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21 David Phelps

I never leave a Phelps concert without having received a blessing. His gift of voice is so wonderful and pure, as he lifts his voice toward heaven what a beautiful and sweet sound. His range is amazing, his ability to reach those high notes, and hold them, is so phenomenal. But more than anything, I appreciate the fact that he uses his gift to reach people all over the world for Christ. He knows from where his gift comes, and acknowledges that. He is a wonderful guy, whose presence is just a joy. He is who he says he is, and wonderful to see and be around. I wouldn't miss a concert at all if I could get there. He is great, no matter, but even better when you see him perform live. Very gifted man. I never tire of hearing that beautiful voice.

When I found David Phelps, I found my dream artist. His voice goes to my heart and soul. At times, I realize I haven't been breathing while listening for his final note. No other voice does that to me. He writes beautiful lyrics which encompass many emotions that people can relate to. He also makes time for his fans and gives his attention fully to what you want to say. What a powerful artist he is, which is only made better by him using his gift to express his faith and inspire others. There is no chance of losing interest when David opens his mouth to sing, although you will feel the best kind of chills!

Phelps' voice is so strong and pure, he could sing the alphabet and make you cry! His voice gets nothing but clearer and richer in the higher he sings. He can hop on a high note that most men would be proud to hit, then do all kinds of vocal acrobatics with it way up in those high registers. Just listening to that is entertainment in itself, but he is so genuine and personable from the stage that his live shows should not be missed. Being better in person than in the studio is what should make him number 1 on this list.

The absolute BEST VOICE EVER!

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22 David Miller

David has achieved success in his chosen field because of his love of singing and the desire to succeed. As a member of Il Divo, he is spotlighted in "Bring Him Home" and it is spellbindingly beautiful!

David performs from his heart. He feels every vibration --his soul is always communicating with him which resonates with the people who recognize his passion. His vocal energy is healing and his smile lights up a room. He walks the Planet with love...

David is the tenor who sings in my favorite group 'Il Divo'. His voice is so incredible. He can sing whatever he wants, it is always beautiful!

David Miller's beautiful voice goes straight to your soul. Consummate performer.

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23 Mario Frangoulis

This Greek Tenor is one of the best cross-over artists today. The voice has a haunting power, which neither Josh Groban or Andrea Bocelli can match. And he sings with a great heart! If there is to be any future for classical music, to survive and fill in the seats at the concert halls, it is in the hands of artists like Mario Frangoulis. He sings in greek, Italian, English, French and Spanish and does it effortlessly.

My absolute FAVORITE tenor! Great talent and amazing voice..


No other voice touches my soul and heart like his. He sings with such feeling, such passion - his voice expresses so beautifully what is in his soul and heart.

24 Jonas Kaufmann

The most beautiful voice of today,

He does not sing you a song. He does not tell you a story. He pulls you in, pulls you under, and when he finally lets you go, you find yourself dripping with emotions you might otherwise never have felt.

The easy, natural style, the superb quality of his tone, his remarkable versatility and emotional range make him, for me, the best tenor in the world. I could listen to him all day.

This guy is the best in the World today. Besides having a great voice he has the matching personality. Can only explain his position at number 26 as him not being heard as frequently as some of the so-called popular tenors.

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25 Gianluca Ginoble

Gianluca has an amazing and beautiful voice, so deep and strong, so it's impossible to believe that it's the sound of eighteen year old guy. He is especially good with songs in Spanish and his native language, so many shades in his voice. And the songs of Sinatra seemed to be created for him. He's very gifted young man.

Gianluca Ginoble has such a smooth voice. Not only can he sing in his Italian language but also in
Spanish and English. Of the three, his command of the
English is unbelievable. How in the world does an 18 year old sing like this--blows my mind. Gianluca will go far in the USA. He loves the old American singers such as
Sinatra. His appreciation for all music is amazing. He is such a class act. I would never put Ignazio and Piero (II Volo) ahead of Gianluca--NEVER!

Gianluca is 18 years old only and a baritone voice that lifts me up again and again. Winner of a singing competition in Italy with 14 years. Now on worldwide concert tour with Piero Barone and Ignazio Boschetto as IL VOLO = The Flight. And they are flying!

Albeit the fact that he is a lyric baritone and should not be in this list along with Carlos Marin of il Divo, Gianluca is one of the best operatic singers we have in this generation.

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26 Joseph Calleja

Sure Joseph Calleja has a great future with such a talent. Although coming from the small island of Malta, he already can be considered among the greatest of all times.

I think Mr Calleja is still on the ascendant but his star shines bright and he is a good contender to the likes of the Italian greats.

Great voice and has a great character too. He is only going to get better. He is there as far as I am concerned, but I am sure he will beg to differ.

Joseph the magnifeicent Maltese tenor is a top 10 righ now!

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27 Colm Wilkinson

Excellent range and breath control, powerful chest voice and brilliant vibrato and falsetto. Sings with more emotion than any other singer. Still the best around at 70 years old. A joy to listen to and an inspiration to all other singers. I had the pleasure of seeing him last year at Cardiff, not long after seeing Alfie Boe and Ramin Karimloo in seperate performances and although all 3 are brilliant, for me Colm is still the best.

Colm Wilkinson is good because he sings with emotion, even when he songs softly. He doesn't have to sing at the top of his lungs to give you goosebumps. His perfect vibrato and falsetto makes him, in my opinion, the best tenor.

The best at acting while singing, and the Irish accent just adds to the effect

Such an emotionally powerful singer.

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28 Beniamino Gigli

Gigli had the most beautiful voice and was the best Lyric Tenor

The voice of an Angel! For me personally this tenor is way out in front. Breath control, diction interpretation all amazing and that velvet, caressing sound is unequalled.

A most gifted tenor

The voice of an angel. The All times best

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29 Mario Del Monaco

I have never heard a tenor of such passion, power, timber, sincerity, technique, and evenness of tone than Mario Del Monaco. Yes, there are many other tenors, but Del Monaco has it all. You name it and Del Monaco has it in full measure. The all around tenor of any century. Unfortunately, the critics didn't give him the deserved reviews he deserved. Del Monaco, the creates tenor ever! S.T.

Mario del Monaco, if you know anything about the operatic voice, need I say more?

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30 José Diego Floréz

He is the best right now, He can sing any song, a lot better than any other

Juan is the best currently around no doubt about it.

Simple the best as stated by Pavarotti. Please get his name correct "Juan".

Such a talented singer, an amazing performer

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31 Jon Vickers

His vocal technique and his total connection to the characters he played made him one of the best opera singers of all time.

One of the greatest dramatic tenors. Great Siegmund and Othello.

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32 Remigio Pereira

Without a doubt, currently one of the best Tenors in the world. He sings with passion and speaks to the heart. If you close your eyes and just listen, the transports you to another world...just with his voice. Currently with The Tenors, they primarily sing has a group but with a unique difference - at each concert they will sing individual songs which highlights even more the beauty of his voice. Thank you to his mother and father for giving him the beautiful gift for which he now gives us this incredible gift.

This gifted tenor has not gotten all of the attention he deserves, probably as a result of being a part of an ensemble (The Tenors) rather than a solo artist. But anyone who has ever heard his rendition of Caruso could not help but fall in love with this talented young man.

I call him "Sir Remigio Pereira" because of his beautiful, unigue voice! He seems to sing so effortlessly, while drawing you further and further in to an amazing unknown world of "breathtaking oneness" with him. Also, I don't even have the appropriate words to describe his "Classical Guitar" performance, only to say that I will be "thrilled beyond belief" when he finally releases an Album of "his magical fingers" playing this instrument like no other! Incredibly talented man, beyond belief!

His heart and soul are in his voice. I have cancer and I'm not going to survive it. Remi makes my days full of love.

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33 Stuart Burrows
34 Richard Tauber

I listened to him as a child with my father, he had a wonderfully rich voice, could sing in his native German and English also. Could make you laugh or cry so rich was his voice, and meaningful the interpretation. Pity he is not higher on the list, listen to 'You Are My Hearts' Desire' (in English or German) and be impressed. J.

Listened to Richard as a child and teenager. My heart and I always bought tears and still does.

When composers wrote music with one man's voice in mind, you kind have made it big!

He could bring laughter and tears

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35 Lauritz Melchior

The absolutely finest Hildentenor of all time. No one could hold a candle to him.

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36 Carlos Marin

He is the greatest and sweetest man ever. We love him and he loves us like we are his children love you carlos.He is an amazing artist if somebody asked me who is the most careing man in the world I would say CARLOS MARIN 1MILLION PERCENT.

He have such a great voice and is always kind to his fans such a sweet man

A baritone with a wonderful voice, emotion only listen

He has a wonderful amazing voice.

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37 Urs Buehler

Urs lyrical voice is filled with emotion - especially the romantic ones. He can portray strength and vulnerability equally well. I love how his eyes twinkle when he sings, reflecting the emotions of his voice and heart whether it is pop, opera, heavy metal, or a Broadway show tune. There are few tenors who can sing this well and manage to touch your very being with his voice... It is magical beyond words.

First, his last name is spelled Buhler. Second, he is so amazingly gifted, it's hard to put into words the feelings he evokes when he sings. And if you're lucky enough to be watching him while he's singing, you can see the emotions in his eyes and playing across his face. His voice is so unusual, it's not possible to compare him with standard tenors. He takes my breath away. SANDRA

Listening to him is like listening the echo of a voice, not the voice itself. He has the talent!

A very versatile voice with an unusual timbre. There are few tenors who can express a range of emotions like him.

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38 Alfredo Kraus

The only constant tenor in the world. He performed until very old age which none of the rest did with the same quality as the first day, his voice was like no other.

Found this Great Tenor in 1965, I have all of his recordings, He did so much, He is by far the one BEST! God Rest His Soul!

Alfredo Kraus was in a class of his own. Will never be another tenor as good as Kraus

Great artist, great singer, great proffesional, great teacher and a great person. He had it all and stands among the very best. Thank your legacy Alfredo

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39 Choi Sung-bong

This young man is amazing, facing unbelievable challenges in his childhood. Don't think a lot of us have strength and courage like him. Not only survived in his daily life, but also achieved more than regular people. He had never given up and had special talent with a little help later. He was not only inspirational for us, but he also gave a very touchy feelings to us. How about if he had resources and facility like others? It is a nice if we can do a fund raising for " Choi Education Program" in the area where he is interested in (heard like language and music teaching may be). Bet he will be a good teacher and give back to people in need. Wish someone with a lot of knowledge and access can direct him. Hope he can have a grant for a low cost to study in US.

This young man's voice is an instrument down in him that projects with power but warmth at the same time. His voice may not be to the level of some of the tested greats, but is different enough that it stands on its own as a magic to the listener's ear. He has a good stage and is a great entertainer.

An amazingly warm and vibrant voice! All of the emotion he has carried from living such a repressive life comes through in his voice. Why has an American music producer not jumped all over this young man? His voice, his heart, his story are all so compelling that any album produced by him would be a runaway best seller. We need to hear more of this amazing talent!

Fascinating voice. Truly inspirational and worth listening to his music.

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40 Joshua Dennis

The greatest of this generation, bar none. No one holds a candle to this man. He learns from the greats of the past, he exceeds the expectations and thoughts of people of today. He is indeed, phenomenal and will surely be one of the greatest of all time.

Truly a phenomenal young man. His voice is absolutely beautiful, his acting is superb! He is also quite handsome. A great package indeed! Cannot wait to see where this young man ends up next! In boca al lupo!


Josh is great! Such a wonderful spirit with so much talent! He is a wonderful singer, a wonderful actor and a wonderful human being! Such a joy to have been able to work with him! - leighannelizabeth

One of the greatest upcoming tenors of the century! - leighannelizabeth

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