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The tiger is the largest cat species, most recognizable for their pattern of dark vertical stripes on reddish-orange fur with a lighter underside.


Larger stronger and more agile than lions. Excellent swimmers too. Common misconception that tigers lack fighting skills is garbage. They are solitary and thus hunt on their own unlike lions. They also regularly fight off other tigers intruding on their territory. So not only can they hunt but also fight. And the lions mane means nothing in a fight with a tiger! It's only for attracting lionesses!

I LOVE tigers, and I'm well known around my school for it. With a gorgeous flame coloured and white pelt sliced by jet black and brown stripes, piercing amber eyes, and a mighty 2 mile long roar, tigers are not only the largest cats, but are well respected and feared, and are the subjects of many songs, poems, prayers and tales. No wonder they're symbols of strength, royalty and power. The lion may go by the name "king of the jungle", but that's a lie, they don't even LIVE in the jungle. Tigers, on the other paw, are top of the natural food chain wherever they may be, only competing with the worlds deadliest creatures... humans. They're even strong enough to take down a full grown water buffalo while swimming! We need to help these magnificent felines, because if they're gone, the jungle ecosystem will be brought down to it's knees.

I'm very passionate about animals and big cats, and I love them all, but so many people claim that the lions are the Kings of Beasts and Jungles, when they provide no evidence or facts to prove this! The underdog-like tiger is without a doubt, the true King of the Jungle and the true King of Beasts.

Although lions act more sociably like kings, physically, the tiger reigns superior. Many experts even state that tigers have a better chance of winning a fight over other big cats because of their power and fighting style!

Stronger, smarter, larger, heavier, fiercer, independent, the tiger relies on nobody else.

Don't be fooled by what the majority say and be biased from movies like The Lion King and media, guys!

I love tigers so much and here's why. Let me tell you about the tiger who came for tea. "Tiger tiger" I shouted, "won't you stay for tea tonight, with your nose so bright". "YES? " he roared. My legs trembled, for I had never heard such a deep, delicious sound in all 14 years of my sweet, sweet existence. When the tiger arrived, he forgot to take off his shoes at the door. "Tiger! What have I told you about taking off those Adidas Stan Smiths that I bought you for Christmas last year" I screamed at him at the kitchen while I peeled the onions. "I am a sorry tiger. Please forgive me. Have mercy", he replied. "Okay" I said. Me and the tiger then ate some beautifully peeled onions, that I brothed in a broth, mmm. The tiger left, and as he walked towards the jungle while I was lying on the floor, I was waiting for him to turn around, to look and me and acknowledge this was goodbye. But he never turned. He paused, then entered the jungle. I have never seen Richard Parker again. Goodbye ...more

With black strips on orange colored skin, Tigers look beautiful than any other big cats. Indeed they are one among the most beautiful animals on the entire planet. Among all big cats Tiger is the best swimmer. It does not depend on a pride to hunt. Its high intelligence and strength enables it to kill even a larger prey on its own which is unique among all predators. The biting force delivered by the tiger is far greater than that of any other big cat. You may have seen photographers who got courage to go near a Lion's pride in jungle and taking close shots. But no one will make such a step towards a solitary tiger.
However I wonder who gave lion the title "king of jungle" before the last tiger extincts from earth.

Tigers are independent, naturally hunt bears for prey (even mimicking sounds to lure them in) they can generate enough force in their paw to fracture or even crush a bears skull or break its back although they usually go for the throat. Umm male lions are just big lazy pussies that let the fems do the work. Also tigers have been known to acquire a taste for humans even going as far to exclusively hunt them in some instances. They also have the largest brain of all the big cats. Comparable in size to a chimp. Sorry lions you may have a bigger roar but the tigers got a better bite.

Tigers are the biggest natural cat in the world. Ligers and tigons should not exist and thy only do due to circuses. They only live 1-2 years poor things. Tigers are the most powerful of all the cats and they are the most intelligent and majestic. I love them, all 6 spicies of them. Oh and white tigers are NOT a type of tiger or seperate cat. They are simple albino Bengal tigers (yes it is always Bengal). - Lovetigers

The tiger is a 100% stronger than rest of the big cats. It has been proven in the 1960 when one tiger killed almost all the rest of the big cats in a zoo. The tiger is larger than lions. They can run 50 mph and still have better stamina than the lion. They are also the smartest of all big cats. People think that lions are the king of the jungle just because of its roar. Tigers roar can be herd 3 miles away. If you watch videos you can see that the tiger wins most of the time. Not even an African lion is stronger than a tiger. There is no doubt that tigers are the strongest of all cats.

Tigers are said to be the toughest animal in the world not lions. They could kill crocodiles but lions try there hardest to get away from them

I have been reviewing the statistics of the fighting skills, aggresiveness, size and the speed but nothing compares to this national animal of India which is in real sense the 'king of the jungle'. I mean come on if you just go and ask this question to any expert or even type it into the Google box, I am sure it will definitely yield you the result as it will show you the clear table displaying the tiger as the clear winner. they are all big cats but some distinct features will always put the tiger on the top so as this is a topic of debate I leave it on you whether you chose my favourite animal which always will attract you or the one which is in the disputed position of the king but not allways is the king the best.

Tigers have the majesty and stealth that is equal to no other breed. The have the deep, all knowing stare and are truly the fire pelted wonder of the jungle. They display nature's true savageness, yet have the kindness and bond that cannot be forged by any artificial force towards their family and those who are dearest to them.

Guys, there is no room for debate. Tigers hunt bears solo, and I'm not just talking siberian tigers. Bengals hunt down bears on their own and kill them with ease as well as crocodiles and gaur(, buffalo larger than the cape buffalo of Africa). Also in Rome they fought lions and tigers and they decided that the tiger was the better bet in a one on one fight.

My mom is crazy about Tigers! But I can see why. They are a beautiful animal and great hunters. However, they are hunted way too much. There are 3 species of Tigers that are already extinct, and the ones that are still around are on the endangered list. Sooner or later, there won't be any Tigers left. Stop constantly hunting these amazing creatures!

People like to point out the Lion's mane as why they would beat a Tiger. However, the Tiger's bite is almost twice as strong as the Lion. Tigers eat bears in the wild. Tigers have three ways to kill: Biting a major artery, strangulation, and swiping with their paws (with enough strength to crack a bear's skull).

WHY WOULD'NT TIGERS BE BEST BIG CAT THERE awesome! Yes a lion could win but that would take millions of years to happen and it would have to be the lion whole pride not 1 on 1. Tigers have really strong legs and are very heavy but can still move through the jungle silently they are also great swimmers.Male lion do nothing in the pride but lounge around the females do all the work and it takes more than one of them to take the prey down, tigers though take down their prey by them self. I'm not trying to say lions and all the other big cats aren't great but tigers are the best no doubt about it. So I say "TIGERS ARE THE BEST BIG CATS! ".

They only fight the other biggest baddest cats (tigers) on the regular. Attack and eat the biggest baddest prey by themselves unlike a loin who depends on the lioness. Tiger Is simply, Bigger, badder, faster, smarter, more agile and stronger with just as good or better fighting skills as any of the cat family. VICTORY.

Tigers are the best animals. I like all big cats. But I really love tigers! I want to create a blog for endangered big cats. I vote for tigers for now. Tigers win. Then lions. Fighting over a cat, which is best is wrong. Vote for big cats. Save them. If not, all of them will die.

Tigers have an amazing appearance and just speaking of them makes people scared. That is how tough they are. The stripes are a symbol known universally. Great characteristics and by far one of the best animals in the world, let alone best big cat.

The most graceful and most beautiful cat on Earth! The Lions of Africa are lucky that the Tiger Migrated East 10 million years ago! This cat should be protected like Oil and Gold.

Lions are kings, but Tigers are Emperors! Tigers have been included in the top 5 strongest animals; lion comes nowhere near the tiger. And tigers kill CROCODILES too. You wanna be as strong as a tiger? How about jumping 10 feet in the air with a 210 kg barbell on your shoulders? Or 8 feet with a buffalo in your mouth? Or crushing the skull of the strongest bull with just a paw hit? That's how strong a tiger is.

I like both Tiger and Lion. But Lion does not have the right to possess the title "king" when a tiger lives in the planet. It can have the title only after the extinction of last male tiger from Earth.

Tigers are the most largest cats in the world in Asia they are Apex predators they eat lynx, bears, pythons, crocodiles, elephants, and people and the most intelligent.

The Tiger of course. Tigers are the most beautiful and powerful big cats of them all. Sorry lion lovers, not trying to be rude, but seems like we have a new king. (i mean, they've always been)

Tigers are easily placed as the number 1 cat they can kill animals on there own were as lions can only do in packs. I wouldn't even put lions second that to me would go to the leopard or jaguars these to cats have the power jaws easily out doing the tiger and lion but the jaguar and leopard are just more to them selves then confronters. I have done years of searching and years of looking at these cats so that wy I say tiger as num 1

Tiger are the best strongest fastest animals in the world and the lion is nowhere near as strong as the tiger and just look at them the look so fearful and very cool you can even see how big those muscles are and very very fast