Top 10 Stupidest Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards

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1 Larvae Moth

500 ATK monster that can only be summoned through summoning Petit Moth, then summoning Cocoon of Evolution and then waiting somewhat 3 turns. I mean, REALLY? Hardest summoning condition in the game for a 500 ATK monster with no additional effect!

2 Hieroglyph Lithograph

Paying 1000 life points to increase your hand size to 7? I'd be much happier with the 1000 life points, to be honest. Seven cards in your hand is not a good enough effect to constitute the 1000 life point deficit.

3 Pot of Generosity

Return 2 cards to your deck. Is that it? This card is only useful to send back cards such as Wall Shadow or Metalzoa that can only be special summoned from the deck, and that is nowhere near worth it. This is a -3, plain and simple.

4 An Unfortunate Report

This is one of the near-useless short-printed cards that don't benefit you but benefit your opponent instead. This one lets your opponent conduct their battle phase twice. I can't for the life of me think of a way of capitalizing on this. Maybe by comboing with Evil Hero Malicious Fiend, but by the end of the first battle phase, all of your opponent's monsters will have died anyway.

The others (Gift Card, Gift of Greed, etc.) have some benefits to you (Reverse Burn, Appropriate, etc.) when you use them correctly. This is the worst of the lot, and it's short-printed too.

5 Thousand-Eyes Idol

Weakest monster in the game. Its ONLY use is to fuse with a fusion substitute to make Thousand-Eyes Restrict, but you can use Relinquished for that. You could also use Metamorphosis on it to make Restrict, but at the same time, you could use Disc Commander, or even a sheep Token. So, this is the most useless monster in the game (except for number one, lol).

6 Sand Stone

The worst single tribute monsters in the game, going as low as 1300/1600, 1350/1200, and 1550/1400.

7 Slot Machine
8 Fusionist
9 Gift Card

Your opponent gains 3000 life points. Wow.

10 Performance of Sword
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11 Blue-Eyes White Dragon
12 Mokey Mokey King

Fusion monster with 300 ATK / 100 DEF. Summoned by fusing three Mokey Mokeys (300 ATK / 100 DEF). When it dies, it special summons all the Mokey Mokeys from your graveyard.

13 Aitsu

It's a Level Five monster, so you need a tribute, and it only has 100 ATK and DEF!

14 Pot of Greed
15 Boar Soldier

This card can only be Summoned by a Flip Summon. If this card is Summoned by a Normal Summon, the card is destroyed. If your opponent has 1 or more monsters under his/her control, decrease the ATK of this card by 1000 points. It has 2000 attack, 0 defense.

Hard to summon and loses attack quickly. I mean, what card is that?

16 Cold Wave

Cold Wave is a spell card, and the effect is terrible because you can't use monster effects, spells, and traps!

17 Sparks
18 Kaiser Glider

A tribute Mon with 2400 ATK and some red. Good right? Well, the effect is trash! Can't be destroyed by a Mon with the same ATK. And? That's it?! This effect is trash.

19 Yata-Garasu
20 Cold Feet

Why is this not on the list? I can't think of a single situation in which this card would be remotely useful.

21 Nightmare Horse
22 Magic Cylinder
23 Samsara Lotus
24 Fiend's Mirror
25 Kasha
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