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Sonic Wave

Sonic Wave is so hard, I only got about 12% on it. How on earth did anybody beat this?!

Sonic Wave Is very hard but not impossible. However the timings MUST be perfect. Otherwise you'll get 1% like me. Don't even think about trying this level(unless u wanna rage and kill urself) until you have beaten other hard demons such as bloodbath or bloodlust. I'm warning all GD players don't try unless you've beaten other extreme demons. And if this is gonna be your first Nine Circles demon then I recommended you to play Ultra Paracosm or Problematic Before even thinking about trying this level. So don't say I didn't warn you!

Bloodbath is nothing compared to this. In my opinion sonic wave has same difficulty as bloodlust but sonic wave wins just by a little bit. Cyclic's masterpiece.

U need to have extremely good timings if you want to beat this. Otherwise you get 1% just like me.


Someone below said that only "Intermediate" players can beat it. Intermediate, as defined by the Webster's online dictionary, is " relating to or having the knowledge or skill of someone who is more advanced than a beginner but not yet an expert" check your definitions before posting lol, because there is not an Intermediate player in the world that could beat Bloodbath

Bloodbath is really hard and definitely deserves to be in the top ten.

COUGH is everyone stupid bloodlust is harder what bloodbath ain't even top 50 demons list any more - NemesisGD

This is so hard that it can't be completed in one day. It could take weeks, months, or even years. Tight rocket spaces, precise square and ball areas, ufo timing areas, and deadly wave parts. This is also harder than cataclysm and aftermath which are also apart of the 3 part series.

Bloodlust is not a copy of blood bath and was meant to be a harder remake with riots permission, he even helped build it


BloodLust is sooo hard it is impossible for me to complete this should have been top 1 because I got just 1% on the level

Everything in the level is clustered together. A small simple part that could've been easier spread out is an absolute pain in the hand. I can't see anything!

Bloodlust is a really hard level that one of the best players, Knobbelboy, still needs to use over a year to verify.

How the heck is bloodbath and sonic wave over Bloodlust and Zodiac? Zodiac is easily the hardest with the 4x speed cube and tight spaces. Bloodlust comes 2nd and Crimson Planet comes 3rd. Sonic wave is just a flashy wave that you can get used too. I admit there are tight spaces but not compared to anything I said up top.


Is so hard, but yes it is possible to beat. I beat it, but it took me around 450 tries to finally beat

I love this level's music! I am on 67 percent of this level, I wish I beat it, and It is absolutely insane... but I think one level that is SO MUCH HARDER and that level would be... Sonic Wave..

Ok, so this level technically isn't verified yet, but it is harder than Bloodbath, The Hell Factory, Sonic Wave, Sakupen Hell (which is hacked), and all the other contenders. Utilising almost every game mechanic known and created by 20+ players, this is hands down the hardest level in the game. Less-than-one-block-space flying, quadruple spikes, extreme mini-wave, lightning-fast gameplay, confusing decorations and extreme memorisation makes this the hardest (will be) level in the game. And search up some edited together videos of it before you dare even considering otherwise.

This took me over 20000 atempts to beat it should be number 1 for sure


Zodiac should be beneath bloodbath and Above Tartarus in my opinion

0 percent on this. Why is this not number 1? I have seen an auto for this and it is absolutely INSANE.

Literally 3 minutes of gameplay that is almost impossibl for the average player.

This is The hardest level behind tartarus. The fanbase does not know difficulty

Crimson Planet

Some timings are insane and easily outmatch the timings in plasma pulse finale, then that wave is insane 10 times harder than the ones in cataclysm. Easily harder than bloodlust

I think this is the hardest level in geometry dash, it has crimson which is red like bloodbath is but it's more intense red

The hardest wave parts in any rated level ing game.

Short but it's hell


dolphy is a hacker but tartarus is harder than any rate levels

The hardest level made by the community. GG to Dolphy for verifying it!

Don't think this is rate-worthy. Someone better rebirth it

Rated as the hardest by the community, can confirm it's hard

Sakupen Hell

Like wow, I only got like 2 percent on it like who on earth would get that?
I have to say this level is much harder than bloodlust and bloodbath and yatagarasu

Well, it is said that this level is actually impossible, and I agree! The intense mini wave sections cause you to rage absolutely, and this is also the level that made me break my phone. I agree that Sonic Wave is harder, because the wave is the absolutely tightest wave EVER!

It's been verified, it should be harder than bloodbath.

Harder than Bloodbath by a long shot!

Black Blizzard

Okay so this level has a lot of hard dual parts and the mini double gravity orbs are really hard! The end is extremely annoying!

This level is extremely hard I think its should be impossible demon.

This is almost an impossible level, there was a silent remake of this, "silent black blizzard" and it is so hard

Black Blizzard has a lot of timings and jumps sometimes I couldn't get past 1%


That level is extremely hard I only got to 15%

One of the easier levels of it's type

It is the easiest extreme demon

I got four percent in 700 attempts

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? The Golden
? Dark Flare

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Unpopular opinion but in my opinion this is harder than zodiac. The wave sections are extreme, and you need extremely precise timings to pass. Overall just redecorated hyperbuffed and extended sakupen hell.

Hell wave sections. A superbuff of Sakupen Hell.

3rd highest right now.

God Eater

DUDE the sped up tight spikes on the rocket and that rocket part in the middle of the level right after that mini ball part

This is one of the hardest level to me and I want to see Michigun try this level

With all the objects and decrations its pretty hard on our eyes

I saw the preview, medium demon, get off of this list.

Ice Carbon Diablo X

The ending is very difficult. Very curvy and tight ship areas as well

This shouldn't be here. Riot, Roadbose, Cyclic and other players had this level verified.

Yes, but Ice carbon has been verified by riot and guitar and souls too I believe.

Cyclic no he hacked watch riots video called dedicated to cyclic he exposes him after he quits

Sonic Wave Infinity

If sonic wave is #1, then how come the harder version is easier. It makes no since.

The hardest wave sections on s possible level, and is a superbuff of the 23rd hardet level in game.

Um WHAT! This level is a harder version of sonic wave and it is up here?!? If sonic wave is #2 then this is #1 it is harder than bloodbath because it requires timing and the wave. I can straight fly 50 blocks at slo motion and got like 46% on bloodbath. Though I get 5% on sonic wave! This level is very very hard

Harder than Sonic Wave, and there are those spaces where you can't see

Note Circles

Boi this gotta be high up

I am still working on this level so it isn't quite done yet, but I believe it might be harder than Bloodlust when done.

Get this to top ten

Top 10 hardest demons I have completed:
10. Crimson Clutter
9. Cataclysm
8. Old Down Bass
7. Niflheim
6. Bausha Vortex
5. Erebus
4. New Down Bass
3. Artificial Ascent
2. Yatagarasu
1. Sonic Wave
(I have 89% on Bloodlust)

Thinking Space

It's been months and no one is working on a rate-worthy version of this level. More "masters of the game" please

Ranked number 4 right now.


Just over a minute of almost pixel perfect, tight timings with no rests in between.

Pretty cool and very hard

Ranked 7th right now.

This is in my top 10!

Blade of Justice

Should be the hardest level in the game

Extremely hard. Should be harder than Cataclysm

Hardest level ever


The Ultimate Phase

This level has the most tight of all time flying sections! This is practically very insane! I am glad that this level was able to be on the list.. the music.. is amazing due to my opinion.

Good graphics, the dual parts get me every time! But it shouldn't be on this list and supersonic is not that hard

It's a great level by Andromeda

...I'm Andromeda...So TNX


A superbuff of an already hard level. Blinding gameplay and intense timings.

Ranked 6th right now.


Harder than tartarus but that might be because tartarus is such a trash level- really fun core level, around the difficulty of spacial rend, maybe a bit easier.

According to geometry dash wiki this is harder than yatagarasu and sonic wave so it should probably be at number 1. I used to play geometry dash but I quid a few months ago the game seems interesting again so I'm coming back to the geometry dash community a better player

One of the hardest levels I've ever seen!

Currently the hardest demon in geometry dash, soon to be beaten by Bloodlust.

Plasma Pulse Finale

Full and original gameplay, hardest timing demon in the game. It's contender is Bloodlust, but Bloodlust is limited since it is based off of a pre existing level. This is, without a doubt, the hardest demon in Geometry Dash. Use brain cells please

Maybe slightly harder than 41 maybe potentially you know

Harder than bloodlust.

Because it's the finale

Conical Depression

Harder than this list combined, no bugs, just game glitches in the GAME, not LEVEL.

Hardest demon ever. Extremely buggy, Extremely hard. Did I mention it's hard?

It took me like 500 attempts to get just 1% no joke

This should probably be number one

Windy Landscape

Windy Landscape is only a Hard-Very Hard Demon and shouldn't be on here

3% only. This thing has such deadly duels and cube parts, that this should be bumped up a lot higher. Love the music

Windy landscape is extremely hard and totally deserves to be at this place on the list, if not higher.

The rhythm of this level is precise and perfected in every little ring or beat.

Silent Clubstep

But someone cleared it...

Hardest level ever.

Pretty hard impossible level.

Dis level is physically impossible for anyone in the universal world

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