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101 Sharpshooter
102 Instro
103 Lemmy Goes to the Pub

Seriously? This isn't in the top 100? I know it's an alternate version of Heart of Stone, but come on, this is better than HoS in my opinion. Just an awesome rock song.

104 Devils

Final track from bastards (an underrated album itself). Very underrated song (along with a lot of others such as no remorse, all for you, out of the sun, and bang to rights

105 You Better Swim

Just because this song is from the SpongeBob Movie, it doesn't make it bad.

Come on! This song is awesome! It should be in the top ten!

From the SpongeBob movie

Come on. This song is absolutely awesome. This should least be in the top ten.

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106 Live to Win

Why is it so low? It's awesome song, deserves top 10.

107 Blackheart
108 Bite the Bullet
109 The Thousand Names of God
110 Dogs of War
111 Whiplash

Phenominal cover of Metallica's classic, needs to be higher up on this list!

112 Red Raw
113 Step Down
114 Loser
115 Dogs
116 Stone Deaf in the USA
117 Sword of Glory

The best song since killed by death

Best song ever from motorhead

118 No Voices In the Sky
119 Trigger
120 Lost In the Ozone

When I heard that Ian Fraser Kilmister is dead I played this song to honor this great musician
An underrated masterpiece
In my opinion

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3. Shoot You In The Back

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Lemmy Kilmister, Rock God.
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