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161 Jack Black Jack Black Thomas Jacob "Jack" Black is an American actor, singer, musician and comedian. His acting career has been extensive, starring primarily in comedy films. Black is the lead vocalist of the comedic rock group Tenacious D, which he formed in 1994 with friend Kyle Gass. They have released the albums Tenacious more.

He is amazing... A great vocalist as well

Jack black is a beast

162 Janick Gers Janick Gers Janick Robert Gers is an English musician, best known for being one of the three current guitarists in Iron Maiden, along with Dave Murray and Adrian Smith, as well as his earlier work with Gillan and White Spirit.

Third and current guitarist in Iron Maiden, His contribution to one of the greatest metal bands of all time is appreciated.

The solo he played in red blood brothers was so amazing. Long live Janick

ALL 3 maiden guitarist should be in top 5

Why the hell is he below kurt cobain, herman li, synester gates and billie joe...

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163 Jeff Healey Jeff Healey

Over 300 artists on this list so far and Jeff Healey is not among them? I would imagine that if you could ask the top ten on this list they would all agree that Jeff should be at least in the top 25. -

Jeff Healey on pg. 6 #506. That is horrible. Jeff Healey should be right along side Stevie Ray Vaughan and all the others. On YouTube, just type in Stevie Ray Vaughan and Jeff Healey and its one of the best songs to hear and by two great artists. The song is 'Look at little sister' and its by Stevie Ray Vaughan. With Jeff Healey, it's a great song and Jeff Healey has other great songs and I know Jeff Healey shouldn't be in this spot on pg.6 #506. - John991

Jeff Healey on pg. 6 #506. That is just horrible. A man that played "Look at little sister" with Stevie Ray Vaughan and to me, did a excellent job with him. Jeff Healey should be at least in the top 25 and fyi Jeff Healey was blind to. I think for the most, he should be right along side Stevie Ray Vaughan and all the others.

Brilliant, forgotton star that should be among the five best!

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164 Jared Leto Jared Leto

Jared is just AWESOME! One of the most popular and succesfull guitarists in the world! I just love him!

He may have captured the limelight with his acting and antics and I'm betting he is a good guy but I think there are many listed behind and in front of that are better.

165 Pauli Rantasalmi Pauli Rantasalmi

He is an excellent artist! I love him, and I know that he can play every song! Obviously Pauli must be in the number one, no 44 place! But I hope all his fans vote for him! Also when he plays in live the guitar is like magic!

! I can't believe it! This guy should be in TOP 10! Just listen to The Rasmus people, n you will understand what I'm talking bout.. PAULI ROCKS! - TinaYlonen

WE LOVE PAULI as we love THE RASMUS! He is so artistic, I definitely adore his style and when I met him in the concert that The Rasmus has given here in Greece, I anderstood the he was different from the other "stars/divas", he was so simple, so down on earth! Before the begining of the concert he was sitting with us and playing songs for us! I would really like to listen to him live again! He is a real artist!

Hei! Here is a very fanatic of The Rasmus and I say Pauli is the best guitarist in the world! His guitarsolos are so magical and cool! I don't know a guitarist who is better then him.

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166 Mikey Cross
167 Bon Jovi Bon Jovi Bon Jovi is a hard rock band formed in 1983, which had a streak of successful albums in the late 1980s. The band originally consisted of lead vocalist Jon Bon Jovi, guitarist Ritchie Sambora (left in 2013), bassist Alec John Such (left in 1994), keyboard David Bryan, and drummer Tico Torres. The band's more.

Uh Bon Jovi is a band not a guitarist

Why the hell Bon Jovi isn't on The Top 100? Freaks vote here!

They are amazing, they have best composition...

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168 Ronnie Wood

This guy is the ultimate professional, hey negrita, Rons audition on black and blue album for the stones won me. What a worthy advisory to the sweet licks of Mick Taylor!

Nobody can say that Ronnie is not a very good harp player, he puts life and soul into his work and has done for many years, great respect for the Stones and Ronnie has played a huge part in the many hits of theirs for a long time, should be higher up this list.
DS Sussex

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170 Matt Roberts Matt Roberts
171 Al Dimeola

Al is not a recognized name by many people who don't regularly listen to jazz. However if anyone gives this guy a listen people will put him in the top 10 for sure. He's the fastest guitar player ever and extremely elaborate in his abilities to perform.

Al suffers because he does not get the exposure a rock guitarist does, but listen to "Elegant Gypsy Suite" or any of his work with seminal jazz fusion outfit Weather Report and you'll be mightily impressed. Legions of guitarist pay homage to him. Definitely a top 10 contender.

Same as with Pat Metheny: this list seems more to be a list of most popular rock guitarists, then best guitarists at all. Al Dimeola is amazing on the guitar. As I saw him live, sometimes I would like to ask for a slow motion, because my senses could not follow his play.

Um, yeah, this seems to be a list of best known guitarist not the best guitarist. Al at 371. Proof this list is being created by MTV fans, not guitar fans.

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172 Uli Jon Roth Uli Jon Roth Uli Jon Roth is a German guitarist, who became famous as the Scorpions lead guitarist, and is one of the earliest contributors to the neoclassical metal genre.

Extremely innovative: his Sky guitar with 41 frets and 7 strings. Uli is amazing, one of the very best guitarist in the world in a league with Edward Van Halen and Jimi Hendrix. Uli should be in the top ten best guitarist of all time.

Uli Jon Roth is on a par with Hendrix, he definitely modelled much of his style on The Man of course. Just listen to Sails of Charon as someone else suggested. Majestic and COOL. My personal favourite is He's a Woman She's a Man live, seen him do it live twice and count myself a very lucky man. I have seen many of the others (Mick Mars, Joe Satriani, Angus Young etc) and none compare (except Page and Hendrix whom I have not seen as I am too young (and poor!

He is the best guitarist ever. He is THE father of neo-classical guitarists and is the only virtuoso that ACTUALLY CAN EXPRESS HIS FEELINGS THROUGH HIS GUITAR

The man is certainly one of the 5 best guitarists living today. Grab any chance to see him live - you will be blown away

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173 Izzy Stradlin Izzy Stradlin Jeffrey Dean Isbell, better known by his stage name Izzy Stradlin, is an American guitarist, singer and songwriter.

Izzy Stradlin wrote a lot of riffs, solo's and songs in general for Guns N' Roses and he wrote some kick-ass riffs solo as well. The man deserves more credit for what he has done. Most people think they mostly hear slash while listening to G N' R but it was actually Izzy who wrote and played the guitar parts. Don't get me wrong, I love slash's work as well but I think Izzy's work is just not recognized enough. The combination of the two was divine!

This guy is the most underrated guitarist of all time, it's a shame because he has so much more talent then Slash.

Izzy isn't no Slash that's for sure but the main riff for Mr. Brownstone ALL
IZZY! More recognition is in place!

Izzy is the main backbone for Guns N' Roses and their success. He wrote a lot of their songs and guitar riffs.

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174 Ry Cooder

This guy would make prince run home and cry. Who the hey put Prince as #2 anyway

Ry Cooder and Leo Kottke are absolute guitar magicians. All styles, exotic tunings and masterful technique are their hallmarks. Most of the chumps on this list have never traveled musically where these gentlemen have gone. Each are top five players. Hendrix will always be number one.

This list is so ass backwards!
How many can play slide as well Derik Trucks?

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175 Phil Keaggy

Phil Keaggy is simply the greatest guitarist that nobody has ever heard of.

Due, no doubt, to his religious convictions. People speak of shredding, blistering speed, technique, soulfulness, finger-picking... Keaggy possesses them *all*. His versatility, and ability to pick up new styles and techniques, is astounding: for example, we know of the E-bow. And yes, Keaggy has his own demo of it on YouTube. But I remember seeing him live in concert performing that piece... Back in 1980. Who else had *heard* of an E-bow back then, let alone mastered it? He was doing volume swells (with his little finger on the volume knob, no external effects or pedals) back in the early 1970's; and he has mastered the acoustic as well, from the Michael Hedges finger-tapping to intricate finger-picking and harmonics. His most recent foray is into the extensive use of looping live in concert using the JamMan, literally creating his own accompanying soundtrack while on the fly.

Saw Phil play a solo gig for a small crowd at a high school about 10 years ago. He laid down his own backing tracks as he went, building it into a concert BY HIMSELF. I have NEVER seen ANYBODY play guitar like Phil. You have to see it to believe it. An hour and a half of the most amazing stuff I have EVER seen. He is in a class by himself. No wonder Hendrix thought Keaggy was the best guitarist in the world.

He's probably overlooked because he is a Christian artist/family man instead of a party animal flailing about on stage with big hair and leather tights.

Definitely #1 guitarist in my books. Brian May #2

If you didn't vote Phil Keaggy as the best guitarist, it is probably because you have never heard him. He is the only current living guitar MASTER. This means he can play every style at top level (blues, jazz, rock, acoustic, flamenco, celtic, etc). In pure skills, no one comes even close. I encourage anyone to listen to the album "acoustic sketches" "jammed" and even his older albums with glass harp from the early 70's such as "live from carnegie hall. "

The best.

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176 Frank Marino

Phenomenal abilities and techniques. Yet, never gets in the way of his musical visions, just propels it all forward, him, and Rory Gallagher, the best two I ever saw in my life.

Been playing to audiences for a long time now, dropping jaws to the floor every time. No one ever leaves his concerts the same as they went in. Playing with the soul and fire most could only dream of. Check out the double CD 'REAL LIVE'. Amazing!

People don't know who he is, only reason he's not in the Top 10.

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177 Trace Bundy

Check out Trace Bundy, he definitely deserves a place on this site

178 David Hidalgo

Absolutely one of the most versatile Guitarplayers in the world. Playes every style of music. Has a very nice and distinct own sound and style, which are for me the real signs of a world class guitarist.

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179 Jim Root Jim Root James Donald "Jim" Root, also known by his number #4, is an American musician known for being the rhythm/lead guitarist for the heavy metal band Slipknot, and the former lead guitarist for alternative metal band Stone Sour.

I can't believe he's at 500, he is an excellent guitarist, he has some amazing solos. A totally underrated guitar player in my opinion.

Great at improvising great solo's and plays with finesse every time I see him perform

From Slipknot and Stone Sour I think this guy is one of the best of all time!

He's already on the list under the name James Root

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180 Simon Neil

Not known for normal 'middle eight' solos. Far from it. If you like your guitar music hard, soft, intricate and offbeat this is the man. And all this whilst singing. Very talented guy and a must see live.

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