Top Ten Halo Games With the Best Campaigns

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1 Halo 3

LOVE campaign. My favorite mission was the Ark. I also liked crows nest because it was great to speed run the mission. Halo 5, Locke took up too much time and I hope in halo 6 he will be an Allie that I can kill and teabag. Halo 3 had a great multiplayer. My favorite map was Valhalla. It dosen't have much connections to the lore. Which I'm crazy about. All in all halo 3 was a world record game!

1) Halo 3

2) Halo: Reach

3) Halo: Combat Evolved

4) Halo 2 (Poor ending, and felt incomplete)

5) Halo 3: ODST (Overrated, in my opinion, but better than the next few on the list)

6) Halo 4

7) Halo Wars

8) Halo 5: Guardians

9) Halo Spartan Strike

10) Halo Spartan Assault

2 Halo 2

So nice to see this one on top. It's hard to pick between this and Halo 3. By itself, Halo 3 beats it by a nose, but when you consider the two as two parts to a single narrative, Halo 2 is ultimately a more enjoyable, and memorable experience.

Very underrated campaign, It ends on one of the best lines in gaming history "Sir, finishing this fight." Then ending on such an epic cliff hangar.

So many memories playing this campaign when I was younger. and I would play it repeatedly because of how great it is! Even find myself playing it again in the Master Chief collection

3 Halo: Combat Evolved

Halo CE's campaign has achieved a delicate balance between the gunplay, AI, mechanics and level design never met by any FPS single player mode. There were no external weapons and features that ultimately would've destroyed the invaluable balance which also explains its clever minimalisation of weapons or other features and factors that the successive Halos introduced. Its plot was undoubtedly as grandiose as the level design. What can be only described as an epic story, CE fizzles with outstanding dialogue, unforgettable characters, unmatched levels of atmosphere and tone and significant themes. CE's campaign has set a gold standard for the FPS campaign that has been never met for 17 years.

4 Halo: Reach

I really disliked Reach's campaign when I first played it. I was annoyed that the story totally did not line up with the events in the book. I also thought it was boring to playthrough. Now though? I just overlook the obvious contradictions because the story in and of itself is good when not compared with the book. Bungie did a great job of putting the player in the shoes of a Spartan three, whose makeup is weaker than say, the Master Chief. The Covenant feel much stronger in this game, particularly the Elites. You're fighting a battle you already know you're going to lose (if you're even the least bit informed with the Halo canon). As the game progresses, the Covenant are too numerous to deal with. At one point you have to watch a large number of escaping civilians get slaughtered. It's definitely the saddest Halo campaign by Bungie. I used to not care that much for the members of Noble Team. But now I appreciate the subtle emotion and personality they all have. And though I found the in-game objectives boring compared to the epic missions in the other games, I think that further reinforced the message of the game. You're not the Master Chief. You're not on the offensive; you're on the defensive. And you're losing.

5 Halo 4

The gameplay may have been pretty inferior to the past Halo games, but the story of Cortana and Chief's relationship was amazing. I didn't feel this way at first because I was put off by Cortana's rather sexualized appearance (which was me being shallow, I guess) and for some stupid reason I thought they were shipping the two together. But really, her appearance symbolically serves a good purpose: the contrast between her being the more "human" character and the Chief being the emotionally repressed soldier encased in a half-ton of armor. And it's clear that the love they have for one another is platonic, which makes the story that much more impactful considering all the millions of times the romantic trope has been used (especially in video games). I honestly think 343 did an excellent job of showing the Chief's human side through his special relationship with her.

6 Halo 3: ODST

I think that, while the story is definitely not the best, it is certainly intriguing. The story put you in the shoes of someone who is not an invincible fighting machine; the same scenario in Reach. Of course this game was basically a test for Reach's campaign, because if you look at it for a minute, you start to see the similarities. I liked the idea of having to use strategy to beat my opponents rather than just going in guns blazing, so of course this game is most enjoyable on Heroic. The characters are all interesting and have their own unique charm to offer (Buck is the best. If you disagree, fight me). To top it off, the soundtrack is absolutely amazing and you can tell it apart from every other game just by the first. Every song fits its mission perfectly and this is something I feel is overlooked by most about this game. Another aspect that is overlooked is the fact that it is tied in with the events of Halo 2 almost from start to finish. You see the carrier take off and experience the after-affects which is kind of neat.
The only objective of this game is to get out and survive. That's it.
Of course this game is short. It is only a spin-off after all. Even so, I believe that it has the second best (beneath Halo 2) story out of all the games. If this game were longer, I think it would be the best Halo game (campaign) out of all the games.

7 Halo 5: Guardians

Its an enjoyable game in my opinion. Love the campaign and other features included in it

Halo campaign had Great Graphics and the missions where out of this world

A lot of people hate this one but I personally like it better than Halo 4

8 Halo Wars
9 Halo Wars 2
10 Halo: Spartan Strike

I believe it has a good story if you forget it is a simulation. and look at the story it is a true halo game

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11 Halo Infinite
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