are just some of the things that make this game great!

One of the best games during it's time. I remember playing it during my childhood. It's pretty much dead now since nobody plays it anymore.

19 Happy Wheels

A very well-known flash game among the internet and has been played by tons of popular Youtube gamers such as PewDiePie, Jacksepticeye, and UberHaxorNova. This game is just violent chaos of hilarious proportions, and, of course, what good is a game without a builder mode?

20 Abobo's Big Adventure

Forget the NES Classic, this is the greatest playable tribute to the NES ever made. Fight your way through tons of game references as you journey through eight classic NES games (and one lousy one), each with its own faithfully recreated gameplay.

21 No One Has to Die
22 Epic Battle Fantasy 2

Again, I love the EBF series. One of the things I really like about these games is the atheistic of them. The games have a heavy anime influence in its style, but they do the "anime-atheistic" in their own unique kind of way; its kind of hard to explain this, but I can say that it makes for very visually-appealing games. I don't even know how that kind of art is created from the game, but I can tell it is very hard-worked on because of the level of detail it has. Its unique art style is unlike anything else I have seen from any other game, it is amazing.

23 Papa's Freezeria

Frozen desert themed restaurant game variant in the Papa's game series.

24 The Last Stand: Union City
25 Strike Force Heroes 2
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