Top Ten Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Characters that Look or Act Evil but Actually Aren't

The top ten Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney characters that look/act evil but actually aren't. (Warning: There will be spoilers!)
The Top Ten
1 Simon Blackquill

He appears to be nothing but a twisted, black-hearted prosecutor who uses dirty mind games while battling in court. However, he's actually a selfless, deeply caring man. He intentionally takes on the blame and puts himself on death row when he witnesses what he thinks is a grisly crime scene, believing an innocent eleven-year-old murdered her own mother.

Well, he has some good and bad qualities.

2 Dhurke Sahdmadhi

The leader of a resistance group known as the Defiant Dragons aims to overthrow the Queen of Khura'in. This is all justified when you get a taste of just how bad her court system has become.

3 Barok van Zieks

Known as the Death God of the Old Bailey, he's an English prosecutor who appears to be just as dark as they say. In reality, he's one of the cleanest prosecutors in the series. He carries the unpleasant death stigma floating around him.

4 Miles Edgeworth

Post character development, he only cares about getting guilty verdicts, regardless of whether the accused is actually guilty. However, after character development, he becomes a strong ally for the truth. He will fight to the bitter end to bring it to light, no matter the cost.

5 Justine Courtney

She appears to be a strict, no-nonsense judge only looking to strip Miles Edgeworth of his prosecutor's badge. However, she is actually a very caring single mother to her adopted son. She eventually becomes one of your allies when all seems lost.

6 Godot

He appears to be nothing but a cold, antagonistic man who only aims to drive Phoenix Wright to despair (which he is, by the way). However, in the end, he admits all his wrongdoings. He finally treats the defense with utmost respect.

7 Shi-Long Lang

An elite Interpol investigator with the highest arrest success rate among all Interpol agents, he appears to be a smug, prideful man with an irrational hatred of all prosecutors. However, after learning his backstory, it's hard not to see his actions as mostly justified.

8 Nahyuta Sahdmadhi

He appears to be a heartless prosecutor monk who is only working for guilty verdicts. However, he only acts that way to try and keep what's left of his family safe.

9 The Khura'inese Judge

The judge presiding over the legally corrupt Kingdom of Khura'in won't turn a blind eye to the truth, despite overwhelming adversity.

10 Winston Payne

In comparison to his exceedingly worse brother, Gaspen Payne, Winston never lies, cheats, or deceives the court. He also doesn't try to get you killed. He's just a sympathetically arrogant jerk at worst, who has somehow remained completely honest and clean until the end.

The Contenders
11 Tyrell Badd
12 Franziska von Karma
13 Klavier Gavin
14 Damian Tenma

To the majority of residents of Nine-Tails Vale, he's an evil man hungry for power. He wants to take over the village with a municipal merger to free an ancient demon (who isn't real). In truth, though, he's only pushing for the merger under duress (his daughter is being threatened). He uses a secret identity to publicly oppose it. Oh, and he pretends to be possessed by this demon to protect his daughter when she's accused of being an accomplice to a murder.

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