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1 Nuclear Blast

They have some of the finest extreme metal bands, like Carnifex, Children of Bodom, Machine Head, Suicide Silence, & Death Angel. One of the biggest metal labels in the world. - MetalFoREVer1228

One word: Nightwish

Yup deserves number 1 just look at how many metal bands they have on them - christangrant

Suicide Silence is under this label!

2 Metal Blade

They've got some great bands signed, like As I Lay Dying, Whitechapel, Amon Amarth, & Cannibal Corpse - MetalFoREVer1228

3 Roadrunner

Some very well known bands are signed to Roadrunner, such as Killswitch Engage, Slipknot, Trivium, The Devil Wears Prada, & others. - MetalFoREVer1228

Code Orange, Slipknot, Trivium, Power Trip, Killswitch engage...list goes on

Korn, slipknot, stone sour, slash and many more

Love Slipknot

4 Century Media

Iced earth and at the gates also as previously mentioned lacuna coil

My personal favourite, Arch Enemy, is signed to Century Media - Porcupine

Homeland of Lacuna Coil and Arch Enemy.

5 Season of Mist

Love the black metal bands on this label. While I do love Unique Leader, Metal Blade, Relapse, etc bands, this label has the most of my favorite bands on it. - shoulderboythemetalhead

A label that does its job - introducing and supporting new blood, regardless of genre. Not playing safe. Kind of what Roadrunner was about before it became irrelevant.

Many great BLACK METAL bands on this Label.

Top to bottom best roster of the bunch.

6 Peaceville

This label has the most extreme bands in 2019. It use to be Nuclear Blast and Century Media but not since 2015. Peaceville has stepped it up while the two giants from decades ago have gone way downhill with their non-extreme crap signings.

7 Relapse Records

I am a giant Obsessed fan. Scott Wino is an amazing artist and songwriter. They are an amazing contributor to the "Relapse Label".

Relapse records has the most consistent roster, as well as the best looking vinyl releases. Their releases are always on time (if not early). They have the best prices for a majority of their products, as well as the cheapest shipping prices compared to all of the other labels listed.

By far my favorite record label. Tons of amazing bands past and present. Terrific rereleases. What's not to love!

How is this not in the top ten?! Must be a mistake...

8 Earache

The fact that Earache is this low down proves that this site is filled with children...

THIS LABEL involved the best metal bands for me
HE MADE History speaking of death and black metal!

One of the best labels for extreme metal bands. - MetalFoREVer1228

Should be number 1

9 Candlelight
10 Napalm Records

Amazing albums, amazing bands, amazing record label to buy vinyls

Some person forgot to mention Kamelot under unappreciated metal bands. Kamelot is EPIC! But Amberian dawn and Delain are epic. Those are my personal top favorites, but the other ones mentioned are really good as well!

Home of the small boys! But still a kicker for folk, power and speed metal!

This is where I find the less popular metal bands that actually have great songs! Like Xandria, Delain and Visions of Atlantis!

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11 Warner Bros.
12 Sumerian

While they have some of the more popular bands like Asking Alexandria, they have some great metal bands too. Perfect examples: The Faceless, Upon A Burning Body, & After the Burial. - MetalFoREVer1228

They have bands like Periphery, Animals as Leaders, After the Burial, Veil of Maya, the list goes on. Amazing label.

Probably the best label for modern prog metal

Asking Alexandria is the best band

13 Dark Descent
14 Hells Headbangers

I know for a fact HHR makes more money than a couple of labels over here

So much metal

Should be #1. I love the merch m/

15 Razor & Tie
16 Artery

Iwrestledabearonce... that's enough

17 Spinefarm
18 Rise Records

Of mice and men, that's all

19 Rottweiler Records

Great roster. Positive message. Check them out!

20 Elektra Records
21 Fearless Records
22 Solid State

Underrated despite having signed bands such as August Burns Red, Underoath, Norma Jean, Demon Hunter, Extol, and He Is Legend. In the meantime they are also home to rising talent such as Silent Planet, Phinehas, and Fit For A King.

23 Massacre Records

Awesome Bands

Sinister.. Debauchery...Mystic Prophecy...Fates Warning.. Anvil... legion of the Damned

24 Profound Lore

Abyssal, Lord Mantis, Bell Witch, Agalloch, Pallbearer, Prurient (noise artist), Pissgrave, Portal, Artificial Brain, Full of Hell, etc.

Pallbearer, Bell witch, Agalloch, Cobalt, Subrosa... should I continue?

Killer black metal, gave a lot of big bands their start too

25 Vision of God Records

Interesting label with good bands and positive message.

26 Prosthetic
27 Unique Leader Records

They have some great technical bands that hit hard and go heavy!

28 Southern Lord
29 20 Buck Spin

Absolutely killer label with excellent bands like Cauldron Black Ram, Coffins, Immortal Bird, Magic Circle, Nightfell, Obsequiae, Tomb Mold, Witch Vomit, and many more. No weak bands on their r list.

20 Buck has a perfect lineup! No bad bands at all.

well duh

30 Facedown

Good bands with positive messages and fair prices on merch and music, what more could you ask for?

31 Osmose
32 Eclipse Records

They don't put out a lot of stuff, but I've been a fan of theirs ever since they released the first Mushroomhead album back in 2001. Other notable bands they've worked with are Bobaflex, A Breach of Silence, and Scum of the Earth.

As Paradise Falls, Genus Ordinis Dei, Despite - all great bands I found from this label

33 Hammer Muzik

Turkey's only metal label. If Hammer wouldn't struck, metal wouldn't exist in Turkey. Bands: Cenotaph, Radical Noise, Antisilence, Decimation (now they are under Comatose), Dr. Skull, Pagan(aka. Gökböri).

34 Tankcrimes

A label with morals and also ghoul

35 Capitol Records
36 Victory
37 E1 Music
38 Maverick
39 Xplosion Records
40 Flesh Vessel

New indie label with high quality releases right off the bat.

41 Test Your Metal Records
42 Northern Silence Productions
43 Frontier
44 Epitaph

Please tell me you're joking. Those bands you listed are NOT metal in the slightest. Bring Me The Horizon have more in common with boy bands than they do metal.

With amazingly talented bands such as Escape The Fate, Falling in Reverse, Bring me The Horizon. Why aren't they up there?

Only by having Architects under their name is already worth a vote.

The only metal band signed to this label is Parkway Drive.

45 Blackened Recordings

Metallica's very own record label - christangrant

46 earMUSIC
47 Via Nocturna
48 Moonfog Productions

A very important group for securing a source for Norwegian Black Metal groups like satyricon, darkthrone, thorns, enslaved, emperor and even wongraven. Very important.

49 Magic Circle Music

It's a small label, but there are many awesome bands like Manowar, Rhapsody of fire, Luca Turilli,... - Iron

This is a small label, but there are some awesome bands like Rhapsody, Manowar, Luca Turilli,... - Iron

This is a small group, but there are some awesome bands like Rhapsody, Manowar,...

50 Unspeakable Axe
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