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61 Just 'Cos You Got the Power

Quite a good song, I don't care how long it is. - IronSabbathPriest

62 Devils In My Head
63 Shoot You In The Back
64 Going to Brazil

It's energetic, it's fun. Makes me want to go to Rio immediately. Besides, it has a vicious dirty rock and roll riff.

65 All the Aces

55?! This song is underrated, but it's an awesome song regardless! I love pretty much everything about this song. All The Aces in my opinion should be at least in the top 20's.

All The Aces should be higher. I think it's one of Motorhead's best songs in my opinion. I think it should be in the top 20's! Please vote.

66 Love Me Forever

So awesome! Kilmister's voice in this song is just incredible! Should be higher

First and best song I've ever heard! Love his unbelievable voice in it!

I saw Motorhead perform this song live at the first concert at which I saw them play.
I've loved this song ever since.

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67 Shine
68 You Better Run
69 Shut It Down
70 Back at the Funny Farm

I can't believe this song is so low! It's such a pacey fast fun track, it should be in the top ten with We Are the Road Crew, Orgasmatron, Just because You Got the Power, Marching Off to War and Killed by Death

Hey folks... you �'re not really fans... they have fantastic songs... but this here is the craziest, most perfect, power fuller heavy-track worldwide.
"let the pig out"

71 Tear Ya Down
72 Lawman

Honestly, this song should be around the top 20. In my opinion, it's one of the best Motorhead songs ever! It's also very underrated! They hardly play it live. It still is a very good song though. - johnpaularguelles

Lawman at 73? Damn... Hugely underrated song but it's an awesome song to listen to! It's actually one of my favorite Motorhead songs of all-time! Please vote.

73 Angel City
74 Emergency

"999 emergency! " This really deserves to be in the top ten in my opinion. Its very short. Its very quick, but it gets the job done.

75 R.A.M.O.N.E.S.

Fantastic tribute to a fantastic band, from a decent band.

76 Over Your Shoulder V 1 Comment
77 The One to Sing the Blues

This just a classic motorhead song!

78 One More F****** Time

not a metal track though but a great rest to brokens, Lemmy's voice just so rough & yet so tender just take to the next level.. beautiful lyrics & beautiful sound - somdev.banerjee

I think this is motor heads best song ever,the lyrics the groove the emotion the everything it has just makes it the best song ever.
Please I request everybody to listen to this masterpeice.

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79 God Save the Queen

To be honest, this one is one of the best songs from one of Motorhead's newer albums. I like both versions of this song. Both The Sex Pistol's one and this one. Let's bring this up! It definitely should be higher than 82! In my opinion, I would rank it in the top 20's.

This the 1st motorhead song I heard n it was good vote dis 2 be the top 3 it is the best motorhead song

80 Please Don't Touch

How could this song not be on the list before now? Great song. Love it!

Without a doubt, one of my favourite Motorhead songs.

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