David Phelps


There are some really great tenors...
... and then THERE IS DAVID PHELPS, whose voice stopped me flat in my tracks the moment I first heard him. My jaw dropped. Crystal-pure vocals, perfect in vibration, in expression, effortlessly flowing within in a nearly 4-octave range. Unwavering. Elegant. Absolutely electrifying. His gift is not only the artistry of his voice, but how he chooses to use it. His voice, music and message of each song becomes an incredible ministry to those listening - lifting, nurturing and filling every soul present, projecting a kindness of spirit, a well-being, or a dynamic, whirlwind playfulness. He is a master at creating fresh approaches to time-honored compositions. His genius in composing knows no boundaries, no fences, no limit. Lyrically, he pulls from his soul and paints his experiences on audible canvases to be best felt in each live "now" moment. And he remains approachable to the audience, giving undivided attention to each in turn. Grounded in his ...more

There is such strength and purity in David's voice. He can hit the 'money' notes with great ease... And turn around and sing with such tenderness and love. He is a man of great faith... And he lives and breathes his faith in Christ. When I met him... And talked about how some of his songs meant so much to me, and the reason they touched my heart so deeply... He listen intently to what I was saying... Looking me straight in the eye... And really paying attention to me.

I find I don't "sing along" on his music, simply because I don't want to miss one single note that he sings. I want to just close my eyes and absorb every single note he sings. I can get so lost in his music and completely forget all about my surroundings... And many of his songs give me major goose bumps!

Amazing singer, beautiful man.

David PHELPS is the best, #1 Christian Tenor Vocal Artist there is. David is at the top of the Chart and no exceptions. I Love to hear him sing, his Tenor Voice is so amazing, very uplifting and David's Tenor Voice is a God Given Talent and when he sings it is like he is singing from Heaven. I could listen to him singing 24/7 and never get tired. I have never heard anyone that can sing like David Phelps. Thank you David Phelps for using your Tenor Voice to Praise, lift up and Glorify The Precious Name of Jesus so everyone could be blessed and a lost Soul could be Saved. I love you David Phelps and Thank You So Much for helping Me in my Daily Christian Life and Walk with God.

I believe David's God given talent is one of the purest I've ever heard. There's no doubt in my mind, that the strength, sweetness, agility that he has comes directly from God! There's a chorus that we sing in church, and part of it is, 'LET IT BE A SWEET SWEET SOUND TO YOUR EARS'! David's voice is most definitely a SWEET SOUND, NOT ONLY TO OUR EARS, BUT TO GOD'S, FIRST & FOREMOST! I believe David is the best tenor around! LOVE his music and his humbleness!

David's voice is the most inspiring and breathtaking voice I have ever heard. David's voice is so pure. Just listening to him sing has lifted me up, calmed me down and brought me to tears. His appeal goes beyond his voice. David is also very humble and gracious to his many fans who come from all over the world just to have the opportunity to hear him sing live. Once you have been to a live concert, you crave more. The first time I heard David live I was so awed by the experience, I cut short my little holiday because nothing else could compete with what I had just heard and seen. I just can't wait until my next concert.

David Phelps is the best singer ever born.

No exceptions. He is a dedicated Christian family man and song writer, and the GREATEST TENOR GOD EVER CREATED. NO ONE COULD EVER SING LIKE David. He is the greatest and best TENOR I've ever heard, no exceptions. I'm so happy I got to seei David iin concert. He was awesome and the greatest. He is a Christian role model to me and everyone. Thank you so much David for letting me join and be a part of your Phan club and your other clubs. I am honored be a member.. David you are so good looking, a great smile,

An awesome sense of humor with a great personality and a wonderful Christian father to his children and husband to his wife, Lori. May God Bless and keep you safe in his loving care always. I Love You. David PHELPS YOU ARE THE BEST TENOR SINGER,






NO ...more

From his very softness notes to his most powerful ones that could shatter the glass in the room, David Phelps has a voice like none other. His range is beyond compare. And when you listen to him, he has the ability to make you feel each and every word he is singing. His music gets inside your soul. It moves you. He paints a picture and you can see it and feel it. That's what a good singer is to me.

David Phelps is the most gifted singer I have ever heard! He has an amazing talent for writing and telling stories in his songs! His vocal range is amazing and having had the pleasure to meet him I can truly say he is such a lovely down to earth guy, I was very privileged to have a chat with him and he was happy to give me his full attention! His arrangements are second to none, I never get tired of listening to him!

Hands down by far the very absolute best is David Phelps! Having been a part of the Barn Bash he and his wife have every year, to the live taping of "Freedom" in May, to singing with the Gaither Vocal Band, or with his own band on the road, always humble and smiling! David's marvelous voice and the Spirit behind what he does is unmatched! He makes me laugh, cry, clap, rejoice, and wanting to hear more: sometimes all of the above at the same time! I thank God for giving this marvelous talent to David Phelps and allowing us see and hear of what the Lord has done in and through him. What a blessing he has been in my life!

One of the best Tenors I have heard in a long time. Sings from the soul and heart. What a gift! His range is astounding and he seems to hardly blink when he does it. His love for Christ and gospel music is so unashamed and rightfully so. He know's where his gift comes from and is not ashamed to sing it from the mountain tops. He touches my heart strings when he sings and I am mesmerized by his vocals. His emotion that he puts into singing is profound. He is powerful. Love his classical songs as well. Thank you David for choosing to sing for the Lord!

David has the most amazing voice I have ever heard but it is not just his voice. He has a sweet spirit and he is using his God given talent to not only inspire those of us who are Christians but to bring others to Christ through his writing, arrangements and his telling of the love of God. Meeting him in person not only assured me that he is as genuine off the stage as he is on the stage.

If you don't think that David Phelps is the best tenor ever, then perhaps you have never heard him sing! Google the song Let Freedom Ring and listen to him, and this is just one of so many! He could be world famous in any genre of music. He has a rock and roll style, he certainly sings the best in gospel music, and he is trained in classical music. But he chooses to serve to Lord, who has blessed him with the abundant talent that he has. I listen to him every day of my life and thank God that He chose to bless David with talent that he has!

This amazing tenor voice is such an inspiration. I follow his concerts whenever he is within driving distance. He is powerful, has perfect pitch, has such a gift to share and can hit the high notes like no one else. His concerts leave everyone breathless and will send chills down your spine. What a privilege to hear him - wherever and whenever he performs. His CD's play in my car whenever I'm driving. Sometimes I just never want to get out of the car. He definitely should have a starring role on Broadway, as he is as good or better than anyone in any musical. He is simply the best ever. His high pitch is amazing and powerful. He is loved wherever he goes and never ends any song without a standing ovation. What a blessing and what a gift!

David Phelps is so over looked, he has the Best Tenor Voice I have ever heard! What a Gift God has Blessed him with. He is so Sweet, kind and Loving towards his Phans, a God Fearing man who you can see in his Face and Music right where the Lord Rates #1 in his Life and in his Ministry. I never leave a Phelps Concert without feeling the Spirt of the Lord being in the Midst. ! God Bless you David, stay true to yourself and stay Humble most of all!. Don't Change or be Pigeon Holed, you truly are the Greatest Tenor Alive.

David's voice is what I imagine an angel would sound like. I've never heard anyone else sing in a way that touches my heart and soul the way his amazing voice does. He is not only the best tenor, but the best singer I've ever heard! When he sings, his voice echoes into the depths of your soul and leaves a joy that wasn't there before. David is a kind humble man with a golden voice that always leaves you longing to hear one more song!

I could repeat what many have already said but I will be brief since my vote is all that counts. He is absolutely wonderful. I have never heard anyone any better. As others have said, he not only sings but writes, arranges, produces and the list goes on and on. He is also extremely humble and never walks away from anyone trying to speak to him, even my six year old grandson who absolutely lives him and what he does. He is deserving of this award and many, many more. God Bless.

David Phelps is the best tenor that I've ever heard in my life! His 3 - 4 octave range is amazing & he can sing any genre! He is not only a great singer, but a talented song writer. He not only can hold high notes forever, but he sings with all his heart and soul. His worship songs bring you into the presence of the Lord. He's the same on stage & off. He is humble, loves people & is filled with compassion. He knows his voice is a gift from God. When I hear him sing, I feel that I'm listening to the angels sing!

David is hands down the best singer alive; not just best tenor, best singer, bar none. Hearing a recording of David doesn't begin to demonstrate his pure and powerful voice which does not diminish in clarity and tone throughout his three-octave range. To hear him perform live is an experience one would not soon forget.

I first had the opportunity of hearing David sing by just passing by my television in 2003. I was mesmerized by his range and how he sang with such soulfulness. Since then I've been smitten. I've listen to other great tenors but David will always be on my list of awesomeness. It then solidifies the fact that all wonderful and great gifts are from the Father above.

This man is truly blessed by the Lord and his amazing voice is not only a gift and blessing to himself, but a blessing to all of us who have ever heard him sing. I literally get chills at times when listening to him. When I'm in a dry spell spiritually, all I have to do is hear David sing one song and I begin to feel the drought in my soul fade away as my heart and spirit are being watered back to vitality again. When I doubt, or have questions that seem to have no answers, or it seems I can't feel God's presence, David's music reminds me that the Lord is always near. I just love this man, his ministry through music, and that the Lord saw fit to bless us all through the tremendous gift He bestowed on this awesome man!

The best tenor I've ever heard perform! God has given David Phelps a talent that's beyond compare. He is what I would declare as the best tenor in many years. His voices captivates me, and everyone whom has ever the privilege of hearing him sing. His voice sends chills up and down my spine. He is tremendously serious about what he does and his actions prove it. Never too busy to stop and say hello. I've shed many tears when listening to his singing. It moves my heart strings like none other. David Phelps, you'll always be #1 tenor for me.

David Phelps is the Best Tenor Ever! He is a wonderful Christian man who loves The Lord and sings magnificently about Him. He is classically trained and his vocal range is amazing. I absolutely LOVE his singing and could listen to him all day long. I've seen him in person and he is a very genuine and personable person. He is totally number one in my book.

David Phelps has one of the best voices I have ever heard. He is able to do so many different things with his voice and songs that we have heard others sing, with David singing them they become a force for ministry. Hearing him in person is such a treat. He writes and arranges music and his most recent CD "FREEDOM" is so, so good. He has written and sung different styles of music. He included a drum line from Bethel University! I have been so blessed by listening to David. I always feel God's presence in his singing and the things he shares with his audience. He invited fans to the Freedom CD DVD taping. What an honor. It was so exceptional. Loved it. He is the best and humble. I love how God uses him in his family, music and all he does to let his PHANS enjoy his music and even talk with him. He is exceptional.

David is pure artistry in all aspects of vocal abilities and performance as well as writing, arranging, orchestrating, producing and understanding the God given gift he has been given. Please go listen and watch his magnificent music. He is one of a kind.

There are not enough great words to explain the talent of David Phelps. His range is awesome and his ability to move an audience with his delivery of songs is the greatest. I can attest to the generosity of his sharing with the audience after a performance. He is friendly, inviting, and seems to have all the time in the world to make you feel comfortable. So glad to see him moving up on this list. In my book he is number 1. His voice is a rare talent. Not many can sing so many different types of music and make it all enjoyable. He is truly a gifted and talented artist who shares his love of music and displays his voice to the fullest.