Top 10 Most Overrated Video Games

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1 Call of Duty

The thing that I hate about this game is the design. Why can't we have a well made, UNIQUE game that challenges us? Five nights at Freddy's has been hated on as well, but that's because the horror is a particular style. SL was a really refreshing change for the series, but people still hate on it for not having the ability to move around, maybe you should actually play the game! This game is so much worse. Why can't they change up the series?! Honestly I haven't played it, but watching my friends play it looks so repetitive! And the games don't change. We need different maps, different, weapons, and different mechanics! And maybe just a touch of creativity? I understand if you like this game, and this is totally my opinion, feel free to like what you want, but this is my opinion.

Okay I'll admit I'm terrible at online play but I'm a loner when it comes to gaming anyways which is why when the elder scrolls online was announced a small part of me died. I digress, the campaign is cookie cutter, copy and paste garbage, your AI teammates are just as good at helping you as monkeys are at running a banana stand. I enjoyed modern warfare 1 because it was a breath of fresh air from the World War series, it was something new. After that it got incredibly lazy... The storyline started following a pattern: Meet the new guy (you), New guy is a bada$$, new guy is needed for top secret mission and is given cool little gadgets to play with as if that's just a normal day for any spec ops personnel, Meet the bad guy, bad guy is illusive, hard to catch, and pretty sure was ripped off from a die hard movie, then there's a betrayal you can count on that. cliffhanger wannabe ending after a sad 2-3 hour gameplay and voila that is what Call of Duty feels like to me. I know people may ...more

The worst thing about Call of Duty is it's haters. Their obviously more annoying than the fanboys. All they do is talk about how it sucks and Battlefield or Halo are better. There is a reason Call of Duty is in the top ten best selling video game franchises. Everybody views the fans as five year olds when in reality its 12-20 year olds. The campaigns are amazing ( The Modern Warfare series for example ). The multiplayer is mostly people without mics so you do not need to worry about the so called "ten year olds" that scream into their mics. The zombies/spec ops are unique features of the franchise that not a lot of other fps games have. So overall a good game. Not one of the best, but it is definitely good. And NO I do not hate Pokemon.

Call of Duty is basically an interactive movie. And for a movie, the gameplay is ok. But the most important thing is story. Most of Call of Duty games are just mindless popcorn blockbuster. Black Ops 1+2 were great, but the rest of the series are mediocre games. But, what bugs me is that how people say that 1st, 2nd and 4th games are better than others. They're not. Some people tell me, you should've played it when it came out. I did. I remember the time it came out, it was nothing special for me even then. Treyarch at least tries to do something different, darker and story-based, but all the IW games are awful.

2 Minecraft

I don't understand why anyone would like this game. First of all, nothing exciting ever happens. You dig around, fight the same 6 enemies, and then you build stuff. It consumes more time than almost any other video game, and it doesn't even have skills or levels besides making better armor and weapons. Even then, there isn't anything to do with all that stuff. You only need armor and weapons to fend off those same repetitive enemies. There isn't any goal within the game. All you do is build and add on to whatever you build, then build something else. There is no story, no characters to get attached to, not even a diversity in weapon choice. As for the graphics, I don't care about those. There are far better games with graphics like like, and they were all made 20 or more years ago. Yet even with all of this, people are still obsessed with this game. I wouldn't care except I can't escape this damn game. It's everywhere on YouTube, Xbox and people even talk about it all the time. I ...more

I honestly don't understand how this got so popular. I own the game on my laptop, but barely play it. I don't even understand how people make a profession out of it. I feel it's just boring, you can't do much. You get items to survive and fight monsters. It's pretty generic in my eyes. Then you fight the boss, which I've never actually done, so I can't say much. I've known people to complete this game in a few days. There aren't any side quests/missions either, so you're just back to square one after that. It lacks variation and has a terrible fanbase. There are still people in my class obsessing over it like twelve year olds' and singing parodies of songs. Makes me cringe.

I used to be OBSESSED with Minecraft, I still kind of like it, but I definitely think it's overrated.
Survival mode gets a little boring after a while, and while, yes, creative mode is fun to get...well...creative! But, I'm not the best builder, and once you're done with it, what do you do except show it off to your friends, and just stare at it, endlessly using the features you might've happened to add into it.
And don't tell me "Dude, get mods, and you'll have more fun." I WISH I could do that. All the mods and maps and stuff I see YouTubers showing off is on PC, I play it on an Xbox, I don't even have a PC, I have a Laptop, with only dumb rip-offs in the App Store. I CAN buy and check out some maps and stuff in the MarketPlace, but still.
Minecraft is definitely fun, but it's really overrated.

I play this a lot when I'm bored but yeah... It's just a sandbox game. People of all ages seem to flock to this because they think stacking blocks with different textures and making them look like stuff is so supreme. Its really basic, I don't know what they did to get so into it, but its definitely overrated. It's fun and all but not like daring or exciting or extreme. It's just a building game.

Really, if I had anything better to do in my spare time I'd do it. This is more of a "I don't have anything to do so I'm gonna log onto this" kind of game.

3 Fortnite

Fortnite is an amazing game! the reason it is overatted is because it is super fun with cool crossover like dragon ball and soon spongebob SquarePants.

I was going to vote for Call of Duty, but then I saw this. This game is only famous for being famous. I asked a friend why he likes Fortnite so much, and he said it's so he can fit in. I have nothing against people who like Fortnite, but I seriously doubt anyone would like it this much if it wasn't considered cool. I tried to get into this, but I couldn't. I thought it was so boring. It's average at best, and the seasons are nothing more than cosmetics. I didn't like Mortal Kombat's Kombat Pack or Street Fighter V's seasons, but at least they added something important to the game. I can find fun in games like Cheetahmen, but I don't find Fortnite fun at all.

Fortnite is good, but SUPER overrated. First off, the zombie design isn't that great, and neither is the character design. "Fortnite has a parody on roblox!" So what? Roblox has lots of parodys. So one for Fortnite doesn't make it any special.

The game's not terrible by any means, it's just overrated. I have a blast shooting up dudes with the graphics and the fact it's that makes it so accessible. The fact it's free is also the reason people like it so much. You're not losing anything for playing it. But, by no stretch of the imagination is it as good as people say it is.

I can almost guarantee that it's only as popular as it is because it's free. If it wasn't it would just be another shoot 'em up. And don't even get me started on kids. I have ACTUALLY heard someone say that it is the best game EVER at school. What the Hell's Ocarina of Time? Fortnite's the best ever!

I just want to clarify that just because a game's overrated doesn't mean it's bad. Fortnite's not bad.

4 Angry Birds

Angry Birds was a fun, simple game at first... But then it happened... The Angry Birds movie came out. While the movie it's self was enjoyable, ever since then, the franchise has become over saturated. Every single type of mobile game has been given an Angry Birds coat of paint. Every time I use my phone, I am attacked with ads for one of the new Angry Birds games, (done in the post-movie art style of course) which are always crap. Why can't they just update the old games with new content and leave it at that, no one wants to buy their stupid toys. If someone were to go pull out the Master Sword to travel seven years into the future, I swear the first thing they will see is a huge sign advertising the sixth installment into the Angry Birds cinematic universe!

Ruined by one of the games on this list called Fortnite. Why? Well, at the end of the second movie based off this video game series, Chuck the fast yellow bird is seen doing the hype dance from Fortnite. Because of Fortnite ruining Angry Birds; one of my childhood favourite games, I have never played it ever again since. Fortnite is my least favourite game. Keep in mind that movie was made by the same company as the Emoji Movie, in which it also got indirectly ruined for me by Chuck hyping or made even worse for some other people since they hate both Emoji movie and Fortnite. Fortnite in fact ruins childhoods, nowhoods or entire lives.

I don't play Angry Birds that much anymore. I'm starting to realize that Rovio only makes Angry Birds. Yes, it's true that they made Juice Cubes, Amazing Alex, The Croods, Tiny Theif & Retry, but there's only one game in each franchise. Do you see what I'm talking about? I think it's time for Rovio to work for another company. They're showing an example of what would happen if Nintendo only worked on Mario. Speaking of Nintendo, I'm going to decide whether Rovio should be bought by Nintendo, or not. Although, I think they should.

I mean it's just really stupid there making a movie about it, that doesn't even make sense. As for the actual game I mean it's really just kinda stupid, nothing addicting, what did the pigs do to deserve to die, why are these birds angry. It's not even really addicting cause half the time you hit the structures in the only logical place that they SHOULD fall down but they don't even get phased.

5 Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's. Five Nights at Freddy's. All I hear about is Five Nights at Freddy's! Yes the first game may be entertaining, but once that sequel came out...oh geez. And don't even get me started on the fandom. People use Five Nights at Freddy's. All you gotta do, is make something that has NOTHING to do with Five Nights at Freddy's, randomly copy and paste animatronics into the video, and boom. A ton of subscribers. And the ships, oh lord the ships. If they didn't exist, the world would be a much better place. Don't people know that it's kinda strange to ship ROBOTS? Guess not. Anyways, Five Nights at Freddy's is too popular, and quite frankly too rushed. Four games in one year? Now that my friend, is something called no effort. Five Nights at Freddy's is taking over our world. I won't be surprised if there is merchandise, a T.V. show, a movie, a book, an anime, and so on.

So, the other day, I went to my friend's house. We are huge video game fans, but I hate horror games and he likes them. So, as I've done before, I say, "Let's go play Mario Kart! " or, "Let's go play Minecraft! " or, "Let's go play Undertale! " Etc. But, instead, he says, "No, let's play FNaF! It'll be fun! " And guess what? It wasn't fun. At all. It was terrifying at first, but things got very old very quickly. I was bored and tired of it. And so, when I went home, I looked on YouTube to watch some gaming videos. And, what do you know, ALL of my favorite gaming channels were overrun by this game! I texted to my friends that this game was extremely overrated, and they got very mad very fast. There were so, so, so many people who posted things on YouTube saying how amazing, scary and deep this game was. So, I slammed my laptop shut.

So, I have never been a fan of these games. Sure, they made for good jumpscares and freaky characters, but I HATE horror games. So, people might think I was an idiot for playing this if I don't like horror games, but the thing is, I didn't play these games. I didn't play any of them. Not 1, or 2, or 3 or 4, or even FNaF World. But the reason I find them overrated is because of how they took over the internet. Every single gaming channel I watch (And I watch a lot) did at least 5 videos on these games. And the lore, too. I am very, very, very well aware that this is supposed to be cryptic, and that it is fun to figure the story. But, when the fandom goes too far, that is where I find it overrated. And, even Scott Cawthon himself knew and probably still knows this! Just read his post on whether or not he thinks Silver Eyes is canon! Speaking of which, these games are SO overrated that they have a NOVEL and that there will be an upcoming MOVIE.

Yeah. And, also, the new game coming ...more

Ugh. Five Nights at Freddy's is taking over the world, and I hate it. Everyone talks about it. When I want to go a simple website, people are talking about that stupid Five Nights at Freddy's. I once went onto the YouTube community on Miiverse to see what's going on, but guess what? You guessed it. Five Night's at Freddy's. I shouldn't have voted for Minecraft. I should've voted for this. How is Five Nights at Freddy's only 57? Pokemon is above this, and it's not nearly talked about as much at this.

6 Halo: Combat Evolved

When Halo first came out, it was without a doubt THE coolest video game I owned. The story was immersive, the firefights were exciting, the enemies were incredible and the first contact with the flood was horrifying. Halo Combat evolved had this sense of mystery about it that no other FPS game I had ever owned could emulate... The wide variety of weapons, vehicles, and characters was mind blowing to me and I also loved that there was a slight horror element to Halo: CE. Keep in mind I was 10 when I first played so it did not take much to scare me. Then Halo 2 Came out... It felt forced, the plot twist were confusing and to be honest not that much fun to be dragged through. The slight element of horror that I thoroughly enjoyed was replaced with aggravation and impatience trying to wade through the annoying wave after wave of flailing armed Flood. I'm pretty sure they must've realized the exploding flood looked like a scrotum... then three came out... lets just say I'm glad it had a ...more

Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 3 are some of my favorite games ever, but this first game just really doesn't shine much a torch. The only reason people in the Halo community call it a masterpiece is bacause it was really good for its time, but now? Its graphics have shown their age, the levels are repetitive and boring (mostly), the story is extremely simple, and the voice acting? meh, it's okay. I admire Bungie's 5 seconds of fun rule, and the gameplay is pretty solid (although 1/10 for multiplayer) against covies, but that does not warrant it as a great game, not by today's standards. I'd rather play Call Of Duty Infinite Warfare that this any day. All the Halos after, except maybe 5 (and spartan strike/assault) completely outdo it in every aspect.

I don't really agree with this placement... As I've always loved these games.
Although, now that I strain myself to criticize it, I CAN see that it is... Overrated... But understand that it is hard for me to think that, given my good history with it.
I am at least appeased in knowing that (at this time) Call of Duty is higher up on this list than Halo.
Whew, that was tough.

Let's make a quick recap:
Halo introduced the regenerating health bar trend (even if it's a regenerating shield, but you get the point), it introduced the whole "carry only 2 weapons crap", its story was unoriginal and pretentious, its main character is a lifeless shell, it's heavily unbalanced, the gameplay is mundane and slow-paced, the music is nothing special and overall, for a game whose tagline is "Combat Evolved", Halo did the exact opposite. How ironic, huh? So yes, Halo "Conbat (D) evolved" is not just massively overrated, it's also partially responsible for the downfall of shooters as we know it nowadays.

7 Flappy Bird

When I first saw Flappy Bird I actually thought it was Super Mario Bros but with a bird. I actually thought it was by Nintendo just because it copied of Super Mario World. All you do is tap your phone screen and try to fly the bird in between pipes until you mess up. Back in 2013-2014 it was a trend but I'm glad this game is dead now.

I like how people were so angry about Nintendo seeing them for, oh I don't know, literally stealing backgrounds from them. The thing is it wouldn't have hurt them to be a little more unique with them instead of just being thieves. Nintendo had every right to sue they were stolen from.

This game is so stupid and overrated. The people that get angry at this game play it EVEN MORE! You might as well become an addict. Also this game ripped off all textures from Super Mario Bros. Hopefully there will be a lawsuit.

Here's my account of flappy bird. Flap, flap, flap, flap oops I died! Hold on I'm addicted to flapping now flap, flap, flap hold on gotta kill my brother for beating my high score flap, flap, flap my phone died and since I can't look away from it for 2 seconds so did I

8 Among Us

Why are people taking overrated as in bad? This game is definitely very good but way overrated. Some people say it's better than games like Minecraft and Mario. I personally disagree, but I don't think it's bad.

Now I am truly sick of this game all people talk about is this game. In lobbies people make sex jokes and kids do annoying things and people who refuse to play the game. Every match unless you actually have friends usually people who are in random chats leave the match. People accuse you for no reason and kick you out. Also this game is ruining meme comps like covid. Also they make bad jokes related to this game in youtube comments. The fanbase yes even makes porn of among us. Also the mini crewmate meme are annoying not cute

Among Us is fun if you get mature people in the lobbies you play in which is very rare. Most of the people that play the game are trolls. They always spam "(insert color) is SUS!" without any evidence and everyone votes them out. When you start a game at least 4 to 5 people leave instantly because they were not picked to be the imposter. People always constantly call in emergency meetings for no reason and don't vote when it is time to vote. Ever since September 2020 it is literally everywhere. The hype for Among Us is really SUS.

I agree. Among Us is very overrated. It's literally Fortnite all over again. I don't get the hype of this at all. The game was literally made in 2018 and now all of a sudden it's popular in 2020. The game only got so popular because of some YouTubers playing it when there's nothing that special about it at all. And plus the memes aren't even that funny and they are overrated and all over the place.

9 World of Warcraft

Everything you do in this game doesn't feel fun, it feels like a task, like when your teacher gives you a worksheet, this game makes you do the same thing, get mad and say "fine I'll do it" there is no enjoyment in doing quests, it feels like a job. Not even free roaming in this game is fun, everything in this game gets boring after 10 minutes, and once I got off I never had the urge to play it again, and it's been like 10 years since then

Way too overrated. Not fun at all. It feels and looks like a childish game. When I played the tutorial, I fell asleep at my computer. I tried to get into the game and just couldn't. I can't imagine dishing out tons of money for the constant expansions on top of the monthly fee. My friend's family lost their house due to paying for this game and in game items over their rent!

Awful customer service, and is becoming one of America's most rediculous addictions. I know exactly why it's so appealing to people, but I hope someday they'll realize it's mediocre at best.

Mediocre game in general and it's been nothing but an excuse for Blizzard to make money. I played Ragnarok Online too and it is just as boring.

10 Halo 3

I take back what I said on my other account(potbellypup2)the game is awesome for machinimas and multiplayer, but single player never really lived up to it, I just felt like it was too overrated for my likings. But there again, that's my thought.

The single player of this game it's AWFUL, and the multiplayer got nothing special, so why this game is so popular?

I give this an 8.0/10
Not even close to a classic to me. Me and my cousin Justin just dominate this on the hardest setting its really easy

Definitely overrated. It was a good game but nothing special compared to it's predecessors

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11 Grand Theft Auto V

Singleplayer has amazing actors and story. Everything on single player is such fun. Multiplayer, get killed for no reason, hackers, steals from you. Grand Theft Auto V is the worst ever game to play online. Also is it the best. NO! The greatest Grand Theft Auto game is Grand Theft Auto: SAN Andreas and people say that this is the best Grand Theft Auto of all time. But because of the multiplayer, this is the most overrated game of all time. Can't there be different types of servers you can choose from, basically let the sociopaths kill each other and let the normal people on a different, but that won't work either because of trollers.

The game is great. The single player is fun. The online section is not. Everything costs WAY to much, you get killed for no reason, originations will hunt you down, level 400 millionaires who hacked money in will repeatedly kill you in jets, tanks and cars. The online portion of this game is the definition of insanity.

Grand Theft Auto V is also bad with how money is always tight, cash flow is slow and the fun stuff is expensive, feels like they've designed it around pushing people to spend on buying in-game cash. This style of game doesn't mix with grinding. Sometimes it seems like all the microtransations and DLC stuff is a drag on the game industry these days.

Everything is too expensive and money is hard to get. Zero money from missions, you will only notice that you got money after the big score and final missions. Also, shark cards are overpriced, and hack detection is terrible. I found hackers even in good sport sessions!

12 Candy Crush Saga

Oh my god. This game should take the cake out of any of these. It displays everything wrong with the mobile industry today. You have to pay for everything, and the gameplay is so uninspired. King is a second biggest mobile developer today (niantic recently beat them to the top spot), but they really don't deserve it. How could this game be number 33?

I don't understand how people think this is a good game. It's terrible there are so many ads. If you run out of lives you have to wait for them to renew or some people pay for them. Why does a game like this have lives anyway?

Bejeweled is way better in my opinion. There are countless games that have this genre of gameplay, but everyone I know say Candy Crush is the best one. Hell, every friend of mine on facebook plays this game! It has brainwashed every people's mind and they even dare to buy with real money FOR EXTRA LIFES! *facepalm*

Yeah my mom plays it I helped for the first few levels then I got bored of it easily but she still likes it. Why even play it? If you want a game like this, play Bejeweled Blitz.

13 Final Fantasy VII

It's an okay game, but it hardly deserves all the praise it's gotten. The storyline is somewhat interesting, but the graphics are terrible, the gameplay rather boring, the main character is very unlikable and the villain has no personality or motive. I can't say I actually cared when Aerith died either, she was a pretty annoying character, in my opinion. There are so many other Final Fantasy games that are better, but for some reason they're always overshadowed by this one. I've never understood why.

When I bought this game, I felt straight up duped. I actually liked the storyline, but the combat is ruined by the real time elements that were integrated for no reason and the insanely low difficulty. You don't have the time to formulate a strategy, so I just spammed my magic moves which did insane amounts of damage. The problem is that because of the low difficulty, the game doesn't punish you for this and you slaughter everything in your path without a second thought with the exception of some bosses. The graphics lack color and look like mud! I could knock the game for its character design which took me out of emotional scenes, but the main thing I hate about this game is the open world area. It completely ruins the pacing of the game and literally has NOTHING interesting on is except a few hidden materia that you can't even get until late in the game. Encounters can happen here as a bonus so that when you inevitably get lost on the giant map, you can pull your hair out to get ...more

Final Fantasy VII is a good game but it's too overrated. When people think of Final Fantasy they think of a guy with blonde spiky hair (Cloud) or a silver-haired man with a thin long sword (Sephiroth). They don't think of a blonde guy with a monkey tail (Zidane) or a guy with a scar on his face (Squall). Final Fantasy isn't just about VII it's about the entire franchise as a whole. In fact, Final Fantasy IX is easily the best Final Fantasy game. It's way better and more fun to play than VII.

I have never really been a fan of Final fantasy games. They're way too linear for me and the characters are usually brooding doofs and the game is an insufferable 50 plus hours. I never feel like I am playing a game, I feel like I am watching an interactive movie. I don't like ANY of the characters (except maybe one but they killed her) everything is so bland and drab and emo-y I just...oh my god this game is boring and lame. I will never understand the love for this game. I would rather play FNAF. at least that's only like 3 hours long and then I can have my life back.

14 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I love Skyrim. I've got 200 hours in it and platinumed it twice. I'll also be the first to say it is probably the most overrated game ever made. It earned accolades like Game of the Year in 2011, was often cited as the game of the decade for the 2010s and often the best game ever made.


This game is riddled with glitches and exploits, the writing is remarkably worse than Oblivion in every aspect, NPCs barely feel like people, combat is awful no matter what you do and dungeon diving, while definitely an improvement over previous entries, is still vapid and monotonous.

It's still an amazing game, and while my heart tells me to give it a 9 my brain says it's no more than a 5.5. There are so many things wrong with it it's absurd and it deserves its title as the most overrated game ever made, perhaps along with the stupidly overrated, boring Final Fantasy VII.

Lazy uninspired quests, annoying amounts handholding, melee combat is just braindead mouseclicking, magic system is far to simple, crafting system is uninteresting, being a dragonborn just lets you use underwhelming shouts that have long cooldown times (really makes you feel special, huh? ). The whole time I played the game I just kept thinking about how it could have been better. People were surprised when Fallout 4 was terrible, but the game is essentially it's precursor. Everything wrong with Fallout 4 was in Skyrim first. This game just has no substance.

What makes this game special is nothing but a grand illusion. Hundreds of repetitive quests where 90% of the time it's you and you only killing an entire clan. And where most people do more than 85% of them. Because if you do, it is mostly an extremely unrewarding grind. As well as being high leveled means your character no longer resembles what you wanted them to be seeing skyrim is an RPG. You become the only character in the game who actually means something. No one else in the game does anything but walk around and talk, wearing the same ugly outfits, telling you to massacre a whole fort because they lost their pathetic iron sword. And it doesn't matter what armor or weapons you use, or what level, you will be no stronger or weaker than before, so there goes any challenge. Yet no one is a match compared to the mighty dragonborn: Talk about being overpowered feeling like an alien with strong armor on with strong weapons. Unlike anyone else having higher than steel. You're Leader of ...more

Damn we got so many graphics freaks coming in and crying about how sky rim has a minor glitch here and there. Now I would actually care if sky rim just refused to work, but it doesn't. It's like with Fallout 4 (except more people like Skyrim) we get it bugs look funny and can take you out of the immersion, but that doesn't make the game any worse.

15 Half-Life 2

Wait, hold on. This is here? The FPS of the century is on an overrated list? If anything, this game is underrated. Only true gamers agree with me. How can a 10/10 game be on this list? How can any Valve game be on this list? This is the game that improved on its predecessor which started a gaming revolution. This is the gaming version of the Last Supper painting. Whoever disagrees probably never had the chance to play it either because they were too into Barbie dolls or that their friends were having so much fun with the game and never gave them a chance to play.

Who the hell put this masterpiece here. This masterpiece is the best FPS ever. Show me a game that have better graphics for it's year, a better story, better main character (Gordon Freeman is so badass), better character personalities, a weapon like the Zero Point Energy Manipulator (Gravity Gun), a wide variety of enemies (Metro cops, Overwatch soldiers, Elite Overwatch, Zombies, Headcrabs, Striders, Hunters, Gunships, Antlions, Choppers and many more, a character like G-man... If you show me a game that have all of this I will... wait... that's impossible. You cannot find a better game! Half-Life 2 is the best game ever! This masterpiece should be ranked higher.

I played them when they were released and I dunno what world some of the people posting were living in but the first really wasn't that mind blowing at all. Doom and its sequel were better games level design, atmosphere and fun wise, and came out about 5 years before it. Hell they even ripped the story off from it and Doom barely even had one to begin with. That's what you're trying to say is impressive about it? They're both pretty generic in that regard Half-life just flushed it out a little more and gameplay wise was very boring and weak. But it was rendered in 3d so I guess it was the best fps ever made? It's presentation was nice but it was severely lacking in other areas in my opinion. Half-life 2 was just more of the same for me, gameplay just was not fun and the story was as generic as ever

The people that praise this game have no real argument for it being the "game of the decade". They say, you should have played it when it came out. Well first of all, the best game should be timeless and shouldn't ever feel boring or slow. Secondly, I thoroughly enjoyed the first game and it's counterparts, and I played that after the I played the second and expected it to be just as boring and dull, but it was actually really fun. The weapons were original and cool, they had more than 1 cool weapon unlike 2 with its "fantastic" weapon, the gravity gun which just ended up feeling like a gimmick. The game itself just felt as if it needed to show it's cool new engine rather than do anything else like make it not feel like a chore to play through where as the first actually had good gun play and decent story.

16 Undertale

Only 33?! Come on! The graphics are so unimpressive, clearly the only reason why It is 2D is to cash in on the nostalgia of the older generation, the so called "nice guy monsters who you're supposed to give mercy to" make Porky Minch look like Tails, the dialog never made me laugh, just groan out of the sheer stupidity. And worst of all, despite being a huge ripoff of the Mother series, the only thing they "forgot" to copy is the love for your parents who always welcome you home. And by parents, I mean the real ones, who raised you, not just a bunch of strangers, who you've talked for, like, two seconds. The only two good things in this game are the music and the final boss!
This game should be burning in Hell, along with the people who created It!

These are the reasons why Undertale is not only the most overrated game ever, but why it is the WORST game ever.

1) Sans. Worst. Character. Ever. How can a skeleton be fat? And his puns are AWFUL! All the characters are pretty terrible though. Sans is just the worst.

2) Graphics. Looks like it was made in 1999. Hard to believe considering it was made recently.

3) The story. Are you kidding me? It's like the most uncreative, stupid story ever made. Just search it up.

4) It's boring. All of the things above make it boring.

Overall, Undertale is an overrated and terrible game. 0/10

I like the game fine like a lot of other people have but...yeah I can admit that it has gotten overrated. Mostly because how the fanbase has behaved for the past 2 years. Sure the look of the game isn't as good looking as big games like MGS 5 but do remember this was done on a small budget with a small development team. It's not like FNAF which doesn't really have a lot going for it and got old very quickly. But even then the fans can take an enjoyable game and turn it into a subject of annoyance.

I don't mind hearing these complaints. In fact I welcome it, but be sure you play it first before you come to your conclusions. So again is it overrated? Yes absolutely. Is it a bad game though? Not really but it's far from a masterpiece either.

The game itself is pretty good, the mini-game combat mechanic is interesting, the writing is OK, the music is awesome (considering only one guy composed it) and in a gaming world full of FPS's and crappy "horror" indie games, it was refreshing to see a game that tried to be different, and had such a good story to tell, with multiple endings, too!. It was a good and refreshing game.

BUT the fanbase made it impossible for ANYONE to enjoy it. It was the most cancerous, immature, stupid fanbase I've ever seen, worse even than the Sonic fanbase, and comparable only to the MLP fanbase. They flooded the internet, it was Undertale and made people hate it. I am thankful that I got the chance to play it before the fanbase erupted, or else, I wouldn't have even touched it.

17 Super Mario Bros.

I'm not sure to call this game overrated or not. On one hand, there are zero "true fans" of Mario that say this game is the best in the series because admit it, since bros 3 (and I would argue lost levels but this is a very unpopular opinions) every games in the series did better in every way. I mean tell me ONE argument to why this game is the best in the series other than it's more original. On the other hand, there will always be nostalgia blinded people that stopped playing the series (and therefore are not "true fans") because they will never feel the same joy as when they play the first game. There is also the guys that never played video games except this one during it's 1985 glory.

The only reason this game is really popular is because it saved video games. True, but not just that can make it a good game. It's a good game, I think. Fun gameplay, great level design, and a memorable soundtrack. Just like Pokémon Red, it kickstarted one of the most beloved video game franchises, Super Mario. I'm a die hard Mario fan, but this game? It's good and fun, but there are better Mario games out there. Like Super Mario World, Mario Maker, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario 64.

The only excuse people have for that game is "it saved the video game industry" or "it was innovative". Sure its fun to play but its not good as games we have today. Its like saying that the 1890 Ford Quadricycle is still a great car to use today because it was innovative and kinda kicked off the whole automobile craze. Sure it was but it would be ridiculous to use one on daily basis

There are many Mario games that are way better than this one. The main reason why this game overshadows most games of this franchise is because it's the first one. Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World are far superior.

18 Friday Night Funkin'

Ok, ok, I like FNF. And what? In one of TheTopTens list about what are the "Best Video Games of All Time" it's not even in one of the top tens. Its not overrated at all! Actually, It's underrated. And to yall who said "Oh, I don't like FNF because it's to HaRd", You guys are just noobs at it. You can even play it on Roblox. it's the best game ever, not bad at all! If you don't like it then I don't want to hear your opinion about it. If you're one of my friend or a part of my family, we are not friends anymore and DON'T TALK TO ME!

Just the worst rhythm game I've ever played or seen in my life. the songs are bad the gameplay is bad the characters are bad and its overall overrated. I hate how the characters sing and it isn't even worth the hype

I don't understand how this game is so popular when the competition is so much better. Want a great rhythm game? Go play Everhood. If you have VR, go play Beat Saber or that viking one if you're into metal.

It's a pleasure to see this in the top 21. I have been overexposed to this game not just from YouTubers, but also from my own siblings. I gave this game a shot and I did not enjoy it. It was hard for me to find the appeal for this game. It's hard to go on YouTube without finding some mod for this game. I would rather play Among Us tbh.

19 Tetris

This game is so overrated, it's crazy. What is there about this game that is even somewhat gratifying? It didn't revolutionize the gaming industry in any way, that's for sure. It's not addicting - in fact, I can barely play this game for 10 minutes before getting bored out of my skull.

It would be one thing if the Tetris "franchise" had actually evolved over the years, but that's not the case. I don't know if it can even be considered a video game anymore, with all its appearances on iPods, the Internet, and even cell phones.

And yet, reviewers give high praise to this abused game. It ranked in the top ten in G4's "Top 100 Video Games of All Time" list. Many gaming communities rank Tetris very high up on their lists as well. Why? What is so good about this game? It's not revolutionary. It's not addicting. I don't understand. There is absolutely no reason that the game is treated the way it is.

Tetris is synedochal with videogames, the purest most abstract distillation of eye-darting, finger-twitching, button-mashing action and a game that could only ever have been realised in digital form. Its simplicity and its psychological basis probably make it the most timeless game in existence.

But it is not the "ultimate" or even the "perfect" game: it evokes no memories and pushes no boundaries.

Tetris is only "perfect" because its design is so unambitious that it is virtually impossible to screw up.

There are plenty of games out there with all the virtues of Tetris, that also bring something new to the table, and they deserve at least some of the attention that Tetris has hogged over the years.

And that's why Tetris is (one of) the most overrated game(s) of all time.

I'm surprised this isn't at number 1. One of the most popular and yet most boring game I've played. And I've been playing a lot of boring games.

This has got to be the most overrated game of all time. In the list, top 100 best video games
of all time, tetris, TETRIS, Got number 1, I mean... what? What?! This is not the best game
in existence, whoever said this is an idiot.

20 Grand Theft Auto IV

Incredibly overrated. The style is utterly unappealing with muted colours and character models that look like they've been converted from the PS2 era. The story is a crock with characters I don't care for and no emotional attachment as a result. But mainly it's the gameplay that stinks the most. Loose driving controls that make you feel like you're on an ice rink, a mission structure which restarts the mission every time you lose (which can be particularly annoying when those missions are long), repetitive tasks, a dull open world environment that doesn't reward exploration, areas that are so dark it is hard to see and even worse, the gameplay has worsened from previous installments. Gone are the multiple creative weapons, the fun open world and everything else and in its place is a game which is a hollow shell of previous installments. The only reason this was rated so highly was because of brand name only. Thankfully Chinatown Wars (my favourite Grand Theft Auto game) and V came ...more

I like this game. I really do. There is some fun in it. But it still has plenty of flaws. The ridiculously violent pedestrians that can mob and kill you very quickly. The dull, overly gray, and monotonous-looking city. The surprisingly slow cars that turn the road into butter. The repetitive missions. The epilepsy-inducing camera that spins whenever you make even the slightest turn. Is it an enjoyable game? For the most part. Is it worthy of being the #1 most sold Xbox-360 game of all time? Definitely not, especially with standards rising highly these days.

I used to like this game whenever I was a lil younger but now that o think about it this game is fun in my opinion but it gets boring overtime this game is kinda boring NGL.

Is it a good game? Of course... Is it a 10/10 rated game? Absolutely not.

The game got an amazing graphics upgrade since Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but San Andreas overcomes Grand Theft Auto 4 in everything else.

What you got first in Grand Theft Auto 4 is a lack of gameplay, the controls are bad and also when you drive car you feel like driving over ice. Most of missions are fun at first, but then they're all the same: You drive a car, get some guns, and shoot to kill people. While Grand Theft Auto San Andreas has a lot of dynamism in its missions eg: Swim underwater, get a boat, hope a board a ferry, get some guns, kill people with guns, and then run away from heli shooting you missiles.

Also, in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas there are lot of things you can explore, since forest to nowhere desert, Grand Theft Auto 4 is just a city, nothing more, nothing less.

In Grand Theft Auto San Andreas, you felt like you can do almost everything, and you do... ...more

21 Super Mario Galaxy

Not a big fan. Everyone says it's the best game ever but I just don't get it. It's another Mario game, except it controls way worse. "Oh but it has amazing music!" okay sure, the music is nice to listen to, but that doesn't excuse it.

Yeah, I know Super Mario 64 was 'the best game ver and the collets and blah blah blah', but that game is seriously more overrated than this. 64 did bring Mario to 3D, had decent music, and revolutionized, and it's nostalgic, but Super Mario Galaxy's graphics were ahead for a Wii game, not to mention a 2007 Wii game. It also had some of the best musical scores to any video game- instead of beeps, it was orchestrated symphonies. It also was such a unique game among other Mario games because it had depth, story, and atmosphere. I truly believe this game deserves as much praise as it gets.

I grew up with this game and I really like it, but I think that sometime this game has really good ideas and instead of expanding upon it in the entire level, they for example introduce you to the bomboos at the start of the level and never use this cool enemy until the boss at the end, where they could have made an entire level based around bomboos. That's why I like Galaxy 2, 3d World, and Odyssey more: their level-design have a better focus.

Lots of people adore this game including myself but it honestly deserves the praise. People that hate this game can't even think of good reasons on why they think it's bad and just say they hate it because Rosalina and Peach are in it, it is overrated, or it does not have blood and shooting.

22 Pokemon Go

I hate Pokemon. The people there are abusing the poor little guys. Throwing big, hard balls into their faces. And then they go into the balls? It's probably so cramped in there! And the Pokemon are best friends with their kidnappers? Who only use those Pokemon to get worthless badges, to win in competitions, and to make other Pokemon faint so that they can use them to do the same things? THIS IS SO OVERRATED! I wish I had 100 votes so that I could vote for all of the Pokemon games on this list.

Honestly those people playing that don't know about Pokemon, THERE's NOTHING WRONG WITH THAT.

Nothing wrong with everyday people actually getting exercise having loads of fun and meeting people and socializing at the same time to distract from how bad life is.

I LOVE Pokemon, always have, but these entitled snobs making fun of people hopping on the trend getting mad because OTHER PEOPLE like this game, these guys all need to shut up.

Otherwise Pokemon Go, GREAT GAME.

Overrated as hell, everyone is walking around playing it, getting themselves killed due to hackers, and people are dumb enough to go into employees only rooms just to get a pokemon.

Overrated game! My classmates talks about this game everyday even though they didn't even know much about Pokemon. As a Pokemon fan, I'm really dissapointed at this game for killing many innocent peoples, glad I'm stayed away from it.

23 Super Smash Bros Melee

If someone says this is underrated, they're just lying.
Just like Paper Mario, the Gamecube verision's overrated, Wii version's better.

I like playing this game once in a while, but I would argue that besides brawl with subspace Emissary, there are no games that has a considerable thing that makes it better than Ultimate. The only thing Melee has over ultimate are break the target, and Adventure mode, which are pretty small things, and not enough to beat ultimate. Sure Melee has wavedash but it's one of the reasons why competitive Melee is so hard to get into, and you are basically praising a game for a glitch that wasn't planned by developpers.

Honestly this game is nothing THAT special. Sure, it reinvented Smash and made it what it is today but it has cons. For example, this game introduced many clone fighters (ganondorf, Falco etc.) and some of the trophies are downright ugly (looking at you pit and Evee! ) so yeah most people only like it for its fast gameplay but once ultimate comes out, it will overcome Melee in nearly every single way possible. You're right. Ultimate is not Melee. It's better than Melee.

Can we get this one a little higher? Maybe like top 50? First of all, I love Super Smash Bros., but my favorites are SSB4 and Brawl. Melee, however, all I hear and see in Melee tournaments on YouTube is "Fox is best! Shine! Shine! Shine! Wombo Combo! Kirby is for losers and so is Pichu! "

First of all, I understand personal opinion. I like to play as Fox in Smash, but do we have to hear about him in every Melee video? God! I get it!

Second, I think the Wombo combo video and scream is pretty funny, but how did it get so popular? How? I'm not mad at that, but how?

Third, these fanboys literally will hate on Brawl for "Being too slow." Really. That's why PM was made. For example, Mango will not try any new Smash game. He just sticks with Fox and Melee.

In conclusion, Melee is an insanely overrated game that needs to calm down about Fox and respect other better characters (my opinion) such as Dr Mario, Mario, Ness, and Kirby.

24 Pokemon Red

Nothing really wrong with these games on their own, but if it weren't for the newer games Pokemon would probably be the shallow, boring thing people think it is. Newer gens had better graphics, more Pokemon species so you get more of a choice, aspects like breeding, EV training, held items and new moves to give the game an insanely deep meta...and all you see is people complaining about how the new designs are bad. Each generation has well liked Pokemon and less popular ones, we get it, you don't have to love them all but they're all there no matter what and it can't be changed.

Unlike everyone else, I think gen 1 of pokemon's biggest flaw is the fact that your bag has a limited amount of space yet it can contains a bicycle and 99 times the same item, meaning that if you have 20 different items in your bag you have to either store them in the pc box or throw away that items. Gen 2 solve that problem by only limitting the items that are not important or are not TMs. There are also other really stupid flaws like having to switch pokemon boxes at the pokemon center to be able to transfer new pokemon in the pokemon center.

Terrible fanbase aside, what is wrong with game?
1. Graphics are bad. Do I need to explain?
2. Battle mechanics are broken. This gets worse when you learn that this game was in development for 3 years. Some great examples include focus energy doing the opposite of what is was programmed, Ghost types being ineffective against psychic types even though that was supposed to be the opposite, and everything missing 1/256 of the time.
3. Glitches. Just look up the Bulbapedia article on this. That's all I need to say.
4. Story. Compared to other games in this series, this seems the most lacking. Your rival (by the way has the default name of Blue which is incredibly lazy) is nothing but a big arrogant jerk. That wouldn't be bad, but he gets no character development at all. So why is everybody saving he's the best rival? Team Rocket's plans seem weaker than other teams in the series. It's just a poor story.
P.S. Fire Red fixed most of these problems, and I recommened it.

This game is proof that gamers today think that nostalgia and innovation are the only important things in a game. And for a game that is constantly referred to as the best Pokemon game ever made, it's Nithing special. However, this game isn't entirely bad. It kickstarted one of the most famous franchises in history (along with Pokemon Blue), its soundtrack is catchy and is still being remixed today, and it can be fun to find glitches like the level 100 mew glitch. But is it that good? Not really. It's about as fun as mashing the A button. THERE IS NO STRATEGY WHATSOEVER. Nothing to make your Pokemon unique, and no way to change its stats (other than the expensive vitamins). IT'S THE SAME THING EVERY TIME! I'd rather stick my head up a Garbodor's ass than hear one more word about Charizard or Mewtwo.

25 Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is mediocre and the fanbase sucks worse than the game itself (most of you fans that I talked to can go fly a kite). Great characters? It's easy to assume that generic characters like in KH are awesome when you know so little characters from other games and Sora is a goofball, not to mention the other characters are stagnant throughout the game. Great story? More like boring. What also makes this game dull is the technical problems and gummi ship mini-game garbage. The side quests are hardly things that would make this game worthy of my time. All in all, it's nothing but a generic action rpg series that's meant to make Square (the worst game developer so far) money.

I used to love kingdom hearts, but looking back it wasn't very good at all. I liked the second one, but the rest were kinda crap, and don't get me started on kingdom hearts 3. I actually had a feeling it might be pretty good, but it was a complete disappointment, and one of the worst games I ever played. And just to make it clear, I am a massive fan of jrpgs. I love final fantasy and Dragon quest, I love in Japan and my wife is Japanese, but kingdom hearts, I honestly thought sucked. The only thing I liked about the series was the soundtracks by hikaru utada.

This series is the complete opposite to the Disney classics it is based off. Varied gameplay, inventive puzzle solving and non-linear exploration has been sacrificed for an overambitious storyline and over-dramatic combat.

How is this overrated? This is the second best game I've ever played. The only game that beats it is Kingdom Hearts II. It has a fantastic story, lots of days of play, and the gameplay, while a little repetitive at some points, is still great.

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