Top 10 Worst Types of Dark Souls Players

While this game is among the best of its generation, there can be some really bad types of players. These are the top 10 worst types of Dark Souls players.
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1 Gankers

They're extremely common in Dark Souls 3, and they're very annoying. The worst types are the ones who run away while summoning another phantom.

Can't beat 'em, join 'em.

2 Hackers

Good hackers provide some humor in their craft. These people, on the other hand, will ruin the experience for you. They can be categorized by having infinite health, stamina, poise, etc.

3 Projectile Spammers

God, it's one thing to deal with gankers, but imagine this combined with ganking! You're screwed, no questions asked. I don't mind mages or archers one bit, but when all they do is run away spamming crap, it's extremely annoying.

4 Chuggers

What's wrong with healing?

I usually don't heal unless the host allows me, but if I'm the host, I heal and allow my invaders to heal, and even allow it in fight clubs. But seriously, what's so wrong with it? It makes the fight more complex and makes you think of a good strategy. I've been doing it since Demon's Souls and even in Bloodborne (where everyone hates it).

I don't mind it when it's a game that both of you can heal in, but in Dark Souls 2, they can be the absolute bane of your existence.

5 People Who Harass You via Messages

Once in a duel, the red phantom I summoned kept healing and returned home before I killed him. Then he kept sending hate mails to me and even went to my YouTube to harass me. What!

These guys just can't handle it when you kill them. They sometimes spam you with hate mail, racist messages, etc.

6 Bad Fight Club Hosts

I mean the ones that don't heal their red phantoms or even attack them when hosting a fight club. While not very common, it can sometimes result in everyone turning their attention from the fight to gank you. But some red phantoms are actually good guys and help you against an abusive host.

I consider myself a good fight club host, but there was one instance where he attacked me in a duel and didn't say sorry whatsoever, so I got revenge and got ganked.

7 People Who Ruin the Experience
8 Dishonorable Players

The ones who just straight up attack you are a bit annoying, especially if you bowed to them, then they just charge you. This can also mean healers in fight clubs while they're still fighting, too.

9 Backstab Spammers

I don't mind parrying, since it actually amuses me when someone can beat me like that, but I'm talking about the ones that hug your back like no tomorrow! While not too difficult to deal with, this combined with gankers makes it a nightmare.

10 Parry Kings

It's difficult to parry, so I guess you deserve to win if you've learned how to do it. But on the other hand, there's barely any counterplay at all against it unless you're a mage.

These are basically cancerous tumors.

The Contenders
11 Invaders Who Run into Enemies
12 People Who Point Down

It feels so bad when you try to have a good fight and you're left with a point down.

13 People Who Use the Ice Rapier

This weapon is the very meaning of cheap! I hate it so much, and I figure that everyone agrees with me. The strong attack can double-hit and generates an ice spear when used, which is why it's so cheap.

14 R1 Spammers

Many people in PvP, especially in Dark Souls 3, have a tendency to spam R1 until you're dead. The worst part about this is that specific weapons, such as the Dark Sword, will stunlock you to no end. This is one of the reasons I find Dark Souls 3 PvP to be the worst in the series.

It's nothing but gankers, R1 spammers, and hatemail senders. It's pretty much everything bad with the Souls community. Demon's Souls may not have many players, but at least it was fine while it lasted. Dark Souls had enjoyable PvP. Dark Souls 2 had very fair PvP, which made me not hate the game overall. Bloodborne was probably the best, with the only problem being that invaders hardly have any health whatsoever. However, this is balanced by the low damage you take. But Dark Souls 3 doesn't have any of those things, making it the worst PvP and game in the entire series for me.

They are begging to be parried and get salty if they are. I learned at the first moment that the third R1 is almost always parried. That's what you call getting good - learning from mistakes.

15 People Trolling Fight Clubs
16 Streakers
17 Edgy Players

The kind of people who are incredibly arrogant and walk up to you when you're trying to brawl them out are the worst. They act like they're the boss or something and think they're superior when, in reality, they probably suck. People who also use the 'Quiet Resolve' gesture or 'Legion Etiquette' need to get out of this game. It leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Legion Etiquette isn't as bad, but Quiet Resolve - get out.

Armor and weapons really don't count in this game for being "edgy," purely because everyone says everything in this game is super-weeabo-anime-like. So, if everything is edgy, nothing is.

18 People Who Throw Dung Pies Upon Killing You
19 Dark Sword R1 Spammers

They're the bane of everyone's existence. The sword needs to be nerfed.

20 People Who Hack Immediately After Starting DS1
21 Invaders Who Fight Only When You're Surrounded by Enemies
22 Pursuers

These guys will chase you down to the end of the map no matter the cost. Enemies? They'll run right past them, just to get to you. They're so annoying.

These guys will never stop chasing you no matter how far you've run. Enemies? They'll run right past them just to get to you. It's so annoying.

Isn't the point of invasions to pursue and kill the host?

23 Stamina Kings

Stamina Kings literally get their weapon and armor stats, then put everything into stamina for an infinite combo. Their weapon is always fast and annoying. I would rather die than run into another one.

24 Twinks

People who get OP or late-game gear right before Vordt are hard to deal with if you're doing low SL invasions. It's even worse if they are also gankers, because then it's double the trouble.

25 People Who Use Only Running R1 in Duels
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