Top 10 Ways for Non-Members on Animal Jam to Get Rares

No matter what, my parents won't let me get membership on Animal Jam. Scamming and hacking is just plain wrong, plus it doesn't work. So, I found a few ways to get more rares. By the way, my username is kitkatwhite, so please buddy me. Also, I'm only on Animal Jam on Sundays, sometimes Saturdays, and during breaks and holidays.
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1 Another Account

Create another account and set both your real and fake accounts on hard mode adventure with an Arctic wolf hosting it. The wolf can go through the wolf door, and you might get a rare item at the end. On your second account, trade all of their rares for inexpensive items like welcome mats or couches. This way, you might obtain four rares.

2 Color Switching

Try this on a non-member Jammer: trade them butterfly wings or a tiara and turn it yellow to make it look rare.

3 Sky High

Never give up; you might get rares.

4 Rare Item Monday

Always check the shop on Mondays for rare items, although I am not allowed to play on weekdays most of the time. However, I discovered this because I often sneak in some playtime.

5 Popularity

If you play every day, make yourself look good with a strong trade list. Be nice and helpful to everyone you encounter and make a lot of buddies. Go on numerous adventures as well. People might gift you if they like you or if you're cheerful and hilarious.

6 Do the Phantom Portal Over and Over

Do it because you can get crystals. I once obtained 20 by repeating the process over and over. I traded with someone, and they accepted. It's kind of like they are rare. If you view my den, you'll see a lava crystal I acquired through trading. The phantom portal crystals can be either green, blue, or purple. Some people consider them rare, even though they don't have a rare tag.

7 Lucky Clovers

I never got the epic chest, but I reached 49 out of 50 until my mom called me down for dinner.

8 Daily Spin

Today, I obtained 2 rares, but they were all for members only. Currently, I have 5 rares, which means can a member here please trade me non-member rares? My username is kitkatwhite. Additionally, I'm willing to trade any of my rares for a rare bow and arrow. I'll gladly accept the offer.

9 Graham's Workshop

Some items look so good that you can trade them for a rare item.

10 Buy Something Cool In the Den Shop and Trade It One Year Later

Someone wanted my glitchy potted plant so badly that she gave me a cactus chair in exchange.

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11 Codes

Look up 'Animal Jam Item Codes' and you can find all sorts of codes, people trade high for some of them.

12 Trade Endlessly

This really helped me! I traded my friend something as a gift and she traded me a clothing beta! And I got a spiked spiked collar and rare pigtails from trading! Tysm!

Keep on trading for rarer items than what you have. It's better to use more items than just one.

13 Buy Seasonal Items and Do Seasonal Adventures

Buy things that will go out of stores soon and then sell them off when you can't buy one anymore

In October buy the skeleton suit. After it has gone out of stores it can be traded for long spiked colors+ and add.


14 Find a Rare Buddy
15 Trade
16 Find Secret Shops and Trade the Items When the Den Goes Out of Season
17 Bitter Sweets

During the night of the phantoms, become dog or bee and unlock the chests for that pet. Than leave the adventure and do it again! Once I got rare pink bow and arrows and my friend got a black worn.

18 Do Challenges and Know Your Rares

Do a necklace to spike challenge! Play adventures and get rares, trade 10 rares for a clothing beta, 2 clothing betas for a den beta, 2 den betas for a short wrist, 2 short wrists for a long wrist, 2 long wrists for a short collar, and 2 GOOD short collars (red, purple, or blue) for a BAD long.

19 Farm in Adventures
20 Find a Buddy

Try to friend someone who will help you get rare. EX. If you want a rare, trade them 2-6 plushies, like they have a plush shop

21 Do the Instagram Challenges
22 Get More Friends on Animal Jam

The more friends you have the more you can ask them to trade you and than you'll get more trust and than you become rare! Gift me - ilovetodrawdragons and add my friend duoduo

23 Make a Plushie Shop
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