Top Ten Hard Candy Flavors


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1 Blue Raspberry

Blue rasberry pop Rocks and jolly ranchers. Mmmmm.. pop rock blue rasberry ROCKS!

Everything that is flavored blue raspberry is my favorite!

Yum. Try putting warm water on it then it tastes like a normal non sour hard sweet

Pretty much Blue Raspberry anything is REALLY good!

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2 Cherry

simple they can be sweet sour sweet and sour fruity of course its the ultiamte fruit thats all I must say about this you must agree

Cherry Life Savers..Blow Pops...gummy worms. Cherry is the BOMB!

Oh my lord it is the queen/king of candy!

Because it goody

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3 Black Licorice
4 Grape

Yeah, grape is my favorite. Ever smell fresh concord grapes? Or better yet, taste them? Native to USA (East Coast), they have a massively floral scent & flavor. Strangely, grape flavored candies usually have an essence of this & I love it. Fresh concord grapes can't be beat, but for fruit flavors, grape wins for me.

I love grape flavored everything... Go away stupid haters because honestly, I bet that grape hates you!

Grape is awesome it tasted so good it is said that if you like grape the best that you are vary creative

So good! It's sweet and tasty, I LOVE any grape flavors! Starbursts, Jolly Rangers, Airheads, you name it!

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5 Cinnamon

The spiciness and the good freshness it leaves on your breath is awesome

6 Watermelon

What can I say, watermelon is just really sweet and it's always been my favorite. It goes well with barbecues as a fruit and as a candy it's the kind that almost no one can disagree with.

Not too sour or sweet. Just perfect.

Watermelon needs more votes! People who like grape and cherry are clearly addicted to cold medicine...

I think that Watermelon is the best flavored Jolly Rancher BY FAR! Vote for WATERMELON

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7 Peppermint

I like peppermint, it's so refreshing. Just whatever you do, don't drink water after eating a peppermint, because it's going to feel like you froze your mouth.

8 Lime

Lime is like heaven and happiness mixed together

I like lemon too but lime has to beet it

so good

9 Green Apple

Why is this so low on the list green apple is delicious mouth-watering

I thought green apple would be the best by now.

Come on dude his is like the most common candy flavor, put this higher!

Ellissa thinks that strawberry is better but it ain’t

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10 Strawberry

My favourite is definitely strawberry

I love strawberry because it is fruity

Strawberry is better then green apple and cayden the babe is wrong

It is good :)))

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11 Butterscotch

Butterscotch in my opinion is the best because it is so creamy so moist and tasty. Those are the 3 3's that you want in your candy moist, creamy, and tasty! SO GOOD

So sweet, so yummy. A buttery taste to it that makes it good.

It's great it's like old candy the kids look at like not very good but when you try it it's girl friend said she doesn't like butterscotch hard candy I asked why she she just did like the taste.well she wanted something sweet and all I had was some butterscotch hard candy she said to give one she just wanted something sweet next thing you know is she eating all my butterscotch candy.then she said she never gave it a chance.because she thought of it like old time candy...she just sent my son to the store to buy some right now...

12 Peach

Peach is so good. It is heavenly everyone needs to try peach in a sweet if you don't you are definitely missing out. Xxx

Peach is so good. I can't believe it's not 1.

Blue raspberry please


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13 Cotton Candy

Cotton candy cotton candy oh la la

Cotton candy reminds me of a carnival in the summer

Cotton candy is goals

The Cotten candy flavor is so sweet and delicious

14 Blueberry

Blue dye can give cancer

The cutest purply candy with a heavenlike taste💜

JUST EPIK nothing ELSE JUST EPIK I <3 the taste

15 Root Beer

ROOT FOR BEER (gets it root beer) - DogeFan132

Root beer, most of it is good but some candies make it taste... BBLLEECCKK

16 Cola

She tastes like cooolaaa, sweet sweet sweet colaaa

17 Banana

If only normal bananas were this good

Cause it tastes good

18 Caramel

Oh my werthers.


19 Bubblegum

Bubblegum is so good because it has a lot of flavor!

I looove bubblegum because it has flavor!

I like bubblegum so I love this flavor!
I chew bubblegum all the time and here's my opinion :
1 cherry
2 bubblegum
3 root beer
4 blue raspberry
5 rasberry
6 banana
7 watermelon
8 chocolate
9 cotton candy
10 green apple

20 Vanilla

A vanilla hard candy is, unfortunately, a rare find for me. When I do come across one, I hope it's everything I dream of.

Vanilla is a classic option. Vanilla never gets old and many people love the taste of it.

21 Strawberry Lemonade

Strawberry lemonade is honestly my favorite flavor of anything. Like, it's strawberry, and lemonade!

22 Doughnuts Doughnuts
23 Apple
24 Cream Soda

Love this

25 Fruit Punch

It is the best because it tastes so good.

In my opinion it's the bomb and I hope it is number 1😄

26 Strawberry Banana
27 Lemon-Lime

Because all of us like lemons and limes

Tastes like sprite soda

28 Mint


29 Guava
30 Lychee

Mmm... I love lychee candy, The'yre not very common, but they're oh so good.

31 Mystery Flavor
32 Orange

Orange will make your mouth melt

Always loved orange!

This is the best flavor ever invented

m so good

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33 Lemon

Lemon lemon lemon in opinion lemon is 2nd but totally blue raspberry first

Lightly acidulated lemon candy are a gift of god

Uh I don't know

Lemon drops are absolutely amazing!

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34 Raspberry
35 Lemonade
36 Chocolate

Always good in the good

Everyone loves choclote

37 Black Cherry
38 Mango
39 Sprite
40 Blackcurrant
41 Fanta
42 Pineapple

Its good

43 Cookie Dough
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