Joe Satriani

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Joseph Satriani (born July 15, 1956) is an American instrumental rock guitarist and multi-instrumentalist. Early in his career, Satriani worked as a guitar instructor, with many of his former students achieving fame, such as Steve Vai, Larry LaLonde, Rick Hunolt, Kirk Hammett, Andy Timmons, Charlie more.


Unique sound, Heavy, Blues, rock, Instrumental. All that makes Joe the best guitarist!

Who taught Steve Vai, John Petrucci, Kirk Hammet (and others) in the first place? Joe. He was a master before these guys picked up the axe and has pushed the envelope miles since. Most people have heard Joe, but probably never realized it. Pay attention and you'll hear his compositions everywhere. He does it all... Any style, any mode. See him live and you'll be hooked. He's the guitarists' guitarist. (Ask Kirk, Steve and John who they think is the greatest... )

This has ti be the absolute worst list I have ever seen in my while entire life... I mean really? You do realize that he has taught almost absolutely everyone above him on this list? I'm sure kirk STILL goes to him for help. He has the speed, talent, licks that no one has ever seen before. Jimi has to be THE MOST OVER RATED GUITARIST EVER. People who say he's the greatest are the people that say that lars ulrich is the greatest guitarist ever. Or bob marley is the best singer ever. People who don't know jack about music. He mastered every genre. There's nothing he can't play. The top 5 should at least include
Steve vai
Stevie ray vaughn
Joe satriani
Bb king
... I can't believe people like peter frampton santana etc were all the way at the bottom... Bb king 81 really?

Not only one of the most underrated, one of the most diverse talents ever to pick up a guitar. Smooth licks, emotionally powerful, technically masterful. While he's easily as fast as anyone on this list, sometimes a few notes can be just as powerful and impressive as any speed lick. Satriani has mastered this art (witness "always with me, always with you). His non-inclusion in the top ten is a travesty that robs this list of any legitimacy. - BadLlama

It's a list of best guitarists. So Mr. Joe Satriani should be within top 5. I mean he is a virtuoso and has mastered most of the techniques involving guitar playing. He also has come up with some new ones. He has inspired a lot of people to pick up the guitar and also has students who themselves are legends. He is a solo artist and NOT a band member and still he is so immensely popular. Last thing I want to say, if it all comes down to guitar playing, just guitar playing, plain and simple, joe is one of the best guitar players the world has ever seen. So people please vote him up.

Joe Satriani is the closest anyone will get to a guy with as much feeling and soul in his music. He is known for his amazing feeling songs: Surfing with the Alien, Unstoppable Momentum the list goes on and on. He can shred and does on rare occasions, but chose to not and plays the music he makes instead. He can play solos or entire songs. Check out his part time band chickenfoot. He has more talent than most of these mainstream metal guitarists, but people just don't listen to his music enough because it's not hard and heavy, he undeniably could play like that, but his music is so much more. A true god on the guitar.

Honestly, until recently I've never actually knew who joe was, I had heard a few of his tunes but never knew who was playing. Needless to say this guy rose to my number one very quickly. I look for more then speed but emotion, and all his stuff is incredible. How he is only number 10 on this list is terrible. No disrespect to some of these guys listed but the fall way short.

Side note: in a decade or two when the pop aspect is dropped and his guitar skills are remembered John Mayer will be on many list. Plain and simple the guy is incredible at what he does, I'm sure I'll get booed but it's the truth.

Totally ridiculous that this guy is below the likes of John Frusciante (are you serious?! ) and Matt Bellamy. He should be top 3 if not number 1. His technical ability alone puts most guitarists here to shame plus he plays with soul and writes amazing melodies. This list is pretty lame when you think Joe Satriani is only one place above Billie Joe Armstrong?! Ridiculous and quite insulting to Joe.

SPEED ISN'T EVERYTHING. Other than the fact that Joe has taught many of the guitarists above, he has the speed which he chooses not to over use. Instead, he uses his various techniques to be a rock instrumental soloist, something that most of the above do not have. He rarely uses words to communicate and you can say the every one of this albums is different. This melodies can bring you down or make you fly.

I play the guitar when I have time and is under heavy critisism from my friends not doing it for a living. But I am a father of six, and the guitar comes in 7th. (NB: That means that my wife comes in 8th... ;-) ) I have played most of the tunes from practically all the guitarists on these kind of list and from all of the guitarist you would expect to find here, Joe Satriani is basically the only one that makes me take a break on the guitar drinking a glass of water. The extreme level of details in bending tones and mixing regular play with tapping and picking and switching between them at an insane speed AND at the same time keeping the dynamics of the tune (strong, hard, soft, gentle and so on) is what makes me reckon Joe being at a different level than the rest. Playing fast is actually the easiest to learn, but putting all the other elements into the mix making it a real tune, is what differs ie Slash and JS. Slash being on these lists from a guitar-angle is not fair. His ...more

Joe Satriani is by far the most technically advanced guitarist ever, in terms of both playing and the theory side of music. He can pull absolutely mesmerising solos out of the bag at any time. No two songs or solos ever sound the same in his songs. He is the one that inspired me to learn the guitar about 17 years ago and still to this day his music takes me to another world. Thank you Joe for all of your effort and inspiration. Keep rocking fella, you're awesome.

Much better than most of the guitarists on the list. Should probably be number 1 if not in the top 5. I really don't think Slash is even that good. He should definitely be ahead of Herman Li who I think is generally way overrated. He is simply fast and pretty sloppy because of it.

Whatever you say for your favorite guitarists! I've seen a lot of guitarists but not really that good, to me Joe Satriani is the best! At least top 3! He is a good guitarist not only fast but the notes and melodies played go smoothly and in harmony. Satriani got it all. Pleasing sound... If you really know about guitar you will know that. So who knows that who is the best, NO ONE KNOWS, no one can judge that! But the guitar sound AND melodies played explain themselves. Find out more about Striani, dude! You should open your mind and be a man about things

Are you tripping? Watch surpassed Hendrix back with his Surfing With The Alien album in 1987. You have one of his students Kirk Hammet from Metallica in the top 10 plus he also taught Steve Vai and Alex Skholnic from Testament. If you actually listened at the endless variety of his guitar playing from, blues, jazz, rock, metal that he can play blindfolded while riding a horse you will know he's in a league of his own at number 1. You will never hear a guitarist that can match his speed with perfection. He plays fast because he can and doesn't sing because he doesn't have to, he is the master.

Sadly, a teacher to many of the guitarists that now take higher positions than him on this list! The man that helped so many great guitarist surge to the forefront is now himself an unknown. He deserves much more, but sadly, it will never happen. Well Done Joe, you stuck to your principles and gave it your all, while all those around you took your knowledge and guidance and ran with it to their own benefits!

I completely agree with the comments of another person, it is a joke if Satch is not in the top three. He is absolutely incredible with not just speed, but how clean it sounds and is incredibly creative as well. Watch him live and you'll be convinced! Number 1 on my list. - pwibo

He has done things on guitar that no else has done. He is the master of solos and plays a guitar duel like it's just another song. He has also had a cataclysmic impact on both rock and metal through his students alone. In short: THE BEST

He is the king of the list, the best of the best. He has fun on stage, writes amazing melodies, has amazing knowledge in music theory, and isn't a pompous, arrogant, self centered jerk. Best songs- Always with me always with you, starry night, flying in a blue dream, surfing with the alien. - johnathanburton

This is crazy... Satch is so down the list... He has got to be below Hendrix.. WITHOUT A SECOND THOUGHT. kirk at no.10 for one... id say satch at number 1 for crystal planet, always, flying in a blue dream etc etc etc etc etc then... It should be one of the 7 wonders id say. he is one creative genius.

Whats he doing in No. 12? He should be number 2 (only being behind Jimi Hendrix who is the Lord of Guitars), I'm not talking how fast he hits each note (he plays fast but that's not what I'm after), I'm talking about his music composition, listen to songs like "Satch Boogie" or "Surfing with the Aliens", the instrumental is perfection to its peak

Joe Satriani has to make the top ten! Not only is Joe the best technically skilled guitarist ever, but he is the best period. He owns the guitar like no other, just listen to Surfing With the Alien and you will understand.I have listened to a lot of guitarists, and all I can say is that none of them even come close to the Sat.

Satriani will always be my favorite guitarist. In overall skill, everyone bows to Joe. He has taken rock, punk, metal, blues and jazz and create it into his form of music. He trained many great guitarists such as Steve Vai, Kirk Hammet and Alex Skolnick. He Is the KING!

Not only has Satriani been making the best melodic music for over 20 years, but he's also taught many of your favorites out there including Kirk Hammett from Metallica, Larry Lalonde from Primus, and Steve Vai. He should at least be in the top 5.

What a pathetic sham to ask a population with an AVERAGE iq of 100, most of which play no musical instrument, don't read music, and probably have never even held one. Nothing but a popularity contest about who's songs do you like, laugh out loud.

Joe uses fluid legato which blends well with his style of music. As well as being a humble guitarist, he also displays impeccable skills and manages to somehow make his shredding emotional. He is also a creative genius in how he creates techniques