Top 10 Most Brutal Empires in History

The worlds most brutal and violent empires in history.
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1 Mongol Empire

Hands down, this empire truly made a testament of inspiring fear. The only reason it isn't thought so now is because of anti-western centric bias in history curriculums nowadays. Their record of human rights abuses isn't a shady history to them. It was a medal of honor in their minds at the time.

Most ruthless conquerors, wanted to rule the whole world. Throughout their conquest, they wiped over 10% of the global population by killing, raping, and destroying everyone and everything against them. Genghis Khan alone is the biggest killer and rapist in history. One in 200 people are descendants of him.

2 Japanese Empire

The Japanese Empire was worse than Nazi Germany for two reasons:
1. They killed more people than Nazi Germany.
2. They killed people in more gruesome ways than Nazi Germany.

The Japanese Empire was so cruel and inhumane. They didn't care how cruelly they punished or tortured people. They tortured and killed anyone who opposed them, adults or children.

One word: China. What they did to the Chinese was so uniquely terrible that it still sours relations between them to this day.

3 British Empire

They plundered 45 trillion dollars from India. Yes, they banned slavery, but they were one of the most racist empires in history. They plundered every village and were very racist.

Forget the Mongols, these guys did it all. From hooking an entire country on opium to get a better trade deal, to mass enslavement and conquest of Africa, to starving the Irish to "civilize" them, no empire has been more consistently damaging and cruel.

Their misdeeds in the Americas are rivaled only by the British and the Spanish.

4 Nazi Germany

Nazi Germany should be at number 1 for this because of how bad they were during World War I and World War II. Think about what the Nazis did to more than a million people from countries in Europe. They were responsible for mass killings for what they believed in, which was world domination.

Such a sad time. The Nazis were also responsible for the mass killing of the Jews. It blows my mind that Nazi Germany is not at number 1 when they should be. The Nazis did the worst thing by far that no other empire could imagine or even think to do, and yet they continued to follow through on Hitler's orders.

5 Belgian Empire

The Belgian Congo was called "the heart of darkness" for very good reasons. They were far more cruel and brutal than all the other European empires combined.

If anyone thinks the British, French, and Spanish empires were brutal, then they need to read up about the Belgian Congo. That is horrendous to read about.

They killed 10 million people in Congo via bad slave labor, torture, and killings.

6 Ottoman Empire

The Ottoman Empire was ruled by the leader of Islam, the sultan himself. They were so devoted to their religion that they killed, tortured, and enslaved people.

Despite the sultans' utmost cruelty, Muslims from other countries fought for their rights. For instance, Indian Muslims protested against the British for the Sultan during 1919-1924 (the Khilafat Movement).

Of course, the British were bad in their own way, but not as bad as the Ottoman Empire. After all, they ruled since 1299.

7 Aztec Empire

The Aztec Empire should be much higher.

Their brutal warmongering and enslavement of local indigenous tribes were unparalleled. The deliberate ritualized torture, slaughter, and mutilation of an estimated hundreds of thousands to millions of innocents, including children, is something the world had never seen before or never saw after, besides perhaps in Nazi Germany.

To get an idea, 4,000 to 8,000 people were sacrificed in just 4 days during the opening ceremonies of what today is referred to as the Templo Mayor. This is twice as much as the total number of victims of the Spanish Inquisition spanning 4 centuries.

8 Timurid Empire

The Timurid Empire was one of the most brutal empires in history. Located in Western Asia, spanning from modern-day Iraq to the west to Afghanistan to the east, the Timurids were incredibly cruel to their people. Some even say Amir Timur, the founder of the empire, was comparable to the Mongols.

9 Soviet Union

I traveled to the USSR in 1985. Decades of forced movement of dissidents and "political prisoners" to the gulags, plus a fearsome internal security service, had left the average citizen cowed by authority. Anyone speaking up, especially in East Germany and the Baltic states, was risking a lot. Organized religion was virtually banned, the leaders were homophobic and drunkards. That lasted 72 years, from 1917 to 1989. Now, Putin wants to bring it back.

The Holodomor killed 6 million Ukrainians in a man-made famine. It removed Ukrainian culture from Kuban and caused the Donbass War we have today. This shows a long line of Russification where Stalin would deport many of an ethnicity to Siberia and replace them with Russians to prevent rebellion. Today, 25 percent of Kazakhstan and Estonia and 17 percent of Ukraine is Russian.

10 Assyrian Empire
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11 Spanish Empire

The Spanish Empire was a very abusive empire, alongside the Japanese, Mongolian, and Roman empires. They would force you to work. If you did not bow to a friar, you could either be jailed or executed. They would whip you while you were working.

The Spanish Empire is a colonial empire, similar to the British Empire. The Spanish and British Empires are the true examples of colonialism.

My God, why isn't this in one of the top slots? They committed genocide on a level that has never been seen before or since and eradicated entire civilizations of South and Central America, all driven by Catholic zeal. You thought ISIS was bad. This is on another level. They even invaded (or attempted to invade) European countries just because they were of a different denomination of the same religion. I would say these guys were many times worse than the Nazis.

12 Roman Empire The Roman Empire was a post-Republican period of ancient Rome that lasted from 27 BC to 476 AD. It was characterized by an autocratic form of government and large territorial holdings in Europe, North Africa, and parts of Asia. The Roman legal system and Latin language have had a lasting impact on the... read more

The Roman Empire deserves first place. They mistreated their people in many bad, torturous ways that would be illegal today. For starters, they would peel your skin off while you were still alive, set people on fire, and even kill people by beating them to death with sticks.

Of course, they would also make people watch these deaths happen, like in arenas where gladiators fought ferocious animals or other gladiators.

The Roman Empire wasn't as bad as Nazi Germany or North Korea, but they were still very brutal. By far, it was one of the most evil countries in world history.

13 Russian Empire
14 French Empire

The French Empire, over history, wasn't so bad, but the crimes they committed during Algeria's struggle for independence are astonishing. They would open fire on peaceful protestors and were often too controlling.

15 Portuguese Empire

In the 1970s, the Portuguese were losing their empire, so they decided that the best way to keep it was to commit genocide throughout Africa. And all to own a fraction of a pebble.

16 Mughal Empire
17 Persian Empire

Although Persia is often considered a tolerant empire for its time, and sometimes rightfully so (especially with Cyrus issuing the Edict of Toleration), it was not tolerant of the people who did not submit to their rule upon conquest. The Achaemenid shahs slaughtered, subjugated, and destroyed the history of entire foreign peoples, completely erased. Herodotus even gives an account of how the Lydians were disarmed, pacified by the Persians, and had their honor and culture erased.

18 Greek Empire

Best empire? Just kidding. They were among the most barbaric people of antiquity, who disguised themselves as philosophers and freedom-fighting people, which couldn't be further from the truth. Their philosophy, for example, named women to be corpses which imprisoned the human soul. If that is the kind of philosophy that the West wants to see as their cultural heritage, I will be out.

The Persian vision of freedom contained the ability to enslave whichever people they wanted without having greater forces like the Persians, who in fact forbade slavery throughout their empire's history, to take away the Hellenistic will to be immoral people. It's so absurd how they used to call the Persians barbarians. The Persians freed the Jews from Babylon and helped them rebuild their temple. And the first charter of human rights was created by the Persians too.

What did the hypocritical Greeks do? Giving them credit for having "saved" Western culture and values is straight up wrong and incorrect. And it goes on my nerve to hear people everywhere call Alexander the "great." He doesn't deserve that epithet. There is nothing outstanding about him except his military campaigns, but military achievements are not a measurement of greatness. It's the values and the will to change the world for good that makes people great. Nelson Mandela is GREAT. Martin Luther King is GREAT, and Cyrus THE GREAT was GREAT.

The Greeks murdered people in the most barbaric way as they would execute citizens in public by locking them into an iron bull, boiling them alive, making the screams of the executed scream out the bull's mouth. DISGUSTING!

19 Abbasid Caliphate
20 German Empire
21 Dutch Empire
22 Italian Empire

Italy's colonial rule in Libya was brutal. Even before the war for Libya, the Italians committed crimes by creating the so-called Tripoli massacre, where 10,000 Turkish and Arab troops were put in concentration camps and executed.

During WWI, Libyan tribesmen rose up against their colonial rulers, and the Italians didn't fully engage until Mussolini came into power and "pacified" the region by bombing villages. Men, women, and children were executed daily and put in concentration camps. It is estimated that half of Libya's population was killed or "relocated" during that period.

During the Second Italo-Abyssinian War, due to international pressure, Mussolini authorized chemical weapons, and a quarter of Ethiopia's population died during that war.

During WWII, Italy committed atrocities in the Balkans, such as the Domenikon massacre in Greece. The Italians used brutal tactics to quell rebellions in Yugoslavia, executing 50 Yugoslavian civilians for every Italian soldier killed.

23 Umayyad Caliphate

They killed the companions and descendants of its own prophet Muhammad as well as treated the people of Medina badly and killed Ahlul Bayt. They forcefully converted people from other religions to Islam for their personal gains. They used to steal wives of other people and raped Muslim and non-Muslim women equally.

24 Byzantine Empire
25 Ancient Egyptian Empire

They are the greatest empire of all time. Their brutality and cruelty are well documented in the best book of all human history, the Bible.

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