Top 10 Hardest Geometry Dash Demon Levels

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1 Sonic Wave

Sonic Wave is so hard, I only got about 12% on it. How on earth did anybody beat this?!

Bloodbath is nothing compared to this. In my opinion sonic wave has same difficulty as bloodlust but sonic wave wins just by a little bit. Cyclic's masterpiece.

U need to have extremely good timings if you want to beat this. Otherwise you get 1% just like me.

It is so hard. I have to say, comparing Bloodbath to Sonic Wave is like comparing Stereo Madness to Sonic Wave. Sonic Wave easily crushes all the other levels in difficulty. The wave is nearly impossible. This is easily first place. Black Blizzard requires almost-perfect timing, while Sonic Wave needs PERFECT PERFECT timing. I only have two percent on this though, I'm pretty screwed. How the hell did Sunix beat this?

2 Bloodbath

Bloodbath is really hard and definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

Bloodlust is not a copy of blood bath and was meant to be a harder remake with riots permission, he even helped build it

Someone below said that only "Intermediate" players can beat it. Intermediate, as defined by the Webster's online dictionary, is " relating to or having the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert" check your definitions before posting lol, because there is not an Intermediate player in the world that could beat Bloodbath

There are levels way harder now: the yandere, carnage mode, bloodlust, crimson planet, zodiac… need I say more?

3 BloodLust

Everything in the level is clustered together. A small simple part that could've been easier spread out is an absolute pain in the hand. I can't see anything!

Bloodlust is a really hard level that one of the best players, Knobbelboy, still needs to use over a year to verify.

How the heck is bloodbath and sonic wave over Bloodlust and Zodiac? Zodiac is easily the hardest with the 4x speed cube and tight spaces. Bloodlust comes 2nd and Crimson Planet comes 3rd. Sonic wave is just a flashy wave that you can get used too. I admit there are tight spaces but not compared to anything I said up top.

Bloodlust is basically a buffed and lengthened version of bloodbath, which was once the hardest demon on geometry dash. Every single part of it requires immense skill and timing, but it's actually doable, unlike some like woodkid, just that the difficulty is one that surpasses much.

I'm just saying. Go try bloodlust. If you can get to 1% on your first try or finish the level in less than 1000 attempts in practice mode, congratulate yourself, because the verifier took 120k normal attempts and 1000 hours of playtime.

4 Yatagarasu

Is so hard, but yes it is possible to beat. I beat it, but it took me around 450 tries to finally beat

I love this level's music! I am on 67 percent of this level, I wish I beat it, and It is absolutely insane... but I think one level that is SO MUCH HARDER and that level would be... Sonic Wave..

This took me over 20000 atempts to beat it should be number 1 for sure

Ok, so this level technically isn't verified yet, but it is harder than Bloodbath, The Hell Factory, Sonic Wave, Sakupen Hell (which is hacked), and all the other contenders. Utilising almost every game mechanic known and created by 20+ players, this is hands down the hardest level in the game. Less-than-one-block-space flying, quadruple spikes, extreme mini-wave, lightning-fast gameplay, confusing decorations and extreme memorisation makes this the hardest (will be) level in the game. And search up some edited together videos of it before you dare even considering otherwise.

5 Sakupen Hell

Like wow, I only got like 2 percent on it like who on earth would get that?
I have to say this level is much harder than bloodlust and bloodbath and yatagarasu

Well, it is said that this level is actually impossible, and I agree! The intense mini wave sections cause you to rage absolutely, and this is also the level that made me break my phone. I agree that Sonic Wave is harder, because the wave is the absolutely tightest wave EVER!

It's been verified, it should be harder than bloodbath.

Harder than Bloodbath by a long shot!

6 Black Blizzard

This level is extremely hard I think its should be impossible demon.

Okay so this level has a lot of hard dual parts and the mini double gravity orbs are really hard! The end is extremely annoying!

This is almost an impossible level, there was a silent remake of this, "silent black blizzard" and it is so hard

Black Blizzard has a lot of timings and jumps sometimes I couldn't get past 1%

7 Cataclysm

That level is extremely hard I only got to 15% - jbella9000

One of the easier levels of it's type - jisnbngjdnvf

It is the easiest extreme demon

I got four percent in 700 attempts

8 God Eater

This is one of the hardest level to me and I want to see Michigun try this level

With all the objects and decrations its pretty hard on our eyes

I saw the preview, medium demon, get off of this list. - 7357

This is the craziest level I've seen soon to beat bloodbath

9 Ice Carbon Diablo X

The ending is very difficult. Very curvy and tight ship areas as well

This shouldn't be here. Riot, Roadbose, Cyclic and other players had this level verified.

Yes, but Ice carbon has been verified by riot and guitar and souls too I believe.

Cyclic no he hacked watch riots video called dedicated to cyclic he exposes him after he quits

10 Note Circles

Boi this gotta be high up

I am still working on this level so it isn't quite done yet, but I believe it might be harder than Bloodlust when done. - randyr

Get this to top ten - randyr

Top 10 hardest demons I have completed:
10. Crimson Clutter
9. Cataclysm
8. Old Down Bass
7. Niflheim
6. Bausha Vortex
5. Erebus
4. New Down Bass
3. Artificial Ascent
2. Yatagarasu
1. Sonic Wave
(I have 89% on Bloodlust)

The Contenders

11 Sonic Wave Infinity

Um WHAT! This level is a harder version of sonic wave and it is up here?!? If sonic wave is #2 then this is #1 it is harder than bloodbath because it requires timing and the wave. I can straight fly 50 blocks at slo motion and got like 46% on bloodbath. Though I get 5% on sonic wave! This level is very very hard

Harder than Sonic Wave, and there are those spaces where you can't see

Its "Buffed" Sonic wave, it should be up there.

You Understand This Levels Hacked Right?

12 Blade of Justice

Should be the hardest level in the game

Extremely hard. Should be harder than Cataclysm

Hardest level ever


13 Back on Track

Oh god why is named after the 2nd most easiest level in geometry dash full version

Are you insane? This is probably the EASIEST level in the game.

You are dillusional if you don't think this is the hardest level ever

Why tf is this #14?

this is, by far, the most difficult extreme demon in the game - bigLadIzaac

14 The Ultimate Phase

This level has the most tight of all time flying sections! This is practically very insane! I am glad that this level was able to be on the list.. the music.. is amazing due to my opinion.

Good graphics, the dual parts get me every time! But it shouldn't be on this list and supersonic is not that hard

It's a great level by Andromeda

...I'm Andromeda...So TNX

15 Erebus

According to geometry dash wiki this is harder than yatagarasu and sonic wave so it should probably be at number 1. I used to play geometry dash but I quid a few months ago the game seems interesting again so I'm coming back to the geometry dash community a better player

One of the hardest levels I've ever seen!

Currently the hardest demon in geometry dash, soon to be beaten by Bloodlust.

Bloodbath #1 Nope that's Like Top 20 Now. As of December 2017

16 Crimson Planet

I think this is the hardest level in geometry dash, it has crimson which is red like bloodbath is but it's more intense red

Some timings are insane and easily outmatch the timings in plasma pulse finale, then that wave is insane 10 times harder than the ones in cataclysm. Easily harder than bloodlust

Short but it's hell

Uhm I do not agree

17 Plasma Pulse Finale

Full and original gameplay, hardest timing demon in the game. It's contender is Bloodlust, but Bloodlust is limited since it is based off of a pre existing level. This is, without a doubt, the hardest demon in Geometry Dash. Use brain cells please

Maybe slightly harder than 41 maybe potentially you know

So this is below ICDX and Catyclsm, and it's the number three demon on pointercrate (Probably should be number 2). It's below The Ultimate Phase, AND THE ULTIMATE FAZE IS ON THE LEGACY LIST! ARE PEOPLE RETARDED? If Bloodlust is the number 2, to the number 5 demon, then why is this 18?

Harder than bloodlust.

18 Zodiac

It's three minutes long, and some parts are nearly impossible. Why the heck is sonic wave higher on this list?

So this (a borderline impossible level) is lower than windy landscape and supersonic (hard demons) what?

This is way harder than sonic wave, and harder than bloodlust and crimson planet. The hardest extreme demon by a long shot.

I'm not that good at the game but the demon list says it's the hardest and I trust the large group of great players that create that list.

19 Conical Depression

Harder than this list combined, no bugs, just game glitches in the GAME, not LEVEL.

Hardest demon ever. Extremely buggy, Extremely hard. Did I mention it's hard?

It took me like 500 attempts to get just 1% no joke

This should probably be number one

20 Windy Landscape

Windy Landscape is only a Hard-Very Hard Demon and shouldn't be on here - Milesman34

3% only. This thing has such deadly duels and cube parts, that this should be bumped up a lot higher. Love the music

Windy landscape is extremely hard and totally deserves to be at this place on the list, if not higher.

The rhythm of this level is precise and perfected in every little ring or beat.

21 Silent Clubstep

But someone cleared it...

Hardest level ever.

Dis level is physically impossible for anyone in the universal world


22 Artificial Ascent

On the official list, Artificial Ascent is the second hardest possible demon in all of Geometry Dash.

Level requires lots of time on the robot parts. And the straight flying in the level is insane. Doubles need timing.

It is a level with many hard timings and tight flying spaces. - MilanNL

Long and extremely hard took me over 12k attempts!

23 Devil Vortex

Just super hard

Toshey verifies this level.. He says himself that it is harder than Bloodbath

Ummm look at the straight flying

24 The Hell Factory

This level is harder than cataclysm. It has pure cancer sections, extremely tight sections, and basically everything designed to screw up a player, especially parts like Hermes part. - Milesman34

Hell Factory is harder than cataclysm, and almost as hard as bloodbath in my opinion

People just vote for bloodbath because that's the only one they have heard of. Hell factory is harder

Easy. 985attempts 100%

25 Supersonic

You know, it's very long, and very tricky, or just hard to avoid the spikes, it looks harder than number 1, but it's not, but it need to be number 2

! So long, So fast, So tricky. I watched someone get 98% on this level I died laughing

Lol what? I beat this as like my 40th demon - 10Jackson

I think deadlocked is the world hardest level

26 Gamma


It is hard

27 Necropolis

There are a lots of tricky bits at the ball part and the cube (also the UFO) and it has super triple jumps so I vote necropolis to be on 4th place.

This level is very hard to complete because of the amount of luck needed to get past the last ball. - GeometryJosh2

The timings on this level are lethal, the last ball part is almost impossible to get past first try and once you get past 65 or so percent, the level is as hard as ICDX

I love it

28 Phobos

People used to consider this #2, but I say #8, because its just super-long

Harder than bloodbath before reuploaded now it should be 2

Um this is 1,000,000x harder than bloodbath so what is it doing at 28?

Definitely harder than cc

29 Silent Club

No seriously someone actually verified it in 600000 attempts look it up on YouTube

It hasn't been verified since 1.9 without hacks and its considered impossible so it should be number one

It was made at 1.9 update, and it was verified at the 2.1 update

Super hard.

30 Alphabet X

It's only hard because cancer and ship parts - Milesman34

The old level that is not completed by more than 100 people

Well same as ICZ

31 Aftermath

I agree this level took me 51713 attempts to beat, way harder than bloodbath in my opinion, (sub to my yt please, knexhawk) - knexhawk

I know it got verified with hacks (or at least I think so), but it is the last, and the latest of the Speed Of Light parts. It has MAD parts, even pros have a slight chance of beating it. (The Speed Of Light is a mix of Cc, Bb, and Am, and if ever verified, is the true hardest demon)

This should be at the top 10

I don't know

32 Ultrasonic

A bit too hard for me

Should be infront of supersonic... - gdvirus

This is top 35 - Milesman34

love it

33 Ice Carbon Zust

Not really a fan this is hard don't get me wrong but I'm just not a fan

Nah not that hard

secret way - Milesman34

This is like ICDX (a.k.a ice carbon diablo x) that has been on drugs for a while...ICDX is still harder than this.

34 Twilight Step v2

You need decent skill for this.

Only hard because cancer - Milesman34

... Don't even get me started

This should leave now

35 Creeper Force

Hell, that's on the top 10 hardest demons, this definitely needs at LEAST 10th - PedroJogaBR

so hard!

36 Ultraviolet

It's very hard but it should get 10 place with me taking over 20,000 attempts - {GS}Elite.

37 Acropolis

The intense ending and precise beginning make this level hell, simply put

Timing needs to be perfect or else

Hard level 1302 att 2%

It is not that hard anymore since the average player (GuitarHeroStyles) can beat it.

38 Poltergeist

Easiest buffer sequence ever

Oh my god you idiot, the original is polargeist, not POLTERGEIST, it's a nine circles level by Andromeda. - Azurewrath

Poltergeist is a meh level, not even rated as "hard" by most players.

Crimson Clut is harder

39 Bausha Vortex

When Will The Wave Be The Hardest Wave Level

Verified by Acharne this level is in the top 10 hardest demon

easy :P

Hard but completed X3

40 Stereo Demoness

It's not even on the records list anymore. - Milesman34

It sucks so darn hard

To easy I have got 30% in 50 attempts

No it's no hard

41 Ruined Journey

This is so hard... I can never beat it is INTENSE

42 Athanasia

Well 5000 attempts and 3-10 percent

43 A Bizarre Phantasm

This level is harder than cataclysm. It has many cancer and difficult parts including a really cancerous troll part at the end that results in a death at 97% if you don't get it right. So far, all of Team N2's demons have been harder than cataclysm. It took GoodSmile 27000 attempts to reverify - Milesman34

This has to be number 3 behind phobos at least

This has to be on the top 10 at least

To much hardness I got too 55%

44 Collaboration

This is just a medium demon, very easy, should not be on the list

You put this and nine circles is not on the list

Wha this is easy

I don't know what this is put Nine Circles or Fairydust, not this

45 Landect

This is almost to hard... 45%

Can't beat this in prac but I can beat bloodbath in prac

46 Eberus

Undoubtedly the hardest demon in the game

This is called Erebus, not Eberus

47 Death Corridor

The original was hacked and impossible, the only thing the modern versions did was make it physically possible. Say enough to ya?

I was able to copy the level to practice. 1000 attempts later still only 1%

It is physically impossible to complete this level in normal mode

Actually on the original death corridor, I forgot who it was, but they made it through the level in practice. So it's possible, just super hard. Like Silent Clubstep or River Styx

48 Haunted Corridor

It's is not even possible


Ths level is impossible and was hacked to verityed

49 Cognition

This is in my top 10!

100x HARD

50 Thinking Space

It's been months and no one is working on a rate-worthy version of this level. More "masters of the game" please - AaronReturn2004

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