Top Ten Hard Candy Flavors


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1 Blue Raspberry

Blue rasberry pop Rocks and jolly ranchers. Mmmmm.. pop rock blue rasberry ROCKS!

Everything that is flavored blue raspberry is my favorite!

Yum. Try putting warm water on it then it tastes like a normal non sour hard sweet

It's so yummy it's taste like heaven

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2 Cherry

simple they can be sweet sour sweet and sour fruity of course its the ultiamte fruit thats all I must say about this you must agree

Cherry is yum

Cherry is the best I still really love blue rasberry but cherry is the best.

yum yum

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3 Watermelon

What can I say, watermelon is just really sweet and it's always been my favorite. It goes well with barbecues as a fruit and as a candy it's the kind that almost no one can disagree with.

Not too sour or sweet. Just perfect.

Well...I love watermelon so it only makes sense.. - dragonfly99

I like the jolly ranchers that are watermelon flavored.

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4 Grape

I love grape flavored everything... Go away stupid haters because honestly, I bet that grape hates you!

Grape is awesome it tasted so good it is said that if you like grape the best that you are vary creative

I hate the fruit but I love the flavor I love grape jolly rancher hard candy! - em82

I like grape :))

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5 Orange

Orange will make your mouth melt

This is the best flavor ever invented

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6 Strawberry

My favourite is definitely strawberry

I love strawberry because it is fruity

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7 Lemon

Lemon lemon lemon in opinion lemon is 2nd but totally blue raspberry first

Lightly acidulated lemon candy are a gift of god

Uh I don't know

Lemon drops are absolutely amazing!

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8 Green Apple

Why is this so low on the list green apple is delicious mouth-watering

I thought green apple would be the best by now.

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9 Peach

Peach is so good. It is heavenly everyone needs to try peach in a sweet if you don't you are definitely missing out. Xxx

Peach is so good. I can't believe it's not 1.

Blue raspberry please


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10 Blueberry V 2 Comments

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11 Lime

I like lemon too but lime has to beet it

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12 Cotton Candy

Cotton candy cotton candy oh la la

Cotton candy is goals

13 Root Beer

Root beer, most of it is good but some candies make it taste... BBLLEECCKK

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14 Cola
15 Banana

If only normal bananas were this good

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16 Caramel
17 Bubblegum

Bubblegum is so good because it has a lot of flavor!

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18 Chocolate V 2 Comments
19 Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade is honestly my favorite flavor of anything. Like, it's strawberry, and lemonade!

20 Butterscotch

So sweet, so yummy. A buttery taste to it that makes it good.

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