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1 Your Miis least favorite food is your favorite food in real life

This whole problem would have been EASILY solved if the game let you pick what foods you like and don't like are, at the start of the game!

Just think about if my Mii hated Ice cream? I wish we could at least pick what 3 of are favorite foods are!

Or vice versa. My Mii's "super all time favorite" is calamari; in reality I can't stand the stuff.

2 Miis break up

Even when it's a couple you WANTED to break up, the whole sequence is extremely sad.

It was so sad when my favorite married couple broke up!

That is one of the saddest things, It will make you cry!

3 Fights

If you're sleeping or in a long activity and one Mii fights just when you open it and doesn't make up with the other Mii, MAKE SURE YOU DON'T SAVE THE GAME IF THE MIIS DON'T MAKE UP! And if the Mii has an aura, RESTART IT IMMIDIATELY!
This was a help comment but this is now an opinion. Fights happen rarely in my point of view but happen at least once/twice a day. I either make sure I save the game before solving the problem if it happened while I was watching the Miis. Only once did a mii not want to forgive and it made me very stressed, but that was before I was forced to discover a cheat to avoid this.

Even worse, some of these fights can be straight rigged to happen on the game by random miis and you have to live with it if they're still not over it

When not only are two Miis in a fight but it's so bad they're surrounded by an orange flame aura and while they'll take baths if offered it won't help. No, orange aura=you have to find a third party to mediate, and that person may be asleep or not home. Not to mention having to check everyone else who has a social problem bubble hoping that's the mediator rather than someone just asking how you feel about their marriage or in a fight of their own.

Someone getting mad is normal everyday, but the more fights you have, it gets stressful because they would just keep fighting the same Mii every time like you could just ignore each other for a while but it doesn't stop there, one of them won't forgive them so you have to wait till they decide to apologize too

4 It gets repetitive after a while

This is probably the biggest problem with most video games.

5 Your Mii wants to marry the same person over and over again

Some of my cousin's miis keep wanting to marry each other. Even worse, they always want to get married to a mii that is there sibling in real life.

I know I had a couple breaks up and one gets with somebody else and the other person asks them out AGAIN!

And it's his sister!

6 The "sneeze minigame"

This is the worst thing about the entire game and it's entirely pointless, seeing as it hardly makes their level go up either.

7 When your least favorite food is your Mii's favorite food

If I give my mii a banana, the mii likes it!

8 Relationships don't always go the way you want them to

Two people you want to marry each other and have kids end up not even acknowledging each other's existence, a couple you regret allowing to date/marry stays together, and a couple you did want or at least eventually warmed to breaks up.

9 The Treasures being nearly pointless

Aside from selling them to the Pawn Shop, or having your Mii offer it to another Mii, they have no use what so ever! If you could at least use them to decorate the apartment or other parts of the Island, they would've had some ACTUAL use!

You can't do anything with them!

10 The games

Come on, let's play a game! Come on, let's play a game! Come on, let's play a game! Come on, let's play a game! Come on, let's play a game! SHADDUP! Half of all your apartments have the "I wanna play a game icon" P.S. the prizes you get for completing the games are useless.

A game called "Double Shadow Quiz" is unfair because there's a food on the plate shape that blocks another shadow, how am I supposed to know? another is "Wrestling" ("Football" in US version)

Can't they play with someone else for once!?

Some games are rigged.

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11 Can only have 100 residents

It may not seem like that big a deal, especially since you can actually have 100 Miis in your 3DS MiiMaker as well, but what about when someone has a kid you actually wouldn't mind keeping on as a resident? That still takes one of those 100 slots.

12 Babies

The female babies look like men and the male Miis always have female features. And then they wont stop crying. What did the parents even DO to make the baby cry? Fun Fact: You can ignore the game for a week and the baby will be all grown up.

Here's a reason why I hate babies, in reality, babies don't cry a lot everyday. but in Tomodachi Life, they became nothing but a creature that cries a lot, I don't want to hear another phone call that's about a baby again, this is why I disabled baby settings

Just like say it's 2:29 PM And you see the NEW! sign on the food mart. you buy that then you leave the place then a parent calls you for the baby but you want to go to the afternoon market and you say no thanks to take care of the baby. Now after that It's 2:30 PM And now the event is BBQ. This is what make people REALLY mad.

When Katie was born to Kevin (Another child) and auggie she looked much like a female but when Abigal was born to Dad and THE O.C. she looked much like a male.

13 They won't stop trying to confess to taken Miis

If you don't let them confess, they will get sad.
If you let them confess, they will most likely be rejected, which will make them sad.

They're gonna be sad either way, which is really annoying.

So to extend what the previous comment said,
If you tell them not to confess and give them any of the four reasons not to, the Mii gets depressed,
If you tell them to do it, but the Mii get's rejected by the person who was already taken, the Mii gets depressed,
and if you tell them to do it and the taken person they confess to says "Sure", another Mii that was originally in love with the "taken" person will get depressed.

In conclusion, no matter what you do, one of the Miis will always get depressed! |: (

Once they try to confess to a Mii that's taken, you know you're screwed. There's no way out of the sadness.

14 Keep changing clothes without you noticing

This is annoying because I don't want them to so that is why I never buy my islanders clothes. Also, there should be an option to sell clothes and hats so they won't have them anymore and they won't chang it automatically. I noticed that this happens more often when the weather it's colder in the island.

So you have a Mii that's a specific character. You got them the closest outfit (and hat/hair accessory if applicable) to their actual one the game offers. They beg for new clothes so often, you finally give them whatever other outfit to shut them up. Now every login, you have to change them out of it.

As far as I remember, I don't think they'll change their clothes unless you give them a Mirror.

15 Miis asking you to treat them better then everyone else
16 Constant requests for new clothes, new hats, and new interiors

My Mii requests nothing but new clothes, hats and interiors, they probably likely to hate anything they wear

Why do miis keep doing that!

17 Your Mii wants a specific food and you don't have it in your inventory

One time, my Mii asked for cornflakes, but it wasn't available at the supermarket, then the next day, the cornflakes were available but they didn't want it anymore

It is annoying, but you can get rid of it by giving them a different food.

Well, it kinda happens to me.

I like some "Food that doesn't appear in Supermarket", then you have no choice but to do nothing at all

18 Your crushes Mii marries your best friend's Mii

Yeah, this has happened twice now. First around 2 years ago where Joseph married Megan but then broke up. And then where Joseph became special someone's with Evie (my current crush). Damn you Joseph!

I made my super mega ultra crush in the game and soon my best friend in the game MARRIED HIM!

19 Mii babies never stop crying

Honestly whenever I rock the baby once, Its happy! I feel as if I found the rhythm that it likes, but then the next day, it's completely different. Also whenever I tickle it (when it's like 1 or 2 days old) it acts like I'm beating it with a bat!

20 Enforced heteronormativity

This just had to be on the list?
You know there is an easy way to solve this, right? Just have a Mii that you intend to be one Gender instead be the Other.

Nintendo got something against bi and homo? come on if it allowed any mii despite gender to become sweethearts I wouldn't have to delete so many of my guys just to make sure everyone can possibly have a relationship.

Exactly. Like, I'm hella gay, and having my mii forced into a heterosexual relationship makes her seem less like me :/
They should at least allow a toggle on and off for it like they do with babies

Come on, you knew somebody would add this one eventually.

21 Going to sleep, sometimes way too early

This is the worst game ever made for insomniacs. It's the middle of the night, you can't sleep, so you want to play the game. But then all your Miis are asleep and can't be awakened. Meanwhile, you have other things to do during the day and forget about playing. Repeat for several days running.

I know sleep is a vital thing but this basically just forces you to not play the game anymore until Real life morning, annoying as heck.

"I'm going to stay up late!" - A Mii that goes to sleep after you leave their apartment

I know right! I made a Mii but every time I need the Mii (or just wanna hang out) he's always asleep. I corrected the time but that might not help.

22 The stupid proposal mini game!

If you pressed the button while the Mii is thinking about the other one that is proposing to them at that time, they will think about another thing after that

I always lose! The thoughts sometimes go to the proposer but quickly switch to something else! I might press NOW! on John but then they're talking about CROSSAINTS!

When I wanted Lan and Zelda to get married, Lan or Zelda Talk about something else!

23 Having fights daily if you have maximum islanders

This is annoying and they fight for things that don't even matter like a teddy bear, food, items etc. especially if they have a lot of friends. How can you check to see who has more friends? Check the popularity rating on the Rankings Board to see who has the most friends. The higher, the more friends and the lower the less friends they have to other islanders. This is annoying and I am already used to it but I wish I wasn't and I get angry when there are three fights on my island.

24 The "Catch" minigame

This is why I don't visit the Miis who have green problems, they always drop the treasure that doesn't worth a lot of money, and stop wasting our time, their gossips are literally predictable

I can't even throw the disc and if I keep throwing to one mii the other person will get super mad. It's so annoying

A mii says "You lose!" if you don't catch it!

25 You don’t have full control over your character

It would actually be cool if you could play as your Mii and go around the island if this ever comes on the Switch!

You can't fill the default rooms!

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