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141 Jake E. Lee

I can't believe Jake's not even on the list. The man who replaced Randy Rhoads in Ozzy's band, Jake is an amazing guitarist... He wrote some of Ozzy's best songs... And don't get me started on Badlands, that was some hot stuff! Could play very fast or with much "feeling". Should at least be in the top 25!

Listen to his work with Badlands as well... stunning. Ozzy would have been in a lot of trouble had he not met Jake after Randy's passing. THE BEST guitarist Ozzy ever shared a stage with. Every performance was solid. Look up some old live clips. He was for real.

Stage presence, speed, feeling, moves, no one can touch this guy

Best guitarist Ozzy had. Hands down

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142 Johnny Cash Johnny Cash John R. "Johnny" Cash (1932-2003) was an American singer-songwriter, guitarist, actor, and author, who was widely considered one of the most influential musicians of the 20th century and one of the best-selling music artists of all time, having sold more than 90 million records worldwide. He died of more.

Very good guitarist of his genre.

Better than anyone on this list. OK Angus Young is better but still Johnny Cash is awesome.

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143 Ronnie Wood

This guy is the ultimate professional, hey negrita, Rons audition on black and blue album for the stones won me. What a worthy advisory to the sweet licks of Mick Taylor!

Top 15

Nobody can say that Ronnie is not a very good harp player, he puts life and soul into his work and has done for many years, great respect for the Stones and Ronnie has played a huge part in the many hits of theirs for a long time, should be higher up this list.
DS Sussex

144 Misha Mansoor

How is the Messiah, himself, only 268?

145 Karl Sanders, Nile Karl Sanders, Nile Karl Sanders is an American musician, most widely known as the founding member of the American ancient Egyptian-themed technical death metal band Nile.

Karl Sanders is a very technical, death metal guitarist. He may not be one of the best guitarists ever, but no doubt he is very good. Songs like 'What may safely be written' and 'Annihilation of the Wicked' prove it!

146 Mikey Cross
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148 Matt Roberts Matt Roberts
149 Jared Leto Jared Leto

I voted him mainly because I'm not too familiar with other guitarists. He is definitely not the best though, although still very good. I'm a huge 30 Seconds to Mars fan and I'm not sure how Jared is about 700 places higher than tomorrow, who is the main guitarist in the band. Makes no sense whatsoever.

Jared is just AWESOME! One of the most popular and succesfull guitarists in the world! I just love him!

He may have captured the limelight with his acting and antics and I'm betting he is a good guy but I think there are many listed behind and in front of that are better.

150 Steve Clark

Steve Clark is so missed. He was a beautiful man who had a beautiful and you hear and see it in how he played guitar. Can't believe he is so far down on the list. Maybe people aren't looking at the names that are ahead of him, he deserves to be in the top 10 in my opinion.

Steve clark is better than richie blackmore and also he was called the riff master

Not only is henricks over rated but slash is so over rated watch him on you tube he mess's up so bad, a song he has played so many times he is out of it. Steve never played that bad, but yet he is so under rated what a shame people do not know what real music is

He was a great gutair player I can't believe he was 30 when he died. The riff master needs to be in the top ten. Him and Phil Collen both should be.

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151 Jack Black Jack Black Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black is an American actor, singer, musician and comedian. His acting career has been extensive, starring primarily in comedy films. Black is the lead vocalist of the comedic rock group Tenacious D, which he formed in 1994 with friend Kyle Gass. They have released the albums Tenacious more.

He is amazing... A great vocalist as well

Jack black is a beast

152 Simon Neil

Not known for normal 'middle eight' solos. Far from it. If you like your guitar music hard, soft, intricate and offbeat this is the man. And all this whilst singing. Very talented guy and a must see live.

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153 Ry Cooder

This guy would make prince run home and cry. Who the hey put Prince as #2 anyway

Ry Cooder and Leo Kottke are absolute guitar magicians. All styles, exotic tunings and masterful technique are their hallmarks. Most of the chumps on this list have never traveled musically where these gentlemen have gone. Each are top five players. Hendrix will always be number one.

How easy talent is forgotten

Simply great

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154 Frank Marino

Phenomenal abilities and techniques. Yet, never gets in the way of his musical visions, just propels it all forward, him, and Rory Gallagher, the best two I ever saw in my life.

Been playing to audiences for a long time now, dropping jaws to the floor every time. No one ever leaves his concerts the same as they went in. Playing with the soul and fire most could only dream of. Check out the double CD 'REAL LIVE'. Amazing!

Seen the guy twice and have all the albums. The man is the most gifted guitarist I've ever seen or heard. Admired by many of the people listed. Try listening to the song SOMETHINGS COMIN OUR WAY.

Frank Marino is the best ever!

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155 Phil Demmel

Machine Head! Hello? Okay, so not as good as Hendrix, Slash or even Hetfield but let's be honest here. IT'S MACHINE HEAD! Demmel is the person who performed an amazing solo for Halo off the Blackening album. Have you heard that bloody solo?! IT IS AMAZING! Then his guitaring for be Still and Know, A Farwell To Arms, Locust and I Am Hell. They're heavy stuff. And I Am Hell... CHRIST! Have you heard the speed! That's quick! And also MH covered Hallowed Be Thy Name (Iron Maiden), The Sentinel (Judas Preist) and, oh yeah, Battery (Metallica). So he AT LEAST desreves a Top 10 spot for doing that but also being able to play quick whilst making sure you can hear the damn notes!

156 Jim Root Jim Root James Donald "Jim" Root, also known by his number #4, is an American musician known for being the rhythm/lead guitarist for the heavy metal band Slipknot, and the former lead guitarist for alternative metal band Stone Sour.

I can't believe he's at 500, he is an excellent guitarist, he has some amazing solos. A totally underrated guitar player in my opinion.

Great at improvising great solo's and plays with finesse every time I see him perform

From Slipknot and Stone Sour I think this guy is one of the best of all time!

He's already on the list under the name James Root

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157 Zoltan Bathory

Yes! Five Finger Death Punch's guitarist is on here! He shreds real well. - NuMetalManiak

158 Malcolm Young

Malcolm young really should be on here because he can give a song such a good sense of rhythm and riffing. His riff on whiskey on the rocks=pro. He may not be a soloist but trust me AC/DC would not sound good without him

Are you people mad this guy is as good as his brother were would ac/dc be with out malcom

Well angus is good but listen to that guys rhythm guitar hiss riffs are great man. He's not my favorite guitarist but he's talented.

This low!?!?!?

159 Vernon Reid

Living Colour is amazing


Popularity contest also billy duffy rick nielson

Guitair solos kick ass

160 Jeff Waters Jeff Waters Jeff Waters (born February 13, 1966) is a Canadian metal musician and founder of the metal band Annihilator . He's best known as the guitarist for Annihilator, appreciated for his fast riffs and solos . Waters is also the primary songwriter in the band . Very often he has taken on the role of lead singer, more.

So underrated. Jeff is a great guitarist and to this day writes great songs with energizing riffs.

Such a versatile thrash guitarist. Deserves top 30

One of the best ever - heavy yet melodic riffs and solos. Awesome! - Metal_Treasure

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