Most Haunted Places In the World

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1 Bhangarh Fort, India

Girl was observed to peen through window. SSSCCCAAARRRYYY...

Well I have visitef bhangarh so many times! And I think everyone should go and see how beautiful city is this! Really guys its an awesome city! You can even find market of about 2000 years old there! BHANGARH FORT IS A BIT SCARY AND SMELLY! THERE ARE LOTS OF BATS INSIDE IT! ITS IS SAID THAT ONE QUEEN KNOWN AS RATNADEVI DIED THERE! IF ANYONE LEFT THERE AFTER 7'O CLOCK CAN NEVER COME BACK! YOU CAN SEARCH FOR IT ON THE YouTube ALSO! !

2 Edinburgh Castle, Scotland

This place is so dang scary. I think they had and episode of it on Ghost Adventures.

Hundreds of tunnels, graves, secret bunkers - yatharthb

3 Berry Pomeroy Castle, Totnes
4 Dominican Hill, Baguio City, Philippines
5 The White House

I TOTALLY believe in ghosts. Especially following back to this one incident that happened at my

Aunt's house about 14 years ago. I remember it was around late April or early May of 2001. I was staying with my Aunt in Beverly Hills, California because my parents had went out of state to Boston, Massachusetts to help take care of my Dad's mother who was getting really sick and having a little trouble getting around in her own. My parents only flew that far because the rest of the family lived to far away and some out of the country. I remember my Aunt had just moved into the house and she seemed pretty excited to know that I was gonna be staying with her for a full two weeks. Well honestly, I only lasted 2 days. The house on the outside looked very beautiful and it did on the inside to. But for some odd reason some parts of the house didn't feel right. The back living room was okay and the kitchen was alright. But I think what really kinda gave me the chills was THE FRONT LIVING ...more

Donald Trump may have seen Abraham Lincoln's ghost there.

Okay, honestly I swear that flag on the picture just moved

*cough* Lincoln *cough* - TeamRocket747

6 Monte Cristo, New South Wales, Australia
7 LaLaurie House, New Orleans

Mhm... Creepy

8 112 Ocean Avenue, Amityville USA

Did a paper on this one.

9 Ancient Ram Inn, Gloucestershire, England
10 Highgate Cemetery, North London, England

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11 Waverly Hills Sanatorium, Kentucky

I kept on seeing blank faces in my peripheral vision.


12 The Tower of London

Henry VIII didn't give a crap about all the people who got executed there.

Ever thought of how many people got executed there?

13 Screaming Tunnel, Niagara Falls, Ontario
14 Diplomat Hotel, Baguio City, Philippines

Please go there and see!

15 The Schooner Hotel, UK
16 Area 51, Nevada

Yeah right

17 Ohio University, Athens, America
18 Toys R Us, Sunnyvale, California

I may visit here 1 day

19 The Queen Mary

So scary, I'll never go there again!

Weren't there reports of a little girl singing in the pool area?

20 Changi Beach, Singapore

Old changi hospital and changi commando barraks

21 The Whaley House, California
22 The Stanley Hotel
23 The Winchester Mystery House
24 The Myrtles Plantation
25 Magnolia Lane Plantation
26 Pluckley, Kent, UK
27 Eastern State Penitentiary, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

I love visiting here!

28 Biltmore Hotel, Los Angeles, USA

The Biltmore Hotel is famous for the murder of Elizabeth Short (The black dahlia) she is said to haunt the lobby and floors ten and eleven, it also its haunted by a nurse on the 2nd floor a little girl on the 9th and a little boy with no face on the roof, you can also hear soldies marching (when there is no-one there! ) and people have parties (when also no-one there)
Watch Sam and Colby's Biltmore Hotel videos for more Info!

29 Lizzie Borden House
30 Borley Rectory, Essex, UK

Allegedly the most haunted building in the whole of Great Britain, incredibly scary place with many, many ghosts!

31 Pendle Hill, Lancashire, UK
32 Seaview Terrace, Newport, Rhode Island
33 The Whaley House, San Diego, California
34 Bobby Mackey's Music World

A ghost said the hole in the back was a hole to down there

35 Banff Springs Hotel, Canada

Scariest hotel in the world! - Awesomelionking

36 Paris Catacombs
37 Lincoln Heights Jail, USA
38 Sleepy Hollow, New York

Just think of the story and the legend

39 McKamey Manor

No, I will not go in this place no matter what

This is beyond cruel

40 Pennhurst Haunted Asylum

I live only about 1 hr from here. It has always been my dream to explore here and come here for Halloween.

41 Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Midlothian

Scariest pace in America

42 Shanivarwada Pune, India
43 The Catacombs, Paris, France
44 Ghost Neighborhoods of Ireland
45 Hashima Island, Japan
46 Lubang Buaya, Indonesia

A monument dedicated for the heroes who died during the G30s/PKI. I've went here twice as a kid and wow, I felt really terrified hearing the cries played, at the museum, and looking at the bloody dioramas. But It Is an educational place and Is a good place in Jakarta to go to In Indonesia. But I added It here because how people like to say online that sometimes, the spirits of the dead heroes might be saw here at night and sounds of screams, crying and gunfire might be heard during the night - MLPFan

47 Loftus Hall, Wexford, Ireland

Terrifying backstory and overall creepy place.

48 Suicide Forest, Aokigahara, Japan
49 Overbrook Insane Asylum
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