Top Ten Green Day Singles that Should've Been More Popular


The Top Ten

1 Stuck with Me

Completely overshadowed by Brain Stew/Jaded, this song is addicting, catchy, heavy and awesome. It's a shame too, because Insomniac was released shortly after Dookie, so many people didn't really pay attention to this album. - Pony

2 Redundant

A very unique Green Day song because it uses an effects pedal and is more alternative rock than punk. Despite being one of the more well known songs off of Nimrod, the video and single wasn't as successful as Good Riddance or Hitchin' A Ride. - Pony

3 Macy's Day Parade

The last single released from Warning, it's a great song that sadly didn't get the mainstream attention it deserves. - Pony

4 Walking Contradiction

"Stuck With Me" isn't the only Insomniac single that got obscured by Brain Stew/Jaded. This song is one of Green Day's heavier songs, but it's very catchy and a great closer to a great album. - Pony

This is actually my favorite Green Day song. - cjWriter1997

5 X-Kid

The trilogy never got much attention to begin with, and I can understand why. Three albums released during the same year? However, this song is very good. I think if this song and parts of the whole trilogy were combined into one album, it would've been a big hit single. - Pony

6 She

Out of all the Green Day singles from Dookie, this song gets the least attention. This is one of the catchiest punk songs EVER, and despite being part of an iconic album, it still gets overshadowed by "Basket Case". - Pony

7 Waiting

Not as popular as "Minority", but more popular than "Macy's Day Parade". The whole song is a guaranteed earworm, and it's just as good as "Minority", but just not as popular. - Pony

8 Geek Stink Breath

I've put THREE of the FOUR singles released on Insomniac on this list. Again, "Brain Stew/ Jaded" completely overshadows the rest of the singles (I love Brain Stew/Jaded though). This song is pretty heavy, and overall a great song. - Pony

9 J.A.R

I know that this was released on a film soundtrack, but this song didn't get that much attention even though it's a great song. - Pony

10 Let Yourself Go

If this song was released as the first single off of Uno instead of "Oh Love", this single would have been more popular. - Pony

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