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1 Call of Duty

The thing I hate about this game is the design. Why can't we have a well-made, UNIQUE game that challenges us? Five Nights at Freddy's has been criticized as well, but that's because its horror is of a particular style. SL was a really refreshing change for the series, but people still criticize it for not allowing movement. Maybe you should actually play the game! In comparison, this game is much worse. Why can't they change up the series? Honestly, I haven't played it, but watching my friends play, it looks so repetitive! The games don't change. We need different maps, different weapons, and different mechanics! Maybe just a touch of creativity? I understand if you like this game. This is totally my opinion. Feel free to like what you want, but this is how I feel.

Okay, I'll admit I'm terrible at online play, but I'm a loner when it comes to gaming. That's why, when The Elder Scrolls Online was announced, a small part of me died. I digress. The campaign is cookie-cutter, copy-and-paste garbage. Your AI teammates are just as good at helping you as monkeys are at running a banana stand.

I enjoyed Modern Warfare 1 because it was a breath of fresh air from the World War series. It was something new. After that, the series got incredibly lazy. The storyline started following a pattern: Meet the new guy (you), the new guy is a badass, and the new guy is needed for a top-secret mission. He's given cool little gadgets to play with, as if that's just a normal day for any spec ops personnel. Then you meet the bad guy, who is elusive, hard to catch, and pretty sure was ripped off from a Die Hard movie. Then there's a betrayal you can count on, followed by a cliffhanger-wannabe ending after a sad 2-3 hour gameplay. Voila, that's what Call of Duty feels like to me.

I know people may like the campaign for its graphics and never-ending waves of enemies, but a video game should engross the player in its story, not give them a massive headache and a $60 hole in their wallet, not including DLC.

2 Minecraft

Is there anything that's actually exciting in this game? Why do people love it so much? Minecraft becomes tedious and repetitive after just 15 minutes! How can people play it for seven hours and not get bored? It just doesn't make any sense! You could argue that Fortnite also gets repetitive, but at least that game can be fun at times! There is literally NOTHING fun about Minecraft!

I like Minecraft, but I don't love it. You just mine blocks, make shelters, and after like 1 week when you defeat the Ender dragon, the game is absolutely boring. 7/10. At least it's a bit good.

I don't understand why anyone would like this game. First of all, nothing exciting ever happens. You dig around, fight the same six enemies, and then you build stuff. The game consumes more time than almost any other video game, yet it doesn't even have skills or levels, except for making better armor and weapons.

Even then, there's not much to do with all that gear. You only need armor and weapons to fend off those same repetitive enemies. The game lacks a clear goal. All you do is build and add on to whatever you've built, and then build something else. There is no story, no characters to get attached to, and not even a diversity in weapon choice.

As for the graphics, I don't care about them. There are far better games with similar graphics, and they were all made 20 or more years ago. Despite all of this, people are still obsessed with the game. I wouldn't mind, except that I can't escape it. It's everywhere: on YouTube, on Xbox, and people even talk about it all the time. I think it's time that everyone stops caring about this game. Life would be a lot less annoying if they did.

3 Fortnite

Bro, Fortnite is so boring. All you do is kill people and survive a storm, and after one game, it gets unbelievably boring. Dude, I don't get why it's so overrated. Fortnite is also the game that is stealing love away from Minecraft and Roblox. 3/10. Bad game!

I was going to vote for Call of Duty, but then I saw this. This game is only famous for being famous. I asked a friend why he likes Fortnite so much, and he said it's so he can fit in. I have nothing against people who like Fortnite, but I seriously doubt anyone would like it this much if it weren't considered cool. I tried to get into it, but I couldn't. I found it boring. It's average at best, and the seasons are nothing more than cosmetics. I didn't like Mortal Kombat's Kombat Pack or Street Fighter V's seasons, but at least they added something important to the game. I can find fun in games like Cheetahmen, but I don't find Fortnite fun at all.

4 Angry Birds

Angry Birds was a fun, simple game at first. But then the Angry Birds movie came out. While the movie itself was enjoyable, ever since then, the franchise has become oversaturated. Every single type of mobile game has been given an Angry Birds coat of paint.

Every time I use my phone, I am bombarded with ads for one of the new Angry Birds games, done in the post-movie art style, of course, which are always terrible. Why can't they just update the old games with new content and leave it at that? No one wants to buy their stupid toys. If someone were to pull out the Master Sword to travel seven years into the future, I swear the first thing they will see is a huge sign advertising the sixth installment of the Angry Birds cinematic universe!

Ruined by one of the games on this list, Fortnite. Why? Well, at the end of the second movie based on this video game series, Chuck, the fast yellow bird, is seen doing the hype dance from Fortnite. Because Fortnite ruined Angry Birds, one of my childhood favorites, I have never played it again since. Fortnite is my least favorite game.

Keep in mind that the movie was made by the same company that produced the Emoji Movie. That film was also ruined for me indirectly by Chuck's dance, and it was made even worse for others who dislike both the Emoji Movie and Fortnite. In fact, Fortnite ruins childhoods, adulthoods, and entire lives.

5 Five Nights at Freddy's

Five Nights at Freddy's - that's all I hear about. Yes, the first game may be entertaining, but once that sequel came out, oh geez. And don't even get me started on the fandom. To get popular, all you have to do is make something unrelated to Five Nights at Freddy's, randomly copy and paste animatronics into the video, and boom - a ton of subscribers.

And the ships, oh Lord, the ships. If they didn't exist, the world would be a much better place. Don't people know that it's strange to ship robots? Apparently not. Anyway, Five Nights at Freddy's is too popular and, quite frankly, too rushed. Four games in one year? That, my friend, is what I call a lack of effort. I won't be surprised if there's merchandise, a TV show, a movie, a book, an anime, and so on.

So, the other day, I went to my friend's house. We are huge video game fans, but our tastes differ: I hate horror games, and he likes them. Typically, I suggest, "Let's go play Mario Kart!" or "Let's go play Minecraft!" or "Let's go play Undertale!" But this time, he insisted, "No, let's play FNaF! It'll be fun!" And guess what? It wasn't fun at all. It was terrifying at first, but things got old quickly. I was bored and tired of it.

When I went home, I looked on YouTube to watch some gaming videos. To my surprise, all my favorite gaming channels were overrun by this game. I texted my friends that this game was extremely overrated, and they got mad very fast. There were so many people posting things on YouTube, claiming how amazing, scary, and deep this game was. So, I slammed my laptop shut.

6 Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo games are good, but honestly, they are not as incredible as everyone thinks. The games haven't really been liked since Halo 3, and everything Halo-related that comes out now has just been a disaster. Infinite was fun but died due to a lack of content.

Now all we are left with are a few old and slightly janky games that, while being hugely influential and good, are not as amazing as people would like you to believe.

Halo 2 Anniversary and Halo 3 are some of my favorite games ever, but this first game really doesn't hold much of a torch. The only reason people in the Halo community call it a masterpiece is because it was really good for its time. But now? Its graphics have shown their age, the levels are repetitive and boring (mostly), and the story is extremely simple. The voice acting? Meh, it's okay.

I admire Bungie's 5 seconds of fun rule, and the gameplay is pretty solid (although 1/10 for multiplayer) against the Covenant, but that does not make it a great game, not by today's standards. I'd rather play Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare than this any day. All the Halos after this one, except maybe 5 (and Spartan Strike/Assault), completely outdo it in every aspect.

7 Flappy Bird

When I first saw Flappy Bird, I actually thought it was Super Mario Bros but with a bird character. I assumed it was by Nintendo because it borrowed heavily from Super Mario World. All you do in the game is tap your phone screen to fly the bird between pipes until you mess up. It was a trend back in 2013-2014, but I'm glad the game has lost its popularity now.

I find it amusing that people were angry about Nintendo potentially suing them for, well, literally stealing backgrounds. It wouldn't have been difficult for the game developers to be more unique with their designs instead of just stealing them. Nintendo had every right to consider legal action. They were infringed upon.

This game is both stupid and overrated. The people who get angry at this game continue to play it even more, essentially becoming addicts. Additionally, this game has blatantly ripped off textures from Super Mario Bros. I hope a lawsuit will come of this.

8 Among Us

This game is fun with friends, and I have many great memories with it, but it got way too much attention for what it was. The mechanics were pretty bare-bones and were outclassed by pretty much every other social deduction game, which offered a multitude of roles and such. It took them years to properly add new roles to the game.

Why are people taking overrated to mean bad? This game is definitely very good, but way overrated. Some people say it's better than games like Minecraft and Mario. I personally disagree, but I don't think it's bad.

Me: I feel like playing a normal Among Us game today.
*Plays a few rounds, then this happens*
Random guy: *online dates*
Me: Stop online dating. It's against the rules.
Random guy: You're just saying that because you're jealous. Basically, people are ODers.

9 World of Warcraft

Everything you do in this game doesn't feel fun. It feels like a task. It's like when your teacher gives you a worksheet. This game makes you feel the same way. You get mad and say, "Fine, I'll do it." There is no enjoyment in doing quests. It feels like a job. Free-roaming in this game isn't fun either. Everything in the game gets boring after 10 minutes. Once I got off, I never had the urge to play it again, and it's been like 10 years since then.

Way too overrated. Not fun at all. It feels and looks like a childish game. When I played the tutorial, I fell asleep at my computer. I tried to get into the game and just couldn't.

I can't imagine dishing out tons of money for the constant expansions on top of the monthly fee. My friend's family lost their house due to paying for this game and in-game items instead of their rent!

Awful customer service, and it's becoming one of America's most ridiculous addictions. I know exactly why it's so appealing to people, but I hope someday they'll realize it's mediocre at best.

10 Grand Theft Auto V

The single-player mode has amazing actors and a compelling story. Everything in single-player is a lot of fun. However, the multiplayer experience is a different story: you get killed for no reason, encounter hackers, and have your assets stolen. Grand Theft Auto V may be the worst game to play online. Is it the best Grand Theft Auto game? No! The greatest Grand Theft Auto game, in my opinion, is Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. People claim that this is the best Grand Theft Auto of all time, but due to its problematic multiplayer, I believe it's the most overrated game of all time. Why can't there be different types of servers to choose from? Ideally, it would separate the sociopaths from the normal players, but that wouldn't work either because of trolls.

The game is great, and the single-player mode is fun. However, the online section is a mess. Everything is outrageously expensive, you get killed for no reason, organizations will hunt you down, and level 400 millionaires who have hacked in money will repeatedly kill you using jets, tanks, and cars. The online component of this game is the definition of insanity.

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? Defense of the Ancients (DotA)
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11 Halo 3

I take back what I said on my other account (potbellypup2). The game is awesome for machinimas and multiplayer, but the single player never really lived up to it. I just felt like it was too overrated for my liking. But then again, that's my thought.

The single player of this game is AWFUL, and the multiplayer has nothing special, so why is this game so popular?

I give this an 8.0/10. It's not even close to a classic for me. My cousin Justin and I just dominate this on the hardest setting. It's really easy.

12 Candy Crush Saga

Oh my God. This game should be at the top of any such list. It epitomizes everything that's wrong with the mobile gaming industry today. You have to pay for virtually everything, and the gameplay is entirely uninspired. King is the second-largest mobile developer today, recently overtaken by Niantic, but they really don't deserve their status. How could this game even be ranked at number 33?

I don't understand how people can consider this a good game. It's terrible. There are so many ads. If you run out of lives, you have to wait for them to replenish or, bafflingly, some people actually pay for them. Why would a game like this even have a lives system to begin with?

In my opinion, Bejeweled is far superior. There are countless games in this genre of gameplay, but everyone I know insists that Candy Crush is the best. Every friend of mine on Facebook plays this game. It has brainwashed people to the extent that they even spend real money for extra lives. It's mind-boggling.

13 Final Fantasy VII

It's an okay game, but it hardly deserves all the praise it has received. The storyline is somewhat interesting, but the graphics are terrible. The gameplay is rather boring, the main character is very unlikable, and the villain lacks personality or motive. I can't say I actually cared when Aerith died either. She was a pretty annoying character, in my opinion.

There are so many other Final Fantasy games that are better, but for some reason, they're always overshadowed by this one. I've never understood why.

When I bought this game, I felt completely duped. I actually liked the storyline, but the combat was ruined by the real-time elements that seemed to be integrated for no reason and the insanely low difficulty level. You don't have the time to formulate a strategy, so I just spammed my magic moves, which did insane amounts of damage. Because of the low difficulty, the game doesn't punish you for this, and you easily defeat everything in your path, except for some bosses.

The graphics lack color and look like mud. I could criticize the game for its character design, which took me out of emotional scenes, but the main thing I hate about this game is the open-world area. It completely ruins the pacing of the game and literally has nothing interesting except for a few hidden Materia that you can't even obtain until late in the game. Encounters can also happen here, so when you inevitably get lost on the giant map, it becomes an exercise in frustration to get back to where you were.

I played this game for 8 hours and then dropped it, despite having it on mobile. I can't imagine someone playing it on the PS1, where you couldn't turn encounters off. To top it off, the game is barely 3D. The only times 3D models are used is in the open world, which looks terrible due to the lack of color, and in battles during the attack animations. The only aspects I ended up liking were the music, the story, and occasionally the combat when I used my brain. While it wasn't the worst game ever, it was certainly the most disappointing.

14 Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

On the grand scale of open-world games, Skyrim does impress me in terms of combat and locations. However, the characters and story are not all that interesting. I love playing this game for its entertainment value, but I don't think its praise is fundamentally at the very top of the charts.

I love Skyrim. I've got 200 hours in it and have earned the platinum trophy twice. I'll also be the first to say it is probably the most overrated game ever made. It earned accolades like Game of the Year in 2011, was often cited as the game of the decade for the 2010s, and is frequently called the best game ever made.


This game is riddled with glitches and exploits. The writing is remarkably worse than Oblivion in every aspect. NPCs barely feel like people. Combat is awful no matter what you do, and dungeon diving, while definitely an improvement over previous entries, is still vapid and monotonous.

It's still an amazing game, but while my heart tells me to give it a 9, my brain says it's no more than a 5.5. There are so many things wrong with it that it's absurd, and it deserves its title as the most overrated game ever made - perhaps along with the stupidly overrated, boring Final Fantasy VII.

15 Half-Life 2

"Oh, Gordon, it's you, you're alive!" for the whole game, again and again. It's a simple FPS adventure like tons of others, but this is considered good while others are not. Generic as hell.

I played them when they were released, and I don't know what world some of the people posting were living in, but the first one really wasn't that mind-blowing at all. Doom and its sequel had better level design, atmosphere, and were more fun. They came out about 5 years before Half-Life. They even ripped the story off from Doom, which barely even had one to begin with. Is that what you're trying to say is impressive about it?

Both are pretty generic in that regard. Half-Life just fleshed it out a little more, and gameplay-wise, it was very boring and weak. But it was rendered in 3D, so I guess it was the best FPS ever made? Its presentation was nice, but it was severely lacking in other areas, in my opinion. Half-Life 2 was just more of the same for me. The gameplay was not fun, and the story was as generic as ever.

16 Friday Night Funkin'

The most overrated game of the 2020s, in my opinion. The plot makes zero sense, and the music doesn't even sound that good, especially with those annoying voices that make no sense.

Just the worst rhythm game I've ever played or seen in my life. The songs are bad, the gameplay is bad, the characters are bad, and it's overall overrated. I hate how the characters sing, and it isn't even worth the hype.

It's a pleasure to see this in the top 21. I have been overexposed to this game not just from YouTubers, but also from my own siblings. I gave this game a shot and did not enjoy it. It was hard for me to find the appeal for this game.

It's hard to go on YouTube without finding some mod for this game. I would rather play Among Us, to be honest.

17 Undertale

Only 33? Come on! The graphics are so unimpressive. Clearly, the only reason it is 2D is to cash in on the nostalgia of the older generation. The so-called "nice guy monsters whom you're supposed to give mercy to" make Porky Minch look like Tails. The dialogue never made me laugh, just groan out of sheer stupidity.

Worst of all, despite being a huge rip-off of the Mother series, the only thing they "forgot" to copy is the love for your parents who always welcome you home. And by parents, I mean the real ones who raised you, not just a bunch of strangers whom you've talked to for, like, two seconds. The only two good things in this game are the music and the final boss. This game should be heavily criticized, along with the people who created it.

These are the reasons why Undertale is not only the most overrated game ever, but also why it is the worst game ever.

1. Sans. Worst. Character. Ever. How can a skeleton be fat? And his puns are awful. All the characters are pretty terrible, though. Sans is just the worst.
2. Graphics. It looks like it was made in 1999, hard to believe considering it was made recently.
3. The story. Are you kidding me? It's the most uncreative, stupid story ever made. Just search it up.
4. It's boring. All the things above make it boring.

Overall, Undertale is an overrated and terrible game. 0/10.

18 Super Mario Bros.

I'm not sure whether to call this game overrated or not. On one hand, there are zero "true fans" of Mario who say this game is the best in the series. Admittedly, since Bros 3 (and I would argue Lost Levels, although this is a very unpopular opinion), every game in the series has performed better in every way. I mean, give me ONE argument for why this game is the best in the series, other than its originality.

On the other hand, there will always be nostalgia-blinded people who stopped playing the series (and therefore are not "true fans") because they will never feel the same joy as when they played the first game. There are also guys who have never played video games except for this one during its 1985 glory.

The only reason this game is really popular is that it saved video games. True, but that alone can't make it a good game. It is a good game, I think, with fun gameplay, great level design, and a memorable soundtrack. Just like Pokémon Red, it kickstarted one of the most beloved video game franchises, Super Mario.

I'm a die-hard Mario fan, but this game? It's good and fun, but there are better Mario games out there, like Super Mario World, Mario Maker, Super Mario Galaxy, and Super Mario 64.

19 Tetris

This game is so overrated, it's crazy. What is there about this game that is even somewhat gratifying? It certainly didn't revolutionize the gaming industry. It's not addicting. In fact, I can barely play this game for 10 minutes before getting bored out of my skull.

It would be one thing if the Tetris "franchise" had actually evolved over the years, but that's not the case. I'm not even sure it can be considered a video game anymore, given its appearances on iPods, the Internet, and even cell phones.

And yet, reviewers give high praise to this overrated game. It ranked in the top ten on G4's "Top 100 Video Games of All Time" list. Many gaming communities also rank Tetris very high on their lists. Why? What is so good about this game? It's not revolutionary. It's not addicting. I just don't understand. There is absolutely no reason the game should be treated the way it is.

Tetris is synonymous with video games, the purest, most abstract distillation of eye-darting, finger-twitching, button-mashing action, and a game that could only ever have been realized in digital form. Its simplicity and its psychological basis probably make it the most timeless game in existence.

However, it is not the "ultimate" or even the "perfect" game: it evokes no memories and pushes no boundaries. Tetris is only "perfect" because its design is so unambitious that it is virtually impossible to mess up.

There are plenty of games out there with all the virtues of Tetris that also bring something new to the table, and they deserve at least some of the attention that Tetris has monopolized over the years.

And that's why Tetris is one of the most overrated games of all time.

20 Grand Theft Auto IV

Incredibly overrated. The style is utterly unappealing, with muted colors and character models that look like they've been converted from the PS2 era. The story is lackluster, featuring characters I don't care for and offering no emotional attachment as a result.

But it's mainly the gameplay that disappoints the most. It has loose driving controls that make you feel like you're on an ice rink. The mission structure restarts the mission every time you lose, which can be particularly annoying when those missions are long. The tasks are repetitive, the open-world environment is dull and doesn't reward exploration, and some areas are so dark that it's hard to see. Even worse, the gameplay has deteriorated from previous installments.

Gone are the multiple creative weapons and the fun open world that made earlier games enjoyable. In their place is a game that is a hollow shell of its predecessors. The only reason this game was rated so highly is because of the brand name. Thankfully, Chinatown Wars (my favorite Grand Theft Auto game) and V came along to redeem the series, but this installment remains a blight on the series' otherwise wonderful legacy.

21 Pokemon Go

I hate Pokémon. The people there are abusing the poor little creatures. Throwing big, hard balls into their faces. And then they go into the balls? It's probably so cramped in there! And the Pokémon are best friends with their kidnappers? Who only use those Pokémon to get worthless badges, to win in competitions, and to make other Pokémon faint so that they can use them to do the same things? This is so overrated! I wish I had 100 votes so that I could vote for all of the Pokémon games on this list.

I have no idea why this game was so popular for a while. It takes the basic elements of Pokemon, which were already worse than many turn-based RPGs, and adds walking.

Overrated as hell, everyone is walking around playing it, getting themselves killed due to hackers. People are even dumb enough to go into employees only rooms just to catch a Pokémon.

22 Super Mario Galaxy

Not a big fan. Everyone says it's the best game ever, but I just don't get it. It's another Mario game, except it controls way worse. "Oh, but it has amazing music!" Okay, sure, the music is nice to listen to, but that doesn't excuse it.

I grew up with this game and I really like it, but I think that sometimes this game has really good ideas and fails to expand upon them throughout the entire level. For example, they introduce you to the Bomboos at the start of the level and never use this cool enemy until the boss at the end. They could have made an entire level based around Bomboos. That's why I like Galaxy 2, 3D World, and Odyssey more: their level design has better focus.

Lots of people adore this game, including myself, but it honestly deserves the praise. People who hate this game can't even think of good reasons for why they think it's bad. They just say they hate it because Rosalina and Peach are in it, it is overrated, or it doesn't have blood and shooting.

23 Super Smash Bros Melee

People say this is the best in the series but ignore the cool features in later entries, such as a stage creator, the ability to add Miis as playable characters, being able to control what songs play on any stages, amiibos, and more. What people like about this game is mostly for hardcore players, such as the more technical aspects like wavedashing. Later entries are not as difficult as this one. That's not even getting into the fact that the developer didn't intend for the game to be all that competitive to begin with.

I like playing this game once in a while, but I would argue that, besides Brawl with Subspace Emissary, there are no games that have a considerable feature that makes them better than Ultimate. The only things Melee has over Ultimate are Break the Target and Adventure mode, which are pretty minor things and not enough to outshine Ultimate. Sure, Melee has wavedashing, but it's one of the reasons why competitive Melee is so hard to get into. You are basically praising a game for a glitch that wasn't planned by the developers.

24 Pokemon Red

There's nothing really wrong with these games on their own, but if it weren't for the newer games, Pokemon would probably be the shallow, boring thing people think it is. Newer generations have better graphics, more Pokemon species for greater choice, and aspects like breeding, EV training, held items, and new moves that give the game an incredibly deep meta. Yet, all you see is people complaining about how the new designs are bad. Each generation has well-liked Pokemon and less popular ones. We get it. You don't have to love them all, but they're all there, no matter what, and that can't be changed.

Unlike everyone else, I think Gen 1 of Pokemon's biggest flaw is the fact that your bag has limited space, yet it can contain a bicycle and 99 instances of the same item. This means that if you have 20 different items in your bag, you have to either store them in the PC box or throw them away. Gen 2 solved this problem by limiting only the items that are not important or are not TMs. Additionally, there are other significant flaws, such as having to switch Pokemon boxes at the Pokemon Center in order to transfer new Pokemon.

25 Kingdom Hearts

Kingdom Hearts is mediocre, and the fanbase is worse than the game itself (most of you fans that I talked to can go fly a kite). Great characters? It's easy to assume that generic characters like those in KH are awesome when you know so few characters from other games. Sora is a goofball, not to mention the other characters are stagnant throughout the game. Great story? More like boring.

What also makes this game dull are the technical problems and Gummi Ship mini-game garbage. The side quests are hardly things that would make this game worthy of my time. All in all, it's nothing but a generic action RPG series that's meant to make Square (the worst game developer so far) money.

I used to love Kingdom Hearts, but looking back, it wasn't very good at all. I liked the second one, but the rest were kind of crap. Don't get me started on Kingdom Hearts 3. I actually had a feeling it might be pretty good, but it was a complete disappointment and one of the worst games I ever played.

Just to make it clear, I am a massive fan of JRPGs. I love Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest. I live in Japan and my wife is Japanese, but Kingdom Hearts, I honestly thought, sucked. The only thing I liked about the series was the soundtracks by Hikaru Utada.

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