Top Ten Most OP Heroes In Castle Clash

A short list of the most OP- not the most important (so I wont Place pd or druid very high)- heroes in castle Clash spring 2015.
The Top Ten
1 Vlad Dracula

Purely awesome. Does 180%( ability lv 9) damage up to 6 times on each of the endless amount of targets during 4 sec. The 2 sec game between two procs doesn't matter as Vlad often has full Health after procing. His stun and first hit is instant so he can stun endless units at once. He is, together with druid, one of the few that often survive the first Waves in high HBM and he is the ONLY one that can solo J with empty base.

Vlad is one of the best for multiple target and very helpful for defense. I hope I will get him one day.

2 Santa Boom

I have Santa. I regret leveling him immensely. He sucks giant donkey reproducing spheres for one main huge drawback, he gives every hero he hits with his ability full health at least once, sometimes two or three times! That means the enemy is going to mess you up because Santa couldn't hold his wad! He's only good for bosses because of his debuffs. There are bette heroes. Don't waste your time or resources.

Does high damage (600% in lv 9) to 2 areas and debuffs attack speed and movement speed. Does insane total damage when used in arena and has lv 5 self destruct :P. In high lv this guy onehits Everything in raids and here be monsters. The only weakness of this guy is that he boosts energy on the targeted heroes and wehen he hit someone with blade Shell he could very well kill himself as he cannot heal. Anyways, this guy is a monster in pretty much any game mode.

3 Destroyer

Unbeleavable damage and heals himself ridicilously much. Has a wide range proc and stuns a pretty long time whil boosting atck speed, healing himself faster. He also Deflects damage so he is a strong juggernaut as high damagers will kill themselves in an attempt of killing this beast. He is probably the strongest tank in cc due to his Life drain, high hp and deflection.

With a high revitalize this hero is way overpowered. 5/5 life drain which heals himself for more than most heroes hit for. His ability does a massive amount of damage and has a huge area of effect. Also stuns targets and speeds his attack. Just a rediculous hero that by far is the most overpowered hero in the game. Can solo any other hero easily, even vlad.

4 Pumpkin Duke

The most crucial hero in the game. A must have in any game mode and makes it possible to take down enemies that first seemed impossible to kill. His skill is stackable so 2 procs and your heroes are fast like hell.

First of all, the PD needs to stack at least 2 times; Second (and most important), if left alone this little pumpkin will not anything special (well she can be very OP if stacks 4+ times), use it will good damage dealers.

A must have hero, you can't progress in this game without him. He should be number 1!

5 Skull Knight

He simply is the most OP character in the game. At level 100 he hits around 2600, I have bulwark upgraded so I have plus 40% hp and atk. I have 6/10 on him so with talent he and bulwark he hits around 22k each hit, not to mention that 600 atk speed. AND that huge ass hp amount. Don't forget he comes back fully revived when killed. He can solo any hero in the game at max level. And if he's hitting 22k at level 100, I can't imagine him at level 200 evolved. The only heroes that MIGHT be able to take him down is Moltanica, Minotaur, or Destroyer. He's a map- buster, and at some extent he could be a Mesa-buster.

6 Aries

The arena GOD. When revitalized, he can both deal high damage AND lock the targets abilities for a LONG time. If this guy was in hbm you wouldn't even get past wave 1. Without this guy arena is super hard.

7 Minotaur

The king of raids. Deals massive damage and stuns the targets for a long time. He does only target ground units, so he is better in raids than in defense. This beast also makes it theoretically possible to take down the portal in expert 8 withiout even getting Close to the boss army in the middle.

Sadly a P2P Hero but if you have the money to spend you should get MInotaur you wont regret it

8 Moltanica

Does high damage and has the greatest debuff of all heroes. In mesa, 2 moltanica would be enough to make the boss unable to be any sort of danger. In hbm moltanica is crucial for taking down bosses.

Got one of these, when he procs, he makes the opposite team worthless.

9 Cupid

Second best buff in game. Buffs energy and atck so the procs get much more powerful. If you want your pd to stack, cupid is a crucial hero. Good everywhere as he makes his allies proc sooner.

I have him. He's unstoppable. Crazy good ability. Great addition to any clasher's base.

10 Anubis

The ultimate hero. Three revives and an immensely good skill. Perfect for hero sniping and used on most top bases. This is a hero you'll want to get double evolved.

The best hero I recommend it to anyone who is a beginner if you can get it, battening will be a easy thing. The thing I like best about Anubis is the fact that it has a very dope looking skin

I got him recently and he is the best hero! My anubis's level is only 145 but he kills all evolved heroes alone with his skill.

The Contenders
11 Grimfiend

I have grimfiend at 140 with 5/10 skill. He can take down whole bases by himself. Since he comes with an 8/8 beserk for all players, when combined with pd, he is beast. One of the best talents for him is lifedrain. with a life drain grim, you wont lose. This hero is on of the best in dungeons, comparable only to minotaur in his ability to wipe out the base.

I rolled this guy with 5/8 war god he is a straight up beast!

I have him with 6/8 wargod and he is a BEAST! He can also remove buffs.

12 Pirate Drake

Mine has 8/8 life drain. If get stuck on anything with big HP, he is undeath and throws balls every 3 sec.

With double evolution this guy deserve Top 5 spot. He's one of most op heroes besides SK.

He is awesome in arena and lost relam.Mine has 5/5 corrode that makes him better.

13 Ghoulem

Ghoulem is the most OP hero there is. I have a devo ghoulem level 180 uncapped and I love him, he heals every hero for 15k each 0.4sec now so you can do the math. Got a 4 revite on him and this is the perfect skill for any game mode. He also neglects 65% of the damage taken when he procs. Also with 1 pd buff my ghoulem can just walk through bases without stopping because of his ridiculous fast attacks in his proc. definitely the first hero I am going to max out!

Ghoulem is Vlad on steriods. Almost comstantly dealing AOE damage and healing any teammates in the same AOE as well as reducing their damage taken. Add to the list he can't be stunned, and has the most health of any hero, he is a much needed hero for any team.

14 Gunslinger

This hero is too OP to an extend that many top players quit the game because of her. There is no known "effective" way to counter her in a GW defense base. Her warflyers will kill ANY devo heroes (including Anubis) in few seconds and you just can't do ANYTHING about them.

She is awesome, can wipe out entiry bases starting from heroes!

I have not her, but she is the best hero.

15 lil'Nick

Paired with Mino, the two basically one shot an entire base at high enough levels.

16 Death Knight

With his immense HP and a good attack...he can be a uber stuff hero! And also a HP tank

It looks cool and is super good in terms of health and skill damage

17 Michael

Michael himself is nothing; the arch angel is everything!

18 Harpy Queen
19 Warlock

I rolled this guy with a 5/5 life drain he never dies he is also one of the best way to open up enemy defended. He kills the hero's before u get to them.

20 Rockno

One of the best... it can take on multiple heroes at once and is great for every gamemode in Castle Clash.

Massive amount of HP and heals himself while destroys everything around him

21 Thunder God

Together with druid, he is the most price Worth hero in the game. He is the best shard hero and has a 'n ability that can be controlled. he can snipe heroes in raids and tank in arena. In high ability lv he can target a lot of units and easily take down hordes of heroes or troops in hbm. Tg is a crucial hero for low lv teams.

22 Wallawalla
23 Demogorgon

Prepare to spend hundreds if not thousands of dollars to try and get this elusive beast. He is an event hero only (go figure)... He is hands down the most overpowered hero in the game. People are like what about skull knig ht? y es skull knight is scary but pinned up 1 on 1 Demo usually wins that fight. If you get him you are one lucky bastard and I hate you.

24 Orksbane

King of battling bosses. He deals high damage, debuffs movement speed and heals very much. Has the highest hp in the game, and due to his proc which doesn't have cooldown he is one of the strongest tanks in cc. When buffed atck speed he can start healing up to 20 targets while crushing the enemies. While all you heroes are stunned/freezed, this guy comes and rescues them with his heal.

I rolled this guy with level 2 revive. Is a beast tank and a great secondary healer with druid

25 Angel

Strongest heal for a single target and very cheap for being the best.

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