Top 10 Pokemon Rivals

I'm listing the most memorable rivals of all time. They are the best of the best.
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1 Silver

This is the best rival in Pokemon, no doubt. He's cocky, makes fun of you, and even stole Pokemon! It feels like NPCs make him out to be this cruel and unforgiving guy, and that's what makes a rival. I mean, nowadays, rivals are too friendly and aren't competent. They even heal your Pokemon! Silver is definitely my favourite of the many rivals in Pokemon, because he isn't some person who battles for the sake of battling. He battles to get you out of his way, so you don't mess with him again, and he will on occasion skip battles. He's even Giovanni's son, one if not the best evil team member in Pokemon games! I love Silver, and I'd love for Nintendo to make another character that's just like Silver, my rival #1!

When I went back to play heart gold again I realized just how much of his dialogue I had forgotten. I originally hated him (although I was pretty young back then) but after experiencing his character again, I can safely say he is the best Pokemon rival hands down. Although not my personal favorite but I still love him so much. That won't ever change.

He's so cool! He reminds me of two other video game characters at the same time, also.
Hint: one thinks friends are for the weak, the other is literally named Silver.

Silver was my first rival, he was a perfect rival, with his dark, punk design. He was the son of Giovanni, which made him mysterious, and a little evil. He would always push you, say he's better, treat Pokémon harshly, and insulted you. Pushing you to your limit

2 Gladion Gladion Gladion is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. He works for Team Skull. He serves as a rival character to the player in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

I love his relationship with the other characters in the game. I think the people we know and socialize with are a big part of what's defining our personalities, and Gladion takes this to heart. You can see a lot of different sides of him during the game (trust me, there's not just edginess in him) and I especially like how he behaves around Hau and Lillie. And the smile after you battle him at the base of mount Lanakila is just precious. In short, from his personality and design to his role in the story, I love Gladion so much!

My favourite character from all the games. He's the only rival with a literally cool badass attitude. GO GLADION!

I think he should be first place, like, HE IS SO EMO! and he's my fave character. I like how in the games, he suddenly treats you like a peasant, then over time, he kinda acts like your friend but then says that he's not tryina be your friend or anything. its sooo sad when he lost in the alolan league! I didn't want ash to win! ( soz for any spoilers whoever is watching the anime lol)

Wait, he's going to be one of my rivals in the game? COOL!

3 Wally Wally

I can relate to Wally on so many levels. His lack of confidence, his health, his personality and motivations and even relations. Wally was the first rival I liked as a kid (I was 10 when I got Alpha Sapphire) and even now when I'm older and know what makes a good character he's still one of my favorites. (I also like how he has a Gallade in Alpha sapphire instead of a gardevoir like he had in the original games. It really shows how he isn't just a small and weak boy. He has matured.)

It was so satisfying to see him grow the character and help him develop throughout his journey this was especially shown in Omega Ruby and alpha sapphire.

Aside from the kick-ass battle theme, Wally has the best character development of any rival. He is also such a sweet guy. He's only part of the reason OR/AS are the best Pokémon games ever made.

Wally was such an adorable character. He might not be tough like most rivals, but he is just so likable.

4 Blue Blue

Blue was the one to shape Red into being the amazing trainer he is now. You always wanted to defeat him because of his cocky and arrogant additude. He later became a gym leader after being defeated as champion. He had character development. Childhood friend, then a bully, and after Red's dissapearance, he turned out to be caring too. He was a true rival. Silver was a criminal, and I never found him too fascinating. He was just an edgy kid with daddy issues. Gladion is interesting, but he didn't have enough screen time. Wally...well, Wally is adorable and I've always loved him but I find in terms of rivals, Blue wins. He has a good team, unique personality, and was actually strong. Silver on the other hand...was he the one to come back for Sun and Moon, and to be recognized as a champion, gym leader, and Battle Tree boss? Nope.

Blue is my all time favorite, he's cocky, sarcastic, arrogant, and I looked forward to sending him to the pokemon centre, Silver is good also but just seems like a whiny kid who couldn't get a pokemon up to level 2 if his life depended on it. what I especially like about blue is that he WASNT nice to your charicter, Charicters like Hau, May/Brendon (Depending on who you choose) and well, almost all of them give you helpful items out of kindness, basically holding your hand, Blue?
Blue gives you a fame checker, some thing that bearly does anything, gives a sarcastic comment, and moves on, he's the only rival that motivates me to be the very best, like no one ever was

Sure Blue was good of a rival in the terms of wanting to kick his ass but that's all you can like about him in the kanto games. And it bothers me to no end that everyone feels that most of the rivals aren't rivals because they don't have that aspect. Look the definition of rivalry is competing against each other and having the same kind of motive, not "This guy is so mean to me I want to punch him in the face".

Blue was the most competitive rival. His pokemon were really well balanced. He even had his unique and memorable catch phrase, "Smell ya later." Also, he was always one step ahead of you, unlike other rivals. He really did feel like a rival to me. Which is why he's my favorite. (Not to mention he is really attractive)

5 N N

N is honestly my favorite character in the franchise and I don't anticipate that changing anytime soon. I never really saw him as a rival when I played the game as a kid, but now that I understand him more, his role is definitely that of a rival. In spite of his motivations being along the lines of Archie or Maxie's, they were meant to be more closely "rival" your ideals as the protagonist, rather than just being presented as a villain you need to defeat at some point like the Hoenn antagonists were. Either way, I love him.

While most don't really think of him as a rival due to his role as a primary antagonist, this really just adds to the rivalry developed between him & Hilbert/Hilda. I love his gimmick of using whichever Pokemon are in the general area to help him, instead of having a concrete team. I love his battle theme, with the music box remix in the sequels being some of the creepiest background tracks in the history of the games. And I honestly believe his backstory is the best in the series so far. (Still, his anime adaptation could have been WAY better)

He probably has the most developed character out of any rival in any game. How he ties in with Team Plasma and the story in general is amazing. Game Freak did perfect creating Natural Harmonia.

Maybe my very first video game crush. I wish I had the time to properly talk about him, but I'm feeling tired. Just know that he is incredible.

6 Barry Barry

Sometimes its less about how people are at the start of the games and how they changed throughout, and more how it was done. If your rival starts off arrogant, they don't need to be made humble by the end of the game. They can still be arrogant, but still be more cautious than when you first started. Its more about how Barry improved himself, and less about how much different of a character he was at the end of the game.

Barry is my favorite rival so far. Barry wasn't way too friendly like Serena or May and he wasn't a big mean jerk like blue or silver. He was in the middle. I also found his super hyper and impatient personality kind of funny and entertaining. He's friendly but on the same time make's me wanna win against him.
Also, your final battle with him was pretty tough.

Yo Barry is the best rival up until gen eight (the only one I like more is hop) He is in between and doesn't make me sick every time we battle "cough" "cough" Silver.

Almost as douchy as Blue, but actually developed as a character. He was actually sad when he lost to Jupiter, but still helped in the end with fighting Galactic.

7 Hugh

Hugh is like that one kid that you wanna become friends with very quickly. He's basically the Knuckles The Echidna of the Pokemon franchise. You do anything to his sister's Purrloin, he will unleash his rage. But still, a good choice for a rival. It's what fans were expecting in the sequels, a good rival.

Even though his sub plot is kinda retarded and may have a sister complex... he is still one of my most memorable rivals with his theme, caring to get back something important for his sister and was pretty cool to Hilbert/Hilda. Plus he pretty hot and I gotta love his hair

Hugh is a fine rival but his sub plot is so stupid like we hardly know about her sister and she never said anything about her Purrlion. It's hard to engage in Hugh's motive.

Hugh has some real motivation here, unlike most rivals who just do this for fun *coughcoughHAUcoughcough* and keep their one dimentional personality throughout the series.

8 Hau Hau Hau is a fictional character introduced in Pokémon Sun and Moon. He is the grandson of the Island Kahuna for Melemele Island, Hala. He serves as the rival character and ally to the player in Pokémon Sun and Moon.

He might not be the best rival in terms of story, team setup, backstory, motivations, and pretty much everything that we want in a rival, but I still love hims so much! He has so much personality and I love how he can be sassy at times too. I really wish I had a friend like him. And that's kinda what I wanted in game too. A friend. Gladion filled the role of the rival for most people but even so I still find Hau to be amazing. Sometimes your favorites doesn't have to be what's considered "the best".

Really nice yet still has character development and relevance to the plot. Well done GAME FREAK, you finally made a good friendly rival.(Barry doesn't count as a friendly rival due to how cocky and willing to beat the living daylights out of you.)

A true cinnamon roll

He's so friendly.

9 Cheren

I never hated Cheren, but recently I've restarted my game in White and I never realized how power hungry he was 'till recently. I still don't hate him, but I'm not sure if I'd say I like 'I'm (same goes for any other character). He kinda reminds me of Silver but slightly nicer. But yeah, Cheren, there's more to life than being stronger and proving your existence.
Also reminds me of Gaara with that existence thing and Shikamaru with his "What a bother" catchphrase.

Cheren is honestly the best rival ever. He's a very honest person and he has one of the best character improvements ever.

10 Bianca Bianca Bianca is a character from Pokemon by gamefreak & Nintendo. She is one of the rivals & a childhood friend of the protagonist in Pokemon black and Pokemon White. She lives in Nuvema Town, and was held back of being a Pokemon trainer because of her overprotective father wouldn't let her be one. Bianca more.

What I like about Bianca was that she wad never trying to best you. Sure, I like that the purpose of rivals was to push you to train harder, but she was a genuine person who acknowledged that the journey was never really defined by your strength - it was defined by the Pokemon.

Unnecessarily corny way to think about a Pokemon? I agree, but it's true on my part!

The Contenders
11 Gary Oak Gary Oak Gary oak appeared in the anime series in seasons 1-5 . He was ash's rival and childhood friend . Though they had a dispute once they fought over a rusty pokeball they wanted for luck, which broke after they fought over it . Gary was the grandson of professor oak . He had cheerleaders & his own car. more.

You're the fourth to leave home, but as a trainer, you're dead last!

12 Bede Bede

I was really surprised over how much he developed during the game. And I like his design too. Yeah even his grandma hair. Which I never really thought looked like grandma hair but whatever. His battle theme reminded me of Unova too so bonus points for that! And I love fairy and Psychic types. (And I might have had a crush on him like most of my favorite rivals.) That moment with Opal though... Great stuff!

Best rival in sword and shield.

13 Marnie Marnie

Marnie is super cool! She's a cooler emo than Gladion and deserves higher on the list. Gladion is also cool.

14 May May May is a female companion to Ash in the generation 3 anime. She was also the female character in Ruby, Sapphire, Emerald, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire. May (anime) debuted in the 275th episode, "Get the Show on the Road!" She was going to be a trainer, but wasn't excited about it. After meeting a more.

May deserves a higher place on this list.

15 Brendan Brendan

He was strong. He fought well against us and well with us while battling team aqua/magma. He was able to be your friend while still being able to push you harder

Because Steven Stone isn't here. Steven is Ash Ketchum's father by the way.

16 Hop Hop

Those who hate on Hop are either just dumb, mean or both. Ok I don't mean that. But still. Hop doesn't deserve the hate he gets. He is actually a really well developed character and he almost beat me in the last battle against him despite the games being too easy. I wish you would get the justice you deserve Hop.

Hop. Is so. Over-hated. Like, he actually grows significantly over the course of the game. He never feels like he's just there to serve as a friendly obstacle during your journey, as it's always apparent that he's undergoing his own development and reacting to the events that unfold as an actual person would. And I adore him for it. 9.5/10 - Favorite friendly rival

Hop is so underrated Every time I see how low he is ranked I want to punch somebody. He is my favorite rival please rate higher

Hop is just trying to get out of Leon's Shadow to show that he is also a great trainer.

17 Paul Paul

Get Paul off this list. He is a horrible person who basically abused Chimchar. Plus he ain't even in the game.

The best rival the anime ever had!
I prefer him over Ash, Paul is just amazing!

This list is about the games, not the awful anime.

18 Dawn Dawn Dawn is a character from Nintendo and Game Freak's Pokémon franchise. In the games diamond, pearl, and platinum version she was one of the playable characters you can choose from. She will be an assistant for professor Rowan if you choose her male counterpart, Lucas. more.

Dawn is your friend, she battles along side you, not against you. Berry is the character who fits the Rival role.

19 Calem

Calem and Serena are literally the same it just depends on what gender that you pick in my opinion.

Calem is the worst rival.

20 Serena Serena Serena has proven to be a kind and polite girl but she can also be openly rebellious towards her mother, Grace. In Kalos, Where Dreams and Adventures Begin!, she refused to wake up when Grace ordered her to, and gave a sassy response to her mother's call to watch the news. This tumultuous relationship more.

She's my second least favorite due to being bland. Blue was even worse though however. Blue was just a typical bully in my opinion.

Why. Just why. She was the least developed of ANY rival in the series. Don't get me started on her anime version.

I think Serena should be on this list.
May deserves it a lot more than her.

Anybody who hates gen.6, I hate.

21 Shauna Shauna

Shauna was one of my fave characters because her personality is that she's a girly trainer who cares about her Pokemon very much. Each of her Pokemon represented something about her. Starter was just the starter. Delcatty represents her cute personality. Talonflame (I Think) represents she is a determined trainer. Second, she's a rival we don't know much about. She might come from Vaniville Town or Snowbelle City. I think she's from another region or maybe Anistar City. Tierno is from Snowbelle City.

Shauna is a very kind girl. She's also the only one who offered a trade with the character.

She is cheerful and happy. She is the best of the three Kalos friends and I love her design

22 Tierno Tierno
23 Trevor Trevor
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