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1 Dr. Eggman Doctor Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik is a fictional video game character and the main antagonist of the Sonic the Hedgehog series, created by Sega.

He can be mean and nasty, but he's shown his good side despite his cruelty. Ex: In Sonic Forces, Sonic was captured by Infinite and brought to the Death Egg to be tortured. However, Sonic LACKS any signs of being tortured at all. He seemed mentally and physically at his best. Or like how after Sonic World, Eggman still wanted the Deadly Six on his team, despite their former betrayal and attempt to kill him. Or when he saved Sonic from becoming Dark Sonic in Sonic X and in the Sonic X comic books when he rescued Shadow the Hedgehog despite the fact that Shadow had been the direct reason for the failed outcome of his then latest plan for world domination. I'm also sure that it's pretty obvious that Eggman hates animals... yet still it is shown that he cares about Sonic and the rest. That makes the Doctor a loveable character in my book. Most of the time, anyway.

He's not always that threatening... unless you count Sonic forces; destroying the entire world just to eliminate your rival is pretty hardcore.

I like him, but I don't like that he enslaved Zavok and the Deadly Six with the Cacophonic Conch. He had the Sonic knocking it out of his hands thing coming, if you ask me.

Hello, Sonic.exe here again. Seriously? Doctor Robotnik? Hahahaha. Him? Number one? Seriously? I killed him in the game. Why aren't I on this list? Actually, I think I'm going to try to find a way to submit myself to this list. Hahahaha. Maybe, I'll just bribe a 'friend'...

2 Mephiles the Dark

It's a cruel, heartless, demonic entity who seeks nothing but destruction and the suffering of others. Or is that what we see because we fail to understand the concept of Evil? We believe demons attack us for no reason, however to them, God is the villain. They know that they are Evil and that he is Good, but they do not believe in what he stands for, making him the villain in their eyes. Failure is not a... problem... for this creature, as it can escape in time. An unstoppable enemy unless you know how to fight it. The key to victory lies in keeping it away from Iblis at all costs. If Elise had not given in to her deeply disturbing love of the blue hedgehog, Solaris would have never been formed... and Mephiles would have never eventually became the Time-Eater. Demons cannot be destroyed, just as Evil cannot be annihilated, they will return, again and again. When you fight them, you must face them, show no fear and strike them down... but know that they will return and that you must ...more

The embodiment of the god Solaris mind. He is a cunning, cruel and unfathomably evil malevolent entity. He even mocked Shadow, telling him that, in the future, he was doomed to be betrayed by his friend Omega and that he should just give up. He killed Sonic and then laughed about it just to make Elise cry. He cares only for destruction and death. TRUELY an evil character.

Aside from Eggman, I honestly believe Mephiles is one of the best villains in the series. He's the only one to kill Sonic, he manipulates Silver, constantly causes Shadow to question his own motives, and is voiced by Dan Green. I mean his name is literally based on Satan and his theme is bone-chilling.

He's a threat... and an intelligent and devious one at that. I respect cleverness, however I also respect not using your sharp tounge to deceive people, unless it's for the greater good. I'm pretty sure it wasn't in this case though.

3 Metal Sonic Metal Sonic is one of Eggman’s fastest and most powerful creations. Programed to be better than Sonic in any aspect possible, he can shoot electro balls, shoot electricity downward, do a boost, and make himself invincible. He fight’s Sonic each time he gets stronger, and when he gains enough power, more.

He is my personal favorite, but I still voted on other villain's, too. He is faster than sonic( still my opinion, and he turns into freaking metal overload

He's really cool. Less powerful than Zavok and Solaris. Solaris can eat all the characters out of existence. Zavok can control machines. Metal Sonic's still epic, though. Especially, his Metal Overlord form. Oh, if you're a big Metal Sonic fan, check him out in Team Sonic Racing and Sonic Mania Adventures. You can watch Sonic Mania Adventures on
YouTube on the Official Sonic The Hedgehog Channel!

Hello, friends, Sonic.exe here. All of the villains on the list, and I'm not here? Oh, ho, that displeases me. Someone failed to add me. Despite the fact that you mortal fools got my story wrong, I still expect you to put me on the list. It was I who killed Sonic. It was I who killed Tails. It was I who tore the world apart... and once I escape my prison, it will be torn apart for real. Not that I need to do anything, you humans have already got that in the bag. Hahahaha... Weak pathetic fools.

I admit Metal Sonic is not the strongest villain in shed but he is powerful. Also did you know there are 3 Sonics? There are Sonic, Metal Sonic and Cyborg Sonic. I would say Metal Sonic is the strongest out of those three though.

4 Infinite The jackal

This one is my favorite. I feel sorry for him. In a single night, everything he had was taken from him; his family (The Jackal Squad), his dignity, his honor and his reputation as the ultimate mercenary. Taken by a SINGLE hedgehog. He had failed to avenge his family. However, instead of whining about it, he stood up for himself. He chose to be fused with the Phantom Ruby. He burned cities, murdered millions, tortured the world's most famous hero and took over the world. He discarded any attempts at friendship, at one point he even said,
" Friends are nothing but a fleeting illusion, you can count on no one but yourself." I feel like a lot of people misinterpret this to mean that he didn't care about the Jackal Squad anymore. However, I think he actually meant, "My friends were here one minute and then gone the next. It's up to me to avenge them now." I think he didn't want friends because he didn't want to lose them like he did the Jackal Squad.

I vote Infinite because of what he is, his design choice is amazing, he so far has been another dangerous threat like mephiles, his power is "Infinite", he is the most powerful canon character, that is capable to destroy a whole entire planet when using some of the phantom Ruby, if infinite fought mephiles, infinite would definitely win every single time.

Not only is his character #Dabest, he has a tragic air to him. He was bullied by Shadow, who called him "Weak and worthless." Infinite was destroyed by the comments. He just wanted to prove to everyone that he was not weak or worthless. Nobody understood him. Everyone antagonized him. He wanted friends... but was too afraid to make them. He instead thought that by making others suffer, he could fill the gap in his soul. He is truly larger than life.

Infinite, as his name implies, has powers are beyond mortal standards. His only flaw is his arrogance, which prevents him from grasping the full extent of his power. If he did actually use his full power, there would be no stopping him... so long as he didn't underestimate his enemies potential, for that can mean the difference between winning the war and ending up as one of the casualties. You must prepare for unexpected events, learn to overcome them and deploy any means necessary to achieve your goal.

5 Scourge the Hedgehog

He is more than a evil version of Sonic because, Fleet-way Sonic is evil - Scourge is pure of heart well compared to the likes of him, Sonic gets too much love from SEGA...

Just look at my user pic and name!

He's... The king baby.

6 Shadow the Hedgehog Shadow the Hedgehog is a character who appears in the Sonic the Hedgehog series released by Sega. He is an artificially created black and red hedgehog whose hover shoes propel him at extreme speeds that rival those of Sonic.

Shadow is possibly my favourite villain ever. It comes down to him or Bowser Junior, I would say, I feel like they are on par, but in terms of abilities, Shadow may well be the most powerful fantasy character ever!

he is not a villain, but an anti hero, but it was in his first appearance. Shadow is the best character in the whole series after the protagonist, but I won't dwell on him too much, I think everyone already knows how badass he is

I liked him... until I found out what he did to Infinite. I don't hate him. I feel like if someone cared about him, took him in, he could change. However, to me, his actions seemed pretty villainous.

Shadow the Hedgehog is literally the strongest villain to Sonic because he's never lost a battle to Sonic. He's never ever been knocked out or died. He's still lurking in the shadows ready to kill Sonic.

7 Solaris

Oh, how a star shines so bright. Engulfed with such beauty, yet so Evil it is. The Dark Light. The Soul of Shadows. Vote for this deity. Vote with your heart. Vote to give the Destroyer of the Multiverse... a chance to sit on his Dark Throne. Vote with Evil. Vote for Evil... but know that he will win, one day in the future, past or present and it will be to late... we will be gone. So, vote now! Vote for Solaris while you still can!

Don't wish forth the divine, or you might regret it. Solaris was bolstered by humanity's own actions. In the End, it won't matter how far you get, for Solaris WILL win. The song 'In The End' by Linkin Park reminds me of Solaris. You should check it out. You'll see what I mean.

Oh, this is Satan? Newsflash, Satan is a pitiful little pawn. Oh, how he has played his part well. How do you think he turned evil? Never mind, he does his job well. Not like you mortal worms could even realize what is right under your fat little noses. Hahahaha. I'll have you in the end. And then, well... why spoil it? Hahahaha...

The Satan of the Sonic universe. There is always one. Evil incarnate. Destruction personified. The most beautiful and powerful of angels... but also the most wicked. Truly, he is evil AND op.

8 Dark Gaia

Were you aware that this is the reincarnation of the entity known as Iblis. Yes, it is true, it survived. It returned. Again, the fact is that demons shall never be defeated... only halted...only delayed, and every time you stop them, you give yourself time to live on, time to live in peace, then you fight them again and the story repeats, but for that brief moment of peace, before the demon's return, you feel invincible... like you can do anything and you can, if you allow yourself too. The only obstacle in your path... is you.

RIP WORLD. Rip it apart! He's pretty impressive, actually. He can never be destroyed, only stopped for a while. Also, Eggman had the whole being blasted by Gaia thing coming. You reap the seeds you sow Eggman. Even as mean as modern Eggman is, I'm still glad that he didn't die from the attack.

9 Chaos

He isn't REALLY a villain, I believe he is angry about something..maybe that's the reson?

How is he so low on this list?!

Chaos is sick as well

Good blob boy

10 Zavok

The Zeti. Fabulous creatures they are, but Zavok failed to prepare for the fact that Tails would use his mind to his advantage to escape. Does this make Zavok incompetent? No, it does not... it simply means that he failed to realize the full potential of his enemies... however... he does indeed learn from mistakes and formulates new plans. That is tactical genius. A master of planning. Failure is not final, victory is not permanent, and learning from your mistakes is all it takes to shift the balance of power in your favor. He should be number one on the most intelligent Sonic characters list. He learns and he prepares, even if it takes a million tries, he plans again and again. One day, he is bound to get it right.

One of the few characters who are actually successful. He's red and black. He has NATURALLY colored cyan nails and hair. He looks cool. He can knock a freaking meter thick robot segment off it's joints. He can survive an apparent fall from sky world. He's got an excellent relationship with Master Zik. He respects his enemies. He can control fire. He's an excellent boxer. He's got an awesome accent. He's the leader of the Deadly Six. He's honorable. He's intelligent. He's clever and daring. He's hot, literally. He lives in a volcano. He has an epic boss fight. He can control machinery. I love him. He cares about the Deadly Six. He's survived Sonic's homing attacks multiple times without the help of robotic armor. He can turn gigantic. He's a pro racer. He studies his enemies . He's. just one of those characters that you have to love or hate... there is no in-between.

Zavok is awesome! BUT... I really feel he has more to offer the series. I don't know if you read these SEGA, but if you do, I have an idea for a Zavok revenge scheme, it's probably no good but... since Sonic the hedgehog humiliated the Deadly Six and Eggman enslaved them, how about Zavok takes away everything they both care about... First, the Deadly Six raid Eggman's fortress and take control of all the technology inside. The robots will enslave their former master, torture him for a while, then he will be given a choice by Zavok; "do as we say... or perish slowly at the hands of your creations." Of course, Eggman chooses to obey. Zavok orders him to capture Tails, and then tells him that if he succeeds, he'll set Eggman free. If he fails, unbearable pain awaits him. If he does succeed, it turns out that Zavok was lying about setting him free, in fact, he has the robots torture Eggman. However, if he fails, ZAVOK tortures Eggman... HIS way. Also, if he fails, the back-up plan is ...more

Zavok is awesome! He should have the power to control blood! He could make spears, scythes or any other weapon that he chooses... out of his own blood! Or... he could drain other characters of their blood. Also I love the conversation between Eggman and him in Team Sonic Racing;
"Zavok! That was pathetic!" -Eggman
"Are opponents are strong... I respect that." -Zavok
"Maybe it's not that they're strong. Maybe it's that you're weak!" -Eggman
"Watch your tounge, Eggman, or you just might LOSE it!" - Zavok
"You know what? I think I just found a way for you to regain your honor" -Eggman
LOL! Love Zavok!

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11 Iblis

The embodiment of the god Solaris' power. He was sealed inside of Elise. He's pretty much a mindless beast, fueled only by a need to destroy the balance of nature. Yet, he's a demon... who's responsible for Silver's future world. Yes, the ravaged one.

I can throw skyscrapers at you and destroy your world in moments! This guy is hardcore. He's also mean and demonic. Obviously.

12 Jet the Hawk Jet the Hawk is a character from SEGA's Sonic the Hedgehog series. Jet is very arrogant, prideful, and always seeks riches and fortunes. While also the Babylon Rogues' leader, Jet rarely takes his responsibilities seriously, though he knows how to assert his authority.

He's not a villain, much like Shadow, he's an antihero. But still, I LOVE HIM!

Jet the Hawk is my favorite Sonic character.

13 Dark Oak

Dark Oak is a pretty powerful villain and was able to defeat Super Sonic in his first appearance and he didn't just beat him once, he beat him twice and became god like in the final battle with him.
Heck, he was able to drain the life force from the heroes as well as Shadow, Chris and Egg-man before Cosmo stopped him by dropping the chaos crystals.
Besides, he only lost because Cosmo made him worry about her getting the power back to the crystals or was he just trying to stop her for another reason...?

Dark Oak should have been number two on this list with Egg-man/Robotnik at number one seeing that he is the big bad despite SEGA and Sonic Team trying to force us to like the red zeti that nobody liked to begin with, besides, their just milking it right now, SEGA and Sonic Team please, stop milking the big red zeti.
The fans don't like him...

This guy beat Super Sonic.
His pretty much god like when it comes to his level of power.
Heck, no one could stand against him unless they wanted to be completely destroyed without a second thought.
Also, he was pretty much the same as Black Doom and shared the same way of thinking.
And lets make this perfectly clear when I say that Sonia, Manic, Blaze, Amy, Rouge, Shadow, Cream and even Tails for that matter were just as evil in their own way despite none of them being as evil as The Metarex who admitted that they weren't doing the right thing and the dreaded master of evil himself, Tails Doll.
Why wasn't Tails Doll on this list?
Why wasn't he here alongside the big baddies?
Unless we know nothing about him...

Well this is a really hard choice to make seeing that the only cannon villain everybody should pick is Doctor Egg-man seeing that his in every single Sonic game, fanfiction, comic, TV show and books.
Is he cannon in this or was that just a joke in the comics by Cubot when he brought up the other big baddies.

14 Silver the Hedgehog

Actually, being a villain is all up to perspective. If you do not like Silver, if you like Nega or the like, then to you Silver is a villain because he opposes the character you are routing for. Just as well, if you like Silver, if you route for him to win, if you believe in what he stands for, then he is the hero.

wait a minute guys... Silver isn't evil right? I mean, if you look on Wikipedia, he is on the "good guys banner"? But he is not my favorite character... THAT'S SHADOW

He's adorable. He just gets to be on here because he's so cute. I think someone said that it is up to perspective. That person seemed really wise. I read their quotes and dang they seem smart. I wish I was that smart. They remind me of Grand Admiral Thrawn for some reason.

I mean; sure he's temperamental and competitive, but he's not a villain. I'd consider him to be a rival character, since he fights with good intentions but is nonetheless not a good buddy of Sonic's.

15 Doctor Finitevus

I don't know him so well, but what I do know is that this is an extremely powerful villain and has already caused serious problems for sonic and others, having the potential of a great villain

16 Mammoth Mogul
17 Zeena

Edit: She's loyal for the most part.

18 Dimitri
19 Wave the Swallow

Wave is cool and smart

20 Zazz

The crazy, purple master is here. He's just so cool! In Sonic Colours, he was such a cool character! He's hilarious!

Zazz can be annoying. He constantly has to be the source of my attention. However, he's family. What can I do?

He's crazy and funny. Plus, if that's not reason enough, he's part of the Deadly Six!

21 Rouge the Bat

Like Shadow, Rouge is not evil and is not a villain. Rouge is an anti-hero who is super sexy, seductive, mischievous and intelligent (on duty). But sometimes she's selfish and greedy when it comes to her addiction of jewels, chaos emeralds and even the master emerald. All in all she's neutral.

Um... I don't remember Rouge being a villain...

Best Sonic character ever!

I mean she's just shadow's sidekick and I couldn't find anyone else

22 The Metarex
23 Black Doom

I probably have his character all wrong, but I feel that he wanted to save humanity from it's own oblivion. We are destroying our own world. He shows many religious views, saying that we sin against our own kind. Is he wrong? No. Sure, he's sadistic, manipulative and cruel, but I feel that he had good intentions. I mean, if you think about it, he did imply that he thought he was saving humanity. In all honesty, the only way to save EVERYONE is to destroy all of us. That sounds more like a savior. Also, he still talks to Shadow throughout the story, even after Shadow betrays him. He shows Shadow the evils of humanity, what they did to Shadow at the ARK. I think he might have been trying to save Shadow as well, I mean, he is Shadow's father. Adding to my point, his music doesn't sound very evil, in fact, it sounds sort of heroic. I don't know, maybe I'm blind. Maybe I can't see Evil for what it is. I don't know. I still feel like everyone has their own reason for doing things. No one ...more

Stop being mean to Shadow, people! I'm pretty sure he's suffering from PTSD! I'm not kidding, he shows the symptoms and the behavior. I think he was having a flashback when he killed Infinite's squad. They were mercenaries. He had a flashback to the military agents who took everything away from him. Also, the fact that he couldn't remember Infinite leads me to conclude that he had suffered from a delusion, and then he had blacked out. When he woke up, he couldn't remember anything. This is all part of PTSD, which is why I think he has it. He can't help it, though, so don't beat him up because of it. Please. People actually go through this in real life and it's horrible. About Black Doom, I do like him and since he breaks the fourth wall, he cannot die... which is awesome!

I love this guy. If only he could've given Shadow everything he deserves. Shadow in his game, is represented as 'pure-hearted'. Is it a pure heart that made Infinite who he was? Is it a pure heart that pathetically whines about the loss of a human girl whose relationship is comparable to that of Sonic and Elise's? Is it a pure heart that only looks out for itself? That doesn't care about others so long as it gets what it wants? Black Doom only wanted to destroy humanity because it started wars with it's own kind. It tortured it's own. It was true Evil. Shadow, albeit a hedgehog, was no exception. I, pardon my sadism, would relish the sight of Shadow finally getting everything, all the torture and pain he deserves, done back to him. But... why stop there? Karma is a b*** Shadow... and one day... you will get yours... even if it isn't canon...

Eat my flesh first! Eat my flesh first! Eat my-eh, you get it.

24 Bokkun
25 Ixis "Walter" Naugus
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