Scariest Animatronics In Five Night's at Freddy's

What is your most feared enemy in Five Night's at Freddy's?
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1 Puppet

Puppet's face is creepy. The way she is smiling and her eyes is all black is even more creepy. If she could laugh, I bet it can be even more creepier. Maybe I am scare of her because I have a fear of clones? You know me. Puppet is my less-favorite. I'm sorry, but a opinion is a opinion.

I just think he is always smiling which is creepy. and because he is very hard to beat so you get his jumpscare so often but you never get used to it

I feel like puppet / Charlie is overrated is that wrong I feel like she's just a little bit overrated and yes I'm going with the fact that she because her human self is a she people a she.

Okay, she's my second favorite character (to toy bon) but when you get that screen where you're Freddy on stage she's just following your gaze wherever you go. It's terrifying.
-spoilers to the books here-
However, I feel bad that she was the creator of the robots' daughter. Her soul was forced to live on in the puppet, and considering the neglect shown by the other children in the cake minigame and how her father just replaced her by the robot version of her without searching for her actual body, she has a right to be angry.

2 Bonnie The Bunny Bonnie is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Bonnie isn't scary he (and pretty much every other character that's in good condition) just acts creepy. Can you imagine SpongeBob or dora the explorer wandering around your house at night and trying to kill you? The animatronics are scary because they twist on how we believe they should act. They act in ways the human brain doesn't comprehend which makes them somewhat frightening but at the same time not. Bonnie perfectly examplifies that. This list should be called creepiest five nights at freddy's characters. We might have more candidates that fit the role that way.

Bonnie is my favorite, but scary at the same time. If you have VR, you know how it feels like to play Five Nights At Freddy's. THE WAY HE WALKS UP TO YOUR DOOR IS SO CREEPY. THE SAME WITH FREDDY. THAT IS SO FREAKING SCARY-

He is, absolutely one of the most scary. He has no eyebrows and his mouth just scares me alone. He could be cute, I guess, but he still is scary,

Bonnie gave his creator nightmares. Bonnie is the most active, most stressful antagonist in the game. Bonnie goes through the west hall, the scariest camera in the game. Bonnie's jumpscare is probably the best in the game (except maybe freddy...). Bonnie. Is. Terrifying.

3 Foxy the Fox Foxy is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

Do what you want cause a pirate is free you are A pirate! We’re sealing away adventures on every morph! We set sail explore (yar har!) yar yar fiddle dee dee being a pirates alright to be! Hang the black flag of the top of the mast! You are a pirate!

Foxy's jump scare back then was creepy. The way you can hear him running up to your door, not being able to have time to check the cameras, the way he smashes into the door, how he jumps at you-- Nah, I'm out. That is way too creepy. But, what can I say?

In my opinion, Foxy is by far the scariest of all the animatronics. He is fast, creepy, and he is always out to kill the nightguard. In joy of creation, he always creeps right behind you with his flashing white and red eyes. He is different from the other animatronics, which makes him even more deadlier. He does not go easy on you, as he forces you to check on him and his curtain in the first game in order to stop him from sprinting down the hall at an abnormal speed and then poking his creepy face into your office, letting out a earsplitting shriek. Never underestimate Foxy the Pirate, because he will just keep on surprising you...

Of course everyone's favorite has to be at least in the top 5, and for good reasons to. First of all before the puppet, this was the first animatronic that didn't care about the rules, he would just take a peek out of his curtains and just go " ah to hell with this I'm running to that door". Second has to be how he's all withered and torn, which are pretty much ripped flesh to him. And finally for the fact on how he just pops through the door like the place was his. And even with all that he's still the most popular animatronic of the series

4 Golden Freddy

Golden Freddy will have to be one of the scariest animatronics in fnaf 1. I remember how much Golden Freddy gave me nightmares when I was young, I was really scared of his jumpscare whenever I got killed by him. The way he comes in your office is kinda creepy when you think about it. I think golden Freddy could be a nightmare character in the fourth game. Don't you think?

Golden Freddy's look is nice. Not creepy. But, his jump scare is creepy. At the same time, it is annoying. You don't know when he is coming to your office. His jump scare is so creepy. His jump scare also annoys me because it is so loud. Who else thinks the same?

For me, The Nightmare for sure.
He has transparent black skin, visible endoskeleton pieces, and those eyes... They are so wide, bloodshot and gleeful you can see your own nightmares inside them. But the worst thing is, he enjoys it.
Nightmare laughs, as if he thinks it's just a big game, and he knows you can't escape anyway because even if you survive him, real life will eat you instead. His teeth are matted with red, and occasionally you can see them dripping with blood (rare screen).
The jumpscare is just, petrifying, because instead of a clear death, you don't know what he will do to you, as it takes you to the Warning screen. He just stares at you, and that radio static sounds like joy; like pleasure from the kill.

Yeah. Nightmare is scary.

That laugh is really creepy. Until he reaches my office, he just does this 'It's me' thing and it freaks me out! Not that the fact that he walks through doors. Just seeing the lifeless dead bodysuit makes me paranoid. But afterward, he just throws you the most DISTURBING roaring which makes me jump out of my chair.

5 Mangle Mangle is a character from Five Nights at Freddy's. It has a yellow eye and a black eye. It is designed as a broken fox.

Aside from Shadow Bonnie, Mangle is the scariest. She reminds me of that monster from The Thing and has quite a tragic backstory: torn apart by cute little rascals.

Imagine her leaping down on you right now! I love mangle, she is my favorite, but she is also pretty creepy. I think she caused the bite of 87.

Mangle is my favorite character out of franchise but look at her she is all mangled up.she climbs on the ceiling like a spider and every day she is there toddlers rip her apart into pieces. look at her she looks so scary with her eyeball missing and has a extra head. I feel bad for mangle because she is big pile of mess and no one wants to fix her so she is just forgotten by other animatronics just go and listen to the mangle song you will understand plus MANGLE IS A FEMALE!

Mangle in my opinion is scarier than nightmare mangle because like well I don't know but I feel bad for her because the kids tour her apart

6 Spring Trap

Springtrap is possessed by William Afton, which means he technically IS William. That's what makes it so creepy! William Afton is the one who killed the missing children, but he was ALSO the one who got springlocked inside of Spring Bonnie. Most people would have just thought that this was the end of him, but NO! Inside of Springtrap, Afton is planning on coming back. After all, he always comes back!

He is scary because you can see him looking at you from the window. The reason why he attacks us is also creepy. If you don't know why he is attacking us, okay here- He is attacking us because we are setting the animatronics souls free. He is attacking us as your punishment for reversing all the "work" he as done.

Most of the animatronics have little kid souls in them but Springtrap there's a murderer in there, Afton tried to hide in parts and service from the ghosts of the children he killed and hid in the springbonnie suit but the gears crushed him to death. 30 years later he got released

how would Spring trap even be the Scariest Animatronic he is not even that scary when I play the game he is not even scary at all even when he jumpscares he not even scary or anything and also Springtrap is my Favorite Animatronic in Fred bear Fright and people don't be scared of this guy because he is not even that scary!

7 Freddy Fazbear Freddy Fazbear (originally known as Freddybear, as seen in the Kickstarter) is one of four main antagonists of Five Nights at Freddy's, who later appear as variations in the succeeding games.

In every game his jump scares are terrifying and always scare me. In the first game when the power goes out the screen goes dark, his face glows and his jingle is played. Then, if you're unlucky enough and just miss out on finishing the night, he will jump scare you! Also, he has another jump scare in the first game where he creeps in the office (when you're normally trying to find him or someone else) and then from behind gets in front of the night guard, eyeless (with just a tiny white dot) and jump scares you from really close up!

Freddy's laugh is probably one of the most creepy things about him! It's just so dark! And to think that a DEAD CHILD possesses him, JUST CREEPY!

Can he smile literally he can only open his mouth and if you look closely then you can see a little exoskeleton underneath his hat and ears

Out of all jump scares in the first game Freddys is scarier. It's so unexpected, not the power outage but from night three and onward. I HAVE figured out a strategy to keep him on the stage but there is no denying that I almost needed to buy a new pair of pants before I figured it out.

8 Phantom BB

He is so creepy with his eyes glowing white and his jumps scare is like his mouth is made of rubber how it stretches and also is it weird that “nothing catches on fire “ but they look burnt

Phantom BB Is Creepy By Running At You Like Withered Foxy, Kinda. Well Also His Eyes are Like Glowing white With His Creepy Smile

When I first played five nights at Freddy's 3, I looked in the camera on second night and his face is there. I don't know what it is, and I sit there waiting for him to go away. I finally close out and... What the $&@*%#?!

I bet if anyone recorded themself playing Fnaf 3, they wouldn't say that he's not scary at all. It's just so unexpected since in the first game, he just takes your batteries. So creepy/weird/gay

9 Nightmare Fredbear Nightmare Fredbear is a character in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 who appears in Night 5, replacing the other 4 enemies you have to face off against in earlier nights, Nightmare Fredbear is the most vicious animatronic imagined by the Child you play as in FNaF 4, because of a freak accident where the child more.

Being a Nightmare is probably one of the reasons why he's so creepy. He's designed to scare people and frighten them! His design makes him REALLY FREAKY with the sharp teeth and rips in his body.

The reason I put FredBear and not Nightmare is because, NM FredBear gave me nightmares (literally) the first time I played the 4th game. But Nightmare’s jumpscare is just a radio ripoff, sorry Nightmare fans, but it’s true.

like look at this guy the first time you see him and you feel like the bite of 83' victim. (not bite of 87' via the Fred bear and friends 1983 Easter egg.)

I think that nightmare Fredbear is way scarier than ugly Ikky puppet and nightmare Fredbear should be the first scariest animatronic on this page.

10 Withered Chica

She is the scariest out of all the withered and toys, the fact that her jaw opens up all the way in her jumpscare just gives me chills. And she literally comes at the screen.

12!? Chica is so sweet and innocent at daytime, handing out cupcakes and being nice. At night time, she is much creepier, and this time, she is trying to kill you! Withered Chica is much worse. SHE IS THE CREEPIEST CHICA EVER! She is also number five of ALL animatronics on my list. Those oversized eye sockets complemented by the lack of eyebrows make her look she came straight from the grave.
She is terrifying. Those two sets of teeth don't just peck, they shred. I could see her in the top 5

Definitely THE creepiest animatronic for me in the entire fanchise. Not because of her behavior, but because of her appereance. The soulless stare from her browless eyes in combination with the oversized eye sockets and the loose, giant beak are already terrifying enough. But then, there's also those stretched out and handless arms, exposing massive wires, which were once covered by her now missing hands and remind me somehow of veins. That's what I call nightmare fuel!

How she has four rows of teeth (I think ) and her arms stick out to the side but one thing that would make her a bit scarier is if she had a withered cupcake hanging of her old hand wires and like how do vents work with her

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11 Chica the Chicken

Chica is truly TERRIFYING! Unlike the forgettable and ugly ballerina(does that pice of ballet junk even have a name? who is laughable and not even scary, Chica is the real deal when it comes to terrifying animatronics! Chica scared me so bad that I've had nightmare's of her. I applaud the creator for creating such a terifyinand beloved character!

In FNAF AR,I REALLY wish we had gotten Artic Chica instead of that ugly piece of ballet crap.

. When your playing you can hear her playing pots and pans in the kitchen. of course afton killed her but her backstory is tragic. I know people have said this before but chica is a GIRL!

She may not be my favorite but she is downright TERRIFYING! How can nobody see this? She is awful! She is nothing like a chicken. She has a big bulky body and has two sets of teeth. Her beak scares me. And her eyes are nightmares alone.

I don't think she'd be as scary if she didn't have the oldish look, what also all the faces that she makes in the game that don't look at all normal. She looks like blood should be apart of the design on her body. It's maddd creepy how she is also the most desperate to kill you, waiting outside your doorway mocking you until Freddy arrives at power out.

12 Nightmare Nightmare is an antagonist in Five Nights at Freddy's 4 and one of the seven nightmare animatronics (ten if the Halloween Edition animatronics and Plushtrap are counted) in the game. He is the shadowy incarnation of Nightmare Fredbear, and the final antagonist in the game.

I mean, his name is Nightmare and the shadow does fear him... Even though he is basically made of shadows. And what someone else said about joking around to make him less scary, well... I played FNaF 4 one time and I started hyperventilating before anything even happened. and the night with Nightmare just made it worse. I can't imagine being Chris... I'm surprised Chris even got through the first night without having a heart attack the first time. I feel bad for the guy.

Nightmare is kinda scare cause his voice is very deep and he is pitch black with red eyes and claws and blood on his teeth. And I actually kinda hate blood. Other than that he is super cool!

I mean he is impossible He appears in both doors the bed even the closet plus if you get jump scared by him he will reset your whole game!

This guy gives me the crepes because he has the best combo of sharp teeth and the color of the shadows he scares the crap out of me!

13 Faceless Bonnie

He is so so so creepy and hard to beat like I cannot believe it! He pops up right away n front of you and if you do not have reflexes he will strangle you!

Um, number 8? This guy scares me to death! Especially the way he just stands there in the office. No pose. He just stands and... Stares. BUT DON'T FORGET THE JUMPSCARE. When he attacks, he uses his one good arm to strangle you! Normally, a human can get out of a chokehold pretty easily. But a robot is able to lock it's hand up, making you unable to escape the way he holding you.

At first when I played the game, I saw withered bonnie in a corner (or something I forgot) I thought it was just a broken suit so I stared at it because it was so scary. GUESS WHAT BUNNY DID. Now he's one of my least concerns.

Ah, Withered Bonnie. The nightmares you used to give me. Now, you just look totally badass to me. He's my favorite Withered bot, and my 2nd favorite Bonnie. "My face! My beautiful face! "

14 Phantom Foxy

I was on the phone once playing fnaf 3 and put down the moniter went to the left to check for springtrap and Phantom Foxy jumscared me and I screamed so loud and the caller was like "What happened? " so I said "I'm playing Fnaf" and the callers like "Oh, ok makes sense"

He might be everyone's favorite, but that phantom version of him almost scared me to death, and to make matters worse, he's missing an arm. Poor Foxy!

Literally Withered Foxy with Bendy's ink splashed on him. Not that scary.

He I think jump scares even though he does not kill you. He is scarier than sping trap so yeAh

15 NightMarionne Nightmarionne is a character from FNaF 4 who appears in a Halloween DLC added on October 31st, replacing Nightmare in Nightmare mode and Night 8. Nightmarionne appears in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, and Ultimate Custom Night. Nightmarionne is also a version of the Marionette from Five Nights at Freddy's more.

Okay, okay. Yes I know same jumpscare noise as Nightmare but she got a better jumpscare in UCN (and design) so it fit the nightmare selection more.

Have you seen those arms?! NightMarionne isn't the scariest but he's pretty creepy just imagine seeing him under your bed at night it's crazy he's 15th on the list

Really, I love puppet.
There's so much story, and it makes the game better!
But hey, this one just freaks. Me. Out. The body looks like a skeleton, and then from that picture being cut off, it looks like it has horse hooves but still- The way it's head is just tilted just scares me, like it's trying to look into your soul and find your secrets. After I saw this, I decided that Puppet would take it's place behind Bonnie.

This is my enemy from hell. Unlike the other Fnaf 4 animatronics with their large, stupid looking teeth and ripped bodies, Nightmarionne looks like he came from a creepypasta or somebody's sleep paralysis demon.

16 Ennard Ennard is a mix of the smelted animatronic endoskeletons of Circus Baby, Ballora, Funtime Foxy and Funtime Freddy fused together with their animatronic eyeballs scattered on his body. Ennard takes form of Molten Freddy in FNaF 6 and scoops Michael Afton using the Scooper Machine in Sister Location so more.

This clown FREAKS ME OUT his jumpscare is loud, his design is freaky, and EVEN A BETTER DESIGN IN UCN! By far: Ennard is rather scariest SL jumpscare.

The part that makes him worse then the others is that he isn’t just circus baby, he's Ballora, Funtime Freddy/foxy. He is—you. After u are scooped, right after he uses circus baby’s voice to claim its for the best, man. Number five is the scariest.

Ennard is quite a scary character, especially based on the fact that he uses manipulation and impersonation so frequently to lure you into a false sense of security while he manipulates other animatronics. He is an amalgamation of everything bad and scary, and wants revenge and to escape.

Much more disturbing than the other SL bots. Funtime Freddy & Foxy are adorable by comparison, Baby doesn't really hit home for me, and Ballora's creepy, but that's it. Ennard threw me for a loop when I first saw him. It's like, WHAT IS THAT!?!? This is definitely not worth exotic butters!

17 Scrap Baby

Honestly Circus Baby freaked me out enough, now a SCRAP VERSION?! Scott did an awesome job in scaring me in Pizzeria Sim. it was one of the best games!

I really like baby, but Scap Baby needs to leave me alone, Id how she became what she became, but I wish she could go back to being Circus Baby.

Scrap Baby, or I'll call Freak Baby, is just like, freaky! The Five Night's At Freddy's Sister Location one was already creepy. Joining 2 fears together: clowns and dolls. She also murdered children, and is like, uh, I'll just say huge. Doesn't help that now she actually attacks you, has a claw that could head cut you, and roller skate, maybe making her faster? Salvaging her too, GET ME OUT OF THIS ROOM!

As if original baby wasn’t enough, we have scrap baby. She is just awful. Downright frightening. I have no idea about her history or where she came form but I don’t care. She is the stuff of nightmares.

18 Purple Man

Uh... Guy creeps me out especially when he dies and then the next night it's a demonic voice I think it might be purple man / phone guy came and he has come back to haunt you. That was the most scary two nights in the game for me

We all love a man whose skin is a sickly shade of purple, going slowly insane as he kills over, what, 15 children during the whole span of the Fnaf series? How cute.

I looked up pics of him and played the game the guy is sooo scary! I don't know how he is just number 15! I think freddy is cute!

Actually some of you do not know that purple guy has a son. His son is the crying child

19 Withered Foxy

ALL of the foxy suck. They're not scary, but they just suck. But THIS foxy gave me nightmares! I load up the game one day and there is just this creepy picture of his face, making me scared and disturbed. It looks like some eyeless bonnie except with a fox!

okay why does he have a stretched head with so many teeth like what the hell. and him mixed with balloon boy make the worst combo.

I guess he's scary because in the first game, all he does is lean in. I guess it's the uncertainty that really scares you

Not that scary to be honest. Foxy isn't scary.

20 Nightmare Balloon Boy

I hate when you see him on the camera than boom so scary espacialy without eyes god! I'm wetting myself

His big teeth and how many he has just scares me

The fingernails just scare me lol

Oh no Timmy got eaten Oh no

21 Nightmare Freddy

Eh I’m not that scared of him but if this was a real life situation I would freak! Well maybe all of us for all the aniamatroincs .-.

I used to think all the characters were cute. But the rows of teeth kind of got to me. I really like all of the animatronics. Until I saw him on the internet... But I just love fnafs games. Great job Scott!

He's not as scary, since he only attacks you if either too many mini Freds are on your bed or if you just stand at a part of a room for too long.

He is the scariest animatronic on purpose. I have to say, Scott did a good job of making this guy give me nightmares IRL. Not even Bonnie is on his level of scariness.

22 Withered Bonnie

I'm not scared of withered bonnie I just feel sorry for him/her. R.I.P face

Dude y was FACELESS bonnie here earlier when they r the exact same

I mean no face is already scary but no face and no arm no scott no

This guy gave my brother nightmares

23 Phantom Puppet

Phantom Marionette is by far the most intimidating phantom animatronic(and probably in general). It's literally an oval with a head that looks like a watermelon, then two white eyes. Not to mention, it just stares at you the entire time.

He stares into your eyes as if he is trying to hypnotize you, he refuses to leave and seriously you also see him standing in the hall even his reflection is present in the puddle I mean, this... Thing can teleport.

This thing make me think twice to play fnaf three's 5th night.
It just shoves its entire head onto your screen and summons other

Phantoms are never scary. I don't even flinch at the sight of them anymore.

24 Nightmare Chica

She can sometimes cause me to stay awake at night for this reason:

She seemingly shares a link to the boys mother in a horrible way and these are the reasons why:

She is the only Nightmare Animatronic that carries equipment (a horrific cupcake that will maul you to death) The cupcake is food, Obviously

She goes in the kitchen where food is. Now FNaF4 is a Nightmare right? Why the hell would she go in the kitchen for, (yes it's a refrence to FNaF1 I understand however)

She is also the only female animatronic in FNaF4 excluding the halloween edition.

Heres what creeps me out: The mother in FNaF4 is not present at all. Mothers in a general sense will be the one who prepares food for the family. Mothers are naturing.

Nightmare Chica to me seems to be disturbingly smart in the fact that she takes the idea of what a caring mother will do for there chilid and transforms it into a upside-down representation of the boy's mother by offering him food ...more

I know what your saying nightmare fredbear is scarier then chica but come on we can all say that the nightmares are scary but chica is just vicious you sometimes can't even hear her at the door bonnies breathing is loud but chicas can sometimes be so quiet

She made me afraid of cupcakes and chickens ( I just started laughing) but she is like made to be scary unlike toy bonnie so she is a little less scary and stuff

She's like fnaf 1 chica but scarier, and I'm honestly already scared of the first one.

25 Phantom Chica

If I had to choose a Chica that is some what scary, I'd choose Phantom Chica since in Fnaf 3, the hallucinations are the scariest things in the game. Still, she's pretty crap because all the chicks are crap.

Chica is so scary because of how the camera goes down fast and pow!
a ugly fat duck who looks like it has piles of blood dripping down her face its horrifying!

It isn't Chica herself that scares me, its that face that appears on the arcade game console that really scares me.

Her eyes and how she makes the sound she does I get the shivers

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