Top 10 Crazy Music Artist Collaborations that Might Just Work

This is a list which you have to think hard about before you vote, but do consider it.

This is NOT a list for obvious suggestions; just for those you wouldn't expect.
The Top Ten
1 Pink Floyd & Dead Can Dance

I imagined this and thought it was crazy - the last thing one would expect. But then thought, why not? Besides, Yulunga and Shine on You Crazy Diamond put together would be beautiful! No further argument.

2 The Rolling Stones & Joy Division

"Love Will Tear No Satisfaction."

3 Primal Scream & George Michael
4 Massive Attack & deadmau5

A very interesting combination, this would definitely be. Maybe deadmau5 could remix Unfinished Sympathy sometime. I was going to include Massive Attack with Moby, but then thought that would be sensible and excellent.

5 Oasis & David Bowie
6 R.E.M. & Elton John

They are both very good singers. How bad could they be together?

7 Bob Dylan & Gary Numan

Bizarre, I admit, but I don't see how it could go wrong.

8 EMF & The Clash
9 Eminem & Linkin Park

Eminem and Linkin Park... this would be a great collaboration.

10 Seal & U2

Hey! Two artists I voted should make a James Bond theme! Brilliant pairing! Maybe they could collaborate on the next James Bond theme? Yes... it might just work indeed!

The Contenders
11 Justin Bieber & Green Day
12 Beyonce & Eminem
13 Fatboy Slim & Eric Clapton

I just thought about this twice. It would actually be hilarious!

14 Evanescence & Eminem

This would actually be great. It will have Eminem's rapping and Amy Lee's awesome voice.

This is perfection! Think about how deep that music video would be!

Awesome collaboration. Amy's voice and Eminem's rapping would be amazing.

15 The Beach Boys & Barenaked Ladies

Brian Wilson could perform Brian Wilson! And I think BNL would do an excellent version of Sail On, Sailor.
PositronWildhawk: This is my addition. I'm a big fan of both bands.

Who added this?!?! I agree in every way but was so surprised to see this. It does make sense, actually.

To see this happen would be legendary. Although I don't know how.

16 Sage the Gemini & French Montana

Oh, I can just imagine the wonderful and imaginative lyrics.

They both suck. So, I wouldn't be surprised.

The best rappers ever making a collaboration song would be the best song to ever exist.

17 Lorde & Lordi

Laugh out loud. This would be awesome.

18 Marilyn Manson & Three Days Grace
19 Weird Al & Richard Cheese

Polka lounge music would be amazing!

20 Scissor Sisters & Bjork
21 Shirley Bassey & Billy Joel

I remember adding this over a year ago. How time flies. I still think it's about the best collaboration that never happened.

I like that idea. It would be quite good, I'm sure. I can also see Billy Joel with the Propellerheads.

22 Skrillex & Metallica
23 Bob Dylan & Simon and Garfunkel

Almost. Bob Dylan and Paul Simon did a tour together in 1999 and often performed "The Sound of Silence" onstage together.

24 Selena Gomez & Victoria Justice
25 Shakira & Taylor Swift
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