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41 A Flame for Freedom

This is the only song of dragonforce that doesn't sound exactly the same as all the others, and that's why its awesome.

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42 Defenders

New album doesn't get the recognition it deserves my favorite album from them.

Such a good song, I love this so much.

DragonForce's latest demo definitely takes the top for me. The chorus is unmissable.

This song is so good, my 3rd favorite from Dragonforce, don't understand why it's so low.

43 Prepare for War

I remember about 3 years ago making a metal playlist for dungeon siege and this song fitted perfectly with the battles and scenery and stuff. It's not my fave but it deserves some love

I love how the solo is seperated between the slow and fast parts by that small vocal section (tempo wise) and the chorus is so powerful it is hard not to love the song. Key change at the end is epic too.

I love the riff that's played before the first verse. - Caleb9000

Great song by them. my favorite on sonic firball because the vocals are just great here

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44 Storming the Burning Fields

The beginning of this song is great and awesome guitar solos

This song is awesome not only is it super fast and not 7 minutes but amazing 4 minutes.
So unique and so fast.

From the album inhuman rampage after the songs through the fire and flames and revolution deathsquad.

I can't believe this isn't higher. Lost faith

45 E.P.M.

This is the first Dragonforce song I've ever heard. This song kicks ass! One of my favorite Dragonforce songs of all-time! Please vote.

This song is just simply amazing! The intro brings me back to the good ol gaming days which is their musical inspiration. Excellent song! Just plain EPIC!

46 The Edge of the World

Great song! The main melody is super catchy and the growled lyrics in the middle are a great addition to the album. The chorus is one of my favorites too

Along with Ashes of the dawn the best song of the album!

Best song that cane out of Reaching O to Infinity

47 Revelations
48 Reasons to Live

It's got real character this song - my favourite.

How can you not love that intro?

This is the only DragonForce song I've heard that didn't use fantasy metophors and I love it. It's a very deep song. - Caleb9000

This is a hidden gem - Ultra Beatdown was a great Album and this got lost in the fury of epic guitar solos, soaring dragonbreath voice and magnitude 9 thump a thumps.
This song flows so beautifully - crazy intro - the fun middle bit - and an epic rising end.
This inspires me each time I listen to it, my favourite Dragonforce song of all time.

49 Chemical Interference V 1 Comment
50 The Flame of Youth

Definitely one of their best, top 5 at least

51 Judgement Day

I've been a fan of Dragonforce for a while and until I listened to this Operation Ground and Pound was my favorite. This definitely takes the top spot. Great message and awesome guitar solo.

52 The Fire Still Burns
53 Die by the Sword

Amazing song - GreenDayFan21

54 Wings of Liberty

One of their fastest and arguably one of their hardest songs, but it sounds beautiful when it's played. Especially the outro solo

This song is amazing this definitely deserves to be in the top 10

This song shows more than any other one that DragonForce have grown up (musically). The solo part is just isane. Great songwriting and a very catchy chorus.

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55 War!

I was actually surprised when I heard those vocals from Marc. This is heavy!

Best song from new album

56 Ashes of the Dawn
57 Avant la Tempete

This one brings many memories. The best of anyone, nothing to say.

58 The Sun is Dead V 1 Comment
59 Power and Glory

This song should be SO much higher up

60 Curse of Darkness

Curse of darkness was for sure the best song off of their new album, in my opinion.

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