Top 10 Things You'd Be Surprised to Know About Gamers

Well I'm one of these Gamers and I love it! But we get bad raps and are stereotyped too! So here is my top 10 things you'd be surprised about Gamers!
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1 We Learn a Lot from Video Games

Will he switch in an electric-type to combat my Togekiss? Should I switch into my Excadrill then? Will he anticipate that I predicted his move and switch into a water-type? Powerful prediction skills I'm learning right now...

Mainly life lessons, but you'd be surprised how much one could learn while playing video games. Now you may not become advanced, but you can learn enough to understand things better.

Fire beats Grass, Grass beats Water, and Water beats Fire!

2 There are 2 Types of Gamers; Casual and Hardcore

There are way more types than this. It's actually
Tryhard (Hardcore)

Well those are the 15 types of gamers I know. Maybe I missed some others please tell me more if I did - Unnamed Google User Remade

I am a casual gamer. I love playing stuff like Assassin's Creed, and yeah, I have playd them from the beginning. I just started playing Unity

I consider myself a casual gamer specializing in Minecraft and Pokemon.

3 Casual Gamers Aren't Lame

We can have just as much fun while being relaxed and not getting stressed while playing.
You can still be considered a good gamer without playing the harder and tough games.

Playing Mario Kart instead of Need for speed mean nothing it's just as fun!
NHL Games are just as fun as FIFA
Party Games aren't terrible to play
Pokemon games are just as fun as playing Metal Gear Solid
Grand Theft Auto & Saints Row are just as fun as Call of Duty or Halo

It bugs me when people say that just because you prefer one kind of game to another, you're not a real gamer. Or because you are a girl, you're automatically not interested in things like Call of Duty or Grand Theft Auto etc.
It ticks me off to no extent. We are not lame - just different

4 Some of Us Actually Do Other Things Besides Gaming

Not all of us stay locked in our rooms for a massive amount of hours only gaming. Like I actually get up and need a break from the system. In other words I'm not closed off when I game! I'll remember to eat or talk to people

Yeah, duh. IF all you do is play video games, then you have a problem

5 Not All Online Gamers are Jerks or Mean Spirited

Many gamers get criticized because of a select few who are way too serious players, or bullies, or whiners, or cheaters, or hackers. The people who act ridiculous are actually an embarrassment to most people who play video games.

6 Streamers are Incredible

The ones who put the time and effort into it are outstanding. It can also be Gruelling on the Gamers themselves!
Streaming Video games can also make you money too!
TwitchTv & Steam are the main 2!

7 We Have Emotion & Heart

Self explanatory but we Gamers have feelings and actually care aboot others and ourselves.
People assume we're self centred pricks but they obviously don't take the time to give them a chance.

8 We Know What Sports Are

Everyone assumes oh cause you like video games that means your basically allergic to athletics.
I play Video games but there isn't a day that goes by that I don't care aboot some sports event happing on T.V.. Plus there are actually Video games based of Sports.

9 We Have Relationships

True friendship or love have been built by loving gaming it helps introduce you to other people who share the same passion. I remember hearing there was actually once a Wedding that took place during an Xbox gaming session.
Also Great Friendships get made when gaming too!

10 We Have Strong Opinions

Most Gamers aren't Clueless to the outside world or reality. We usually play video games to avoid reality as much as we can so we don't get caught up in craziness. But you could find a good argument for more topics from Gamers.

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11 Comic-Con is Very Connected to the World of Video Games
12 Not All Gamers Do Really Bad/Messed Up Stuff Because of Video Games
13 Gamers Truly Appreciate Video Game Music

It's truly magnificent sometimes how video game music gets you to feel the situation in the video game.

14 Plenty of Us are Female
15 There's All Kinds of Communities Within the Gaming World

Tons of subdivisions of fanbases within the video game world.

16 There are Gamers that Enjoy a Large Variety of Titles

Some Gamers play various titles some might now expect when they also play RPGs or FPS or other kinds.

17 Most Gamers are Decent with Technology
18 eSports is More Than Just Being Good at a Game

Lots of dedication and commitment to bettering yourself at one particular game.

19 There are Similarities Between Gamers and Nerds, but They're Not Completely the Same
20 Some Gamers Just Like to Mess Around in Games

Sometimes it's more fun to play this way.

21 Pokemon and Gamers are Hand in Hand
22 Not All Gamers are Out of Shape
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