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421 John Guna
422 Tracii Guns V 1 Comment
423 El Fary
424 Frank Gambale

Continuing jazz fusion genre with brilliant style, sound and amazing sweep picking and ability to go from 0-100 faster than anyone

425 Peppino D'Agogstino

Possibly better than Andy Mckee, but it's like comparing a Mazerati to a Porsche... It's all great. Technically SUPERB. - LateBloom

426 Carl Verheyen

He's way lower on the list than he should be.

427 Trevor Rabin

Versatile, more than a guitarist, also a bassist, keyboardist, vocalist, songwriter, and arranger... And apparently began life as a classical violinists... How he can not even be on this list, but even below the likes of any of the definitely Leppard guitarists is beyond me.

428 JerryC (Jerry Chang) V 1 Comment
429 Lenny Breau

One of the most innovative guitarist guitarist of the 20th century (In the very top level category as Ted Greene was) He create a unique technique, inspired by the late jazz pianist Bill Evan, which enable him to play melody, bass runs and chord progressions all at once. Only on six stings instrument (later on 7 strings), he harmonized standards in a modern fashion, adding altered chords movements, which added so much depth to the usual chords progressions we were used to hear. He was simply a genius.

I dissagree, Lenny should be at the top. 6 strings weren't enough!, Lenny added a 7th (fishing line). He would fret chords with his RIGHT hand using his pinky to strum the chord. Chet Atkins quote "He (lenny) can do things with a guitar I never dreamed of: THAT SAYS IT ALL! Jazz may not be every body here favorite music; doesn't matter... Lenny was the best.

Most under rated jazz player ever. Lenny was way ahead of his time. He should be in the top three of the best of the best.

Lenny Breau was a guitarist's guitar player. Superior technique and innovative.

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430 Christopher Parkening

He is the worlds best player on the planet. Rated #1.

431 Alan Morse

Guitarist for Spock's Beard. Amazing guy, works so well with Dave Meros on the bass. Listen to the solos from "She is Everything" and the acoustic work in "There Was a Time". The notes he doesn't play are as important as the notes he does play.

432 Adam Darski V 1 Comment
433 Jonell Andales

"Jonell andales is one of the best guitarist I'd ever know".. Good luck continue your works...

His a good guitarist amazing plucker and a guitar genius. See his works in YouTube

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434 Roine Stolt

After the almost complete death of prog rock, a guitarist came back to life as the phoenix. It's of course Roine Stolt from 70's Kaipa and then from the 90's and 2000's The Flower Kings. He delivers a great versatility, emotion and strength through a style inspired by Gilmour, Hackett, Howe, Fripp, Latimer, Rothery and Zappa (only this! ) like his solos on "The Pilgrim's Inn", "Big Puzzle", "Stardust We are", the one hour long "Garden of Dreams", "A King's Prayer" or "The Truth Will set you free"!

Obviously being in a (Swedish) progressive rock band doesn't get him the exposure or credit deserved here in the U.S. that it does in most other developed countries. See the comments for Trey Anastasio (above) - soy10ley

435 Mick Ronson

My vote goes to Mick purely because it's such a shame for him to be languishing so far down the list. Without doubt he was a fantastic guitarist; one of the most influential of the early seventies without a doubt.

Listen to his solos in the ziggy stardust live, he's amazing!

WHY IS THIS MAN NOT HIGHER! He is one of the most original guitarists ever. He could make it sing.

Come on, guys! #434? Really? Really? - Alpha101

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436 Mike Campese

This guy should be in the top guitarist list, check out his music. Very Creative and has a unique style!

His betcha can't play this for Guitar World is awesome! Stop looking at this list, open a new tab, and Google it! I'ts awesome!

437 Steve Stevens

Should be included somewhere on this list

Should be much higher, teamed with Billy Idol has been outstanding and highly skilled

Yepp, should be higher. I saw him with Billy Idol, this rating does not reflect his skills.

438 Billy Duffy

Should be somewhere on this list. Listen to Anything of Love or Electric

If you watch and listen to Billy play you will be mesmerized by his brilliance.

What this guy does [just] on "The Phoenix" (live) should easily put him in the top 100, at least. Also, anything on the Cult's Love, Sonic Temple or Electric albums would quickly square things away. Finally, anything live that this guy plays would put many, many of these other guitarists to rest...

439 Brian Robbo Robertson

He could have become the bets guitarist ever, but he was drinking to much and taking drugs.
But for me he will always be the best!

Just shaded it over Scott Gorham, both amazing guitarists. His solos on Live & Dangerous should propel him to top 10 along with Scott.

440 Warren De Martini

I'm surprised no one has brought this guy up he may not be top ten but he's top 50 for sure and he's definitely better than slash...

I'm biased here as I was gently led into heavy metal rock by Ratt. DeMartini was the driving force behind my not being able to stay away any longer. By 1984 I was listening to Ratt, Night Ranger, and the Scorpions simply because of the guitars!

Love his sound! Totally underrated!

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