I consider that a lot of the others guitarist in this survey are pretty good, I could say even that they are magicians. Every one who voted for them have a good reason for sure, just as me.
I voted for Hizaki because he is the only one who has got me really bewitched and speechless, and not only by playing guitar but also his compositions and, of course, his outfits. Having the opportunity to see him live and appreciate the beauty that he has created in every way has been heavenly for me.
Hizaki is a guitarist worth knowing.

Like so many have said... HIZAKI changed my whole appreciation of music and I am someone who lives music. His technical ability is phenomenal but when you add his amazing song writing to the mix it just blows me away. Its like classical music with an electric guitar driven rock band. He is right up there with Yngwie!

After I heard Versailles he changed the way I see music, yeah guitarist's like Eric Johnson and Eddie Van Halen are good, but Hizaki really got my attention. His looks, his talent, even his songwriting is unbelievable. This Metal Princess should be number 1

Hizaki ia an aamaaziing guitarist! It's too bad not a lot of people know him-- personally I think he's the best guitarist there is. And he still plays awesome live-- I've even seen a video where he fell down on stage, but still played the song perfectly! If that's not godly I don't know what is.

I love how he fell in London and didn't miss a beat. He just kept on playing. I think he should be higher up on this chart than he is right now, but not enough people know Versailles outside of Japan.

Hizaki is a really underrated performer. His compositions are innovative and really touching, and has a very nicely developed stage persona. Look up "Faith and Decision" and judge yourself.

Hizaki is a Metal Princess.. That have a complete skill, and beautiful looks, and also attractive stage act, in USA Metal band there's no guitarist like him

HIZAKI is the best guitarist of recent times!... He do sound excellent guitar solos!... No doubt for me the best guitarist is HIZAKI... The power in your hands... HIZAKI the best

Support to this cute and talented man! He is a master with the guitar he created beauty songs just hear a little of Versailles and Hizaki grace project and you'll see!

HIZAKI-sama is an excellent guitarist the sound of his guitar always makes me happy, he have a talent like no other and has no comparison, is amazing I love

Hizaki one of the most talented guitarists of Japan. He composes very beautiful and interesting songs. He inspires people around the world.

One of the most skillful guitarists I've heard for sure.. When I hear his guitar play I got power to continue my dream.

He's a such REALLY good guitarist, one of the best I saw in my life. Okay, probably the best, together with Teru, in Versailles

I think Hizaki is one of the most talented guitarists ever! And he is very original, and handsome! I love him!

Hizaki is the best guitarist of the world! Is not possible that he is in this position! Go Hizaki

Hizaki changed the way I look at guitars. With his mindblowing solos, beautiful elaborate costumes and his fun attitude, this man has the potential to be the greatest guitarist (if he isn't already)

Hizaki's the best best best guitarist of the history! THE BEST!
HIZAKI is the best, no comparison with anything or anyone. Is unique, authentic, is simply HIZAKI. It is a super professional person, has a great soul on stage. His look, his personality, his solo's, his energy, his passion towards music is UNIQUE! ~ I love Hizaki.

HIZAKI is my idol. A guitarist I look up to in beauty and music I love the way he plays. His soul comes from his music and I love it thank you HIZAKI! -enneyete

Hizaki is one of the best modern guitarist. He isn't only a man that dress up like a princess, but is an amazing artist.. You can hear some wonderful song & riffs from him and his band. For example listen Silent Knight or Race Wish[really epic.. ].
He deserves to win, he isn't known like slash, but his skills are more than anyone modern artist!

Well really most say Hizaki&Teru because they are the perfect team guitarrist! Are gods in guitar and is a pity that the occident don't recognice his talent U. you

He's great and an amazing guitarrist, one of the best guitarrists ever he's so talented and also knows how to play his instrument.

Only the best guitarit of all. Seriously go listen a solo from Hizaki you go crazy the speed, the song, everything, Hizaki is ancredible.

Utsukushii and hageshii (beauty and power) is his motto! A really talented artist with great technic! His solos take my breath away!

Most gorgeous guitar player! �'
He can wear the most beautiful dresses and play the most beautiful melodies in such a male way!

Talent is talent, the most beautifuls guitar solos ever!
He and Teru are just amazing, everybody should listen!