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421 Michael Clifford

Wow, 843 he should be ranked higher.

He's such a Clunt

He is only 20 but he is so skilled. The solo in Kiss Me Kiss Me, She's kinda hot or Wrappped Around Your finger are incredible.

WHy tf is Michael Clifford so underrated. I am so angry right now!

422 Toru (One Ok Rock)
423 Johnny Rebel

He influenced the white power genre unlike anyone else. - Edgelord

424 Paul Gray Paul Gray Paul Dedrick Gray, also known as The Pig or by his number #2, was an American musician, best known as the bassist and one of the founding members of the Grammy Award-winning metal band Slipknot.

Paul gray is a bassist not guitarist - Disturbedpotato

425 Randy Rhodes

Best guitarist of all time.

Randy is definitely in top 5 best. Listen to him live concert he was even better. R.i.p. randy

He is amazing...from mr crowley to crazy train.
He made ozzy and if he were live today we could have got more ear solos.

426 Billy Duffy

Should be somewhere on this list. Listen to Anything of Love or Electric

If you watch and listen to Billy play you will be mesmerized by his brilliance.

What this guy does [just] on "The Phoenix" (live) should easily put him in the top 100, at least. Also, anything on the Cult's Love, Sonic Temple or Electric albums would quickly square things away. Finally, anything live that this guy plays would put many, many of these other guitarists to rest...

427 Skwisgaar V 1 Comment
428 Nokie Edwards V 1 Comment
429 Alejandro Silva V 1 Comment
430 Bill Nelson
431 Nick Valensi

Nick velensi can really bring rock music to a whole other level. Really talented with clean and hard rock when he wants to.

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432 Jerry Reed

"Amos Moses" Jerry is one of the best. Heard long ago he said he didn't learn to play "right"; had to learn all over again. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, Jerry!

What a gifted entertainer jerry reed was! His guitar style was unique--hard to mimic. Goes to show that most people can't identify talent.

Smokey and the Bandit, come on son the Snow Man, East Bound and Down, Ammos Moses, She Got the Gold Mine. Great Country Picker

Actually Jerry was an outstanding player. Not a lot of video on him, but whatever you can find is worth watching.

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433 Tom Petty Tom Petty Thomas Earl "Tom" Petty is an American musician, singer, songwriter, multi instrumentalist and record producer.

Amazing sound, and great vocals. Should be top 100 for sure.

Knows how to put it down, plain and simple.

Crazy, he should be WAY higher than 530.

Top 20

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434 Willie Nelson Willie Nelson

Willie is a phenomenal guitar player, should be in the top 25

This dude can PLAY

Top 15

435 Danny Cavanagh

His manner of playing is so recognizable, it makes Anathema sound atmospheric and unique. He plays as if he breathes with a guitar. He's really a devoted guitarist.

Very emotional guitarist. Not the best but listen to his solo on Hindsight and you'll be sent flying to different dimensions

436 DJ Ashba

DJ is a genius, he transmits a lot in every single one he plays is a feeling of immense joy. DJ you're the best still like this.

He is a novice but I am a fan and admirer of his work, he plays very well and stands out on stage.

Insanely talented! fantastic performer! I love the audience interaction.. he's a great guy 2! <3 u DJ!

His work is incredibly insane. right now there is no one better when it comes to being one of the best guitarist in the music industry today. not only is he very talented but very humble with his fans as he takes the time to meet them.

437 Richard Thompson

Any list that doesn't have Richard Thompson on or near the top is a joke. One of the most versatile, gifted virtuosos in the history of guitarists. I've seen and heard almost all the legendary guitarists: Hendrix, Clapton, Page, Stevie Ray and on and on. For my money, Thompson is far more gifted and versatile than anyone on this list. Whether he's playing acoustic or electric, solo or with the band, the man is peerless. Moreover, he is one of the greatest songwriters ever and his tunes have been covered by some of the greatest names in music. He is the ultimate "total package," guitarist, songwriter, singer. I've seen him live, perhaps 40 times and every single show is shake-your-head, jaw dropping. Forget "Top Tens," when it comes to RT---he is "Top Five," and for my money, perhaps the best ever. And he doesn't just rely on oldies from his days with Fairport Convention. He puts out new and great music every year. When most of the others are resting on their laurels or their legends, ...more

Man, if any of you had ever heard Richard Thompson's playing, you would know how great he is!

I can't believe a man who should be in the top ten isn't even on the list. He is super human.

The man is a master of guitar magic. He can make a guitar rip every emotion. Awesome!

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438 Kevin "Noodles" Wasserman

Noodles should be at least top 50, listen to songs like come out and play, or The Kids Aren't Alright

439 Nile Rodgers
440 Jeff Ling

Would be better if he hadn't played in a metalcore band. - zxm

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