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361 Oli Herbert

This guy destroys. He is way better than Herman Li. Why? Because he is just as good live as he is in the studio, unlike Herman who is terrible live. Also, he knows how to make a SONG, not one big solo, which Herman can't do. Oli could play the Dragonforce songs live better than Herman does. - thetruthisabsolution

Wow he's only 90? Try listening to their albums. Almost every song has a amazing guitar solo in it by him & only him. - thetruthisabsolution

The CD Fall Of Ideals, blows my mind.

He's a beast. Super Fast Solo's. ATR doesn't get as much credit as they diserve

362 Die

Was really impressed seeing on stage! Passionate musician with a confident style.

Die is on the list?! Wow! I love Dir en grey, and Die is one of my favorite members

He's amazing ^^ I love to seeing him on a stage. He is very confident and always has a good interaction with fans.

363 Andy Summers

Most of the people don't remember him, but he really cool! Sometimes his technic is just unique. Just listen him and you'll understand. - DeDoDoDoDeDaDaDa

A Guitar player for all seasons, classically trained can do anything! Ask anyone who played with him! Around from the 60s with Zoot Money and as a unique session man (ask Neil Sedaka). Just listen to early Police riffs he is incredible. Still gigs with a jazz trio and would be easily top 5 technically.

He was in the Police and he could kick Slash's @$$ anyday (if not Slash then Kurt Cobain and any other overrated guitar player on this list)! - bighercules

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364 Ichiro Cipher Takigawa

CIPHER is one of the most influential guitarists and one of the best in Japan. he created bands with tetsu kikuchi called BODy and CRAZE. - ronluna

Sugizo (luna sea guitarist), dir en grey guitarists idolizes cipher - ronluna

One of the most influential guitarist in Japan - ronluna

*correction: inoran idolizes cipher not sugizo - ronluna

365 Stevie T Stevie T

Ya lets go Stevie T! (And slash and jimmy page)

The best I promise you

One of the best guitarists. Just listen demonic evil carnage(How to be black metal) or Moonlight eternal (how to be power metal). - pruvet


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366 Andy Latimar

Andy made some of the trippiest music in the 60's and 70's. Camel is a band for the ages. Most of the music still holds up very well, and if you have any psychedelics on hand, watch out!

He is the best one he can play another tunes and he has great skills he can play amazing solos :))

Amazing soloist in the vein of David Gilmour - RalphSaad

367 Gustavo Cerati

Great guitarist from Argentina he played in a band called Soda Stereo which is simply "The Best Hispanic Rock Band EVER"

Simply amazing, this man could play and sing impeccably through his carrer, he developed a unique style and sound,cheers from Chile and LatinAmerica 😉🎸

368 Criss Oliva Criss Oliva Christopher "Criss" Michael Oliva was an American musician who was the lead guitarist and co-founder of the band Savatage.

Probably the most undervaluated guitarist of all time!

Criss was tremendously creative (soaring melodies + furious shredding). A total natural... he never cared about music theory and instead relied on his hearing and his feelings.

The more older and more experienced I get, the more I appreciate what an unbelievably good guitarist he was.

He was perfect. He never made any mistakes. And if he slipped off anyway, he turned it into something meaningful and natural, that nobody would have noticed as a mistake.

For me he was like Mozart. There was something divine about him.

He was amazing. he could shred like no other, but also play amazing melodies. listen to hounds, hall of the mountain king, and believe and you will know what I am talking about. He died too young (like randy)

The forgotten...Criss could mimic the sound of human voice better than anyone, he was ahead of his time. What a loss. Gone way too soon.

A true guitar genius... Really a genius...R.I.P.

369 Michael Romeo Michael Romeo Michael James Romeo is an American guitarist and a founding member of the progressive metal group Symphony X.

This guy is a Wizard! Symphony X really rocks, and most of that it's because of the brilliant guitar playing of Michael.

Total genius, he can play anything!

I doubt that Jimmi Hendrix can do what he does. Plus he is ambidextrous. For me, it's the best guitarist ever

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370 Ron Bumblefoot Thal

Looks like no one has heard 'Guitars Suck! '. Shame. This guy has made some awesome innovations to guitar playing, he learnt Eruption by ear, then learnt it backwards by ear. How much more do I need to say? He has got to be in the top 20 at least. - ameentheguitarist23

Ron is an amazing guitarist, with unbelievable talent and a true love for his fans! His playing is utterly beautiful!

The best guitarist you've never heard of.

Amazing guitarist! He plays with so much emotion.

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371 Vinnie Moore

Time Odyssey is without doubt the best instrumental guitar album of all time. Could shred better than any of them, with feeling. Moved in a different direction these days with UFO, but should be much higher in this list, above the nobodies who for some bizarre reason appear above him.

His timing and precision is unmatched by anyone, hands down top 5 all time! And live you will leave amazed! You know your good when some of his biggest fans are his peers!

Melodic playing at its best - speed with feel and amazing creativity

The Melody and feel of this man is breathtaking - A true genius on the fretboarrd, admired by fans and peers alike. Brilliant

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372 Steven Stills

Steve is a multi-talented genius, this list more of a popularity contest.

Steve stills top thirty at least

Fantastic Guitarist - very underrated. If you ever see CSN livem you will see and hear how great he is.

373 Yossi Piamenta

Piamenta is an incredible guitarist with this incredible power of emotional, spiritual, ecstatic, meditative playing that takes the listener on an incredible musical journey. He delves so far into his soloing that you feel you can fly into the sound waves. Its really an amazing experience to watch him in concert

Anybody who hasn't heard Yossi's playing is missing out. Should definitely be in the top ten

Search for his songs. This guy is the most underrated, probably more talented the the bottom 95 guitarists on here.

374 Victor Smolski

Simply the best, its variety, its fun, he's the best, and he's so fast, hard, he has everything that needs one guitar god

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375 Brian Setzer

Brian setzer to me is the best and most under rated guitarists of all time, I don't think anyone can come close to his class and level, he makes the music speak and the skill in that becomes a gift... there's is not one guitarist that can replicate his style or passion when he plays... Brian should be right at the top his one of a kind player...

Can't believe he is so low here. An absolute master of the big body Gretsch guitar, nobody can touch him in that rockabilly style. He can generate amazing nuance and fury, a whole gamut of emotive feel and has so many chops but there is also core style that is unique to him. Also a great singer and band leader.

What is wrong with this picture... Setzer is a virtuoso... Unlike 95% of the above mentioned players.

Give me a break this dude should be on the top ten list, most losers on this list can barely play guitar

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376 Jade Puget, AFI

Phenomenal artist. Absolute writing genius. When he came into the band, their sound improved dramatically and has been amazing ever since. You can't have a top guitarists list without at least one mention of Puget.

Man jade should be way way higher more like in the top 10. He has amazing stage presence and energy definitely one of the best guitarists of 21st century and he is really sexy too

Puget is an amazing guitarist.
He's great at teaching how to play a song. And is just absolutely amazing on stage. He should definitely have percentage here!

377 Dave Baksh

He is definitely Canada's guitar hero, until I come into the spot that is laugh out loud. But yeah, he, Randy Rhoads, Tipton and Downing, Murray and Smith... They got me into guitar.

Have you heard this guy's work with sum 41? It sounds like he's playing 3 guitars at once!

Watch the master of puppets solo (cover), he definitely deserves to be up higher

His metallish solo in "The Bitter End" and a bluesy solo with awesome bends in "The Hell Song"!

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378 Mike Oldfield

Has to be one of the most underrated guitarists/musician in history, he can play pretty much any instrument and is pretty wicked on guitar, watch some videos of him and you will understand!

Come on you guys - his tapping technique is awesome... Do I have to mention the solo in "Moonlight Shadow"

Great guitarist, pretty much plays electric guitar like a Spanish guitar. Even did a whole album when all the sounds including percussion were performed using only guitars. & Mixed 1984 guitars via 8 track tape unit on 1 album. Listen to his new remixes on a decent system & you can feel the depth of the music.

The number of albums sold alone must tell you something

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379 Keith Urban Keith Urban

I have seen Keith 7 times now and he is with out a doubt in the top 5 all time guitar players. Most certainly up there with Jimi. Slash number one are you kidding me.

One of the most amazing Guitarists. I really am in awe every time I see his skill and talent and the joy on his face from playing his music.

This GUY "ROCKS! You should see his live performances and his videos, you'll clearly see his one of the best

He is the best team keith urban

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380 Tocak

The best gitarist in Jugoslavia, ever! He could compete with Jimmi, Prince, Jimmy and everybody else, any time, if he was alive. RIP - norgemann

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