Worst Video Game Bosses

Just a top ten list about the worst bosses ever! Whether they're hard as balls, badly designed, easy as balls, those kinds of things. Also, SPOILERS!
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1 Wallace Breen (Half Life 2)

I don't even think this is a boss. The game sure says it is. It's just a cutscene before (SPOILERS) the citadel blows up. That's your boss. You don't get a proper final boss. Because Valve. This is one of the many reasons why I like the original better than the sequel.

So much for being "boss". This reminds me of MB from Metroid Other M!

2 Double Candymen (Lethal League)

So, you're breezing through Lethal League's challenge mode, and you've just beaten Sonata! Good for you! NOW GET OUT OF OUR CHALLENGE MODE. I don't know if this quite counts as a "boss," but it sure as hell is hard as one! These two show how horrifying teamwork can truly be. Their main strategy is to keep bunting and hitting the ball over and over again until they each build up their special move and wallbang you to bits. Because of the stupidly good AI, if you happen to lose one life, one of the Candymen will hug your ball (heh.. heh...) and hit it IMMEDIATELY after you hit it, resulting in a cheap death. When I was fighting the double Candymen, I didn't feel like I was a skating robot dude beating the crap out of twinning insane mutants, I felt like a gamer running away from the ball until the two dandies would stop hugging it! I've only made it past this battle without losing a continue ONCE. And I was playing as Candyman, too! Even the final boss wasn't this absolutely cheap!

3 Alexander the IV (Rogue Legacy)

Basically all of the bosses (aside from the final one) are just rehashed, bigger versions of the little enemies. So, making a rehash of a rehash is A: Absolutely stupid. B: Completely unnecessary.

Alexander the IV is unlocked after you turn in an obol to Charon. Let me tell you, this boss is very, very, very, very hard. (Not as hard as the rehash of the final boss, but still hard. ) The arena is covered in spikes, and there's two sections blocked by spikes, because you automatically play as a hokage, you can warp through these spikes. And who else is in the two rooms? Alexander the IV, and his infinite barrage of minions, of course! You can kill the minions in one hit, but the way they swarm you leaves you as a sitting duck to Alexander's attacks, and thus, resulting in quick deaths. It isn't cheap (unlike the next contender) but still really annoyingly hard.

4 Dragonfly (Don't Starve)

Oh, how I despise this boss. 90% of the time in Don't Starve, you're meleeing your way through monsters 'til you get to reap them rewards. This boss, however, absolutely discourages melee attacking. It's about the same speed of a Tallbird (which is really effing fast), and can hit you while running! Should you happen to get too close, it will do damage to you even without attacking you! And if you manage to hit it with your precious tentacle spike, it with use an AoE attack, which drains about half of your health, even if you have some of the strongest armor in the game! What IS encouraged, however, is to stand far, far away and to keep shooting it with blow darts. Out of blow darts or don't have any? Too bad! You aren't getting that precious scalemail now, aren't you?

5 Dr. Kahl's Robot (Cuphead)

What's wrong with this Boss exactly?

6 Isaac + ??? (Binding of Isaac)

This is a really anticlimactic boss, I really think so. Woah man, it's yourself! Fight yourself! Yaaay! As soon as you enter (SPOILERS) The Chest, the boss is you again! Except it's you dead! Yaaay! It's a fair amount of difficulty, I'd say. Three phases, increasing difficulty, hell yeah! The biggest problem with this boss is that it's boring. There's definitely better contenders for Number 5, but I'll leave that to the public.

7 Shadow x (Power Up Heroes)
8 Rumor Honeybottoms (Cuphead)
9 Spoiled Rotten (Wario Land 4)
10 Disciple Lorithia (Xenoblade Chronicles)
The Contenders
11 Silver the Hedgehog (Sonic the Hedgehog 2006)


This isn't a boss fight, It's a technical showcase of every thing wrong with sonic 06
Glitches and poor design riddle this fight
You can often get stuck in a stun lock, Him throwing you up into the air and then you slowly go back down, Only to get grabbed and thrown and whoops dead

Oh not to mention that the camera loves to fight you in this fight, You'll turn around, Get tossed into a wall, And then get stuck to a wall constantly collecting a ring, Getting grabbed, Collecting a ring until you reset the game
It's a special kind of poor design, One that sums up every single issue with the game in a full, Buggy mess

12 Bowser (New Super Mario Bros 2)
13 Red Dragon (Miitopia)

Not just is Red Dragon anoyingly hard to beat, but it's also unfitting for the areas you fight it in like a beach!

14 Wily Capsule (Mega Man 7)
15 Toad Man (Mega Man 4)

Three things 1.The only big problem with toad man is that his fight is pathetically easy 2.Toad man is from megaman 4 3.Bright Man is far worse than Toad Man

16 Final boss (Terminator 2)
17 Heavy Press (Cave Story)

It mostly makes you ask "Why was this boss added? " It's not like it's hard or anything, just rather out-of-place.

18 Bed of Chaos (Dark Souls)
19 Mysterio (Spider-Man 2) Mysterio is a fictional supervillain appearing in American comic books published by Marvel Comics. He is most often depicted as an enemy of Spider-Man. He made his debut in The Amazing Spider-Man #13. In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, he is portrayed by Jake Gyllenhaal.
20 Lucien (Fable 2)
21 Necron (Final Fantasy IX)
22 Thunderblight Ganon (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild)
23 Flame Hyenard (Mega Man X7)
24 Gary Smith (Bully)
25 The Bloat (Binding of Isaac)

If you want to get a laser beam up your anus with the warning of someone blinking you better come down to Dr. Bloat.

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