George Harrison

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George Harrison was an English guitarist, singer, songwriter, and music and film producer who achieved international fame as the lead guitarist of the Beatles.


A lot of people think the only reason George Harrison is mentioned on these lists is because he was in the Beatles. That's pretty misguided. He's mentioned because he is one of the greatest. Do you know how old Harrison was when he joined the Quarrymen (the band that evolved into the Beatles)? 15! And that's not because they were desperate; that's because he was that good! He was only 27 when the Beatles broke up. If you listen to the Beatles' hard rock songs, his skills come through. And he further demonstrated those skills in his solo career after the Beatles broke up. It's a shame a lot of people don't respect George Harrison as much as he should be. He is definitely in the top 20, maybe even the top 10. He was good.

George Harrison - the lead guitarist of, in my humble opinion, the best band of all time. Although Harrison didn't go on crazy, unpredictable guitar solos like other notable guitarists, he was brilliant in his own way - his solos and riffs were always in the right place and at the right time, and he was always focusing on clarity and tone. George definitely has to be in the top 15, if not the top 5

A very underrated guitarist, look all the classic riffs like I Want to Hold your Hand or Something, or great solos like I Saw Her Standing There or Let it be, also beatiful song sang by him such as Here Comes the Sun or While My Guitar Gently Weeps, and shows all his talent and innovation playing the sitar in Norwegian Wood or Within You Without You; he gave all the most known Beatles sounds by him

For heaven's sake, he was the guitarist for THE Beatles! As a guitarist, he's helped create some of the best, most memorable music in history! Just listen to A Hard Day's Night, And Your Bird Can Sing, Revolution, While My Guitar Gently Sweeps, Let It Be and The End. Absolute genius, and he should be at #1!

He should be much further up this list, he was a guitarist who didn't just play the guitar- he understood the instrument- he knew what it was that made an amazing sound, and he did it; it's not all about twiddling intricate guitar solos, it's about the sound and the blend made by each instrument in a song- you have to add to it to make it sound good. (this was badly explained but I know what I mean)

If you were to rate him on his technical ability on a scale of 1 to 10, he would be a 10. The only guitarist that was better at technical skill than him was Hendrix. People focus so much on speed and not on quality and that's why George is always never given notice. George cared about quality of his playing more than anything. Everything he did, he did on purpose, not due to limitations because like Hendrix, he had no limitations. Hendrix even cited George as an influence. Imagine how awesome it would have been if George and Jimi did a song together.

The criteria for best guitar playing isn't about speed in my opinion. It's about feeling and melody. Harrison was incredible in those departments. He really complimented every Beatles song and I couldn't regard the Beatles as the best band ever without him

A truly ground breaking guitarist. Do yourselves a favor and YouTube some old (1964) Beatles concerts. George is so composed, technically perfect and fundamental to the sound. Huge hysterical audiences, new to America, redesigning the wheel of popular music and George was unshaken. A tone monster who played with such confidence and professionalism. Very musical in his unique chord voicings and solos. Entirely understated & underrated which was probably the way he wanted it.

Hendrix was good but pretty much played the same style in every song if you learnt one Hendrix song you pretty much could play his style. George on the other hand had a more sophisticated approach to playing guitar his playing is more structured his chord vocabulary was much more advanced than most guitar players from that era and he was the first true guitar player that took guitar playing to the modern age. I can't see why most people don't hear
That, I think they do but people like to always mention the old Hendrix Clapton page thing don't get me wrong they are phenomenal but George definitely deserves to be in the top 10

GEORGE IS INCREDIBLE, He introduced the sitar, just love his work. I guess looking at these polls it's a lot of young metal heads voting. Come on Clapton, Brian May, Eddie Van Halen (heavy metal but great), it must be young people who are messed up in the head or have no idea of real music talent.

George Harrison is the BEST guitarist that has ever played the guitar... You do not need to be the fastest to be the best. If you're a great player and you're playing over a song that sucks, then you suck, period. Listen to the guitar work in 'And Your Bird Can Sing', 'It's All Too Much', the lead war between John, Paul and George in 'The End', 'Something' and the backwards guitar in 'Tomorrow Never Knows', no other guitarist could've thought those guitar parts up. Genius.

He was heavily overshadowed by Lennon-McCartney which seriously makes makes people underestimate his ability. From Beatles to solo work, George never really lost his touch. When he played his guitar was like a another voice for him especially after he adopted slide. Just think about how brilliant he played in Something, While My Guitar Gently Weeps, You Can't do That, I Saw Her Standing there, Cheer Down, and the list goes on.No one had an ear to play what was just right for a song like he did.

Damn George is a good guitarist. Just listen to the riff in "I saw here standing there". His ability on the guitar and his sound produced that distinctive 60s sound that is the predecessor to all modern guitar music. George should definitely be number 1.

How George is so low on the list is beyond me, his riffs in "Here Comes the Sun", "While My Guitar Gently Weeps", and the hundreds of other Beatles songs he plays in are absolutely golden, thanks to his hybrid picking, and numerous other guitar skills. His mastery of the instrument really is incomparable with other artists, in my opinion. - Mousike

A very innovative guitarist with a superb tonal quality who played some exquisite solos. He never tried to be too flashy but fitted his guitar work perfectly within the overall sound of the Beatles. As well as being a brilliant guitarist he was also a spiritually beautiful person and the world is a sadder place without him.

George was never a technically brilliant guitarist BUT HE KNEW WHEN TO PLAY. If you ever wanted someone to be your guitarist in a band it would be him! George was outstanding in knowing what to play and when to play it making every Beatles song his!

George deserves better than this from us. He managed to play as cool as he did in such uptight times. He helped pave the way for the wide open styles that we hear today. Who knows what he could have done with "that" level of creativity in a more leisure time. George deserves better than this ranking.

There will never be another george. The stuff he does with his guitar is so creative. He may not be the fastest guitar player but give the guitarist from the best band ever some credit. Very big component for the band as a whole.

Most people don't know George Harrison played 26 different instruments. Google it if you don't believe me. He may not have been the best guitarist but he was in the greatest band that ever existed and was an amazing song writer. Show me any other musician on this list that could play anything close to 26 instruments.

Harrison was a fantastic guitarist... There is much more to playing the guitar than belting out a solo on every tune. Listen and watch some of the Beatles complicated cord changes from day one and how cleanly he and Lennon pulled them off... Also, unfortunately or not, George was over-shadowed by Lennon & McCartney's prolific brilliance...

Great guitarist who doesn't need to be fast to be good. By the way, someone in the comments said that he is the most technical guitarist. This is completely untrue as all the guitarists cited above him and many of those cited below him are more technical. However, his greatness was never fueled by speed and technique anyway...

The "Quite Beatle" developed his own brand as a guitarist which cumulated in the iconic Abbey Road songs of "Something" and "Here comes the Sun". Harrison stood his place and wasn't drowned out in terms of compositions whilst being in the same band as the greatest composing duo in the 20th century.

The single greatest guitarist of all time, in my opinion. While he may not have done crazy, 3 minute long solos with random turns, he made his solos well placed and perfectly played. As for his lead work, it was always impeccable, always making a catchy tune. As well as these, he was a god of slide guitar!

To appreciate Harrison you have to listen very closely. He plays stuff no one would even think to play. Riffs, hooks, solos, simple and complicated at the same time. All Things must Pass is mostly him and it's all brilliant. One of the best and absolutely the most melodic slide player of all time!

George is the BEST! No one can beat him. He never learnt guitar, he really IS VERY talented. And he HAS made a difference in the world, by introducing Sitar in pop music and using a 12-string guitar. You ROCK GEORGE!